Sunday, October 28, 2018

Farmers find success in mushroom farming

Agri-entrepreneur Mario Morala spent a career in agriculture trying to kill funguses that could harm crops, but lately he’s trying to figure out if a fungus can help the farmers.

Morala led the effort to grow edible fungi along with other 10 farmers to create the Bohol Mushroom Farmers Association (Bomfa) in Barangay Cansumbol in Bilar town.

Bomfa provides fresh mushrooms at the Bilar Hill Park and Restaurant, which also offers an acclaimed varied menu (pancit, fried chicken, chicken halang-halang). But visitors and tourists are looking for organic mushrooms products like tempura, empanada, lumpia and cookies. These are the new food craze since the food scene in the province is hit by a number of trends that change the way we eat. The thing to note is that people now want gourmet food to be healthy and Instagrammable.

Farmers who are members of the Mushroom Farmers
 Association (Bomfa) in Barangay Cansumbol in Bilar
town, Bohol, grow nutritious oyster mushrooms.
Photos by Leo Udtohan
Every day, they welcome new customers who can see farmers snap up pints of cream-colored oyster mushrooms grown at the mushroom house. 

Morala, president of Bomfa, said that mushroom farming is very enterprising today and its market demand is amazing. They hope they can continue expanding in coming years.

Cansumbol is a quiet hamlet, with many people relying on farming rice and corn for sustenance.

“There are a lot of really good rice and vegetable growers in Bilar,” Morala said. “I figured that with mushrooms it’s kind of an untapped market — a niche market.”

Morala clarified that there’s a mushroom market here, with tourists  hungry for alternatives menu. Other towns like Loboc, Corella, Loon and Ubay are riding the mushroom wave, too.  

“[There are] Lots of customers are waiting for us. We just need to be consistent of our production because restaurant owners are asking for continuous supply of mushroom,” said Morala.

“Everybody should grow mushrooms. We will invite other farmers to do the same and meet the demands of
the market,” said Morala who asked other farmers to embrace mushroom farming as an agribusiness venture.  

According to acting provincial agriculturist Dr. Larry Pamugas, the mushroom production project has been swiftly gaining support among rice farmers in the province since it was introduced by the Department of Agriculture in 2013.

“Mushroom production had generated strong interest among rice farmers with many becoming very aggressive in acquiring training and other technical support from the Department of Agriculture through the provincial government,” he said.

 The mushroom recipes which are a must try- mushroom
tempura, empanada, lumpia and mushroom cookies-
these are not only delicious but nutritious as well.
Photos  by Leo Udtohan
Morala said they learned how to grow mushrooms by attending seminars, reading books and doing research. They learned that oyster mushrooms are a fairly easy way to start cultivating fungi, so that’s where they started.

To grow the edible fungi, the used affordable and readily available materials, beginning with the mushroom house or a greenhouse-like structure made of wood and bamboo.

The structure is covered to darken the inside environment after planting. Inside the mushroom house, there are plastic bottles they stuffed with rice straw, saw dust and dried banana leaves and other agricultural wastes.

Under normal circumstances, the mushroom house is usually kept very dark for a month after planting the spawn to enable proper germination.

Morala said harvesting starts after about a month since planting and they harvest at least 30kg of the fungi every two days for four months. The price is P200-P250 per kilo, which is cheaper compared to the P350 per kilo sold in supermarkets.

They sell it to restaurants, hotel and resort owners in the capital city of Tagbilaran and Panglao Island, where mushroom is used to make soup or it is served with other foods.

Morala is optimistic that with the growing interest they will be able to start producing sufficient volumes to sell in the market.

To help the farmers, a seminar workshop was conducted last Thursday which was attended by mushroom growers from the different towns of the province. It ensured technical, financial and organizational sustainability of community-based enterprises.

Dr. Jae Taek Lee, country director of the Korean Philippines International Agriculture (KOPIA) extended latest technology in mushroom farming which was grasped by local players for more production.

“The most important thing is we should produce mushroom products of high quality. And now, farmers just starting to develop mushrooms,” he said.

Bohol has finally realised that mushrooms are one of the best ingredients.

