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Get to know Bohol’s ‘who’s who’ whose real names will surprise you

Scene: Bohol Gov. Edgar Chatto clarified that he never issued a specific statement about having a list of narco-politicians in the province during the Provincial Peace and Order Council meeting last Aug. 25.   “And it is not only the responsibility of the intelligence community. In fact the people from intelligence generate their information through the support of the community,” Chatto said. He also reminded the media to faithfully do their work by giving the public the right information. “If there is doubt, ask the source because the source is just there. If our purpose is indeed honest to goodness service in public and not to mislead and not put malice in statement and the truth can always be found for the source of information,” he said. He also appealed to all Boholanos to provide information that would lead to the arrest and identification of drug and criminal personalities in the province.

The social media was filled with “Buwan ng Wika” photos of our friends’ children donning their favorite barong tagalog and baro’t saya. Indeed, “ang hindi magmahal sa sariling wika ay mas mabaho pa kaysa malansang isda.”

(Right) Inday Rufing (real name: Rizalino Torralba) 
with Bohol’s famous hairdresser and make-up artist 
Tracy Remolador Torres (who protested 
he is not using a stage name). Contributed Photo

Since, we are at it, I want to share some of our favorite Tagalog #hugot lines which I culled from the Internet.  Here are some of them:

1—Mamatay-matay ka sa selos, hindi naman pala kayo. Ano ba ‘yun !
2—Sa LOVE, walang bingi; walang bulag; walang pipi…pero TANGA marami.
3—Kapag sumama ka sa matatalino, tatalino ka rin. Kapag sumama ka sa adik, magiging adik ka rin. Try mong sumama sa akin, baka sakaling maging akin ka rin.
4—Kapag sinabihan ka nang: “Ang ganda mo!”, mag-thank you ka na lang. Minsan ka na  nga lang sabihan, mag-iinarte ka pa.
5—Ang mabuting lalaki, “stick to one”, hindi 3 in 1.
6—Kapag mahal mo, ipaglaban mo. Pero kung pinagmumukha ka nang tanga, iwan mo na.
7—Aanhin mo ang palasyo kung walang internet connection dito. Mabuti pang mag-stay sa bahay kubo, sa Wi-Fi zone nakapuwesto.
8—Aanhin mo ang pera’t mansiyon, kung nagmumura ang iyong bilbil at puson.
9—Aanhin pa ang tiwala, kung ang hinala ay laging tumatama?
10—Kaysa mabuwisit, love your “haters”. Sila ang ebidensiya na hindi ka pa nga artista, may mga fans ka na.
11—Labs, para kang damit na suot ko ngayon. Simple lang pero bagay sa akin.
12—Lagi na lang ninyong sinisisi ang mga taong “paasa”. Hindi kaya, kasalanan mo dahil “assuming” ka lang?

Real names of Bohol’s ‘who’s who’

Willie Maestrado (real name: Manolito Maestrado)
 a.ka. The RoboCop gives us the latest news 
and updates on Bohol. Contributed Photo

Do you think Rich Asuncion would have been one of the country’s young actress had she used her real name Richell Pacaldo Angalot? Would Maxi been a real designer had he packaged himself as Maximiel Tallo?  We all know the late Yoyoy Villame was an icon, but there’s a good chance he might not had the same level of success had he kept his real name, Roman Tesorio Villame.

Some people (stars, celebrities, who’s who, semi-celebrities) change their names because they don’t like them or they are cultivating a unique persona with the help of a stage name. Others because it doesn’t sound like stars’ names or their real names are hard to memorize and remember.  While some completely wipe the slate clean (we’re looking at you Inday Rufing!), others simply replace a first or last name.

Read on to discover their real names.

