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Jammy Ungab models her own bikini line

Scene: Today is Mother’s Day! Mom. Mama. Mommy. Nanay. Inay. Inang. Nay. Mamita. Mama. Mother. Ermat. Nana. Mamang. Momsy. We might call it by different names and celebrate it in different ways, but all to honor the irreplaceable person in our lives: Mother. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers who were, are and will be.
Scene:  The successful concert of youtube sensation “Hey Joe” at the Island City Mall.
Scene:  The Bohol Employment and Placement Office (BEPO) will conduct mobile services on May 15 at the Bohol Cultural Center. BEPO has collaborated with Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), National Statistics Office (NSO) and Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB).  BEPO head Vilma “Ate Vi” Yorong said that the mobile services drastically cut the expenses of Boholanos who no longer need to go to Cebu City or Manila especially to renew professional licenses and franchises, get authenticated civil registry documents and others. For inquiries, visit BEPO or call (038) 501-9847/411-3544.
The dry season is really the perfect time to schedule beach getaways. But this requires one itsy-bitsy- weenie thing: swimwear.
As temperatures soar, surfer babe and model Jammy Ungab
stays cool as she oozes confidence and sex appeal
as she wears one of her own design bikinis.
Surfer babe, model and entrepreneur Jammy Ungab finds time to kiss the sun as she exclusively shares her pictures of her latest swimwear collection on Facebook.
Jammy designs and sews each swimwear creation but she isn’t just designing her own line of bikinis, she’s modeling them.

“I've been into designing and making clothes back in High School,” says Jammy. “I didn't really think of swimwear because I never wear one before.”

She says it’s hard to find a bikini of her size with good quality and affordable in the Philippines. “In 2012, I thought of starting a bikiniline especially made for petite girls. It just didn't happen right away. It took me a couple of years to finally make one of my dreams come true.”
So, Marikit’s born.
"It is actually my bestfriend, Alyssa, who thought of the name Marikit. I was thinking of calling my brand PINA, short for Filipina and Pineapple which is a tropical fruit,” shares Jammy. “When she suggested of the name Marikit, I agreed right away. It sounds so cute and it's a Filipino word hey.” (Marikit in Tagalog means beautiful, pretty, splendid and magnificent.-LPU)
Handmade crochet swimwear is for ladies' sea to shore and to even summit adventures. “Marikit is different from other swimwear brand because it's crochet, and handmade with love and passion, and compassion,” says Jammy.
 “I am fully aware that there are other brands that make crochet swimwear. But mine has another purpose. Not just to make girls look stunning while on the beach, but it's also made for a cause.” (For every purchase of Marikit, you can help for ocean conservation and end starvation of children in the Philippines.-LPU)
According to Jammy, there are still women who are afraid or uncomfortable to wear swimwear because of our “conservative” culture.
Jammy Ungab who is getting some sun in Bohol’s beaches
 has released new photos to promote the latest edition
 of her own label, 
Marikit. In the new photos, the Boholana
model strips down to display her eco-friendly bikinis.
COURTESY: Ryan Macalandag
“With our conservative culture, it's not too easy to convince women to wear one. We all know that. I know some of the Filipina girls never want to wear swimsuits because they're shy, and because they're worried about what the people will think of them. It's mostly the probinsyanas who never or rarely wear bikinis,” admits Jammy. “City Filipina girls, I'm sure they own tons of swimsuits already. Again, as long as they're comfortable with what they wear, it's all good. But yeah girls, the lighter and less the clothing, the better it is to swim...and less ugly tan lines.”
Jammy reveals that women don't need to have a "perfect bikini body" to look good on the beach. They just need to find the perfect swimwear for their body type that will accentuate the curves.  For her, the monobikini can make a woman looks curvier.
“One piece swimsuits with cut outs on the sides will make you look like you have an hour glass figure. But actually, you can wear anything that you are most comfortable with. It's the most important. There's nothing sexier than a woman in a swimwear that makes her confident with her body,” clarifies Jammy.
She tells her buyers she 'couldn't wait' to show them the new styles she's adding to the swimwear range.
“I have already, but I don't want to announce the designs yet. They'll come out in the next three months,” says Jammy.
Good news: Marikit will be in a pop up shop in California, USA in a few months. 
Start with Marikit and you will be beach-ready in no time.
Note: You can purchase Marikit Swimwear thru email: or


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Tubigon celebrates beauty and brawn