Mario Morala hopes that mushroom growers in Bohol
 province will be able to produce sufficient volumes to sell
in the market.  Photo by Leo Udtohan
“Mushrooms have a lot of health benefits,” Morala said, including heart health and controlling diabetes and cholesterol.

Mushrooms are full of nutrients that improve everything from your immunity to sex drive. High in fiber and antioxidants, they also are a source of more than a dozen other vitamins and minerals, including folic acid.

Vegan customers like mushrooms as a meat substitute, and some buyers have medicinal reasons to consume mushrooms, which research has shown to support the immune system.

Morala said farmers grow the Oyster variety because it is easy to cultivate. The mushrooms are also beautiful which the delicate frills cascade like waterfalls and they come in a broad spectrum of colors.

Mushroom growers have been happy with the reception their mushrooms have been receiving by locals and tourists.

“I think more and more people are aware of the benefits and deliciousness of mushrooms,” Pamugas said.

 Don't be surprised if you find more mushroom dishes on restaurant menus. Just lap it up, and enjoy the benefits.

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Candidates who add colors to COC filing

Scene: Congratulations to AJ Wincielou Johanna “Cielo” Araoarao Gabin of Barangay Cogon, Tagbilaran City, Bohol who is 5th placer nationwide in the August 12, 2018 Civil Service Commission Career Service Exam Pencil and Paper Test with a rating of 91.66. It may be recalled that in the March 18, 2018 CSC CSE Sub-Prof Exam, she landed in the Top 6 with a rating of 88.02. She is the daughter of Engr. Jerome John and Fiel Angeli E. Araoarao - Gabin.

Three colorful characters filed their intentions to run for the May 2019 midterm polls.  But I was able to catch only two perennial filers-- Santos Amaga Abella and Amay Bisaya- who filed their certificates of candidacy at the Commission on Elections provincial office in Tagbilaran.

Roberto “Amay Bisaya” Reyes ( standing, with Atty. Eliseo Labaria,
 provincial election officer IV)  on running for the May 2019
elections: ‘I am more qualified (to be the next governor).
You cannot be an actor if you’re crazy.’ Photo by Leo Udtohan

These two aspirants added color to the festive atmosphere at the provincial Comelec Office. 

Santos Amaga Abella has set aside his senatorial ambition for a seat in the Provincial Board because he didn’t have the enough money to go to Manila.

But he vowed that he would still be as hardworking if elected into office.

Clad in a Barong Tagalog and black pants, Abella, 56, a farmer from Dagohoy town, filed his certificate of candidacy on Tuesday afternoon  at the provincial Comelec office.

He said he wanted to run for senator but he didn’t have enough financial resources to go to Manila and file his COC.

“I should run for senator but since I don’t have money to fly to Manila I ran for board member instead,” said Abella.

But he said his dream to be a senator could wait.

Abella said he ran for the same position in 2016 polls but received only 10,000 votes.

This time, he added, he planned to change his strategy that involved seeking the help of village chiefs.

If someone would help his candidacy, he loved to include Facebook in his campaign to increase his chance of winning.

 Santos Abella on winning the election: ‘Ang aking kabaitan
at ganda kong lalaki’  Photo by Leo Udtohan
“Sama na yan sinong magbibigay ng tustus na tulong sa akin isama na ang Facebook sa service
para naman makikita ko sila, sayang naman gandang lalaki pa natin,” he said.

But, he admitted, he had no social media account.

Asked what would be his edge over the other candidates, he replied: “Ang aking kabaitan at ganda kong lalaki (My being a good person and a good-looking man).”

He admitted he would not like to ride a habal-habal (motorcycle for rent) to campaign in the remote areas because he didn’t want the voters to look down at him. He also said he would use “kumpit” (a fast sailboat) to campaign in island barangays.

According to Abella is also a singer.

To showcase his singing prowess, he started singing an unpopular Visayan ballad which amused everyone inside the Comelec office.

“ Gisimba, gialagaran sa kanunay ang imong kabuotan niining dughan.... kay ikaw...”

And another song, “Fresh release me let me go....”

When comedian Roberto Gloria Reyes, popularly known as “Amay Bisaya,” entered the office to file his candidacy, he tickled our fancies and our funny bones.

