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Sunday, December 1, 2019

The white-eyed carabao at Ubay Stock Farm

When people look at this carabao at the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) at Ubay Stockfarm, they often do a double take. There’s a good chance you will, too.

It has to do with the carabao's big white eyes! Yes, white eyes!

There are more than 400 carabaos at the PCC. However, the white-eyed carabao from Bulgaria is so peculiar.

People like to say that its eyes make it seem very wise or soulful. It is timid when people come to check its eyes.

A carabao with white eyes is an attraction
 at Ubay Stock Farm. People like to say
 that the carabao's white eyes make
it seem very wise or soulful.
Karen Ciroy, PCC staff, never imagined how much attention the white-eyed carabao would get for it looks.
According to Science, blue-eyed people are more attractive, but this white-eyed carabao is  attractive, too.

Incidentally,  the province of Bohol celebrated the 5th Bohol Milk Congress last Thursday, Nov. 28.  It was graced by Senator Cynthia Villar, chairperson of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Food,  who pushed for more affordable milk for children.

The 5th Bohol Milk Festival, as part of the effort to push the province’s stature as the Dairy Capital of the Philippines, highlighted the launch  of the school-based milk feeding program of the Department of Education and the Bohol Integrated Community-Based Dairy Farming.

"I have been proposing and pursuing the use of locally-produced milk in the National School Feeding Program to help solve malnutrition among school children and to provide livelihood to dairy farmers," Villar told at least 500 farmers, teachers and school children. 

Under RA No. 11037, the school-based milk feeding program, fresh milk and fresh milk-based food products should be included in the fortified meals and cycle menu in schools.

Villar said that she has been pursuing the use of locally-produced milk in the National School Feeding Program to help solve malnutrition among school children and to provide livelihood to dairy farmers.

"We want to further grow and develop our country's milk sector,  and to improve the nutrition of Filipinos, especially the children who need it most," she said.

The province of Bohol celebrates the
5th Milk Festival which was graced
by Senator Cynthia Villar. 
Photo by Helen Castaño
Long considered a complete food, milk contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. Milk is also a significant source of riboflavin (Vitamin B2) which helps promote healthy skin and eyes, as well as vitamins A and D.

Only two percent of the total national dairy requirement is produced in the country, while 98.2 percent are imports.
In Bohol, at least 2,000 hybrid carabaos are found at the PCC at the 3,000-hectare Ubay Stock Farm in Ubay town.

Farmers who produce carabao’s milk must be able to free themselves from poverty, Villar said, citing the testimony of a housewife, who now earns some PHP18,000 a month from buffalo’s milk.

The housewife, Villar said, having augmented her husband's income, has been delisted from the government's Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program, otherwise known as the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps).

* * *
New Loboc public market eyes February completion

After Ubay, my media colleagues (veteran broadcaster Lito Responte, Rey Chiu, Allen Doydora, Rey Tutas, Edward Guyano, Nilo Sapong and Helen Castaño) and I visited the town of Loboc.

The Loboc Tourism Complex has been undergoing renovations.

The heritage house was transformed into an entrance, while the former ticketing office area would serve as the exit and souvenir area. The second floor serves as a function room.

With at least 3,000 guests a day, Mayor Leon Calipusan said that tourists deserve a spacious terminal building while waiting for their Loboc River cruise.

Loboc Mayor Leon Calipusan shows the
 new Loboc Market.   Photo by Helen Castaño
Mayor Calipusan also toured us to the renovated two-story rural health unit and the almost complete Loboc Market.

He is targeting to complete the P20-million new public market at Barangay Camayaan  in February next year.
“They can expect that it will be a comfortable public market,” Calipusan said.

The ground floor of the public market will have  stalls for fruits, grains vegetable, dairy products, bilao (circular basket), delicatessen, and dry goods sections, while at the back is a terminal building and a separate building for  fish, shell, and meat sections.

It’s building footprint is 600 square meters. The land intended for the public market is five  hectares.

* * *
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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Loboc Wildlife & Nature Park is Bohol’s newest attraction

Scene: AJ Wincielou Johanna “Cielo” Araoarao Gabin was one of the TOP 9 passers of the Civil Service -SubProfessional Examination (National Level). She placed 6th as the only top performer in Central Visayas and Bohol. Cielo is the daughter of Engr. Jerome Gabin and Fiel Angeli Araoarao-Gabin.

