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Grace Poe and her Bohol connection; Louie Digal’s Facebook account hacked

• Grace Poe and her Bohol connection
• Louie Digal’s Facebook account hacked
Scene: The statue of St. Pedro Calungsod, the second Filipino saint, will arrive today, Nov. 25, at 10 a.m. at the Carlos P. Garcia Sports Complex.  A short motorcade will bring the statue to St. Joseph Cathedral passing through CPG Ave. where a liturgical ceremony will be held before the start of a Holy Mass. The Cathedral will be opened 24 hours for the veneration on Sunday. The statue will be brought to the Diocese of Talibon in a motorcade the following day.
Seen: Cory Quirino, owner of Miss World-Philippines franchise, was spotted in Bohol last Nov. 12. She dined at Gerarda’s (30 J.S Torralba Street, Tagbilaran City; Tel No. 038- 412 3044).  
Scene: The clan members of the Udtohan/Pajota will gather today, Nov. 25, to reconnect with family members and to celebrate the foundation of who they are. The 7th grand reunion and election officers will be held at Libaong, Panglao. Assembly time is 7 the residence of businessman Benjamin Udtohan, Sr along Airport Road, Tagbilaran City. The Udtohans from Tagbilaran City, Batuan, Bilar, Carmen, Sevilla, Danao and Sierra Bullones are expected to attend. Special guests are Gov. Edgar Chatto and 3rd district Rep. Art Yap. Benjamin Udtohan, Sr. is this year’s over-all chair.
Seen:  Senatorial aspirant Rep. JV Ejercito of San Juan, Metro Manila was in Bohol recently. “I have my commitment to Bohol especially on tourism,” he said. He was all praises to the P-Noy’s administration in the government’s commitment of “daang matuwid” and “kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” campaign.
Grace Poe and her Bohol connection
Did you know that besides senatoriables Zambales Rep. Milagros “Mitos” Magsaysay (whose relatives are the Pernias in Panglao. She told Bared in May 2012: “Dami kong mga kamag-anak dito na mga Pernia ng Panglao.”) and San Juan Rep. JV Ejercito (with JCI friends  including Gov. Edgar Chatto and Rep. Rene Relampagos. He said, “Pabalik-balik na ako ng Bohol.”), former Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) chair Grace Poe -Llamanzares has strong Bohol connections? Grace Poe is running for senator in next year’s elections, an independent candidate, and FPJ die-hard supporters in Bohol are all-out behind her, even hosting a presscon among local reporters for her recently.
Da King's daughter
So what’s Grace Poe's other Bohol connection?

Although her Bohol visit was her first time, she has an attachment to Bohol because her father, the late Fernando Poe, Jr. (FPJ) or Da King,  told her many stories about Bohol. In fact, when she was a kid, Grace Poe was thinking the chocolate hills of Bohol were really made of chocolate.

“Akala ko totoong chocolate ang Chocolate Hills,” she told members of the press.
FPJ did shoot Esteban in 1972. The famous Alona Beach is named after FPJ's leading lady Alona Alegre.

"Malapit ito sa puso ng tatay ko sapagkat dito siya nagshooting ng pelikulang Esteban noong 1972," she said.

FPJ saw the beauty of Bohol when it was not yet a popular destination.

"Pero noon pa man hindi pa masyadong sikat ang Bohol sa mga turista, nakita na ni FPJ ang kagandahan ng lugar ninyo. Kaya kahit papaano ay merun po tayong attachment dito sa lugar na ito," said Grace Poe, "kaya kung ano ang aking magagawa para sa ikauunlad ng Bohol ay para na rin sa alaala ni FPJ."

She jested, "sana may FPJ beach din kayo."

