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There’s something about Ferome / Ima Leopardas responds to bashers & haters

He is regarded as one of the top male hosts in the province today, but Ferome Jusgorge Balabag Almine is quick to reveal that his career as an event organizer and host was not without difficulty.

For this Sunday’s edition, however, Ferome put down his microphone for a while and offered a rare glimpse of his life and career.

“It is my passion to talk and inspire others,” said Ferome who started hosting at a very young age. “It is always my drive to put smiles in other people’s lives through my hosting gigs. It is always my passion also to organize and help other people in realizing their dream events.  Hosting for me is a fulfilling job.”

Ferome became an eager student, absorbing all that was there for his to learn from the veterans in the industry.  They were his elementary and high school teachers and some wedding coordinators who influenced his career.  

However, Ferome shared the road to hosting events is not easy. “No and never it will be easy because it is our job to entertain the audience in all walks of life and cultures. I learn to be patient, dedicated and flexible to meet the demands and expectations of my clients.”

Ferome Almine as event organizer and host: ‘It’s my passion and love.’ 
He also said that he needs to bend with the standards of the organizers and the audience.

“The most difficult things in hosting is putting myself to people’s emotions,” he said.

Does he suffer from burn-out? “Sometimes but I don’t entertain burden and burn-out because I enjoy organizing and hosting events.  Again, it is my passion and love.”

Ferome shared that hosting the Sandugo festival street-dancing was his most memorable event in his hosting career. “It was a privileged for me to host a prestigious festival of Bohol. It’s my first time that my voice would be telecast on GMA 7 and over radio coverage to all radio stations in Bohol.”

Just like other hosts, Ferome had his own share of bloopers, booboos, blunders and hilarious moments. And though the incidents were not funny at that time, he can laugh at those experiences now because they somehow helped him become better at his job and in a way, shaped him into who he is now.

 “I loose my big modulated voice and it becomes rustic. I have colds, sore throat and fever prior to the show,” he said.  “I force myself to produce modulated voice. I shout and I make sure that I still do my best despite of my health condition. The show must go on.”

Through the years, many people and clients saw Ferome move up the professional ladder and gain respect in the industry as organizer and host. In fact, he is the resident host of the Alturas Group of Companies and he will be hosting four events ( hosting the Sandugo Dance contest on July 12, Sandugo Festival BodyBuilder 2015 on July 18, Mr and Miss Teen ICM on July 19 and Atty. Carandang’s wedding on July 25 at Panglao Island Nature Resort; and hosting weddings for SilverBlue Wedding and Things, Yowev_Your Weddings and Events Supreme Weddings by Mae Supremo, Mr Jose Suarez Events Team Jazz Duo by Gigi) this Sandugo month. It just goes to show that people respond to Ferome in a positive way.

What do you want to achieve? “I want to be a millionaire before I reach 25! Ha!Ha!Ha!”

And as he celebrates his 13 years as an event host, Ferome shares with VRS readers 13 little-know things about him.

1. I am religious.

2. I’m a kagawad in Mansasa, Tagbilaran City.

3. I became an Outstanding Barangay Official as SK chairman and barangay kagawad.

4. I am a cheerful giver.

5. I am a registered nurse.

6. I am a daydreamer. I’ve dreamed to work outside the country or wish to be a famous TV host.

7. I have seven dogs. They are Choco, Chup2x, Carlo, Carla, Charles, Ally and Great Dane.

8. I’m planning to open this year a shop that could cater all services in the path that I am into (organizing and 
hosting). I plan to put up my own convenience store. Dream lang naman! He!He!He!

9.  I have my best buddies with me.

10. I am with the Alturas Group of Companies as a resident host.  See me at the Island City Mall!

11. I am not allowed to party with friends despite of my age! Ha!Ha!Ha!

12. I am a loner. Gusto kong mapag-isa.

13. I am single but I prioritize my work, my best buddies and my family. By the way I have two mommies! My real mom is Fe Balabag-Almine  and my aunt/Mamy Halida Blanco, who is the wife of our Punong Barangay Manolo P. Blanco who is also my second father.  (Ferome’s father is Inspector Romeo Almine. He has two brothers Ferome Myko and Ferome Carltome.- LPU)

Ima Leopardas responds to bashers & haters
Nothing wrong with repeaters because in most cases, they turn out to be winners, right?

Of the 23 candidates in this year’s Miss Bohol pageant set for July 18, only Miss Bohol 2014 fourth runner-up Imaculada Cleofe Leopardas of Baclayon is the repeater.