He wants to be the third wheel in the battle between two political giants.

Reyes, 60, and a native of Tubigon town, filed his certificate of candidacy for governor at the Commission on Election provincial office on Wednesday.

His two opponents are no-joke: Rep. Arthur Yap of Bohol’s 3rd district and resigned Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco Jr. who are both allies of President Duterte.

Reyes said he can run the province.

“I am running because it is time that Bohol will have a new governor. I am well-known,” he said.

He admitted that he ran twice for governor, for senator and vice president but had not won at least once.

“I am more qualified (to be the next governor). You cannot be an actor if you’re crazy,” he said.

Reyes was confident that he would be able to beat Evasco and Yap.

“I was not even scared when I ran as vice president of [former first lady) Imelda Marcos against GMA (Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo). Long live Bohol. We should continue providing economic development and peace especially to the poor like me,” he said.

To beef up his campaign sorties, Reyes said he would invite some of his showbiz friends and politicians who were his close friends.

In 2013, Reyes ran for Bohol governor in 2013 but lost to incumbent Gov. Edgar Chatto.

Reyes was known for his sidekick roles in movies like “Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story,” “Ang Panday 2” and “Sigaw ng Katarungan.”

While waiting for the acceptance of his documents, Reyes showed his karate techniques.   Front kick. Side kick.

And we were carried away....

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Early birds file COC in Bohol

Scene:  Miss Bohol 2018 3rd runner-up Jesseth Nez Pasagad was crowned Miss JCI Philippines-Visayas 2018 held in Iligan City.  Pasagad, a petroleum engineer, advocates for the use of renewable energy for sustainable development.

Scene:  The 4th Bohol Milk Festival aims to promote and expand the dairy sector in the country. It was graced by Sen. Cynthia Villar. “I hope this event will teach our farmers to become productive and competitive.

Scene: Doris Dinorog-Obena, a licensed tour guide and president of the Kahugpungan sa Bol-anong Guides (Kabog)  will file her certificate of candidacy on Oct. 17, at  the Comelec Central Office as the 3rd nominee for Akbayan Partylist. She is the first Boholana who will run under a National Partylist for 2019 midterm elections.

The first two days of filing of certificates of candidacy (COC) were another proof that elections in Philippines are full of surprises.

The provincial election office said that the first and second days of COC filing was actually slow.  Only one notable Sangguniang Panlalawigan candidate submitted the form.

The submission of COCs started on Thursday, Oct. 11 and will run until October 17, Wednesday, excluding weekends. 

More personalities are expected to flock to Commission on Elections (Comelec) in the last three days, including bets from both the administration and opposition groups.

A village chief and his three councilors in this town were among the early birds to file their certificates of candidacy (COC) at the Commission on Elections (Comelec) office last Thursday, Oct. 11.

Barangay captain Johnny Orioque of Poblacion, Trinidad who is also the editor and publisher of The Bohol News Today and Bohol Balita Daily News, filed his COC for town mayor at 9:30 a.m. under the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC).

His COC was accepted by Trinidad election officer III Cecelia Araceli Balili.

Orioque was the first candidate to have filed a COC in the province, according to Comelec records.

“I just want to file early to prove that we are serious and aggressive in our campaign for change,” Orioque said.
He said he would focus on the town’s agriculture which he said was neglected.

“I am real and genuine Trinidadnon. I know how a Trinidadnon feels and I know what a Trinidadnon needs for the development and change in our municipality,” he added.

Orioque was accompanied by wife Jessica, some supporters and three candidates for councilor -Ireneo Acuña, Carmilo Tabada and Jose Marlon Autentico  —in the Comelec.

Out of eight seats in the municipal council, Orioque only has three candidates in his slate who also have filed their respective COCs.

According to Malou Cempron, assistant to the provincial election supervisor.  the Comelec will accept COCs from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Cempron also reminded candidates affiliated with a political party to attach their Certificates of Nomination and
Acceptance (CONA) to the COCs otherwise they would be considered as independent bets. 

Buenavista Mayor Dave Duallo and his slate filed their certificates of candidacy (COC) on Thursday, Oct. 11 at the Commission on Elections (Comelec) office in Buenavista town.