Wife to Neil Llamanzares and mother of three (Bryan, Hannah and Nika), she is also planning to hold a film festival in Bohol to showcase FPJ films.
Grace Poe as a young girl with her parents, the Queen of Philippine Movies Susan Roces and the late FPJ. Courtesy: TeamGracePoe on Facebook/Twitter
From the time she was a little girl, Grace Poe was fascinated by politics and social issues. Grace Poe sees the need to focus poverty alleviation efforts on the family as a basic social institution. She wants government to take a more active role in helping children of poor families. She believes that the future of Philippines depends on the kind of citizens these children will become.
Last Friday, I (and other media friends, too), ehem,  got a text message from Grace Poe: “Maraming salamat po sa mainit ninyong pagtanggap sa akin. Mahalaga at makabuluhang karanasan po ang ating pagtatagpo. Inaasahan  ko pong simula lamang ito ng ating bukas, malaya at malalim na ugnayan. Maraming salamat poe! Karangalan ko pong makapiling kayo. Magkita-kita poe ulit tayo!”
See you next time Poe!

Vice Mayor Louie Digal’s Facebook account hacked
Loboc Vice Mayor Louie Digal fell victim to internet pranksters on Wednesday, Nov. 21, when his Facebook account was hacked.
A message promoting “political and venomous announcements” popped up on the mayoralty candidate’s page, and Digal was unimpressed that his account had been illegally accessed.
“Someone hacked into my account.Please ignore all the rubbish being posted,” texted Digal.
Digal's Facebook friends reacted with a mixture of confusion and dismay, with Tessie Labunog-Sumampong  saying: "Louya sad ni vice gibinuangan! "

Another suggested the messages may not have come from Digal himself, while Cirilo Matildo Rule
said: "dili unta mag binuang! kay ang mga taga loboc nakahibalo na ug kinsa ang angayan para sa position nga ilang gi ilogan. be fair lang gud!”

Digal scored his political enemies are behind the hacking.
He has regained control of his FB last Friday. He hired a technician to help him recover the password.
"Finally, after days of investigating and waiting, the account is back to its rightful owner," said Digal.
Last August, Facebook had revamped its privacy settings, making it easier for users to secure their photos, status updates and personal data.
It can be noted that Digal, who is running for Mayor in Loboc against Mayor Leon Calipusan, has been vocal of saying Calipusan’s administration is full of corruption. Lately, he filed string of cases against Calipusan before the office of the Ombudsman-Visayas for the malicious mischief and grave threats and for backhoe overprice.
A screenshot of the hacked Facebook page of Loboc Vice Mayor Louie Digal. Courtesy: Tessie Labunog-Sumampong
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vanity Salinana: Queen of Cebu 2012