Tubigon celebrates beauty and brawn
Scene: Ma. Rhea Rebecca Rocha was crowned as Miss Jagna Festival 2015 during the three-day First Calamay Festival. 
Scene: Cusina ni Tisay has received another (major) award: Best Authentic Bohol Cuisine Restaurant. It was presented by QAsia Seal of Product and Quality Service during the 10th National Product Quality Excellence Awards 2014-2015.
Seen: Another project for Lailette Geulen-Boiser aka Scarlette in showbizlandia is on GMA’s Afternoon Primetime drama Healing Hearts which will premier on May 11. Healing Hearts stars talented teen actors Joyce Ching, Krystal Reye, Ken Chan and Kristoffer Martin. On the hand, the small but terrible TinTin Ng is still on GMA’s Pare ‘Koy (topbilled by Dingdong Dantes) which is directed by Boholano director Maryo Delos Reyes.
Scene: Talented Boholano siblings whose fingerstyle guitaring is to the superlative degree were handpicked by the producers to audition in Manila last week for The Voice Kids PH Season 2. Find out if these siblings follow the footsteps of Lyca, Dare, Juan Karlos and Darlene soon on ABS-CBN.
Scene: The latest survey conducted by Bohol Poll 2015 revealed that poverty in Bohol appeared to be worsened as 67% of Boholanos or almost seven out of ten said they are in a dire poverty based on “self-rated poverty” survey.  The Social Weather Station-trained Bohol Poll said the self-rated poverty this year is higher than 62% in 2014.
Another set of beauty queens. They come smarter and prettier every year.
Anyag sa Tubigon 2015 candidates.  Tubigon’s finest daughter will be known on May 13.
Courtesy: Anyag sa Tubigon Facebook
“I am proud of this year’s batch,” said James Tripoli, the young executive liaison officer of Tubigon Mayor Marlon Amila, and chairman of the five main events in Tubigon fiesta (Ambongan sa Tubigon, Tanda Street Party, Tanda @25 concert, Sambunot sa Awit and Tanda Zumba Marathon). “They exude not only beauty, brain and confidence, they also have a heart for community service.”
“After the success of last year’s Tanda Street Party, I decided to create another something new for this year’s town fiesta and 25thTanda sa Tubigon celebration,” said James. “As long as I can with the Amila administration, I will try my best to make our town prosperous, open-minded and city-like.
Barely a week from now, on May 13, one of the 12 hopefuls will be crowned 2015 Anyag sa Tubigon by outgoing Anyag 2014 Jaya Sierras Lozano at the coronation night at the Tubigon Cultural Center.
Ambongan sa Tubigon 2015 candidates.
Courtesy: Lungsod sa Tubigon
Anyag reaffirms the pageant’s commitment in searching for Tubigon’s finest daughter.  
“Anyag unveils a stunning edition as we celebrate the beauty of life at its fullest. Truly a remarkable night we shouldn't miss... May 13, 2015,” the Anyag sa Tubigon page posted on Facebook. “A night of beauty, wit, flair, and glamour,” added
According to beauty pageant watchers, the early favorites (not reflective of the final outcome) are Pauline Amelinckx, Jean Olive Zoilo, Janine Hannafe Valerie Hattori and Micel Damarillos.
“For sure, there will be dark horse who will upstage other contestants. It happen every year,” warned James.
Tubigon has produced winners in Miss Bohol: Amir Sol (2010) and Farrah Mian Abarquez (2011). Mariecris Evardo was first-runner up in Miss Bohol Sandugo 2012.
Meanwhile, 12 hottest and gorgeous men will compete for Ambongan sa Tubigon on May 10. According to James, the organization promotes gentlemanly conduct and character. 
“It’s another first in Tubigon,” revealed James. “I have observed that most of the pageants are for women and transgender. Why not give a chance to the gentlemen to show what they have and what they can? If we give female pageant candidates respect and highlight their importance in the society, we should also respect male pageant candidates as well.”
As the pageant rolls closer to the coronation night, beauty pageant watchers are abuzz with their fearless forecasts. Early favorites (again not reflective of the final outcome) are Jose Rinan Calunia of barangay Ilijan Norte, Marc Ian Alasagas of Barangay Pooc Occidental and Frikko Khan Valdez of barangay Potohan.
Dyosa sa Tubigon celebrates rights, identity and expression of the gay community. Courtesy: LST

