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Memorable films/movies done in Bohol

Memorable films/movies done in Bohol

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EstelB1 la Estrada (also Stella Strada) and Dennis Roldan in the skinflick Puri. Famous landmarks in Bohol- Maribojoc Punta cruz watchtower, Chocolate Hills and Alona Beach in Panglao


Caingget Beach in Tagbilaran City is famous not only for koja (a delicacy) but for picture taking like this with Celianne Janica Pesquira, 4 wearing the Korean traditional dress hanbuk. The TV drama Winter Sonata depicts nostalgia for a platonic love which seems to be missing in m0dern life. A large billboard is placed in the area for film location shooting.

Memorable films/movies done in Bohol


· Food for the soul: Some people no matter how old they get never lose their beauty…they merely move it from their faces into their hearts.

· Important announcement from Adam Gulle (SK office) and Ate Vi (Bohol Employment and Placement Office or Bepo office): Relative to the scheduled concert of Luke Mejares on July 21, 2007 at the Holy Name gymnasium. The organizers would like to inform you that the beneficiary concert (also the launching of Luke’s new album Pangako) will be postponed to August 31, 2007, same time, same venue.

· Could it be true that an anchorman of a government-paid program is making business out of the radio program he’s handling? According to True Very Reliable Source (VRS) because there is no specific topic assigned by his office for public discussion, he has the luxury to choose any topic on air. VRS further said that he’s abusing because he’s airing other concerns of NGOs which are in consonance with the government’s programs and therefore do not need additional monetary consideration. He’s receiving money from left and right.

· Could it be true that a Philosophy teacher (from a university) is making use to the fullest his influence as a teacher? According to VRS, this teacher is insulting and discouraging his students. Instead of being there to guide the students and encourage them to pursue research for knowledge for education, this teacher instead is judging the students and advising them to shift to other courses seem they don’t deserve to finish the course they are currently enrolling. “Kamo mga bulok mo! Mga walay hinungdan” the way he’s insulting his students.

· True’s “blind item” last Sunday about a Capitol employee who is a subject of a text message scandal drew additional names of capitol employees who are reporting to the office who are under the influence of alcohol. I doubt if this “concern citizen” who asked for anonymity is telling the truth. The best department to know this is the HR.

· Could it be true that there is a plan for mass lay-off at the Capitol? According to an SMS received by True, the Capitol coffers is running dry already, opting for a mass lay off. Government coffers running dry, huh? We should check that with Ma’am Primitiva Ontong, the Queen of Fiscal Matters, the authority on this matter.

The SMS message describes a big lapse of the provincial government, if ever it is true. Resorting to mass lay-off is just equivalent to saying that there had been a time that the Capitol was hiring insignificant personnel, for what could be the reason to easily rid of them this time when they were performing significant functions in the past.

But, we know that all the personnel at the Capitol are performing significant functions. Now, the Capitol should justify this by keeping them in their posts. The mass lay-off, therefore, is a mismaneuver.

There should be an investigation where the fiscal management went wrong, to the extent that the Capitol cannot afford to keep its personnel. If the fiscal management is alright, then the provincial government might just be posing to impress that it is capable of coming up with savings at the end of the year, just in case the President would rule to distribute it to government employees as amelioration fund.

Or, is it just a design to rid of “non-affiliates?”

Public funds is for the public. Why save it for nothing? Giving salaries to people is not wasting money. After all, the human resource department knows that more people means more output. It’s just a matter of placing people in the right place.

Anyway, it’s just a text message. We’ll wait in the coming days. We just hope that our Queen of Fiscal Matters, the ever hard-working (and beautiful) fairy godmother of the kawawang empleyado ng Kapitolyo.


Last week, I was in Punta Cruz, Maribojoc with my aunt Sharia. Aunt Sharia told me while pointing to the watch tower “’That’s the tower appeared in the movie “Lagablab.’” So, when Aunt Sharia mentioned that the particular tower was used in the movie Lagablab, I determined to rent the 1964 Lagablab, but I am hopeless to grab a copy until now.

