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Christmas ‘gifts’ for my fave Boholanos

Christmas ‘gifts’ for my fave Boholanos
Sumad karon, ang kalibutan nagpangilin
Ngano kaha natawo ang batang buotan gayud
Kinsa siya, wa ba hi-ilhi
Siya manunubos sa yuta nga karon mikunsad gikan sa langit

Ring-kin-ding kin-ding, sayawan ta ang bata
Ring-kin-ding kin-ding, sa makalingaw nga hadla
Basin na man lang sa sunod unya nga katuigan
Padangaton ta ug ma-angkon tang maayong kalawasan
Ring-kin-ding kin-ding, hina-ot unta nga magpadayon
ang pagbati ta ug ang atong pagkamalipayon

Pasko na usab, sayawan ta ang bata
Pasko na usab, sa makalingaw nga hadla
Basin na man lang sa sunod unya nga katuigan
Padangaton ta ug ma-angkon tang maayong kalawasan
Ring-kin-ding kin-ding, hina-ot unta nga magpadayon
ang pagbati ta ug ang atong pagkamalipayon.
Sumad Karon by Susan Fuentes
Four days before Christmas Day and here’s my own list of "recycled" gifts to my favorite Boholanos, with some new additions, inspired by Sumad Karon, a Visayan Christmas song classic by Susan Fuentes, Hajji, APO and Passionata, from their music album Mananaygon, which opens today's VRS.
Here they are:
Queenie Melody Fullante- A boyfriend who will love her forever and ever, amen! The guy must be romantic, confident, artistic, foreign, free spirit (aka the bad boy), intelligent/witty and considerate!
For Anna Maris Igpit and her Aussie football player Thomas Taylor —Marriage contract!  Remember that marriage is not a noun, it’s a verb! He! He! He!
For Marianne Domivee Chatto and Haibon Lim Mapute— A chain to bind them and lock their hearts forever and ever. Amen!  Same for Fer Mary Baliquig and her beau; Elvie Bongosia of PIA and her labidab and  Clyde Ebojo and his girlfriend. 
Various parols and belens are displayed at Tubigon
town plaza to bring more cheer to this year’s Christmas celebration.
The holiday ambience that Tubigon affords its visitors is
 making the place as one of the Most Christmassy Places on Bohol. 
For David Maulas and Jenissa Laguda Peteros—  Wedding bells!!!  
For Rebecca Lusterio and Thomas Mejiso— Marriage contract (indefinite)!
For Alfeo Jabinez and Amy Fiel Booc  A marriage contract? Nope, it’s too early. Meanwhile, they may live(on?) happily ever after as sweethearts.
For Dalareich Polot —A perfect holiday with someone special. She’s been working so hard for her Chocoreich! Remember, all work and no play (and no lover) makes Jane a dull girl.
For Pat Ruiz- Inner strength to continue her advocacies! Same for Zenaida Darunday, Pat Ruiz, Atty. Kins Aparece, Salvio Makinano, Judge Raul Barbarona, Rosalinda Paredes, Mightee Palo, Alvin Acuzar, Dorris Dinorog-Obena, Isidore Ancog, Ellen Gallares and Vera Gesite.
For Nonito Donaire — More wining bouts! Same for Aj Banal, Jedara Docena and siblings, Caesar Amonsot and Boom-Boom Bautista.
For Candy Cumayas—Another beauty pageant to join to prove that a probisyana charm and beauty can capture the country! Same for Mary Rose Butalid.
For Tessie Labunog-Sumampong — Home sweet home! (Figure that out.) As the songs goes (to the tune of Moon River by Andy Williams: Loboc River, wide than a mile, I'm crossing you in style someday, Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker, Wherever you're going, I'm going your way.....
For Nene Lungay, Marianito Jose Luspo and Napoleon Abueva— More years to showcase their talents. Same for Tadiyandi, Baji,  Arte Malaya, Glenn Lumantao, Joey Labrador,  Joyle Alipala, Ric Ramasola, Loboc Children’s Choir, Alicia Bamboo Ensemble, Dimiao Children’s Rondalla, Loboc Youth Ambassador, Katipunan Elem. School Rondalla, HNU Diwanag Dance Troupe and Bohol Master Singers.
For Mikey Gatal — A Roman holiday with his special someone.
For Geraldine Topsnik and Immaculada Cleofe Leopardas— Hot boyfriends!  Same for Idy Cagas, Felisse Marie Carvajal, Farrah Faye Mian and Trisha Chatto.
For Cesar Montano and Rich Asuncion— More challenging roles in teleseryes and movies.  Same for  TinTin Ng and  Lailette Boiser.