SPO3 Melinda Mendez- Basalo, duty team
leader of the PNP Personnel of Tagbilaran Aviation,
assisted and facilitated the arrival of the cast
 of “Home Sweetie Home” like Piolo Pascual, Toni
Gonzaga and Ogie Alcasid.  Contributed Photos
SceneKapamilya actor Piolo Pascual joined the rest of ABS-CBN’s “Home Sweetie Home” cast on their Bohol trip last week (May 21).  Home Sweetie Home is a situational comedy topbilled by John Lloyd Cruz and Toni Gonzaga. Later on, Piolo Pascual was officially added late last year due to John Lloyd’s absence. Fans shared photos of Papa Piolo, Toni G at the airport and at Flushing Meadows where they had a shoot. According to fans, Piolo’s smiles melt the hearts and washed all the stress away.

* **
A little over a hundred species of animals— and counting, many are endemic to the Philippines, roaming on one-hectare of natural environment in an interior mountain village of Loboc town.

The opening of the Loboc Wildlife and Nature Park
in an interior mountain village is also an opportunity
to put Loboc on the tourism map.  Photo shows (l-r)
Businesswoman Uca Trotin, Loboc Councilor Boboy Baguio,
Loboc Mayor Helen Calipusan-Alaba, provincial disaster
 risk reduction and management officer Anthony Damalerio,
former Loboc Mayor Leon Calipusan and Loboc Councilor
Margel Hilot during the grand opening of the wildlife and nature
park last Saturday, May 26. 
Photo courtesy: Anthony Damalerio
The Loboc Wildlife and Nature Park in Barangay Bonbon Upper is part of a 1-hectare property, some 30 kilometers from Tagbilaran City.

The huge property boasts of hundred species of animals including  the Mariana deer, ostrich and a lion can also be seen from a distance grazing on the park.

The park also has reptiles such as crocodiles and snakes, the most prominent of which is the albino Burmese python.

Many bird species such as the crowned pigeons, parrots, peacocks, lories, wild ducks, can be seen. The birds freely fly or perch on trees inside the structure.

The animals are kept in huge cages but prowl in open spaces to simulate their natural habitat.

Elevated steel walkways serve as viewing deck for Philippine crocodiles.  Bearcat lives nearby.

The favorite selfie spot remains the bearcat cage and the “serpentarium” where visitors can feed the bearcat and hold the snakes.

Guests who had been there were all in awe with what they saw.

“The snakes and deer are my favorites,” said 5-year-old Mario, who went to the park last Saturday with his parents and friends.

Visitors can interact and feed some animals inside the Loboc Wildlife and Nature Park
which is now home to hundreds of animals- and counting.  Leo Udtohan
Visitors can take a cool walk down the canopy trail under the shelter of trees.

The park is not all about animals as guests will also be treated to the breathtaking sight of over hundreds of trees and other plants.  The trees are marked with their local and scientific names.

And, all this is just phase 1 of the park.

Former Loboc Mayor Leon Calipusan, one of the owners, said they intend to bring in more animals by the end of this year.

He said the opening of Loboc Wildlife and Nature Park is more than just lifting and boosting Loboc’s image as a tourism destination, but is also about improving the quality of livelihood in the town.

Loboc is known as the music capital of Bohol with the floating restaurants as one of the added attractions.

About 50 workers are employed in the park are from Loboc.  Calipusan said part of the proceeds from the entrance fee helps fund school children in Loboc town.

Topnotcher AJ Wincielou Johanna “Cielo” Gabin
in a rare moment with Bishop Alberto Uy
of the Diocese of Tagbilaran after she and her
 parents- Engr. Jerome and Fiel Angeli Gabin
and younger brother Renji, participated
 in the Flores de Mayo  at the Saint
 Joseph the Worker
  Cathedral.  Contributed Photo
“We’ve initially hired 50 employees for the Loboc Wildlife and Nature Park, and we will increase the employment as soon as we will introduce more activities here,” Calipusan said.

Provincial disaster risk reduction and management officer Anthony Damalerio, who represented Gov. Edgar Chatto, said that the Loboc Wildlife and Nature Park was a welcome development in Bohol’s tourism industry.

“This is an added attraction of Bohol where locals and foreign guests will love this place,” he said during the grand opening of the park last Saturday, May 26.

Other guests during the opening were Loboc Mayor Helen Calipusan-Alaba, Lourdes Sultan of Travel Village, Bohol Tourism Officer Josephine Remolador-Cabarrus, Loboc Councilors Margel Hilot and Boboy Baguio, businesswoman Uca Trotin and barangay officials.

Calipusan said they will be developing another five hectares for an adventure park where tourists can camp and trek.

Though these structures are still on the drawing board, the nature park alone has certainly placed Loboc on the tourism map.