(As of this writing, I’ve been treated to the spectacle of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix shattering the record for movie goers in Bohol.)

I’m not a movie buff, but I like to watch the movie for curiosity. How does the watch tower look like in the movie? And, how the Bohol scenery (famous locations are beaches in Panglao, man-made forest, Maribojoc watch tower and the Bohol’s landmark, the Chocolate Hills) contributes to the beauty of the film?

There are no records available in Bohol about films/movies. I call it “silent film archive.” Further research leads into “depression” when you learned that there are no photographs or video clips of the movies where our Boholanos had extra roles or cameo appearances. Henri Cartier Bresson had said, “Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again.” So, old movies are.

I might say, as of now, only few are interested to watch vintage movies though others, might say, there’s no need -yet I still have to believe that “when a movie gets old, it becomes classic” in some ways.

Most young people today don’t have the patience to sit through any film that doesn’t explain everything in the first 10 minutes. You can have your hypothesis that many people aren’t just movie illiterate. They know almost nothing about the past.

I’ve been told many times by movie critics and writers that movies have always been a reflection of our society, and now the majority of them appear so superficial.

Old movies helps us reminisce what it was like when we saw this or that movie when it first came out !! Today seeing those vintage cars, hair, dress styles, etc. are like being in that era again.

In the United States, the Department of Communications at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg is offering a course called “Film Appreciation.” I’m not sure if the schools in Bohol have film appreciation of “wholesome” films.

Today’s kids are more technologically savvy than their seniors: Some are, but in my experience many never look at the Internet or DVD extras on a film and have no clue as to how movies are made.

It is peculiar to say that today’s generations only a handful of real movie buffs. The rest are “movie fans,” a different type of animal altogether. They think the latest blockbusters are great films, they want to know why movie critics are so mean and they equate quality with financial success.

People should see the difference between quality and popularity. Often the film they are most surprised by is the foreign film - they go into watching it with great apprehension but afterward the sentiment often is that the film was very good and different and that they’ll seek out more in the future.

In other parts of Asia, like Korea, they are very proud of their place which is the site of some location shootings. Hallyu (the Korean wave) is the name of the phenomenon of Korean popular culture that is spreading across the world. In particlar, Korean dramas and films have earned worldwide recognition for their artistic value.

A tour to Korea will be wonderful chance to visit filming locations and experience diverse aspects of Korean culture. Large billboards and other important info-campaign materials are can be found in the areas that films and TV series have their shooting locations. For picture taking and information, right? And take note, they are proud of it.

As a tourism hub in Asia, Korean tour organizations offer Film Location Tour to those who are interested to experience the hallyu. And how about Bohol? Why not include film location tour in Bohol? Why not put billboards and other signs that “a film of _____ was shoot here in 19__?” Unless, if we are proud of.

Watching “silent movies,” you soon find that you must keep all of your focus on the screen. You can find it impossible to even eat popcorn.

Meanwhile, let us refresh our minds of the films/movies and TV series done in Bohol.

Lagablab sa Maribojoc (1964). This action movie was filmed in Maribojoc and Loon town. Writer Reigh Monreal’s sister Wenifreda “Uray Wennie” Monreal-Arriesgado, a widow, teacher at Cebu State College of Science and Technology in Daan Bantayan, Cebu Campus, who is now 75 years old, was an elementary pupil when she was chosen to appear in this movie. The producer Larry Jao (who had his own productions— the Sooo ckat) was from Catagbacan, Loon. Jao is related to the Uys here even to Joan Kristine Uy, the 2003 Miss Bohol International 1st RU representing Loon. Joan got three special wards and Ms. Cebu 2007. She’s now a nurse and Qatar Airlines stewardess. Oscar Roncal won the Best Supporting Actor for 1965 FAMAS Award; Charito Solis won the 1964 FAMAS Best Actress and Maggie de la Riva, Best Supporting Actress.