• She makes history as the first transgender from Bohol to win the crown
• Gender issues are important, but she also wants to represent all people
• Transgenders should not join pageants for natural born women
It took a while before I could reconcile the dainty and young ladyboy I met a few years ago in a campus pageant to the girl so sexy and sophisticated in the poster of the official candidates of Queen of Cebu 21012, a pageant for alternatives.
She was then simply VanVan Kintanar Salinana, who lived with her parents and two siblings at Baclayon town. She was hired to choreograph the Mr and Miss University of Bohol Personality in 2003. She had a unique style of executing her ideas that made the pageant as one of the most unforgettable campus pageants in Bohol. Then, she invited us to attend the town fiesta, my last encounter with her.
The moment of glory: Vanity Kintanar Salinana reacts with disbelief as she is crowned Queen of Cebu 2012. Courtesy: Queen of Cebu on Facebook
Years later, I heard through friends that VanVan became Vanity Kintanar Salinana who won the Carnival Queen of Mandaue 2010 and Bb. Gay Pilipinas Region VII in 2011.
And now, here she is Queen of Cebu 2012, in full bloom at 30--- with a flourishing career to boot (a call center agent team leader in Cebu City where she can express herself without borders) and made history for her province, after becoming the very first Boholana transgender to be crowned Queen of Cebu.
An early favorite, Vanity who was also voted as Best in National Costume award, Best in Costume and Best in Long Gown, dashed the dreams of 20 other candidates as she dazzled the panel of judges (chaired by Mariquita Salimbangon-Yeung, Miss Universe 2010 fourth runner-up Venus Raj, pageant co-chair Tessa Prieto Valdez, Marguerite Lhuillier, Mark MacMahon, Michael Carandang, Ferdie Salvador, Alice Galang Eduardo, Marissa “Small” Laude and Tim Yap) with both her beauty and brains.
During the Q&A portion, Vanity expressed her gratitude and appreciation for the non-discriminatory culture towards LGBTs (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders) in her workplace for the last eight years.
The pageant also served as a reunion of her former classmates and friends.
“Vanity is an achiever. We were classmates and barkada since high school. Until now, she has blossomed into a unique combination of beauty, brains and breeding,” said fashion icon EJ Relampagos who watched the pageant along with make-up artist and hairstylist Tracy Remolador Torres, Epeh Relampagos, Ryan Sines, Keith Cantoneros, Dandie Josol and Agua Monteclaro.
Former Tubigon’s Queen of All Media Raymund Delgado, Vanity’s fellow Carolinian said, “She’s such a vision in her Dino Lloren gown. A well deserved win.”
A Capricorn (January 1, 1982), Vanity stands 5'5", weighs 135 lbs., and measures 37-26-42. She finished Business Administration at University of San Carlos.
Here is Vanity:
When did you realize that you are Queen of Cebu 2012? During the coronation night or the morning after?
“To be honest, it hasn't fully sunk in yet! Up until now, I still could not believe I won the prestigious title!”
Do you have secrets sustaining your poise, your grace under pressure, especially during the crucial points in any contest?
“Just be yourself but maintain your focus on the choreography and blocking if you do not want the choreographer beating you up! (Laughs) Smile a lot and think of happy thoughts or any thoughts that empower you...if you think that way, it will show on stage.”
What are your preparations for the pageant?
“Diet! And hit the gym at least three times a day! Read newspapers and articles to update yourself with current events. Do not indulge into stressful activities, be worry-free as much as possible.”
What is your best asset and why?
“Physically, it is my eyes- they are so expressive! My wit and intelligence also play a vital part.”
How do you maintain your beautiful body and flawless skin?
“Gym and diet. I do facials and diamond peel twice a month. I moisturize my skin with a lotion.”
Would you rather be smart but not too beautiful, or beautiful but not too smart?
“Intelligence will get you to places. Being smart attracts people of the same kind. Physical beauty fades over time, so I’d rather be smart. Besides, if you really are so smart, you will find ways and means to make yourself beautiful!”
What do you think is the biggest decision that you’ve made in your life?
“It is accepting what I am- a transwoman. I remember my mom telling me the first she saw me when I was transitioning from m to f way back 15 yrs ago. She said," Is this what you really wanted? People will ridicule you for it." I just told her that this is me and I cannot deny myself for being what I am. I just have to be brave enough to face everything that life throws at me, be strong enough to endure the challenges and struggles. That decision was the greatest decision I have ever made, no regrets!”
A winning combination: Miss Paraguay Vanity Kintanar Salinana shines in her national costume, evening wear and swimsuit as well as her intelligent answer to promote acceptance for transgenders. Courtesy: Queen of Cebu on Facebook
Who’s your role model?
“My mother. I am inspired by her selflessness and unconditional love.”
How's your love life?
“Let us just say I am in a relationship with myself at present.”
If, that is a big if, you have a boyfriend now… you were to choose between your boyfriend and Queen of Cebu 2012 title, which would you choose?
“Queen of Cebu. I don’t understand why I have to choose. If my bf loves me and wants me to be happy, then he would not mind the crown in my head for a year. Being Queen of Cebu inspires transwomen out there, I somehow influence their lives and I want to be that positive influence to the younger generations.”
What advocacy experience do you have? Maybe you have an important message to share ... and Queen of Cebu 2012 would be the venue or forum to start your advocacies.
“Queen of Cebu has three beneficiaries- home for the aged, missionaries of the poor (kids suffering from cerebral palsy) and COLORS, a TS organization formed to help out transwomen in Cebu live better lives. I would support all three all the way!!”
Young people today are liberated and adventurous, willing to try everything. What's your stand on pre-marital sex?
“It all boils down to being responsible to oneself. Before you do something, take time to think what are the possible consequences of your actions.”
What’s your take on the transgender issue, should transgender be allowed to compete in beauty contests for women?
“Transwomen are special women, there is no need to compete with genetic women for whatever reason. This isn’t about equality. Transwomen will never be 100% the same as genetic women, you cannot compare. We do not have to join beauty pageants for genetic women just to prove that we are equal.”
If you were to change something in yourself, what would it be?
(Laughs) “My legs, I want Barbie legs!”
What is your favorite quote?
“You are worth not for what you have, not even for who you are but for what others have become because of you.”
Describe yourself in three words:
(Thinks for a while then smiles) “I am real!”
What do you find sexy in a man?
“His maturity.”