Ima also shared that “we are all in this world for a reason.”

Imaculada Leopardas: ‘I will always be a living example of a true beauty queen.’ 
Courtesy: Chris Ramasola/
She added: “If they say, "Beauty Queens come and go" well I say, "People come and go".. And no matter who we are..Rich or Poor, Thin or Fat, Black or White, Happy or Sad, Famous or Not, we will all come back to Him someday. We are alive for a reason. And I believe that I am who I am now for a reason. Sometimes at night, I wonder why people keep on following my posts and honestly, it is very overwhelming. Yes, I used to be "Invisible"..somebody who was always one of the audience but I was a sincere Servant Leader.”

For her bashers and haters: “For as long as I am still breathing, I would always be the Ima I've known for 19 years. I will make my family proud. I will never forget my bestfriends for life ‪#‎GIBS . I will always be a good daughter. Be a living example of a true beauty queen.. And at the same time, I'll always have in my heart those important people in my life who changed me, motivated me and loved me just the way I am.”

Some fans also showed their support for Ima. Others gave their words of encouragement.

“Haters gonna hate and bashers gonna bash but they will be gone,” one fan said.

Popular pageant repeaters are Janine Tugonon (who placed first runner-up in the 2012 Miss Universe pageant) and Diane Necio (who won 2011 Bb. Pilipinas-International) were repeaters. In fact, some winners in the international contests were repeaters, too.

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• Mikee Andrei brings you ‘Yes I Do’ • Brothers sing ‘Tagai Kog Rason’

Boholanos take their weddings seriously, such that bridal fairs featuring both homegrown talents and Cebu-Manila-based import are a hit in the province, one of the wedding destinations in the country.  This year, fashion icon Mikee Andrei will showcase her creativity, style, influence and professionalism.

Mikee, of course, is one of the country’s young and eminent designers, known as much for her elaborating the female silhouette and creating vintage stuffs into design pieces. As president of the Fashion Designer Alliance Manila (FaDal), she finished her studies at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines where she is presently working as the school’s administrator and one of the teachers in fashion design.

On July 13, Mikee, in partnership with Bellevue Resort, Blue Grass Project and JCI-Bohol Chocolate Hills, will showcase her bridal collection-“Yes I Do!” with the Miss Bohol 2015 candidates and special guests.

It will be a lovely treat for all the brides-to-be, wedding planners, and wedding enthusiasts helping their loved ones plan for their big day.

Mikee Andrei to hold ‘Yes I Do’ bridal fair on July 13
 with Miss Bohol 2015 candidates.
“Well, I’m from Bohol and I’ve shows in Manila already and it’s time to go back to where I started and came from," said Mikee.

Special guests include actress Rich Asuncion, Miss Bohol International 2012 Mary Ebone Cimafranca, Miss Earth Bohol 2015 Gayle Suzette Yu and Miss Bohol 2014 Queeni Melody Fullante who will showcase dresses from each brand new (hot off the rails) collections.

“I’ll be showcasing a variety of bridal pieces perfect for a garden or church wedding and especially beach wedding in hue of white, ecru, silver and ash, gold and cream,” said Mikee. “There will be themed bridal dresses also which are not the typical colors of bridal gowns.”

Tickets for the “Yes I Do” are at P350, available at Martin’s Restobar and Wilsons Restaurant.

And here’s more back-and-forth with Mikee Andrei:

What’s totally new for this collection? In this collection, you will see not only the hues of cream, white, ecru, and beige. There will be other colors perfect for themed weddings and creative brides.

Fantasy bride? I’ve been dreaming of having a black bride. That includes the long veil! The red lips and the bloody red bouquet of roses to complete the look.

Save the date, July 13 and get a glimpse of your
 dream wedding at Bellevue Resort in Panglao. 
Engaged celeb you’d love to dress? There is none that I can think of right now but if I am to be asked, my dream celebrity bride is Soleen Heusaff!

First dress you ever designed? The first dress I made as I can remember, that I consider a decent dress, is the one I made for myself for the gala night of Cary Santiago at the Marriott Grand Ballroom in Resorts World Manila. The front act of that gala was John Herrera who was my mentor. My gown was in rust orange and stretch suede fabric. It was inspired from my Greek goddess obsession.