14 candidates for Dyosa sa Tubigon will hit the stage on May 6. Dyosa is not your usual beauty contest because all contestants are gays.
For its second year, the pageant aims to bring awareness about homosexual rights. For the contestants, the pageant celebrates their rights, identity and expression.
The most likely bets to win the title (again not reflective of the final outcome) are Barbie, Kristie and Angel.
Yuri, the “mother butanding” and former host of GMA Cebu’s Buena Mano will host the Dyosa event.
Ruel Savello is the over-all choreographer for the three main beauty pageants in Tubigon. Anyag will be directed by Bohol’s celebrated choreographer Dennis Balbero, Ambongan has William Paolo Fortuna as artistic director and Dyosa will be directed by Hypthaly Tirazona.
For tickets and inquiries, please call 0910-336-0367.
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Waterfalls you must see in Bohol

Scene: Some 100 school children attended the Children Summer Camp 2015 at the Agustinian Retreat House in 
Schoolkids from Loon and Maribojoc are
trained to propagate disaster rick reduction and
climate change adaptation during the Summer Camp 2015
 facilitated by the Save the Children
Dauis town. Participants came from the towns of Loon and Maribojoc, the hardest hit by the strong quake.  Children were taught on how to prepare for disasters and how to cope with the climate change. They also planted 100 mangroves in barangay Napo in Loon town in the celebration of the 45th annual International Mother Earth Day. Save the Children facilitated the said Camp. “It is very important to tap children during emergencies or disasters because they are the most vulnerable sector of the entire population during disaster. It is very important and crucial that a young age of a person’s development that children should be aware, should be properly taught on how to protect themselves,” said Roxanna Epe, program manager of Save the Children.
Scene: Barangay Poblacion 1's Eda Calimbayan Cimafranca was crowned in the biggest, grandest production and extravagantMutya sa Tagbilaran 2015 at the Bohol Wisdom School Gymnasium on Friday. Coming from a family of beauty queens, Cimafranca also won the best in production number, best in swimsuit, best in gown and best in casual interview awards. The search for the city's ambassadress of goodwill is part of the Saulog Tagbilaran 2015 celebration. Poblacion 1 barangay captain is Arlene Karaan.
Babeng’s Shawarma now open
Tagbilaran is now home to a Turkish temptation. 
The fast casual trend of Babeng’s Shawarma
continues to sweep downtown Tagbilaran.
It’s been months in the making, the Babeng’s Shawarma opened its door at Gallares Street cor B. Inting Street, Tagbilaran City. It serves the smoky flavoured beef along with pickled veggies, onions and sauce, wrapped in soft Khubz, an Arabic flatbread  via counter service for Php 30 (no cheese) and Php 35 (with cheese).
“It is very affordable,” says JP Maslog, proprietor of Babeng’s Shawarma, the only shawarma outlet in the city.
Shawarma is a grilled meat freshly shaved from the spit, topped with vegetables, wrapped in bread and coated with an addicting sauce -- a shawarma may be a Middle Eastern street food item, but it's definitely a constant craving in Tagbilaran, especially for health conscious and on diet individuals.
“Shawarma is usually considered as economical,” says owner JP Maslog.  “Affordable. Delicious. Self-satisfying.”
Shawarma hails from the Middle East with its roots tracing back to Turkey--the word ├ževirme which means 'to turn' is the origin of this snack's name. Aside from the flavorful meats, the variety of toppings is now endless.
“We have special homemade sauces,” says JP. “Cheese is a popular topping, and there’s chili sauce as an option.”
Food is available for take-out or if you prefer, you can dine in the tables outside the outlet.
Babeng’s Shawarma is open 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. To order, call 0917-7755-1571.
Avengers, attack!
(Note:  I am a shawarma fan. I apologise. Babeng’s Shawarma is a total and utter delight.)
Tired of beaches?  Luckily, Bohol has some enticing cascadesSome are obvious choices, others are more obscure, but they all share an important quality: Beautiful. One look, and you're bound to be transfixed for hours or a day.  
Fall in love with these waterfalls just a few hours away from the city.
1.The the crystal-clear blue water  Mag-aso Falls are grand, impressive and understandably one of the main tourist attractions in the area. It was destroyed by the quake in 2013 and typhoon Seniang in 2014, but nature has carved a new view to enjoy the falls. Also in Antequera is the Inambacan which has an awesome cave and an amazing natural pool. It was destroyed during the strong quake in 2013 but is still very impressive. A pool is formed below the fall, in which water receives green color.
2. A relatively unknown one is Pahangog Falls (also known as the twin falls) in barangay Guinoyuran in Dimiao town.  Very few travelers get to see and swim in the azure waters of Pahangog Falls. A beautiful and serene place, Pahangog Falls is ideally for adventure lovers who love to experience the boisterous sound of waterfalls. 
3. Also in Dimiao, Dam-agan Falls may not be as famous as some, but it’s no less spectacular. It is considered to be a local secret. The zigzag waterfall is unique.
4. A one-hour and 30-minute hike in barangay Can-umantad in Candijay town will take you to the Can-umantad Falls, the tallest and uninterrupted waterfalls in Bohol. The incredible panoramic views help deepen an appreciation for its grandeur. The color of water varies from crystal clear to azure, to turquoise and the perfect natural surrounding will fascinate you.  If you take the Cabadbaran route, you will enjoy the amazing rice terraces before reaching the Can-umantad Falls.  
5.Binaliw Falls in barangay Cantoyok in Clarin is not a very high falls but stunning because of its emerald waters. The powerful downpour of water is a delight you cannot miss.
6. Getting to Kilab-Kilab Falls in barangay Kaimbang in San Isidro town is no easy task as the road is unpaved. But for those who make the trip, they will make unforgettable memories. Legend has it that people saw a golden chair under the water that it shines (kilab-kilab) when sunlight shines directly through the water. 
7. Kawasan Falls in Balilihan is another countryside interest. Its cool and clear water flowing from above gives a cool and refreshing bath. Also in Baliihan is the Camugao Falls is located in Barangay San Isidro. The falls has a beautiful backdrop of plants.
8. The wonderful Kinahugan waterfalls in Jagna is located in Karap-agan in Cabungaan. Kinahugan Falls is also accessible via motorbike from the Jagna market. The three waterfalls are trigonominal in nature.
9. Busai Falls in Loboc attract many visitors who like to commune with nature. It is not very high but very impressive.
10. This gorgeous waterfall located in barangay San Isidro, Kawasan Falls in Trinidad town is the second and one of the many amazing waterfalls in Bohol.
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Paloma/Marimar does incredible animal sounds