And what turns you off?
“His arrogance!”
What is the essence of Queen of Cebu 2012?
“It is to inspire transwomen out there and to positively influence them to reach for their goals and never ever give up!”
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Monday, November 12, 2012

Aishite Imasu, Greg

FLASH REPORT:  Ms. Paraguay Vanity Kintanar Salinana-Banks has won the Queen of Cebu Universe 2012, pageant for Alternatives, held on November 9 at the Waterfront Hotel.  According to fashion icon EJ Relampagos who was in Cebu to watch and support Vanity, Ms. Paraguay truly deserves to win the crown. Vanity also bagged the Best in National Costume award, Best in Costume and Best in Long gown. Vanity hails from Baclayon town. Guests during the pageant were Anna Fegi, Maria Dona and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid.
Salinana-Banks( center) with friends
Scene: President Barack Obama was reelected for another four years as president of the United States. Barack Obama tweeted, "Four more years," with a sweet photo of him and wife Michelle Obama hugging. And Michelle also tweeted her support for her commander-in-chief husband: "More than anything, I want to thank you all for everything. I am so grateful to every one of you for your support and your prayers. –mo ."
SeenProf. Marianito Luspo posted on Facebook: My apologies to those concerned: I normally don't accept as friends on FB those who are known to be running in the coming elections. Not that I am unfriendly, just trying to maintain what I believe is FB's essential character - a social network where I can interact with people close to my heart. Please understand.
They love Bohol! Courtesy: Tim Yap/Ruffa Gutierrez/Leah De Guzman
Where the stars spent their long weekend? They’re in Bohol! Spotted in Bohol last week were Ruffa Gutierrez, Tim Yap, Alice Dixson and Cristalle Belo-Henares.
Via Instagram posts, they shared with us their impressions of Bohol:
Ruffa Gutierrez- Life is such a beach! ♥♥♥ Having a blast in bohol this weekend. :) Thank you Bohol for this amazing holiday!
Tim Yap- Touched by Boholano hospitality!
Cristalle Belo-Henares- Beautiful above and below, Balicasag Island! The most beautiful dive boat I've ever seen!
Alice Dixson- #Boholidaze2012 lives on! Our lovely Loboc river cruise.
As I’ve been saying, Atty. Julius Gregory Delgado aka the Running Lawyer is having the best of both worlds.
As Bared has been reporting in “scoop” last week, Atty. Delgado has been spotted in Japan.
Of course, Atty. Delgado is also enjoying his busy schedule as president of the association of young Boholanos in Manila.
“While in the land of Lapad, he was spotted at the Old City holding hands with a beautiful Japanese girl while giggling and whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears. This Japanese told him a phrase from a famous song ’Anataga Hoshii, Anataga Hoshii,” said the roving aka sosyalan VRS. “Atty. Greg knows that the song means “I like you and I love you.”
“Doy Leo, I swear, I heard Atty. Greg whispered to the Japanese girl the words ’Ashte Masu’,” added VRS. “You should know that they are Japanese words for ‘I love you’.”
However, the “short romance” between Atty. Greg and the beautiful Japanese girl turned out to be as ephemeral as Cherry Blossoms — you know, gone in the wink of an eye.
“He has to leave Japan Ha! Ha! Ha!” revealed VRS. “Who knows if they are communicating through Facebook?”
By the way, the Japan visit was part of the yearly “vacation” of the members of Villaraza Cruz Marcelo Angangco, officially known as CVC Law or simply "The Firm," the country's top litigation law firm. They had a break from their rigorous work for their annual RnR abroad. Two of the members of the Firm hail from Bohol, lawyers  Elmar Galacio of Valencia and Julius Gregory Delgado of Tubigon.