Most favorite dress you’ve ever designed? I can say the one I made for the Faculty segment of the graduation show 2012 of Fashion Institute of the Philippines was and still my favorite. My muse was Krista Kleiner. It was inspired by royalties and it was made of lace and layers of soft tulle and decorated with swarowvski crystals.

Who is the Mikee Andrei bride? The Mikee Andrei bride is the one who is unafraid to say what she wants and how she wants to be remembered on her wedding day - glowing, beautiful and happy, genuinely happy. When a woman wears something she loves and is total comfort and confidence, that's a kudos to the designer.

Tanio brothers sing 'Just Give Me A Reason' in Visayan

Sukad nagkaila ta/Ikaw aking gihigugma/Nganong imo kung gibiyaan/Gimaotan ba ka sa akoang hitsura
Maong imo kung giilisdan

Gusto mo lalaking macho ug guwapo/Di ka gusto nako kay mura kog di tawo/Guwapo man unta ko sa wa pa nauso ang tawo

CHORUS: Tagai kog rason/Nganong dili ko nimo sugton/Lisod ba higugmaon sama nako/Nga maot og nawong?/Naglibog ko sa akoang hitsura/ Angay bang mahayan ko / Si mama sa akong hitsura.

Bisan ingon ani lang ni akoang hitsura/ Pero imong tutukan maanad raka/ Kung ikaw dili maakoa di ko maagwanta/Nga ikaw wanay gugma

Gusto mo lalaking macho ug guwapo/ Di ka gusto nako kay mura kog di tawo/ Guwapo man unta ko sa wa pa nauso ang tawo... ---Tagai kog Rason

That’s the (unofficial) Visayan version of Pink’s Give Me A Reason sang by brothers Emmanuel and Sandy Tanio during the blind audition of The Voice Kids on June 28. Their performance made a huge impression on Bamboo who turned his chair as he watched them singing with their diwdiw (an invented musical instrument with two strings) and ukelele.

Brothers Emman and Sandy Tanio join the The Voice Kids to help their parents earn a better income. Courtesy:  The Voice Kids Philippines/ABS-CBN

From Amakan Village in Dampas, Tagbilaran City, Emman, 12, and Sandy,9,  are singing for various people in the beach in Panglao, terminals and restaurants, to help their parents-- Sanny, an occasional construction worker and Elizabeth, a housewife.  Until The Voice producers saw Emman and Sandy were caroling in Acacia de Bubu in Burgos Street, Tagbilaran City.  The Voice producers sent them straight through to the judges in Manila.

Sanny and Elizabeth had to borrow clothes and shoes from their neighbors for Emman and Sandy. They also borrowed money from their friends for the terminal fees. Sanny had only 200 pesos in his pocket when they arrived in Manila.

“But the Lord provided,” said Sanny.

"Tuwang-tuwa ako,," Bamboo said.

"Sa umpisa pa lang, nahuli niyo na ako. Instrumento pa lang. Isa ito sa mga paborito kong performance sa season na ito," he added.

Bamboo even tried his hand at playing the diwdiw, an improvised homemade instrument, which Sanny made for them using a pot.

Emman and Sandy Tanio in Panglao.
Courtesy: Doris Dinorog-Obena
It's all surreal they said they were able to sing at The Voice Kids, especially as they watched the auditions surrounded by hundreds of kids from the different parts of the country.

“Gikulbaan pud ko gamay,” said Emman who wants to become a policeman.

“Hapit ko malimot sa lyrics,” said Sandy who wants to be a doctor.  

Bamboo asked Sanny if he could make diwdiw for him. Bamboo also gave smartphones to Emman and Sandy for them to use while in Bohol waiting for the next battles. Their old slum house was also repaired.

Hundreds of fans say they are hoping the brothers would the next Voice kids.

Prof. Marianito Luspo who watched the episode posted on his Facebook: Saw these two Boholano kids on TV tonight performing for The Voice Kids. I used to see them singing for various people in the beach in Panglao and I always make it a point to give them something, other than my words of encouragement. Now they're on TV, their raw talents pitted against many other contenders with voice techniques and looks infinitely much more sophisticated than theirs. I had to admit my heart bled and my tears flowed, especially when Eman said he is doing this to help augment their family's income and that his father's earning as a carpenter does not always guarantee there's enough food for all of them. Somebody suggested, "If I were one of the judges, I'll make them win!" Why- because of pity? Since when has an artistic competition become a work of charity? We have to admit their performance paled in comparison with the other contestants'. To make them win simply because of 'luoy' would be pathetically patronizing. If there was something the two boys succeeded in proving tonight, it is that there are untold numbers of children out there living marginal lives and who deserve a better deal in society, and that we should do our part.