For Mila Lim and Dr. Mary Grace Uy — A New Year (and more years) full of hope and goodwill. Same for Musette Hontanosas, Vicky Wallace, Doc Joy Yap, LJ Lumayag, Dr. Angelito Lechago, DonDon Suganob, Primitiva Ontong, LJ Lumayag, Fiel Gabin, Kit Oppus, Meljun Daniel, Nora Pahang, Concepcion Bagotchay, Romy Tagaan, Ate V Yorong, Judith Uy-Sumatra, Dr. Wilfreda Bongalos, Marina Salamanca, Dodong Almedilla, Freda Tirol, Sarah Dejaresco, Roygie Jumamoy, Dr. Evangel Luminarias,  Hans and Lani Schoof,  Atty. Jas Montes,  Dr. Nenita Po, Greenie Aumentado, Dr. Cristeta Tirol, Dr. Henya Tirol-Sotelo, Fancy Baluyot, Amalia Tirol, Liza Quirog, Betty Veloso, Conching Lim, Pureza Chatto  Paz Trotin, Gen Jamisola, Daday Uy-Fuertes, Barbara Ong, Jojo Baritua, Helen Binangbang, Tessie Pagdato, Sylvia Fernandez-Maristela, Baby Collins, Connie Geonzon,  Gerry Egos, Edi Borja, Reigh Monreal, Malou Cempron and Atty. Eliseo Labaria.
For Joy Suarez — A new world-class resort to manage!
For  Maximiel Tallo, EJ Relampagos, Jong Magallano, Omie Auza, Henry Baron, Rhigel Dulfo, Tracy Remolador Torres and Sony Pamaong— Fashion shows to display their artistic collections!
For Sam Penaso— More exhibits abroad and flanking to showcase his world-class talent.
For Peddy Bolanio and Glee Orcullo — More "talkative" and “controversial” guests on Showbiz Rampa.  Same for  Inday Charity (dyTR’s Showbiz Chikka).
For Chito Visarra, Fred Araneta and Gerry Pabe (dyrd’s Inyong Alagad)  More  explosive news and “controversial” guests. Same for Atty. Salva Diputado and Ted Ayeng (dyTR’s Cuentas Claras).  
For Atty. Victor dela Serna, Nestor Daarol, Felix Cempron, Ted Ayeng and Atty. Salva Diputado—A silencer that will prevent them from flaunting on radio to throw “feisty” words this Christmas time. He He He
Eden Descallar–Ceballos and Mikel Ceballos— A long-delayed stork’s visit. Same for Loida Lagonoy-Viloria and George Viloria; and Dr. April Lumuthang-Froiland and Arch. Junibe Froilan.
For Diane Uy-Yap and Atty. Wrenly Yap—A healthy baby due in February next year.
For Che Toribio-delos Reyes— Good things in life.  And a sign that screams, "DON’T!!! In 2016!
For Dr. Maria April “Doc April” Lumuthang-Froilan- A big clinic for her Touch of April to beautify  the province of Bohol!
For Governor Edgar Chatto, Reps. Erico “Aristotle” Aumentado, Rene Relampagos and Art Yap and Mayor Baba Yap  Divine guidance and enlightenment for political will.
For  Inday Rufing  — A hot “partner” to love him dearly. Same for  Inday Charity, Ryan Sines, John Torralba, Emerson Pinos, Julan Cordova, Alexis Cadeliña, Deo Guden, Rico Guigue, Charlow Arbasto, EP Relampagos, Gerry Lugod and Butch Bernas.
For Kimpoy Mainit, Humfrey Nicasio, Hannah Precillas and Kirby Asunto— A big break to showcase their singing prowess!
For Marc Joseph Batoy, Danilo Torcende, Adryan Mila, Carlos Alfonso Cuerquiz and Ar-Ar dela Serna — More exposures to prove to all that Boholano men naay ikabuga!
For Dame Rose Soy —Eternal youth beauty for Bohol's Queen of Tourism.
For AD— A chastity belt! He He He
For Ardy Batoy —A vacation! The Bohol’s Queen of All Media deserves a break!
For Benjie Oliva and Atty. Joan Jagonos-Oliva —Another “joint venture.” He He He Same for Abdul Wallace and Chandrina Elluiska Schreurs-Wallace.
For Baby Tagoctoc— He may continue to shine!  Bohol’s most influential and powerful bading deserves a vacation, too.
For Raul Gatal—  A round-trip ticket to a quiet place far from his “haters.”
For Josephus Anthony Bumaat — Another kilig novel as engrossing as Anh To Be Surprised.
For Atty. Greg Delgado — A seductive girlfriend!   Same for  Van Delima, Doc Homer Singco and Lemuel Belarmino.
For Leah Tirol-Magno — A baking session and an outlet to show her delectable world of baking mastery.
For Mizken Tirol-Andan— A partner to color his world.
For Bishop Leonardo Medroso, Msgr. Jeff Malanog, Fr. Warli Salise, Jr.,  et al— Good health and more years to share the gospel as Veritas de terra orta est! (“Truth shall spring out of the earth”). Same for pastors Nelson Rio III, Bobby Rio, Vicente Agustin, George Lungay, Franco Trigo, Rey Rodriguez and Bro. Libby Aba.
—No more painful and violent deaths. Well, we all have to go. But I hope and pray that deaths won’t be as painful. And I wish to see the end of the chain of deaths that had hounded the province in 2014.  
-—Safe arrival, peaceful and successful events with Pope Francis in the Philippines.
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Thursday, December 18, 2014

