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Sunday, October 7, 2018

An exciting, noisier filing of COC

It’s still fiesta time in Bohol. The destinations are Buenavista and Lila towns on Sunday, Oct. 7, in honor of the Sto. Rosario (Holy Rosary).

Like fiestas in May, it would be great occasions of joy and merry-making, as well as lots of free food.

Last week, we toured Buenavista town to visit the Cambuhat river village tour and Oyster farm. It was a spectacular sight to see, culture to learn and food to savor.

“There are many interesting facts about Buenavista that you need to know,” our local guide said.

Our guide told us that Buenavista was once a barangay (village) of  Inabanga town. It was annexed to Getafe in 1874 during the leadership of the late Getafe Mayor Columbio Camacho Celosia.

We were intrigued when we learned that when Buenavista became an independent municipality in 1960, Getafe Mayor Celosia was asked to become the town’s first local chief executive.

After 50 years, the first Mayor's son, Engr. Robert Torregosa Celosia, became mayor in 2010. Sadly, he died two days before the town fiesta due to his excitement and personal involvement in the preparations.

Incidentally, when I met Dr. Joahna Celosia Cabalit-Initay last Wednesday, I’d learned from her that Mayor Columbio Camacho Celosia was his grandfather.

Dr. Joahna isn’t the first in her family to run for public service.

Here your VRS, came across the second generation of the Celosia Clan, the granddaughter and niece of the late two Celosia mayors, mixed with big Cabalit Clan of Tagbilaran City.

Dr. Joahna, daughter of the late Engr. Salvador Dote Cabalit and niece of the former Tagbilaran Mayor now RTC Judge Jorge Cabalit.

Cabalit's are family of the Budlong-Dote and Castillo-Cabalit Clan in this city.

Joahna is making plans of running as board member of the first district in  the 2019 elections.

“So, tuloy na for board member?” I asked her.

She replied, “Yes, definitely!”

“I am ready to serve,” she added.

Dr. Joahna's political affiliation was not groomed to follow her family's political career. But she is making a name of herself, her credibility and untarnished integrity and reputation, and not because of powerful connections.

Her heart is not so much in politics, clarifying that her passion is to educate and spread financial literacy among Filipinos being a professor and a consultant. As a researcher, she is an advocate for health and wellness programs.

As a career woman of today, she seeks opportunities for every woman to be useful each day, a way where she finds joy and satisfaction in serving the people of the first district, specially the least fortunate fellow Boholanos.

“I do things the bright way,” she added.

She shared about her current programs—livelihood for indigents and free life insurance for the head of the families.

Veteran broadcast journalist Bob Galero said that Dr. Joahna is an alternative for the first district. Like him, many people realized that "Dr. Joahna will be a great fiscalizer at the Sanggunian if ever she will be elected.”

Last Friday, at the Godillos Restaurant (owned by Engr. Nolan Evangelista) along Rajah Sikatuna Avenue (near island City Mall), I was surprised to see former youth leader and Cooperative Development Authority Administrator (CDA) Benjie Oliva.

Your VRS with former youth leader and now Cooperative Development
Authority Administrator (CDA) Benjie Oliva. 
Benjie was in Davao City last Wednesday to spearhead the 14th National Coop Summit at the SMX Convention Center. At least 3,600 cooperators attended the summit. He also met President Rodrigo Duterte last week.

Your VRS asked Benjie if he is really running for Congressman.

“No, I am not running,” he answered.

It was Vice President Leni Robredo who said that she wants Benjie to run for Congress although it was not clarified if she was endorsing him to run for Congress or as a partly-list representative.

In 2016, several parties were convinced that Benjie was “winnable” to run for mayor in Catigbian town but he declined.

Benjie, an agriculturist by profession, is an expert in national budget legislation, agriculture, rural development and youth development.

At 36, he is the youngest person to be named as Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) chairman of the Board of Administrators.


It’s sooner than you think. The mid-term elections are seven months away and the filing of candidacy is on Thursday, Oct. 11. However, the deadline is in December yet.

The election campaign is bound to be more exciting, noisier and much more circus-y as the filing of the certificates of candidacy (COC) on the local level.  .    

So far, confirmed to be running although they still have to make a formal announcement are Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco, Jr. against 3rd District Rep. Arthur Yap for governor.

Yap’s running-mate might be 1st District Rep. Rene Relampagos, while senior board member Thomas Abapo might be Evasco’s running-mate.

For Representatives: Gov. Edgar Chatto (1st district), Erico Aristotle Aumentado (2nd district); and Vice Gov. Dionisio Balite, former Carmen Mayor  Conchita Toribio-Delos Reyes  and board member Alexie Tutor (3rd district).

For board members (first district), probable candidates are Donald Sevilla,  Leah Tirol-Magno, former Tagbilaran councilor Lucille Lagunay,  Dr. Joahna Celosia Cabalit-Initay and incumbent board member Ricky Masamayor.

 For the 2nd district, board member Agapito Avenido is seeking for reelection and Vierna Boniel-Maglasang.