Duallo seeks the mayoral post with Councilor Ma. Christine Torregosa as his running mate under the banner of the Nationalist People’s Coalition.

Duallo was elected vice mayor in 2016 polls but had to take over as mayor after Mayor Ronald Lowell “Sample” Tirol was killed inside the cockpit arena last May 27.

Completing their slate were candidates for councilors – Elsa Tirol, Rena Erojo, Romeo Aparece, Martin Nuñez , Jr., Rene Mero, Alice Lopez, Junel Torregosa and Nena Melecio.

Duallo said that his slate attended Mass first at the Santo Rosario Parish Church before going to the local office of the Commission on Elections to file their certificates of candidacy past 10 a.m.

They were accompanied by their family members and supporters.

“We are united leaders for a united people of Buenavista for a lasting peace, prosperity and development of the municipality,” said Duallo.

Other mayoral candidates who filed their were Mark Monton (Balilihan), Casey Camacho (Getafe) and Mayor Katrina Lim (Valencia)

Board member Elipidio Jala who is seeking reelection filed his COC at 1 p.m. last Friday, Oct. 12 without any fanfare.

State of the art hospital will rise in Panglao

 A tourist died while diving at the world-famous Panglao Island, Bohol province last July 23.

The victim was identified as Oh Eng Hoe, 70, a Malaysian national, according to PO3 Gregorio Perocho, desk officer of the Panglao police station.

While diving at 30 meters, his companions noticed that Hoe slowly descended and was struggling.

When he was unresponsive, he was brought to the surface where personnel  from the dive shop performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) while waiting for the ambulance.

He was brought to a hospital in Tagbilaran City, at least 47 minutes from Panglao, but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Hoe, according to attending physician, died through asphyxia by drowning.

Hoe’s friend (who asked not to be named) said that "If there is an hospital in Panglao Island,  the unfortunate 70-year-old might have been saved."

The case of Hoe was among the deaths in Panglao Island recorded.

Residents and tourists have long protested about the lack of hospital available. Many are forced to go to the city. 

Last Oct. 8, a ground breaking ceremony was held for the construction of the Bohol Doctors’ Hospital  in Barangay Bil-isan in this town to provide healthcare and wellness to the needs of tourists and residents in the island.

The demand for more quality health services also increases because of the tremendous growth of tourism industry in Bohol, according to Board Member Jade Bautista, president and chief executive officer.

Bautista, a nurse by profession, said  the project was a dream come true to her since it would be the first in the province. 

“I was exposed to the medical world since I was young as my family runs a healthcare facility in the US, which is also why I studied  Nursing and became a registered nurse thereafter. I wanted to bring our beloved Bohol everything that I learned in my experiences abroad in terms of medical practices and expertise,” she said.

Bautista said It is to  complement tourism by contributing in the area of health services sector, particularly on medical tourism, so that Boholanos and tourists alike may no longer have to go to Cebu for health  care needs.

“We don’t want our visitors to worry while on vacation,” she said.

She said that hospital would have access  to their medical records abroad to give them equal or greater quality services than in their home country.

The P450-million hospital is a five-story medical building that would have 100 beds ready to cater 24/7 after its construction within 18 to 24 months. It will be equipped with state-of the-art healthcare facilities and energy-efficient practices to optimize sustainable healing and promote less carbon footprint infrastructure.

But the hospital is also a “hospitel,” a hospital-hotel, said Bautista.

The fifth floor will have 20 rooms especially built for that purpose.

“We do not just cater the needs of the sick who seek medical attention but we also cater our grandparents and great parents who wished to relax on their retirement,” she said.

“We will make sure that our hospital’s environment will be very conducive to a sustainable healing,” she added.

Bautista said this hospital will be much like other Metro Manila hospitals and in the USA which are accredited internationally by JCI.

JCI is an international hospital accreditation body known for its Gold Seal of Approval that provides the highest standards of medical care in more than 100 countries.

In the Philippines, there are only five hospitals accredited by JCI, among them are the Makati Medical Hospital, St. Luke’s Medical Center-Quezon City, St. Luke’s Medical Center in Global City in Taguig, Asian Hospital and Medical City, all in Metro Manila.