In December 2014, the Tanio family were invited to the South Palms Resort in Panglao to perform during the initial discussions on Hawaii-Bohol sisterhood agreement attended by guests from Hawaii, the vice speaker of Hawaii Congress John Mizuno, Consul General Congen Gina Jamoralin and Capitol officials headed by Gov. Edgar Chatto. It was facilitated by Andrea Echavez of the USAid who searched the family after Janet Lau in Hawaii saw Emman and his father on Youtube (uploaded by a priest from Jagna) wished to give donation.

After their performance, the guests were impressed that they were given new guitars, ukuleles and cash gifts.

“We really appreciated the raw talents of the Tanio family who showed to our guests from Hawaii and to our consul general based in Hawaii how the kids can be trained on musicality as well as used of musical instruments from scrap materials normally thrown to the garbage, but they are using it for music,” said Gov. Edgar Chatto. “The kids talents are vey original and we can use of this as also starting point for bringing out the best from the other people talented as they are but moving in communities. We will develop a program at Center for Culture and Arts and Development to support this kind of arts and talent of these children.”

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Boholano nursing topnotchers share secrets of success

Scene: The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) has warned that the coastal areas of Dauis in Panglao Island in Bohol province was found positive for red tide, making shellfish in the said area unsafe for consumption. Leo Bongalos, officer-in-charge of BFAR-Bohol said that there is no timetable yet on when the BFAR will lift this ban. 

Scene:  The Island City Mall has turned 11 years celebrating the ultimate shopping, dining, fun and entertainment center in Bohol!  The three-day sale is from June 26-28, the pick-a-promo is until today, and Mrs and Ms Teen ICM 2015 is today, June 28, at the Activity Center, 3 p.m.

Scene: The 23 candidates for this year’s Miss Bohol.

Scene: Gay marriage is legal in all 50 states in the US after the US Supreme Court ruled on Friday that gay marriage is a right nationwide.

Prayers and hardwork paved the way for three Boholano nursing graduates to land in the 10 topnotchers of the May 2015 nursing licensure examination. Thus, a good year for Bohol's nursing schools. 

Euben Hope Olaso Gamutan, Krissa Mae Duco Lapiz and Christine Joy Camilotes Roferos went to different schools, prayed in different churches and reviewed in different styles but there’s one common denominator---topnotchers! Gamutan finished fifth place with a rating of 85 percent, Lapiz was ranked sixth place with a rating of 84.8 percent and Roferos landed on the eighth spot with a rating of 84.4 percent.

Euben Hope Olaso Gamutan who placed fifth in the May 2015 
licensure exam for nurses :'All I can say is God is good! 
In everything we do, we should trust  God and 
acknowledge that without Him, we are nothing.'
They shared there is only one secret in preparing for the board exam.  

“Prayer. That is my best secret. I prayed for wisdom and for strength that I can endure all the sleepless nights,” Gamutan told VRS. “Of course, I also had to do my part in studying. I usually isolate myself when studying because that is where I can concentrate the most.”

“Prayer. I prayed a lot. When I had time I went to the Sto. NiƱo and I prayed not just to top but to pass including my classmates as well,” Roferos said.

Gamutan, Lapiz and Roferos were among the 9,707 aspirants who passed the May examination out of a total of 17,896 examinees, according to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). 

Gamutan obtained his nursing degree at University of Bohol (UB), Lapiz graduated from Holy Name University  (HNU) and Roferos got hers at Cebu Normal University (CNU). Roferos who hails from Loon town was the high school valedictorian of the University of Bohol - Loon Institute.

Studying strategically and prayers
Gamutan shared that he already prepared himself to pass the examination while still studying. “The best preparations I did were during my years as a nursing student. I strived to do my best in every single quiz and to make the most of my exposures in the hospital duties. Also, as early as one year before the exam, I already started reading books/reviewers, reviewing notes, and answering sample board questions.”

Roferos, who was inspired by her aunt who is also a nurse, said she just read textbooks. “I read my textbooks one at a time but with certain comprehension. I had enough rest and sleep. I usually sleep a lot. Just listening to random audiobooks, dili pada sa pressure. Just learn at your own pace.”