For the 3rd District, Dionisio Victor Balite, Jade Bautista and Elpidio Jala are up for re-election.  Other interested to run are Moching Torrefranca, former board member Jing Trabajo, Nathan Binlod and Atty. Danilo Palgan.  Four from Candijay town might run for board members: McAldous CastaƱares, Robert Olaer, Dominic Olaer Villafuerte and former board member Godofreda Olavides-Tirol.

“I’m considering actually,” Villafuerte told VRS. He was elected no.1 Candjay kagawad in 2001 at the age of 21.

For Mayors:  Mayor Dodo Jumawid  versus Delfin Hingpit (Batuan); Eugene Cahiles (Lila),  Mayor Baba Yap (Tagbilaran City), Mayor Pureza Chatto (Balilihan) versus Joemar Unabia and Mark Monton; Poblacion Trinidad Barangay Captain Johnny Orioque (Trinidad); Mayor Danilo Guivencan versus Atty. Nicodemus Tago (Dimiao);  Mayor Juliet Dano versus former Mayor Ernesita Digal (Sevilla); Mayor Marietta Sumaylo (Dauis); and Mayor Pedro Fuertes versus embattled Mayor Leonila Montero and board member Benjie Arcamo.

For  Vice Mayor: Batuan Vice Mayor Yes Dumagan-Baguio will seek reelection.

For councilors: Rammel Cagulada, CPA (Valencia), Atty. Cristifil Baluma (Tagbilaran City); and Karen Digal-Asoy (Sevilla).

Media personalities who might run are:  Lito Responte  (dyTR) for Dauis councilor, Baclayon Councilor Sendoy Guinguing  (dyTR) for reelection, Rey Tutas (dyRD) for Lila councilor, Jagna councilor Anthony Aniscal (dyRD) for reelection , Fred  Amora for board member in the third district of Bohol,  Loay Vice Mayor Tibbs Bullecer (dyRD) for councilor and Barangay Minol Councilor Edgar Tumanda (dyTR)  for councilor in Mabini town.

Globaltech is legal---lawyer

The arrest of the five employees of “Peryahan ng Bayan” of Globaltech Mobile Online Corporation for illegal gambling was a form of harassment, according to the company’s lawyer.

Bryan Pelandas, legal counsel of GlobalTech, said that it was purely harassment since the case is still pending before a court.

“The case is still ongoing with the Court of Appeals,” Pelandas told some members of the Bohol media.  

Agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) raided the illegal operations of the “Peryahan ng Bayan” outlets in simultaneous operations  conducted by NBI –Bohol in Talibon town on Sept. 27.  Five employees  were arrested, but they posted P80,000 bail each for their temporary release.

Pelandas said that they will appropriate cases against the NBI agents and the PCSO staff.

“Ang Globaltech naay plano muhimo og legal action sa NBI operators ug kadtong nagpaila nga staff sa
PCSO. Ang Globaltech nga legal team naay aksyun   gihimo. In the next days naa tay i-file nga appropriate cases batuk sa mga nanakop sa atong mga tellers,” he said.

Pelandas affirmed that Globaltech’s operation of “Peryahan ng Bayan,” which is not only in Bohol but also in some other places in the country, is legal because of the unresolved court cases of the PCSO against the company.

NBI-Bohol head Rennan Augustus Oliva, however, said that the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) said that “Peryahan ng Bayan” has no authority to operate.

Oliva   said that charges for violation of illegal gambling in relation to cybercrime were filed Friday, Sept. 28, before the Bohol Provincial Prosecutor’s Office against the five suspects.

PCSO issued certification from the General Manager terminating the Deed of Authority of Globaltech to operate Peryahan ng Bayan.

On March 2, 2016, PCSO issued a Board Resolution 51 Series of 2016, terminating the Deed of Authority of Globaltech to operation Peryahan ng Bayan and on October 13, 2017, Pasig City Regional Trial Court Branch 161 denied Globaltech's motion for issuance of a writ of injunction.

PCSO has not authorized any other entity to operate Peryahan ng Bayan and that any operation of  Peryahan ng Bayan is considered unauthorized and illegal.

But Pelandas said that since the case with regard to their status is pending with the Court of Appeals, Globaltech may still operate.

There are 398 kiosks or outlets in 18 towns namely, Alburquerque, Baclayon, Catigbian, Corella, Cortes, Panglao, Sikatuna, Bien Unido, Garcia Hernandez, San Isidro, President Carlos P. Garcia, Talibon, Bilar, Carmen, Dimiao, Jagna, Lila and Sierra Bullones.

A one peso bet will give the bettor a P500 winning.

 “Ang manayaay dili dapat sila mabalaka nga dakpun sila. Sama sa akong nasulti, ang PCSO ug Globaltech dili sila kontra naa lay pending nga kaso,” said Pelandas.

He said that Globaltech  and STL operators were not enemies.

“Gani kauban sila sa pagsuporta sa atong gobyierno. Kay ang remittance nga ihatag sa Globaltech ug STL muadto mana sa gobyierno ug mubalik sa mga tawo pinaagi sa mga assistance ug pinaagi sa ambulansya nga ihatag sa LGU ug sa katawhan,” Pelandas said.

PCSO said revenues have been adversely affected by the continued operation of illegal gambling which unfairly competes with PCSO’s legal gaming products, particularly the STL.

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