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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Boholano nursing topnotchers share secrets of success

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Scene: The 23 candidates for this year’s Miss Bohol.

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Prayers and hardwork paved the way for three Boholano nursing graduates to land in the 10 topnotchers of the May 2015 nursing licensure examination. Thus, a good year for Bohol's nursing schools. 

Euben Hope Olaso Gamutan, Krissa Mae Duco Lapiz and Christine Joy Camilotes Roferos went to different schools, prayed in different churches and reviewed in different styles but there’s one common denominator---topnotchers! Gamutan finished fifth place with a rating of 85 percent, Lapiz was ranked sixth place with a rating of 84.8 percent and Roferos landed on the eighth spot with a rating of 84.4 percent.

Euben Hope Olaso Gamutan who placed fifth in the May 2015 
licensure exam for nurses :'All I can say is God is good! 
In everything we do, we should trust  God and 
acknowledge that without Him, we are nothing.'
They shared there is only one secret in preparing for the board exam.  

“Prayer. That is my best secret. I prayed for wisdom and for strength that I can endure all the sleepless nights,” Gamutan told VRS. “Of course, I also had to do my part in studying. I usually isolate myself when studying because that is where I can concentrate the most.”

“Prayer. I prayed a lot. When I had time I went to the Sto. Niño and I prayed not just to top but to pass including my classmates as well,” Roferos said.

Gamutan, Lapiz and Roferos were among the 9,707 aspirants who passed the May examination out of a total of 17,896 examinees, according to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). 

Gamutan obtained his nursing degree at University of Bohol (UB), Lapiz graduated from Holy Name University  (HNU) and Roferos got hers at Cebu Normal University (CNU). Roferos who hails from Loon town was the high school valedictorian of the University of Bohol - Loon Institute.

Studying strategically and prayers
Gamutan shared that he already prepared himself to pass the examination while still studying. “The best preparations I did were during my years as a nursing student. I strived to do my best in every single quiz and to make the most of my exposures in the hospital duties. Also, as early as one year before the exam, I already started reading books/reviewers, reviewing notes, and answering sample board questions.”

Roferos, who was inspired by her aunt who is also a nurse, said she just read textbooks. “I read my textbooks one at a time but with certain comprehension. I had enough rest and sleep. I usually sleep a lot. Just listening to random audiobooks, dili pada sa pressure. Just learn at your own pace.”

 Euben Hope Gamutan with fellow topnotcher  
Krissa Mae Duco Lapiz who placed sixth in the nursing exam.
 Courtesy: Euben Hope Gamutan
Gamutan found his trust in the Lord, which he said is his source of comfort.  He said he didn’t ask to become a topnotcher.

“Honestly, I never asked God that I would be a topnotcher. The only thing I repeatedly pray was that God will help me to do my best and that whatever the results will be, His name will be glorified,” he said.

He learned he had topped the exam from his friends and when he opened his Facebook account on Tuesday morning and saw messages of congratulations from friends. Since the information came from friends, he had reservations at first and waited for the news from the PRC.

“It feels unreal! Maybe because I really wasn’t expecting this. It’s amazing how God has blessed me this much. All I asked for was for me to do my best, and He gave me even more,” Gamutan said.

On Wednesday night, Gamutan wrote on Facebook: “The Lord has always been my source of everything! None of this would have been possible without HIM!! TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!!!!!!!Thank you everyone for all your prayers!

Eight placer Christine Joy Camilotes Roferos: ‘God answers prayers.’

He thanked his family- father Alexander, mother Reinalda Josephine, siblings Xela Reina and James Michael, and other relatives: “Primarily, it was my family. Everytime I felt pressured, they reminded me that all I had to do was to trust God to help me do my best. Our Dean, clinical instructors, and reviewers also inspired me to push myself to my full potentials. They encouraged me to aim high and believed in what I could achieve with God’s help.”

Roferos said she still couldn’t believe the results of the exam. She was at home when she received a text message from her best friend informing her that she topped the exam. “It was surreal, I wasn't expecting na ma-top jud. But I hoped though...”

She has reservations at first and waited for the official results from the PRC. “I mean, really? Topnotcher ko? Overwhelming kaayo.”

She thanked her aunt, her mother Zulueta, father Jaime (deceased), younger sister Charysse Jane and younger brother Christian James, relatives and friends for the support.

Lapiz’s Facebook status read: “Not because of who I am but because of what you've done. Not because of what I've done but because of who you are. It was all HIM. To God be the glory.”

Asked by VRS if they wanted to work abroad, Gamutan said: “I’d love to spend my first working experiences here in the Philippines. But if given the opportunity, I would also love to extend my service to other countries. Anywhere will do actually.”

“I haven't decided yet as to where I would want to work pa,” Roferos said.

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