 Euben Hope Gamutan with fellow topnotcher  
Krissa Mae Duco Lapiz who placed sixth in the nursing exam.
 Courtesy: Euben Hope Gamutan
Gamutan found his trust in the Lord, which he said is his source of comfort.  He said he didn’t ask to become a topnotcher.

“Honestly, I never asked God that I would be a topnotcher. The only thing I repeatedly pray was that God will help me to do my best and that whatever the results will be, His name will be glorified,” he said.

He learned he had topped the exam from his friends and when he opened his Facebook account on Tuesday morning and saw messages of congratulations from friends. Since the information came from friends, he had reservations at first and waited for the news from the PRC.

“It feels unreal! Maybe because I really wasn’t expecting this. It’s amazing how God has blessed me this much. All I asked for was for me to do my best, and He gave me even more,” Gamutan said.

On Wednesday night, Gamutan wrote on Facebook: “The Lord has always been my source of everything! None of this would have been possible without HIM!! TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!!!!!!!Thank you everyone for all your prayers!

Eight placer Christine Joy Camilotes Roferos: ‘God answers prayers.’

He thanked his family- father Alexander, mother Reinalda Josephine, siblings Xela Reina and James Michael, and other relatives: “Primarily, it was my family. Everytime I felt pressured, they reminded me that all I had to do was to trust God to help me do my best. Our Dean, clinical instructors, and reviewers also inspired me to push myself to my full potentials. They encouraged me to aim high and believed in what I could achieve with God’s help.”

Roferos said she still couldn’t believe the results of the exam. She was at home when she received a text message from her best friend informing her that she topped the exam. “It was surreal, I wasn't expecting na ma-top jud. But I hoped though...”

She has reservations at first and waited for the official results from the PRC. “I mean, really? Topnotcher ko? Overwhelming kaayo.”

She thanked her aunt, her mother Zulueta, father Jaime (deceased), younger sister Charysse Jane and younger brother Christian James, relatives and friends for the support.

Lapiz’s Facebook status read: “Not because of who I am but because of what you've done. Not because of what I've done but because of who you are. It was all HIM. To God be the glory.”

Asked by VRS if they wanted to work abroad, Gamutan said: “I’d love to spend my first working experiences here in the Philippines. But if given the opportunity, I would also love to extend my service to other countries. Anywhere will do actually.”

“I haven't decided yet as to where I would want to work pa,” Roferos said.

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107-year-old Boholano credits God and malunggay for his longevity

Surrounded by children, grandchildren, great grand children and great great grand children, and the promise of more to come, Pedro Laquinta Samuya (Lolo Indong to his family and friends), a retired Boholano guerrilla warrior, teacher and municipal mayor turned 107 on Wednesday, June 17, and is nowhere near to slowing down.

Samuya might be the province’s oldest man, surviving mayor and world war veteran.

What’s the secret to his longevity?

“Mag-ampo ra. Kini karun santos ang sandiganan nako. Kana  Santisima Trinidad ug San Roque. Mao na gitug-an sa akong inahan nga debusyunan para makatabang nako ug para  walay panulay makasugal. Tinuod jud na (I always pray. My favorite saints have helped me especially my devotion to the Santisima Trinidad and San Roque. My mother told me to continue keep my devotion to help me through my hardships and to ward off devils),” said Samuya.
Pedro Samuya celebrates his 107th birthday
.-Photo by Joshua Fullido
Besides keeping busy, Samuya believes his diet has played a big role in getting to 107. He mainly consumes fruit, vegetables and fish. He likes poultry and seafood, but he rarely eats pork, beef and carabeef.

He credits a very special vegetable for his good health and longevity: horseradish tree or malunggay.

““Kamunggay jud ang number 1..perti ka sustansya na (Malunggay is the number one, it’s super nutritious),” said Samuya.

His youngest daughter Cecilia Samuya-Asoy,65, said that his father’s meal includes fish and law-oy (vegetable stew) with lots of malunggay leaves.

“Mao na iyang request kanang law-oy. Hilig na siya law-oy nga naay kamunggay, (He asks for vegetable stew in his meal. He likes law-oy so much with malunggay),” said Samuya-Asoy.

Samuya could still walk but lately he’s using cane for balance. He could still read without eyeglasses. And Samuya remained mentally sharp and still possessed what his children described as “amazing” long-term memory. He ably conversed with his grandkids, except he has to use a hearing aid to hear them better.

It's hard to image a world before television, radio, cars, or cell phones, but Samuya is alive to tell what Bohol was like in the early 1900s.