The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by Health Regional Director Jaime Bernadas, former board member Yul Lopez, Dr. Fruserma Mary Uy, the medical director of Bohol Doctors’ Hospital, and the founding doctors and investors led by Bautista.

This 8,000 sq meter location of the hospital will be at Barangay Bil-isan which is a few kilometers away from the newly-constructed Bohol Panglao International Airport.

Bautista, who is an incumbent board member of Bohol province, also said the hospital will employ Boholano personnel to cater to tourists and residents, adding that this is a good opportunity for medical professionals.

Bautista also said that the hospital will add texture the Bohol wonders.

Lopez also said this new hospital will change the healthcare system landscape of the province as its impact will be felt in so many ways.

Bernadas said the hospital is an idea of evolution.

Bong Go still undecided to run

Even if his boss has announced that he is running for senator, Special Assistant to the President Christopher “Bong” Go remains coy on his political plans. Go told Bohol reporters here during the opening of the Malasakit Center at the Gov. Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital (GCGMH) here, he still had five days to decide whether or not he would run for an elective position.

The filing of the certificate of candidacy has started on Oct. 11 and will end on Oct. 17.

A groupie with SAP Bong Go and some of the members of the Bohol media.
Photo courtesy: Bob Galero
President Duterte told reporters in Manila on Wednesday earlier that Go was among the six Cabinet members who would soon resign to run for public office. This was the second time the President spoke about Go's candidacy.

During an event with Filipinos in Jordan last Sept. 7, Duterte said Go wanted to run for senator but advised him that they should see it first since that would be difficult.

“But if the Filipinos in Jordan allow it, then okay,” he added. But Go told reporters in Tagbilaran that he had not made up his mind.

Go said that while “I still have 5 days to decide ug mangayo kog enlightenment sa atong Ginoo kung Iya kung padaganon (and I'm asking for enlightenment from God if He wants me to run),” he said.

“Also I leave it to the wisdom of the President,” he added.

 While his boss had already issued a statement about his purported plan to run, Go maintained that he had not made up his mind.

“Hulat ko last minute tan-awon nako kung asa ko makatabang didto ko (I will wait at the last minute to check where I can help best),” said Go.

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Sunday, October 7, 2018

An exciting, noisier filing of COC

It’s still fiesta time in Bohol. The destinations are Buenavista and Lila towns on Sunday, Oct. 7, in honor of the Sto. Rosario (Holy Rosary).

Like fiestas in May, it would be great occasions of joy and merry-making, as well as lots of free food.

Last week, we toured Buenavista town to visit the Cambuhat river village tour and Oyster farm. It was a spectacular sight to see, culture to learn and food to savor.

“There are many interesting facts about Buenavista that you need to know,” our local guide said.

Our guide told us that Buenavista was once a barangay (village) of  Inabanga town. It was annexed to Getafe in 1874 during the leadership of the late Getafe Mayor Columbio Camacho Celosia.

We were intrigued when we learned that when Buenavista became an independent municipality in 1960, Getafe Mayor Celosia was asked to become the town’s first local chief executive.

After 50 years, the first Mayor's son, Engr. Robert Torregosa Celosia, became mayor in 2010. Sadly, he died two days before the town fiesta due to his excitement and personal involvement in the preparations.

Incidentally, when I met Dr. Joahna Celosia Cabalit-Initay last Wednesday, I’d learned from her that Mayor Columbio Camacho Celosia was his grandfather.

Dr. Joahna isn’t the first in her family to run for public service.

Here your VRS, came across the second generation of the Celosia Clan, the granddaughter and niece of the late two Celosia mayors, mixed with big Cabalit Clan of Tagbilaran City.

Dr. Joahna, daughter of the late Engr. Salvador Dote Cabalit and niece of the former Tagbilaran Mayor now RTC Judge Jorge Cabalit.

Cabalit's are family of the Budlong-Dote and Castillo-Cabalit Clan in this city.

Joahna is making plans of running as board member of the first district in  the 2019 elections.

“So, tuloy na for board member?” I asked her.

She replied, “Yes, definitely!”

“I am ready to serve,” she added.

Dr. Joahna's political affiliation was not groomed to follow her family's political career. But she is making a name of herself, her credibility and untarnished integrity and reputation, and not because of powerful connections.