Esteban (1973). This action movie was directed by Celso Ad. Castillo starring Fernando Poe Jr and Alona Alegre (the famous Alona Beach was named after her). According to observers, Alona was so daring when the movie was shot on Alona beach.

Aguila (1979). Directed (and screenplay) by Eddie Romero, this movie had location shooting in Tagbilaran City. The movie was about flashbacks encompass the history of the Philippines as well as the life story of the elderly Daniel Aguila (Fernando Poe, Jr.) in this three-and-a-half-hour drama. The Aguila family gathers to celebrate Daniel’s 88th birthday, but the old man is nowhere to be seen — he has been missing for a decade. Suspecting that his father is in Mindanao, one of his sons (Christopher de Leon) takes off for that region in a determined search. Along the way, his memories of the nation and his father’s life tell the story of eighty tumultuous years of personal and historical development. Written by Eleanor Mannikka, 1981-Best Director Eddie Romero (FAMAS), Best Screenplay Eddie Romero and Best Picture. Christopher de Leon was nominated for Best Actor. Daria Ramirez won the Gawad Urian Awards in 1981- Best Supporting Actress (Pinakamahusay na Pangalawang Aktres).

Puri (1984). This drama was topbilled by Estella Estrada II (also Stella Strada) and Dennis Roldan. It’s one of those sexy flicks in the tradition of films of Pepsi, Paloma and Sarsi Emmanuel. The movie producers had some Boholanos who were extras in the movie like the teachers from the then Bohol National High School. The movie was sexy and there was nudity. When I asked those who “contributed” to the movie how dare it was, the reply was “Nude man gani sila Stella and Dennis Trillo sa Badiang Spring.”

Loveboat (1980s) starring Eddie Gutierrez as Rocky, Susan Roces, Ramon Christopher, Lotlot De Leon as Malo, Ruffa Gutierrez and Dennis da Silva.

Tigershark (1987) Directed by Emmett Alston and written by Ivan Rogers and Mike Stone. This foreign filmed was done in Bohol. Mike Stone is considered one of the early legends of American Karate along with Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Joe Lewis and Skipper Mullins.

Jack and Jill sa Amerika (1988) a comedy movie starring Sharon Cuneta as Jack, Herbert Bautista as Jill, Tonton Gutierrez and Panchito. It was directed by Leroy Salvador.

Muro-ami (1999). Directed by Marilou Diaz-Abaya the story was about Fredo (Cesar Montano), a fisherman who has endured more than his share of hardship in life; his wife and child both perished in a boating accident, and today Fredo approaches each trip to the sea with the angry determination of a man out for revenge. Fredo commands a crew of young people from poor families as he takes his rattletrap ship into the ocean in search of fish that live along the reefs, snaring catch with an illegal netting system. Not all of Fredo’s youthful sailors are willing to put up with his abusive arrogance, however, and even his father Dado (Pen Medina) and close friend Botong (Jhong Hilario) have grown weary of Fredo’s tirades. Fredo’s body is beginning to betray him as well, and as he and his crew damage the sea’s reef beds in search of fish, no one is certain how much longer he will be able to continue. It has 20 wins & 16 nominations. Our own Boholano actress Rebecca Lusterio (Kalbo) won as best child actress.

Panaghoy sa Suba (The Call of the River) (2004). It is an epic story set during the American Occupation (1942) and the Japanese Occupation (1945), shot amidst the virgin splendor of the island province of Bohol mostly along and around the Loboc River which plays a significant role in the story. It is a mixture of action, drama, romance, and history. The film is Cesar Montano’s directorial debut with an almost entirely Visayan cast, and perhaps the biggest film ever to be shot in its entirety in the Visayas. The film, intended for both national and international exhibition, boldly used Visayan Cebuano as the main language. It had 16 wins and 11 nominations in FAMAS, and Star Awards including a foreign nomination. This Visayan movie depicts the scenery of Bohol. Rebecca Lusterio won the Best Supporting Actress award.