Rich Asuncion — Richell Pacaldo Angalot
Inday Rufing—  Rizalino Torralba
Inday Charity—  Edwardo Guyano
Toto Veloso —  Jose Antonio Veloso (Vice Mayor of Tagbilaran)
Baba Yap —  John Geesnell Yap II  (Mayor of Tagbilaran)
Omie Auza—  Rommel Auza
Maxi —  Maximiel Tallo
Pinay Vera—  Vera Gisete Villocido
Toloy—  Leoncio Evasco, Jr. (former Maribojoc Mayor and now Cabinet Secretary)
Tusoy—  Fructuoso Redulla, Jr. (former Vice Mayor of Maribojoc)
Aris Aumentado—  Erico Aristotle Aumentado (Representative, 1st District of Bohol)
Jerome Sala—  Jerome Ucab
Willie Maestrado- Manolito Maestrado (dyRD’s news reporter)
Jun Gutierrez- Alfredo Gutierrez Jr.  (dyRD’s news reporter)

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tagbi’s Saulog King is a future (sexy) chef; Where in Bohol should you take Ms. Universe 2016 bets?

Scene:  San Isidro town councilor Gloria Gementiza was elected president of the Philippine Councilors League (PCL)-Bohol chapter.

Scene: After ten days, Korean pop star Sandara Park was spotted (again) in Bohol.  If her last visit (Aug. 8) was purely a “vacation,” her Thursday’s visit was filming for Battle Trip, a travel show, with model Hyoni Kang.  On Instagram, Park posed for photos beside a tricycle in Tagbilaran City. She even showed off her cute toe nails painted with cartoon characters Nemo and Dory while relaxing on a boat in Balicasag Island.  She left Bohol last Friday (Aug. 19) afternoon.  Park was a former member of 2NE1.

Losers can turn out to be winners.

Tagbilaran’s Saulog King Festival 2016 Mark Elvin Boiser is one of them.

When he joined a school’s search a few years ago, Mark didn’t even make it as one of the finalists.

Mark Elvin Boiser: ‘Real sexy is being connected
 to your soul and living boldly.’
Contributed Photo
After a few exposures in modeling, Mark got a nice break as grand winner of Tagbilaran’s Saulog  Festival last May 1.  He’s making heads turn during the Saulog Festival showing him all grown-up and a bit “bolder,” with generous parts of his abs exposed.

Mark, a freshman at STI College Tagbilaran who is taking up Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM), wants to become a successful chef.

“I love to cook,” says Mark, “I love Thai cuisine.”

TAN (The Art Nouveau managed by Khim Gonzales) has big plans for Mark who could be the next big thing if he plays his cards well.

“He’s an aspiring model,” says Khim.

So what is sexy to Mark?

“Real sexy is being connected to your soul and living boldly,” says Mark.

And when he feels sexy? “I feel sexy in the morning!”

What part of a woman’s body does he consider sexiest? “Eyes!”

A Pisces (born on March 11, 1992), Mark stands 5’8”; weighs 112 lbs.; and wears medium-sized shirt and briefs and size- 9 shoes.

To know more about Mark, VRS asked him to complete some questions:

I hate people…who are insecure. 

I avoid people…. who use drugs.

My greatest pleasure is… playing basketball.

 My worst moment is… when I got drunk. 

My biggest fear is…. when I am far with my family.

I pray for… success in the future. 

The most important person in my life is.... my mother (Fe Boiser).

 If I were to be reincarnated as an animal I would be… a dog. I am a dog lover.  Dogs are known for their loyalty, devotion, selflessness and unqualified love.

My most traumatic experience 2013 during the 7.2 magnitude earthquake.

I deal with gossip by… ignoring it.

Am I afraid of growing old?... No,  because it is a process of life. Just enjoy life to the fullest.

My philosophy in life is.... to give back what my parents gave to me.

My most memorable miracle was… I miraculously survived after drowning in the water in Sept. 2013.

Korean pop-star Sandara Park is back in Bohol.
Sandara Park/Instagram 
I lose my temper when... when I am being scold. 

I am happiest when... we’re complete in the family.

I am saddest when.... my family is not complete.

My ultimate goal is... to achieve my dream and ambition. 

What I like about myself… I’m confident. 

What I don’t like about myself…. I easily get bored. 

Face-to-face with God, I’d tell Him…I’m sorry Lord, thank you and I love you.

Where in Bohol should you take Ms. Universe 2016 bets?