Libby and Tessie Sumampong receive the
 “Best Bohol Cuisine Specialty Restaurant”
 during the Golden Globe Annual Awards 2015
 for Business Excellence. –
Courtesy: Loboc RiverWatch Floating Resto
Scene: The Cuisina Ni Tisay has been awarded the “Best Bohol Cuisine Specialty Restaurant” during the Golden Globe Annual Awards 2015 for Business Excellence on April 15 at the Manila Hotel. The award was presented by the Philippines Best Companies.Com Inc., Sinag News Magazine, Sining at Gabay ng Buhay Foundation Inc., and the National Data Research Examiner and Marketing Services Inc.  The Golden Globe Awards (GGAABE) is an annual recognition that searches for companies and brands that exhibit innovative business practices, deliver quality products and services, epitomize customer concern and engagement, exemplify a reputable and ethical business image, display excellent value proposition and pricing, and serve truthfulness in business management. The award was personally received by couple Libby and Tessie Sumampong. “Just received our Certificate and our Trophy! Super Thankfulllll ! To God be the glory,” said Tessie. Cuisina ni Tisay is located at the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (Chap) in Carmen town.
Scene: Three blind items for this week: 1) Is S sleeping over at the apartment of his girlfriend Ms A (a  beauty queen)? A VRS (who happens to live nearby) swears that she saw S coming out of A’s place in the early hours of the morning. “A’s bestfriend is S’s girlfriend,” said VRS; 2) Photo of this beauty queen circulating in the net has received negative feedback. But her friend-manager came to defend her “alaga” saying, “don’t comment if you don’t like.” “Well, people can do what they want in this hi-tech society,” said VRS; and 3) This make-up artist and hairstylist (MUAAHS) was disappointed with one of the members of the beauty committee who is slow to answer queries. “Busy-busyhan ang show ni Mommy A,” said VRS. MUAAHS also said that the upcoming contest has invited big celebrities. "The contestants whose photos were severely photoshopped, I think are not worth it," said MUAAHS.
Remember Paloma aka Marimar, well-loved and fondly remembered by visitors at the Bohol Python and Wildlife Park in Baclayon, also known for his kagwang--buwis-buhay performance?
Last week, I went to Bohol Python and Wildlife Park in Baclayon town to visit JingJing  Salibay and Paloma.  After the death of Prony, Bohol’s international animal superstar, on August 14, 2013, the wild park had experienced a laidback.
“Everything is back to normal,” said JingJing Salibay, the park’s caretaker.  Well, she was right because I saw a lot of foreign visitors and locals visiting the park.
At the entrance, Paloma was busy welcoming the guests.
Paloma aka Marimar has a new talent: to mimic sounds
of animals in weirdest and funniest ways. –LPU
“Welcome to the Bohol Python and Wildlife Park!”
Then, he began shouting:
Oooohhhhlok olokok olokolok...(for turkey)
Ahhhhtatakakakaa (for bird)
Whaaaakkkk ming kaun naka waaakkkkk (for crow)
owhhhh owhhhh (for bird)
Spectators were amazed that animals became “alive-alert-awake-enthusiastic” upon hearing Paloma. It was a remarkable feat that visitors could hardly believe what they witnessed.
Paloma can mimic the sounds of the animals, from monkeys and pigs to birds and even flies! Paloma’s crow and turkey imitations are spot-on, the bird perfect.
While Paloma has been known for his deadly antics and acrobatic performance (he is still performing after the animal tour), mimicking animals seems to be a particular talent.
Paloma has studied and mastered the sounds of the different species of birds during his pasttime. He spends his time imitating their sounds -- the way the birds communicate with each other on different situations.
JingJing Salibay kisses her new pet
(and beside the glass which contains
the bones of Prony). 
And it is hard to believe that he has been able to mimic the sounds of the birds (of course, in weirdest and funniest ways!Ha!Ha!Ha!).
"I will preserve their voices," said Paloma.
On the other hand, JingJing said that a visit to the park is a learning experience.
“Here at Bohol Python and Wildlife Park, it is not only a tourist destination but it’s also an educational tour,” said JingJing. “Because we have lots of wildlife animals not only pythons.”
If you have missed Prony, “her” preserved body is still the biggest attraction inside the park Sofronio, the “reincarnation” of Prony.  Prony’s bones are on display inside a glass. The arrangement of the bones and delicate structures is remarkable. The Salibay family has plans to register Prony’s preserved bones to the Guiness Book of World Records (in other category) sometime soon.
If you have never tasted the Bohol new product, don’t forget to try the crunchy and spicy organic “chichaworm” at the park. “It’s rich in protein just like my favorite,” said Paloma. To order, contact EAL Organic Chicaworm at 0935125820/09323822345.
HNU-Ultimate Mohawks wins 3rd in Frisbee tournament
Frisbee might not be totally mainstream in Philippine sports thinking, but it was on full display just recently as Dumaguete hosted the tournament.
The crunchy and spicy organic “chichaworm” 
is available at the Bohol Python and Wildlife Park. -LPU