Atty. Delgado shared a glimpse of their trip to the Land of the Rising Sun - Japan. When people think of Japan, the country's capital Tokyo immediately comes to mind. Unbeknownst to many, it is not the ancient capital of Japan. It is Kyoto which used to be the seat of power and culture of Japan.
Atty. Julius Gregory Delgado has experienced Japan’s past perfect as it preserves time-honored traditions and country hospitality.
 Japan is home to the world's largest urban metropolis, rugged wilderness, and a culture steeped in ancient tradition, Japan is a travelers dream.

For the first day of the trip, the CVC Group visited the Golden Pavilion and the Nijo Castle which used to be the seat of Japan's government. The day ended with a hearty dinner which includes the delicious (and expensive) Kobe Beef at a local restaurant. For the second day, the lawyers visited the Todaji Temple at Nara which house the biggest Buddha Bronze Statue and spent the afternoon at Osaka visiting the Castle of Shogun Tokugawa, Umeda Tower and Dotonbori. They also visited the Fushimi Inari Shrine where scenes of the Memoirs of a Geisha were shot. The day ended with a Keiseke, a full course Japanese dinner. The third and last day was a free day and Atty. Delgado spent his day at the Mecca of Motorsports, the Suzuka Circuit near Nagoya.

After the official trip of the firm, Atty. Delgado dropped by Hong Kong, his second visit to the city. In 2007, Atty. Delgado was part of the Philippine Team which competed in an International Law Moot Court Competition. While it rained for two days, it did not prevent Atty. Delgado and his two fellows to enjoy their brief visit at the former British colony.
Atty. Julius Gregory Delgado has become a samurai warrior in Japan. Samurai leaders wore fierce masks and horned helmets. All lived by a code that valued death over defeat.
Atty. Greg attended University of the Philippines-Diliman earning his Bachelor of Arts Degree Major in Public Administration in 2000. Aside from being a constant college scholar/dean's lister, he is best remembered as one of the fiercest activists of his time and was elected in the 34th UP University Student Council and headed the Community Rights and Welfare Committee. He also spearheaded the Senate Lobbying Team that demanded higher state subsidy and resisted commercialization of the UP.
He entered the Ateneo de Manila University College of Law earning his Juris Doctor Degree and was awarded Silver Medal for Second Honors being one of the top students of his batch. Before graduation, he was already invited by the top law firms in the country and signed-up for Villaraza Cruz Marcelo Angangco (formerly Carpio Villaraza Cruz), also known in the legal circle as "The Firm". Atty. Greg has been active in civic organization in the past and at present.
Presently, he is the president of the Tubigonians Association in Metro Manila, the youngest to hold the post. He is also the president of the Association of Young Boholanos in Metro Manila.
Back from his trip abroad, Atty. Delgado will visit Bohol to attend the meeting of Bohol Football Association. He will bring a trophy for a local tournament organized in honor of former Bohol Football Director  Allan Dinsay of University of Bohol who just passed away. The Bohol Football Team has a plan to rename the trophy, the Allan Dinsay Cup. He will also attend the meeting of the Bohol Highlands Gun Club in Tubigon Firing Range, a range in a hill overlooking Cebu-Bohol sea….and, ehem, share his pasalubong! He! He! He!  
Atty. Delgado’s cup runneth over.
BCCTV launches E! Channel
BCCTV formally launched E! Entertainment Television last Thursday, Nov. 8 with a pre- taped special hosted by Bohol’s seasoned host Raul Gatal.
Lucky subscribers who participated during the whole-day affair received premium giveaways from E! Channel & BCCTV.
Entertainment Television better known as E! Channel with its iconic capital letter E with the exclamation mark logo focuses on updates from Hollywood, news on movies, television, music and fashion,” said Ms. Leizl Lim-Gregorio, BCCTV general manager.
The E! Channel which is seen by more than 600 million cable televiewers worldwide also features red carpet specials for the Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards & the Emmy Awards and also produces top- rating reality shows like Keeping with the Kardashians.
E! Entertainment Television can now be enjoyed by BCCTV subscribers and televiewers 24 hours a day over Channel 48.
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Remembering our loved ones…and CPG