Her heart is not so much in politics, clarifying that her passion is to educate and spread financial literacy among Filipinos being a professor and a consultant. As a researcher, she is an advocate for health and wellness programs.

As a career woman of today, she seeks opportunities for every woman to be useful each day, a way where she finds joy and satisfaction in serving the people of the first district, specially the least fortunate fellow Boholanos.

“I do things the bright way,” she added.

She shared about her current programs—livelihood for indigents and free life insurance for the head of the families.

Veteran broadcast journalist Bob Galero said that Dr. Joahna is an alternative for the first district. Like him, many people realized that "Dr. Joahna will be a great fiscalizer at the Sanggunian if ever she will be elected.”

Last Friday, at the Godillos Restaurant (owned by Engr. Nolan Evangelista) along Rajah Sikatuna Avenue (near island City Mall), I was surprised to see former youth leader and Cooperative Development Authority Administrator (CDA) Benjie Oliva.

Your VRS with former youth leader and now Cooperative Development
Authority Administrator (CDA) Benjie Oliva. 
Benjie was in Davao City last Wednesday to spearhead the 14th National Coop Summit at the SMX Convention Center. At least 3,600 cooperators attended the summit. He also met President Rodrigo Duterte last week.

Your VRS asked Benjie if he is really running for Congressman.

“No, I am not running,” he answered.

It was Vice President Leni Robredo who said that she wants Benjie to run for Congress although it was not clarified if she was endorsing him to run for Congress or as a partly-list representative.

In 2016, several parties were convinced that Benjie was “winnable” to run for mayor in Catigbian town but he declined.

Benjie, an agriculturist by profession, is an expert in national budget legislation, agriculture, rural development and youth development.

At 36, he is the youngest person to be named as Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) chairman of the Board of Administrators.


It’s sooner than you think. The mid-term elections are seven months away and the filing of candidacy is on Thursday, Oct. 11. However, the deadline is in December yet.

The election campaign is bound to be more exciting, noisier and much more circus-y as the filing of the certificates of candidacy (COC) on the local level.  .    

So far, confirmed to be running although they still have to make a formal announcement are Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco, Jr. against 3rd District Rep. Arthur Yap for governor.

Yap’s running-mate might be 1st District Rep. Rene Relampagos, while senior board member Thomas Abapo might be Evasco’s running-mate.

For Representatives: Gov. Edgar Chatto (1st district), Erico Aristotle Aumentado (2nd district); and Vice Gov. Dionisio Balite, former Carmen Mayor  Conchita Toribio-Delos Reyes  and board member Alexie Tutor (3rd district).

For board members (first district), probable candidates are Donald Sevilla,  Leah Tirol-Magno, former Tagbilaran councilor Lucille Lagunay,  Dr. Joahna Celosia Cabalit-Initay and incumbent board member Ricky Masamayor.

 For the 2nd district, board member Agapito Avenido is seeking for reelection and Vierna Boniel-Maglasang.

For the 3rd District, Dionisio Victor Balite, Jade Bautista and Elpidio Jala are up for re-election.  Other interested to run are Moching Torrefranca, former board member Jing Trabajo, Nathan Binlod and Atty. Danilo Palgan.  Four from Candijay town might run for board members: McAldous Castañares, Robert Olaer, Dominic Olaer Villafuerte and former board member Godofreda Olavides-Tirol.

“I’m considering actually,” Villafuerte told VRS. He was elected no.1 Candjay kagawad in 2001 at the age of 21.

For Mayors:  Mayor Dodo Jumawid  versus Delfin Hingpit (Batuan); Eugene Cahiles (Lila),  Mayor Baba Yap (Tagbilaran City), Mayor Pureza Chatto (Balilihan) versus Joemar Unabia and Mark Monton; Poblacion Trinidad Barangay Captain Johnny Orioque (Trinidad); Mayor Danilo Guivencan versus Atty. Nicodemus Tago (Dimiao);  Mayor Juliet Dano versus former Mayor Ernesita Digal (Sevilla); Mayor Marietta Sumaylo (Dauis); and Mayor Pedro Fuertes versus embattled Mayor Leonila Montero and board member Benjie Arcamo.