As you must have noticed in VRS’s broken "Where in Bohol should you take Ms. Universe 2016 bets?” series, more and more Boholanos want to “tour” the candidates of Miss Universe, if, that is a big if, they will visit the province in 2017. Here are more of them:

Leah Tirol-Magno (of The Baking Mama)- To the Chocolate Hills and the white beaches.

EJ Relampagos- I will take them to my place and let them feel the authentic Boholano warmth and hospitality together with my neighbors. You know the fiesta vibe...

Vera Villocido Gesite-  I will bring them to the rolling hills with beautiful and scenic view in San Pascual, Ubay - the future site of the BATRC or Bohol Agricultural Training and Research Center where the agri entrep senior high school teachers and students will be starting to produce organically grown vegetables for the Bohol hotels, resorts and restaurants.

Ferliza Contratista- Bohol takes pride of unadulterated beaches...And Anda is surely the best there is...and a public beach at that. This also goes to show that world class tourist spots need not be classy and expensive, but one that equalizes social stature, no rich, no poor...just man and God's grandeur at Anda beach.

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Adonis Dumpit feels ‘comfortable’ in Bohol

Seen:  Several fans have claimed to have spotted Korean pop star Sandara Park in Bohol province last week.  According to VRS at Tagbilaran Airport, Park arrived last Monday via Cebu Pacific.  She was seen opting for a more casual look and wore a cap, white, loose shirt matched with light blue joggers.  She had two companions (elderly women) who told people not to take photos of Park, according to VRS.  Park, who left Bohol on Tuesday morning, did not post any photos of her stay in the province on her Instagram account. She did, however, share an aerial photo of Tagbilaran City on Friday.  The singer, considered to be the main vocalist of 2NE1, left the group in 2010.

Look: Sandara Park spotted in Bohol last week.
 Contributed Photos
Scene:  Days after winning a pageant, this model is now suffering from hydrocephalus. According to VRS, he forgets people easily. “Well, I hope he will enjoy the moment of glory because soonest the glitz will fade,” warns (the bitter?) VRS. Clue: Latin for King.

Scene:  Clarin Mayor Allen Ray Piezas was elected president of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines-Bohol Chapter.

Scene: The Pokemon fever continues in Bohol province.  Tagbilaran is littered with a few PokeStops  (which are often landmarks)--places that allow players to collect items such as eggs and more Poke Balls. Pokestops are the anchor symbol of PMI Colleges, Bohol Provincial Library, Cogon Shrine, Bohol Museum, Plaza Rizal (the fountain and the statue of CPG), Garden Cafe, Knight of Columbus Statue on K of C, Datoda Terminal and Island City Mall’s fountain. There are gyms for fight – Bohol Tropics and St. Joseph Cathedral.  The Philippine National Police (PNP) issued warnings against trending mobile game Pokémon Go. PNP said Pokemon Go fans must be alert while playing the extremely popular mobile game. PNP's friendly reminders: Do not play while driving, better to hunt Pokémon with companions, avoid dark areas as much as possible, always be mindful of your surroundings, secure your carry-ons while playing and don’t trespass; always ask owner’s permission of private premises.

With little money left in his pocket, the controversial policeman SPO1 Adonis Delos Amantes Dumpit left Cebu City for Bohol on Thursday night.

He withdrew what money was left from his ATM account, P1,000---before going to Cebu City Pier. On board a slow boat, he arrived in Tagbilaran City at around 4 a.m. Friday. At 10 a.m. he reported to Camp Francisco Dagohoy, headquarters of the Bohol Provincial Police Office (BPPO), donning a complete police uniform, to report to his new assignment.

Controversial policeman Adonis Delos Amantes 
Dumpit: "I'm comfortable here in Bohol.' Leo Udtohan/Chronicle
Dumpit, a sharpshooter and multi-awarded policeman, was one of three policemen who were transferred to Bohol Police Provincial Office (BPPO) on Friday. The two others are SPO2 Ritchell Sala Tejano and PO3 Romeo Borinaga Batuhan. They were the police escorts of Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña.