“Kining lugara kakahuyan pa ni unya daghan sagbut mga bugang nanubo diri. Walay usa nagpuyo pero dinilang ko mingpuyo, (This place (San Isidro town) had many trees and pampas grass trees sprouted naturally. No one lives here but I decided to settle down here,” said Samuya.

Pedro Samuya with the late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos when the former was chosen as
 the Most Outstanding Mayor of the Philippines in 1977. –Courtesy: Samuya Family
Samuya lives at his old house in San Isidro which was destroyed by the earthquake in 2013. He may be at his home, but that's not stopping him from getting some exercise.

He spends his days walking inside the house, seating in a small chair outside the house to look for passers and praying in a small chapel adjacent to his room.

He stays healthy and vibrant until he became a centenarian. Solitude may have its benefits, according to children. Samuya’s wife Tiburcia died on August 2, 2000 when Samuya was in his late nineties. But he didn’t remarry, instead choosing to keep himself busy in public service and other community activities.

“Mananggot pa na siya maskin 80 years old na siya para himuon niyang tuba (At 80 years old, Lolo Indong climbed coconut trees to collect sap from the palm’s flowers for tuba, a coconut sap wine),” said great grandchild Jaime Laquinta, 46. “Bag-o pa na siya dili na makaadto sa iyang baul (It is just lately that he could not visit his little farm).”

Samuya has without any serious illnesses or ailments. But the family was very anxious when Samuya injured in a fall and wounded his head two days after typhoon Yolanda in 2013 while walking in the terrace while raining, said Samuya-Asoy. He was brought to Catigbian District Hospital for treatment and he had to endure pain. He worried he wouldn’t be able to pray.

But as he recovered, Samuya kept praying and walking, Samuya-Asoy said.

Second world war veteran Pedro Samuya wearing 
his guerrilla uniform. Courtesy: Samuya Family
He fills his days with praying, walking and visits from family, including great-great-grandchildren.

“I just am thankful for every day that passes that I’ll be able to pray,” Samuya said. 

Samuya taught his children the life of prayer and humility.

“Iyang gibilin ni papa namo kanang ‘have faith in God, forget worries’. Mao jud nay kanunay gihatag sa iyang mga anak, (Father told us to have faith in God and forget worries),” said  Samuya-Asoy.

“Iyang pagkadiyosnon..gihatag niya mga anak niya.mao na iyang gipamatuto namo hangtud karun. Iyang pagkamatinud-anon sa pagservice sa mga tawo nga kinasingkasing nga walay kapin kun kulang, (He taught us to be prayerful. We saw him being sincere in his public service, how he served the people)” said Liliosa Samuya-Bahulay.

Pedro Samuya was born on June 17, 1908 to Dominggo, a farmer, and Matea, a housekeeper, from Antequera town.  He married Tiburcia Verdad Suaybaguio on Feb. 10, 1994 solemnized by Rev. Fr. Arnold Villas. They have four children who are still alive: Quirino, 71, a retired elementary teacher; Requillo, 69, a retired teacher and town mayor of San Isidro in Bohol; Liliosa, 66, a retired budget officer; and Cecilia, 65, a retired master teacher.

Now, Samuya has 18 grandchildren, 13 great grand children and 15 great great grand children.

Samuya taught automotive engineering at the Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT) in 1934-1940. He joined the Antequera Bolo movement during the second world war in 1942-1945. He taught elementary at San Isidro Central School in 1946-1966.

When barangay Agbun of Antequera (then became barangay of Catigbian town) was created into San Isidro town in 1969, Samuya was the first appointed mayor. He was also the first elected mayor from 1970-1980. 

The human life span has reduced drastically and we hardly 
see people surviving past 100 years. But for Pedro Samuya, 
he credits God and malunggay for longevity. 
-Photo by Joshua Fullido
In 1977, he was awarded as one of The Outstanding Mayors of the Year from the Philippine Life for “his outstanding local executive who has rendered distinguished and exemplary performance in the New Society.” In 1978, he also received the Defender of Good Government, Outstanding Mayor of the Year and Model Citizen of the New Society from the members of the Executive Development and Research of the Philippines for  his “performance in the field of education, health, peace and  order, social welfare and your effort in bringing up the ideals  of good government closer to the people.”

He also created the San Isidro High School for students would no longer study in the neighboring towns of Antequera  and Catigbian.  He also founded the senior citizens association in his hometown.