Scene: Six teams are competing for the first Tarsier Ultimate Frisbee Tournament held at CPG Sports Complex yesterday and today. According to Beryl Lupot, one of the organizers, Ultimate is a team sport played with a flying disc. Wikipedia adds, “The object of the game is to score points by passing the disc to a player in the opposing end zone, similar to an end zone in American football or the in-goal area in rugby.  Players may not run with the disc, and must keep a pivot while holding the disc.”
Scene: Nearly 100 children together with their parents celebrated Halloween by trick-or-treating last Oct. 28 at the Island City Mall. The Activity Center was decorated in a spooky yet fun way for the Halloween celebration. The children roamed the mall in their best costumes and were given prizes for being scary-looking, cute and having the most elaborate disguise. A one-month old baby girl was the youngest participant.
Seen: The 12 contestants of the Scariest Halloween Costume 2012. The contestants dressed in movie-inspired Halloween outfits, like Freddie, Jason and other evil dead characters. (Lamok:” 'I'll swallow your soul!')
If I do Visita Iglesia during Holy Week, I do Visita Cementerio - that is my own version of visiting cemeteries during Kalag-Kalag. My visit gives me spiritual realization and the chance to know more of our sam-ang and the people who passed away.
Days before Kalag-Kalag, Inday Charity and I visited an ancient graveyard at Basdio, Guindulman.  There were many boat-shaped coffins in Duero, Candijay, Mabini and Anda which were utilized by our ancestors to understand the belief system particularly in relation to beliefs about the soul and the afterlife. I have been there several times and I’d noticed that only few of the boat-shaped coffins or bangka can be found wedged on cliff sides.
Boat coffin
On boat coffins, Prof. Jose Marianito Luspo said, “It’s part of the belief system of the ancient people that death is like a river or passage to other life which can be reached by a body of water. Among the ancient Greek they believe the so called river Styx that can traverse by spirit on his way to the afterlife. It’s not surprising, here in the Philippine also has that tradition. We human beings are born to the womb of our mother which is always liquid-filled. Perhaps this give an idea to the ancient people that when we die we pass thru the passage.”
 On Nov. 1, I visited the Dampas Catholic Cemetery. It houses the remains of the dean of Boholano journalists lawyer Zoilo Dejaresco and wife Rosario, Miguel Parras, Bernardino Inting, Asuncion Mira, composer and military man Alberto Cainglet, Dr. Margarito Lim, et al.
Few meters from Dampas Catholic Cemetery is the cemetery for UCCP members. It houses the remains of Dr. James Alexander Graham and his wife Merne. Graham was a native of Scotland, the first medical missionary in Bohol.
The Masonic Cemetery of the Dagohoy Lodge No. 84 houses the remains of UB first president Victoriano D. Tirol Sr. and his wife Iluminada, Pio Castro, Catalino Castillo, Angelita Tormis, et al.
The Victoria Memorial Park was laid out in 1975 in a park-like, rural setting away from the center of the city. Notables interred here include Doña Basing, Obdulio Caturza Sr. and his wife Juana, businessman Antonio Ong Guat, Carolina Alvarez, church founder Dr. Nelson Rio Sr., et al.  (Note: Boy Kalag is there to guide you.)
From Tagbilaran, I went to Calape to visit the tomb of another great Boholano. Outside the Calape Catholic Cemetery was the tomb of Roman “Yoyoy” Tesorio-Villame, the Philippine King of Novelty Songs.
I was roasted under the scorching sun when I went to Loon Catholic Cemetery to find the tomb or grave of Justino “Tining” Romea. However, I failed to find his tomb. An old woman told me that Nong Tining was buried in Maribojoc.  I also saw the tomb of Juan “Aning” Relampagos, a World War II veteran and mayor of Loon (1951 to 1959).