They were ordered relieved and transferred to Bohol. However, as of 5 p.m. Friday, it was only Dumpit who reported to BPPO.

Police Senior Inspector Basilides Ytol Balistoy, chief admin of the Human Resource and Doctrine Development (HRDD) of BPPO, confirmed Dumpit’s arrival in his office.

“He is welcome here,” said Balistoy.  

He said, however, they will have a meeting to where Dumpit will be assigned.  “For the meantime, Dumpit will report at the BPPO,” he said.

Dumpit, 53, was relieved from the Firearms Explosives Security Agencies and Guard Supervisory Section  (FESAGSS)  of the Regional Operations and Plans Division and reassigned to Bohol Police Provincial Office.

Dumpit said he didn’t expect to be transferred to Bohol.

“I don’t have a choice. Whatever will be the instruction, where I will be assigned, I am willing to accept,”  he said.

He said he didn’t worry he was transferred to Bohol.

I am comfortable here. I am not worried but I am happy I am assigned here in Bohol. People here are law-abiding citizens. In Bohol, if you go to a house, they will invite you to eat. You can’t find that in Cebu,” he said.

Bohol is also close to his heart. Dumpit was assigned in Bilar town as a member of the Regional Mobile Force from 1992 to 1994.

Asked which unit he preferred to be assigned, Dumpit said he wanted his superiors to put him in the field where he is effective. 
SPO1 Adonis Dumpit (with yours truly and Jessa 
Agua-Ylanan, formerly of The Freeman) who is now assigned in Bohol.  
Contributed Photo

“If possible I don’t want to be assigned in office, anywhere I am willing to accept,” he said. His last assignment before he was detained was at the FESAGGS.

Dumpit, who has no salary for two months after he resumed work, is trying to make ends meet.

“I have not received my salary for two months since I was released from jail. I have debts,” he said.

During interview, he received calls from his brother asking him if he reached Bohol. Then, he was teary-eyed. He said he just missed his 83-year-old mother, Liwayway, who is in Davao Oriental whom he met last June 6 after he was released in jail.  He also said he missed his 22-year-old son who is in Cebu.

Dumpit said he didn’t inform Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña of his new assignment in Bohol.

“I didn’t inform him but I know he knew I am now in Bohol because Mayor Tom is intelligent,” he said, “But I will inform him this Sunday.”

Dumpit was imprisoned for six years for shooting dead a 17-year-old suspected robber in Barangay Tejero, Cebu City in 2004. He was released from the Leyte Regional Prison in Abuyog town, Leyte last June after the Court of Appeals allowed him to post P250,000 in bail pending resolution of his appeal because he had served his minimum prison term of six years and he exhibited good behavior during his incarceration.


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2 teen housemates from Bohol in ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ Lucky 7

The housemates of the latest season of "Pinoy Big Brother" (PBB): Lucky 7 were revealed one by one last week.

Meet:  Ma. Niña Vivoree Matutes Esclito,
the “Go Better Girl ng Bohol.” Contributed Photo/PBB 
Two lucky teens were from Bohol. They were: Ma. Niña Vivoree Matutes Esclito, the “Go Better Girl ng Bohol”  and  Fenech Aimee Veloso, “Ang Ballroom Baby ng Bohol.”  

Vivoree  was introduced on the late night talk show, "Tonight with Boy Abunda" last week as new teen housemate.

Vivoree, 16, who hails from Loon town, is a grade 10 student of Tagbilaran City Science High School.

“She can sing and play the guitar,” said teacher and cultural worker Butch Bernas, who was Vivoree’s grade 7 adviser.

Bernas added Vivoree is a “shy-type student.”

On “Tonight with Boy Abunda,” Vivoree talked about her expectations of PBB.

“I expect to learn different things. Yung experience po, magandang experience and new friends – new true friends,” she said.

When asked what’s the difference between a friend and a true friend, Vivoree answered, “A friend is just someone you can talk to. While a true friend is someone who’s going to be there no matter what happens.”