For  Vice Mayor: Batuan Vice Mayor Yes Dumagan-Baguio will seek reelection.

For councilors: Rammel Cagulada, CPA (Valencia), Atty. Cristifil Baluma (Tagbilaran City); and Karen Digal-Asoy (Sevilla).

Media personalities who might run are:  Lito Responte  (dyTR) for Dauis councilor, Baclayon Councilor Sendoy Guinguing  (dyTR) for reelection, Rey Tutas (dyRD) for Lila councilor, Jagna councilor Anthony Aniscal (dyRD) for reelection , Fred  Amora for board member in the third district of Bohol,  Loay Vice Mayor Tibbs Bullecer (dyRD) for councilor and Barangay Minol Councilor Edgar Tumanda (dyTR)  for councilor in Mabini town.

Globaltech is legal---lawyer

The arrest of the five employees of “Peryahan ng Bayan” of Globaltech Mobile Online Corporation for illegal gambling was a form of harassment, according to the company’s lawyer.

Bryan Pelandas, legal counsel of GlobalTech, said that it was purely harassment since the case is still pending before a court.

“The case is still ongoing with the Court of Appeals,” Pelandas told some members of the Bohol media.  

Agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) raided the illegal operations of the “Peryahan ng Bayan” outlets in simultaneous operations  conducted by NBI –Bohol in Talibon town on Sept. 27.  Five employees  were arrested, but they posted P80,000 bail each for their temporary release.

Pelandas said that they will appropriate cases against the NBI agents and the PCSO staff.

“Ang Globaltech naay plano muhimo og legal action sa NBI operators ug kadtong nagpaila nga staff sa
PCSO. Ang Globaltech nga legal team naay aksyun   gihimo. In the next days naa tay i-file nga appropriate cases batuk sa mga nanakop sa atong mga tellers,” he said.

Pelandas affirmed that Globaltech’s operation of “Peryahan ng Bayan,” which is not only in Bohol but also in some other places in the country, is legal because of the unresolved court cases of the PCSO against the company.

NBI-Bohol head Rennan Augustus Oliva, however, said that the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) said that “Peryahan ng Bayan” has no authority to operate.

Oliva   said that charges for violation of illegal gambling in relation to cybercrime were filed Friday, Sept. 28, before the Bohol Provincial Prosecutor’s Office against the five suspects.

PCSO issued certification from the General Manager terminating the Deed of Authority of Globaltech to operate Peryahan ng Bayan.

On March 2, 2016, PCSO issued a Board Resolution 51 Series of 2016, terminating the Deed of Authority of Globaltech to operation Peryahan ng Bayan and on October 13, 2017, Pasig City Regional Trial Court Branch 161 denied Globaltech's motion for issuance of a writ of injunction.

PCSO has not authorized any other entity to operate Peryahan ng Bayan and that any operation of  Peryahan ng Bayan is considered unauthorized and illegal.

But Pelandas said that since the case with regard to their status is pending with the Court of Appeals, Globaltech may still operate.

There are 398 kiosks or outlets in 18 towns namely, Alburquerque, Baclayon, Catigbian, Corella, Cortes, Panglao, Sikatuna, Bien Unido, Garcia Hernandez, San Isidro, President Carlos P. Garcia, Talibon, Bilar, Carmen, Dimiao, Jagna, Lila and Sierra Bullones.

A one peso bet will give the bettor a P500 winning.

 “Ang manayaay dili dapat sila mabalaka nga dakpun sila. Sama sa akong nasulti, ang PCSO ug Globaltech dili sila kontra naa lay pending nga kaso,” said Pelandas.

He said that Globaltech  and STL operators were not enemies.

“Gani kauban sila sa pagsuporta sa atong gobyierno. Kay ang remittance nga ihatag sa Globaltech ug STL muadto mana sa gobyierno ug mubalik sa mga tawo pinaagi sa mga assistance ug pinaagi sa ambulansya nga ihatag sa LGU ug sa katawhan,” Pelandas said.

PCSO said revenues have been adversely affected by the continued operation of illegal gambling which unfairly competes with PCSO’s legal gaming products, particularly the STL.

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