Close to You (2006). The romantic movie starring John Lloyd Cruz as Manuel, Bea Alonzo as Marian and Sam Milby as Lance. Director: Cathy Garcia-Molina Writers: John Paul Abellera (story) Mel Mendoza-Del Rosario (story)

TV series

Panday (2005) starring Jericho Rosales as Tristan/Panday, Heart Evangelista as Eden Roxas and Victor Neri as Lizardo. It was directed by Retchie del Carmen and Toto Natividad.

Panday according to the staff (who have a dose of bahalina, a local fermented wine in Caingget Beach in Tagbilaran City) is projected to be a part of every Filipino’s primetime viewing habits.

After the shooting, Jerico and Heart fell in love to each other in their 10-day shooting in Bohol. After all, Bohol is a temptation island.

Maalaala Mo Kaya hosted by Charo Santos filmed the love story of Panglao councilor Ondo and Nila Montero with Boholano extras.


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Bol-anon flavor and other tales

Bol-anon flavor and other tales

Bohol to hold Cook Fest on July 19-20;Capitol employees warn to be careful thru text


· Food for the soul: Believe while others doubt, work while others wish, save while others waste. Persevere while others quit. And stay while others walk away. This inspirational message is from Tagbilaran City Vice Mayor Toto Veloso.

· From writer Reigh Monreal: Luke’s mom’s middle initial should be P, for Porticos not S. His biological ma is Grace Porticos, sis of Elvira. Both Mejares and Porticos are from Loon.

· From John Torralba (and also circulated through text by Lester Lovino): Are you a Boholano? If you are... then check this out! Do watch Luke Mejares’ concert on July 21 with Tata Villaruel at the HNU main gym. The beneficiaries of the concert are the tornado victims of Loon. Tickets are at P50 (general admission), P100, P200, and P300. Please patronize our fellow Boholano artist and at the same time tabangan nato ang mga biktima sa Loon.

· Honest tricycle driver Iluminado “Nong Lumi” Bok is still counting his blessings when he returned the US$1,700 (not US$17,000 as reported earlier). Nong Lumi received a commendation from the Sangguniang Panlalawigan last Monday for his heroic deeds.

· As True reported a few issues ago, there is a Boholano who regularly appears on TV and in a movie. He’s Luther Olorvida from Tagbilaran City. Luther, 28, appears on ABS-CBN shows like Aalog-alog, Maging Sino Ka Man and John and Shirley; GMA 7’s Bubble Gang and Bitoy Funniest Home Videos. He had a role in the movie You Got Me starring Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga.

· The Potter mania boils over at the Island City Mall, Bohol’s most modern cinema. Watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix as the movie opens and the books wrap up. See why Harry has the charm. The star, Daniel Radcliffe has joined the search ranks of bare-chested idols albeit from his moonlighting gig.

· Feliz compleaƱos to Bohol Sunday Post! The paper turned 21 last July 13...and still counting... the same felicitations to Carmelita “Babie” Monton, the Bohol Sunday Post account manager, who celebrating her birthday today.

· Could it be true that a high ranking official in the Capitol is now “out of fashion” and “less inspired” when this person is no longer the love interest of a high ranking official, too? According to True Very Reliable Source (VRS), at least they are not terminated; when this high ranking official was still the “apple of the eyes,” this person displayed a happy face and was into fashion. Now, that the high ranking official no longer shows interest for this high ranking official, this person is out of dress code. Murag gani og wakwak, according to VRS.

· Could it be true that a Capitol employee (who transferred to another office after a “rift” was reported with him and his female boss) is now the subject of a text message circulating at the Capitol? According to a Capitol employee who received a text message from a Globe/Talk and Text number, the text message warns his colleagues to be careful with this guy whose modus operandi is to befriend you… and when he gets your trust, he will steal your cellphones and other expensive belongings. Cuidao!


It’s the kind of festival that should have been put up long ago. Better late than never.

I’m referring to the Cookfest as part of the Bohol Sandugo Festival. Sandugo 2007 makes a bold attempt to scour the discriminating taste of the Boholano with the search for the newest food preparation that could through the pages of cookbooks, a press release says.