The most Christmassy places on Bohol

Christmas is the gentlest, loveliest and most exciting festival of the year when presents are wrapped, foods are prepared and decorations are hung.
But where would you find the most Christmas spirit in Bohol? It's hard to say for certain, here are my top picks for the most Christmassy places around Bohol.
CHRISTMAS VILLAGE – Hermila “Mila” Lim loves Christmas time so much she starts decorating as early as October to enjoy her own personal village that is set up inside her house.
Each holiday season the village fills Mila Lim’s home.
From the middle of October until the middle of January
 the room is covered with glistening lights,
small buildings, snow and tiny people. 
Mila began her Christmas Village project in 2008 for her own family at her house on M. Torralba Street. Her collection of miniature Christmas houses and objects has grown since.
Mila greets visitors to her home, the start of the fun. Upon entering, a visitor immediately hears the song, “Deck the Halls with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la, la la la la... ‘Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la, la la la la...” and sees a garden decorated with small snowman figures.
Once inside, however, visitors are magically transported to an elegant festival filled with all the symbols of Christmas.
The Christmas village at the main entrance is filled with trees of green and gold, colorful mini-shops, miniature skiers up and down the slopes, carnival rides, dancers twirling to a waltz inside a gazebo, skaters in the park, Santa Claus dancing and flying on sleighs, and a Christmas train running in circles.
As you continue through the house and see Santa's kitchen and dining room where the table is festively decorated for a Christmas mealDrinking glasses and place mats bear the Christmas motif, acquired during Mila’s travels with her husband to Israel, Australia, Hong Kong and China.
If meeting Santa is on your Christmas to-do-list
 then a trip to Sierra-Bullones is a must.
The town has the tallest
and biggest Santa Claus in the country. 
Fascinated by St. Nicolas since childhood, Mila’s home has an array of Santa likenesses, in a variety of shapes and sizes collected for the past 14 years—at the doorsteps and all over inside the place. These include a drunk Santa, a photographer Santa, a Santa Claus band, Santa in a parachute, singing and dancing Santas with reindeer and even a Tarzan Santa. Another hallmark of the home is an animated fireplace.
“It's fixed up like a little city. It gives me joy," she said with a laugh.
Mila and her husband, Teofilo, own one of the biggest liquified petroleum gas (LPG) dealership firms in Tagbilaran City.
Note: A must-see. Christmas lights adorn the houses of Allan Lumanao in Tomas Cloma Avenue cor Graham Avenue, Booy District, Tagbilaran City and Rosalinda Paredes in Dauis.
Thousands of twinkle lights bring holiday cheer
 to people at the Tagbilaran City Hall Compound. – 
The Tagbilaran City Hall turns into one of the country's most magical capitals this year’s Christmas, thanks to the thousands of festive lights and decorations. The silver and white motif provided a wonderful ambience in the midst of the on-going city hall rebuilding.
The Christmas tree at Plaza Rizal. -LPU
Sparkling Christmas lights have been placed in the trees inside the FCB Main Building Compound in Taloto District, this city. They have the biggest belen, too.
The light displays at the Plaza Rizal regularly dazzle residents.  This year, a giant Christmas tree adorned with Christmas gifts attracts visitors.
Christmas would obviously not be Christmas without Santa Claus, Pere Noel or Father Christmas. Whatever the name, his popularity among children (and many adults) is perennial.
That’s why the municipality of Sierra-Bullones has the 25-feet Santa Claus, probably the tallest in the country and in the world. It took one month to finish the foundation of the Santa Claus; and two weeks to dress the Santa Claus. According to Mayor’s Office, it should be ready before the town's fiesta on Dec. 8. Their Santa Claus is a white-bearded man wearing a red coat with white collar and cuffs, white-cuffed red trousers, and black leather belt and boots. It has eyeglasses, too. His other hand is carrying a bag and the other hand is making a high-five sign.
The giant Santa Claus inside
 the Island City Mall. 
An animated moving Santa is sure to attract attention inside the Island City Mall. Santa has no elves but he has reindeers to help him.
Why do we love Christmas trees? To help spread the holiday cheer, the Alturas Mall has the oh-so-bright evergreens for your viewing pleasure.  The Christmas tree of the Metro Centre Hotel has the lanky conifers with long, graceful branches seem particularly enchanting to all.
Above all, the home is the most Christmassy place because it is engulfed with love, peace and unity as the season of Christmas should be.