From Loon, I went back to Tagbilaran to visit the Taloto Catholic Cemetery to offer flowers to my relatives. And I spent the night with my cousins at Victoria Memorial Park to visit the graves of my sister, aunts, uncles and relatives.
There were no major hitches as we remember our loved ones during Kalag-Kalag. Floral offerings were made as early as Nov. 1. Many of us stayed overnight at cemeteries. Many took it as an opportunity to make money. Vendors sold flowers, candles, siomai, doughnuts and other food products. Children cleaned the tombs or graves for money. They also collected and sold melted candles.
Memories give comfort.
Today, November 4, Bohol celebrates the 116th birthday of Most Illustrious Son, the late President Carlos P. Garcia (CPG). As we remember CPG on his 116th birth anniversary, may we be inspired by his example of prioritizing the interests of the Filipino people.
Born in November 4, 1896, CPG was a teacher, poet, orator, lawyer, public official, political economist and guerilla leader. His administration was anchored on three basic policies: Austerity, Filipino First Policy and Cultural Revival.
In addition to being a political leader, CPG was a poet, orator and teacher. He was known as the “Prince of Visayan Poets” and the “Bard from Bohol.”
I am putting out the lyrics of one of my favorite Visayan songs that has a humbling effect on me and, I’m sure, on anybody who digests its lyrics. Yes, I’ve put out the song Carlos P. Garcia: Bantugang Bol-anon by Onecimo “Onie” Oclarit from his Ubilandia album for CPG‘s birthday today and I think another replaying of it anytime won’t do any harm.
Okay, all together now:
Carlos P. Garcia: Bantugang Bol-anon
Ang lalawigang Bol-anon
May anak nga bantugan
Matarung ug maligdong
Sulundon ug buotan.
Ang iyang mga mithi
Gugma ug kaangayan
Pag- alagad nga hingpit
Sa yuta tang natawhan.
Ug halad ka sa langit
Alang Bol-anon katawhan
Ang mga buhat mong matarung
Kanunay namong gikamingawan
Ang dila mong balaknon
Garbo ning yutang tabunon
Carlos P. Garcia buhi ka sa tanang panahon.
Ikaw mao ang kadasig,
Ikaw mao ang kalagsik,
Ikaw mao ang kahayag,
Sa dalan namong mangitngit.
Among paninguhaun ang pagsunod sa imong mga lakang
Ug ang imong pagtulun-an
Dili namo hikalimtan.
And maybe while humming that song, you and I can further reflect on the greatness of CPG with the help of another song, Pres. Carlos P. Garcia, a finalist of the 1996 Bohol Song Festival performed by Marjorie Rebuya and written by Rudy Tutor.
Ikaw Carlos P. Garcia
Ang kanunay ginahandum sa mga Pilipinhon
Tungod sa imong kinaiya
nga kanamong mga Bol-anon mapasigarbuhon.
Ang pagpangalagad mo sa katawhan
Gipanaminan, gilarawan ug dili hikalimtan
Gibuhos mo ang  kaugalingon
Aron pagtagbaw sa kinabag-an mong mga igsoon…
Nagsuod siya sa pakarepresetante
Hangtud nga nahimong nasudnong presidente
Batid na ka pangagamhanan
First Filipino First Policy ikaw ang amahan
Talagsaun kang alagad nga wa magpaadunahan
Ni wala magpabuhong sa kaugalingon sa pangatundanan
Matiunud-anon ka ug ang dughan mo puno sa gugma
Pagkadalaygon mo President Carlos P. Garcia…
Just recently, Inday Charity and I visited the CPG Heritage House (formerly the Bohol Museum). The last time I have been there was in 2002, but it is good to see that the CPG Heritage House is still there to make the dream of leaving a legacy for CPG – the man and his works – but also to create an opportunity for this legacy to continue, which the heritage house now stands for.
Spending a day at the CPG Heritage House is like getting reacquainted with the life and works of CPG. It is a two storey strong concrete, white house. On display here are some of the late president's memorabilia - you may take time to see old photographs and read some notes about CPG.
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