The Holy Name University (HNU)- Ultimate Mohawks won third place in the recently concluded UCL (Ultimate Collegiate League) Frisbee Tournament held at the Silliman Ballfield in Dumaguete City. Silliman University's disc breakers ranked second beaten by MSU-Iligan's team which won the championship with a score of 14.15 leading only by one point. 
The first intercollegiate frisbee league was participated in by different prestigious schools from the Philippines.
The HNU- Ultimate Mohawks roster were Dave Samson, Peter Hamoay, Eric John Borja, Ray Conner Samson, Rainfred Galanida, Fred Anthony Soriano, Anthony June Madronero, Gio Jubac, Chiojo Jubac
Richard Andamon, Raymond Andamon, Ian Reambonanza, Paul Sarabia, Christian Montanez, Gerald
April Joy Baliong, Ina Laurel, Abigail Bernadas, Valerie Joy Omas-as, Nina Ello and Chelsea Lagang.
April Joy Baliong (player who had the highest points scored) received the “score machine” award while Fred Anthony Soriano received the “best defense” award.
Beryl Elizabeth Lupot was the team’s coach.
The Holy Name University (HNU)-Ultimate Mohawks
after winning the Ultimate Collegiate League Frisbee Tournament in Dumaguete City.-Courtesy: Beryl Lupot
Jake Linton, France Jordan and Bencel Borja also trained the team before the tournament.
“We won because we played hard for each other. Every single player on our team played the best he could play, put in 100 percent effort and contributed to the team,” Lupot said.
The team was also sponsored by JNP Construction and Supply, FB Shutters and Services, Joann Pabato, Dr. Dale Ello, Jeric Lim – Bohol Hotel La Roca, Jun Constantine Caturza – Jj’s Seafood Village, Aaron Domingo – Bohol Island Leo Club, Coby Rubillar – Bohol Trading, Dr. and Mrs. Doyet Dumaluan andA’s Chicken Nuggets.
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