Various parols and belens are displayed at Tubigon town plaza to bring more cheer to this year’s Christmas celebration. The holiday ambience that Tubigon affords its visitors is making the place as one of the Most Christmassy Places on Bohol. 
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Why Bohol is in Kirby Asunto’s heart

Rising Broadway star Kirby Asunto, who was handpicked by Manny Pacquiao to sing the Philippine National Anthem in the Pacman-Bradley fight in Las Vegas in 2012, is back again in the country, and she considers this latest visit as extra special.
 “This is special because I will be helping my fellow Boholanos,” said the 16-year-old Kirby during the presscon of her ‘Gift of Joy’ concert.
Kirby Asunto on Bohol: ‘It’s more fun here.
The best octopus is in Bohol!’ 
Courtesy: Shirley Asunto
Kirby feels it is important she should go back to her Visayan roots and help her kababayans who are victims of the killer quake.
It’s not really only for Loon, but it’s for whole Bohol. I did it because I want to help out to my fellow Bol-anons since my mom is from Garcia-Hernandez,” said Kirby.
“There are lot of guests that are coming. Pop songs, Whitney Houston songs, more Broadway songs..a lot!” exclaimed Kirby.
Guests are Arnel Pineda, Jacob Benedicto, Marlo Mortel, Fr. Jonas Mejares, OSA, and the Loboc Children’s Choir.
Kirby should feel right at home in Bohol because this is her second visit.  In her first visit late last year, Kirby had admitted to knowing the Filipino culture, having been born in Manila and migrated to the US at age 6.
You see, her mother Shirley is from Garcia-Hernandez from the Madelo clan.
Her mom said she raised her four kids (Kirby is the youngest) very Filipino.
Kirby said she loves Bohol “because the best octopus (kugita) is here.”
“I also love dinuguan,” shared Kirby.
Like a true-blue Filipina, Kirby is warm and friendly and very “connecting.”  Her sing-song voice as musical as ever, answering every question with infectious verve, straight from the heart. She easily breaks into laughter that makes her so charming. I’ve seen it for myself during our interview with her.
Career-wise, she plans on recording her debut album next year.
Asked if she has a boyfriend, Kirby laughed.
 “No, I don’t have a boyfriend.”
Kirby Asunto (with concert producer Dr. Rosendo Lopez III)
at dyRD to promote her concert on Dec. 13. 
Courtesy: Shirley Asunto
“Wala talaga, way uyab,” said Mommy Shirley.
To prove that she is a Boholana by heart (and still looking for someone ‘special’), Kirby sang Ang Bol-anon (she will be expected to sing Visayan medley songs during the concert):
Kung ikaw Inday mangita'g pamanhonon  
Siguro-a baja Inday ang Bol-anon,    
Kung matuman mo suwerte ka,  
Ang Bol-anon buotan gayud
magmahal kanimo hangtud sa kahangturan. 
Apan ayaw baja Inday hikalimti
Bisan dako’g gusto magpadili-dili
Ilabina na gayud sa palikerong ulitawo
Kay gusto siya mohangyo kanimo ay..
Magmahal kanimo hangtud sa kahangturan!
After the presscon, I made my way to ask her some questions.
Her eyes lit up and she cooed, “I really like your hair!”
Oh well, I know she was telling the truth. And when she flashed her million-dollar smile at me, I was transfixed.
Kirby Asunto made my day.
(Note: Rebuilding Loon “Gift of Joy” happens on Dec. 13, 7 p.m. at the Bohol Wisdom Gymnasium. It is produced by Dr. Rosendo Lopez III in collaboration with K&N Productions of LJ Lumayag and sponsored by  City of Tagbilaran, Bohol Quality, Island City Mall (Alturas Group of Companies), J&N Caltex, Lite Shipping, Dr. Oliver Yu, YS Construction, Madelicious, Du Ek Sam, Goldilocks, Vita Derma, Apple One, Hydrotech Water Refilling Station and Best Diagnostic. Ticket prices: P1,000 (VIP), P700 (Platinum Seats), P400 (Gold Seats) and P250 (General Admission).. Call 09173041183/09157572551/09275649047.)
Fil-American singer Kirby Asunto with the Bohol media. Courtesy:  Shirley Asunto
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