I remind you that I’m not a food expert (though I’m dreaming that I was a chef in the palace in my past life), I just love to eat. Wherever am I in the world, I love to taste different cuisines with my mouth, eyes and heart.

Jang Geum of the Jewel in the Palace was a cook inside the King's Palace in Korea

Hinalang nga manok (spicy chicken) or nilubihang kagang (a kind of crab) would soon find its equal in the distinct palate of the Boholano.

The Cookfest which is on July 19- Cookfest for the Professional category at the Island City Mall Activity Center and on July 20- Cookfest for the Novice at the BQ Mall Activity Center will feature Boholano cooks inventing, reinventing, enhancing and garnishing locals food on the Gourmet Category. There is also an exhibit of foods by creative chefs of both foreign and local origin who have made Bohol their home and who are willing to experiment on indigenous food and convert in one which may be identify truly Boholanos.

The idea is to generate recipes for a main course, salad, dessert and maybe a Boholano breakfast which can be carried in the menus of local restaurants and hotels.

Why Cookfest and why not Food Festival? The difference is the processing and the final product. Or maybe, the presentation of the festival. Cookfest is not as big as a food festival.

Bicol has Bicol express and Cebu has lechon and bakasi. Our Muslim brothers in Mindanao particularly Zamboanga City has satti. We have pansit malabon (has oysters and squid, since Malabon is a fishing center) and pansit marilao is sprinkled with rice crisps, because the town is within the Luzon rice bowl.

And how about Bohol? Enough of calamay, alope, peanut kisses, puto maya, broa, kinatloan (other provinces have their own version of our delicacies) — tourist would ask for foods, those distinctly Boholano. Many visitors were asking me in the past about the Boholano cuisine and sad to say, oh sad, I could not give them an exact answer.

So, the Cookfest must be the answer to identify the Boholano cuisine. Boholanos might have developed diverse kinds of cuisine. But is there a Boholano food culture? We have much in common with other provinces if we talk about foods.

Food festivals are now held anywhere in the world. But the most popular country to hold a food festival is Korea. It is inspired buy the success of the Korean drama Daejanggeum, or Jewel in the Palace, the popularity of Korean foods are rising in Asia. The rising popularity is also attributable to the Korean wave, Hallyo—Korean movies now sweeping Asia.

A visit to Korea would not be complete without the food festival. My visit to Korea in winter had afforded me the opportunity to participate in a food festival. Speaking of cuisine, in Korea everyone can experience dining fit for a king. You can discover the elegance of Korean royal cuisine which was enjoyed by kings in the past.

In Korea, the Food Festival is a tourism come-on. Thousands of tourists will visit Korea whenever a food festival is held in any part of South Korea. Tourists are given the chance to taste and prepare Korean cuisines.

I’ve read an article by Dorren Fernandez about the Food of the Philippines: Authentic Recipes from the Pearl of the Orient. It says: All, of course, came to be indigenized—Filipinized by the ingredients and by local tastes.

What really is Philippine food, then? Indigenous food from land and sea, field and forest. Also and of course: dishes and culinary procedures from China, Spain, Mexico, and the United States, and more recently from further abroad.

What makes them Philippine? The history and society that introduced and adapted them; the people who turned them to their tastes and accepted them into their homes and restaurants, and especially the harmonizing culture that combined them into contemporary Filipino fare.

Nowadays, people perceive food as substance to fill up their belly for a much needed energy boost. In this fast–paced, work–driven society, sine folks have no time to enjoy or savour their food. In fact, people on the run would just grab something from a convenience store and gulf the food without tasting it.

Still, there are those who crave for “lutong bahay”... food cooked with passion the way our grandma and mothers did.

Boholanos want new things, new ideas. So, the Bol-anon Cookfest is created, thus a new concept… modern Bol-anon foods which the “timpla” is Binol-anon.

From this Cookfest, Bohol can identify and develop its own unique cuisines.


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