Meet:  Fenech Aimee Veloso, “Ang Ballroom Baby ng Bohol.”   
Contributed Photo/PBB

Vivoree, who dreams of becoming a performer, said that the reason she auditioned to for PBB was to, “At first po, try lang po talaga. Minsan lang po yun nangyayari, yung mga auditions po sa lugar namin, so sinubukan ko po. But then nung nagtagal po, narealize ko na I’m doing this for something not just for nothing. And that dream isyung pumasok sa bahay ni Kuya.”

She hopes that her stint inside the "PBB" house will be able help her overcome her insecurities.  She said she was bullied because of her being ma-balbon. She shared, “sinasabi nila na pinaglihi ka ba sa unggoy?” But since then she has learned to, “just shrug it off and go on with life.”

Veloso, 13, who hails from Barangay Manga, Tagbilaran City, was introduced on “It’s Showtime.” She said that she auditioned for the reality television show in order to prove that is he is an independent girl.

Veloso said is a “lola’s girl.”

The other teen housemates are Edward Barber (Ang Cheerful Charmer ng Germany),  Yong Muhajil (Ang Pag-a-son ng Angkan ng Zamboanga),  Kristine Hammod (Ang Sporty Spice ng Laguna),  Rita Gaviola (Ang Badjao Girl ng Lucena), Kisses Delavin (Ang Miracle Daughter ng Masbate) and  Christian Morones (Ang Courtside Kusinero ng Zamboanga).

Battle against illegal drugs

Jorge (not his real name) was holding a placard while marching on CPG Avenue in Tagbilaran City for Tuesday’s anti-illegal rally organized by the Bohol Police Provincial Office (BPPO). His placard read: “drug addicts don’t grow old they die young.”

Jorge, 27, surrendered to Getafe Police Station last month for fear of his life.

Participants during the anti-illegal 
drugs rally in Tagbilaran City, 
Bohol, waving their placards
 with messages denouncing 
drug menace in the province.  
Leo Udtohan/Chronicle
He said he joined the rally to show his support to stop illegal drugs in the province.        

“I decided to take a stand against drug use for the future of my children,” he said.

His friend was also waving his placard which read: “Undanga ang drugas, unaha ang pamugas.” (Stop drugs, and look first for rice).

At least 1,000 participant from the different sectors including surrenderees from different towns joined the rally which started at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, 12 hours  after two half-brothers who were suspected drug pushers and users were killed by unknown assailants on Pamaong Street, in this city.

The activity kicked-off at Camp Francisco Dagohoy, passing through  Sen. Jose Clarin street and CPG Avenue, two of the major  thoroughfares in the city.  It culminated at the Pres. Carlos P. Garcia Sports Complex where key leaders gave their speeches.

Participants were seen waving placard with anti-drugs messages. One placards raised by a policeman that caught the attention of onlookers were “Droga ayaw hununga? Menteryo luag pa!”.  (You will not stop drugs? The cemetery is still spacious). Other messages were “Sa druga walang forever”  (In drugs there is no forever),   “Hay naku! undang namu patay jud mong Bato”,  (OMG, stop drugs or else  Bato will kill you)” and  “Di musunod sa Tokhang matikwang (Those who will not follow Tokhang will be displaced)!”

SPO2 Melinda Mendez-Basalo 
explains the impact of drug problems
 in the province during the anti-illegal 
drugs rally organized by Senior Supt. 
Felipe Natividad of the Bohol
 Police Provincial Office. Contributed Photo 
SPO2 Melinda Mendez-Basalo said the rally was aimed at creating awareness among the masses, particularly the younger generation, about the hazards of using drugs and for the promotion of a drug-free society.

“This is big help for the PNP to reach out to remote sectors in the province as well as in the country to send our message of our intense campaign illegal drugs,” she said.

Senior Supt. Felipe Natividad, BPPO director, said the rally was conducted to inform the public that the Philippine National Police (PNP) is serious in fighting against illegal drugs in the province.

The BPPO reported that  30,287 drug personalities across the province have surrendered to authorities and pledged to cut their involvement in illegal activities since July 1, 2016.

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