*   *   *
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Monday, February 11, 2013

Flashback: Yearbook photos of the who’s who

Scene:  If you Love To Dance, join the Valentine event at FoodMix Plaza Marcela on February 14. For more info, please call or text 09075436669.
Scene: A socialite VRS shared the rumors circulating in the river town. The “King of the Jungle” sent a messenger to ask “Yes, Yes” to reimburse all that he had spent in advancing himself as the challenger for a higher position.  However, “Yes, Yes” camp reportedly junked it with the response, 'If you think you can win it, go ahead'.  “Yes, Yes” also allegedly said. 'Why should I do it? I'm a candidate. That is not honorable. Maybe after the elections, let's see how we can be partners for development. But paying off a political opponent? That's untoward.”
“Take note,” added VRS, “it's the King of the Jungle’s camp that made the offer. True or not, one thing is certain. It is “Yes, Yes” who has the edge, because he anchors his campaign on hard work and performance.”
VRS also said that “Yes, Yes” has been instructed by his mother-in-law to stay quiet, because that is what his constituents like in him--silently working without bragging every inch of an accomplishment. "So, don't change," as he was advised. Maybe, he can report from time to time to update the people how he is doing just for transparency, not for other reasons--worst, undue media mileage.
VRS shared this lesson: Campaign is not like a commercial of a paint product that says you can suddenly become as white as the wall behind you when the paint roller runs on you.
Recognize any of those faces?
Let us hunt down famous faces before they were famous.
Case No. 1: Luke Mejares was known as the Gary Valenciano of Bohol, singing and moving like the famous singer, although he still maintains Michael Jackson is his most influential artist.
When he was in high school, Luke sang as front act for Joey Albert at a concert in Bohol.
His musical journey brought him to Manila in 1997 and he became a session singer for several bands until he finally joined the South Border which he later left and decided to go solo. Luke is married to Inger with whom he has a child.
Luke’s favorite motto: Don't trouble troubles, till trouble troubles you.
Case No. 2: (Councilor to-be) Joseph “Jojo” Bompat was a high school varsity player. The Heights Highlights ’03 says: His height as well as his skills granted him the privilege to be a Captain Barbell of the school’s Basketball Varsity Team. A big, naughty guy may seem but responsibility is something he could handle very well.
Bompat was the president of the Columbian Squires and member of the Baby Falcons.
Although now happily, if quietly, settled with his high school classmate Joanne Rochelle Aumentado Villamor, Jojo is taking the challenge to serve the people of Tagbilaran, following in his father’s footsteps.
Case No. 3:  Rotarian Alex Bongawan was a popular campus leader. He was known as “siga” (very brave) that all the students were very scared of his thundering voice. Pillars ’98, the University of Bohol High School yearbook says: Alex has a good sense of leadership. His strictness scares many but if you look at the good effect- it saves you from doing spooky stuffs. He’s a leader who brings his followers to a brighter end. He is a symbol of leadership and humility. He might be serious at times but behind the façade of this serious looking man hides a man with a very big smile and a truckload of jokes.
Alex, who runs a travel agency, is presently the secretary of the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran.
Case No. 4: Janice Aurora Tirol, Ph.D. was a popular campus figure. Pillars ‘97 says: She’s not just a girl- she’s a nice girl with an attitude. When she wants something- she usually gets it.
Dr. Nicey was one of the Philippines finest youth leaders who participated in the 34th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP) in 2007.
An active member of the Rainbow for Girls, she is the head of the Student Personnel Services of the University of Bohol.
Case No. 5:  As I am typing this story, my sis Arlene, told me that her batch had famous personalities. True enough, her 1992 high school yearbook of Bohol National High School (BNHS) had prominent faces like Kit Bagaipo and Dr. Janice Michelle Evardone-Sarigumba.
Janice Michelle Evardone-- called Wowie by those close to her-- aimed high literally. She graduated salutatorian at Manga Elementary School and BNHS and was also awarded as “Mathematician of the Year.”
She wanted to be a nightingale but fate took her to study physical therapy as an academic scholar at Southwestern University (SWU) and passed the 1997 licensure exams for Physical Therapists.
She ranked #3 in the Civil Service Professional Exams for the entire Region VII. She was a university scholar in the College of Medicine at SWU, where she graduated in 2003 as Top 1 in her class, a recipient of the Matias H. Aznar Academic Excellence Award (with highest GPA) and Southwestern University Scholarship Award.
Wowie was Mutya sa Tagbilaran 2nd Runner-up in 1997 and Ms. Negros Navigation-Sea Angel.
Cielo, Sweet 16
Born on January 14, 1997, a day before the feast of Senor Santo Nino de Cebu of whom her father is a pious devotee, AJ Wincielou Johanna “Cielo” Araoarao Gabin was to be the “apple of the eyes” of her parents, Jerome John (of Siquijor) and Fiel Angeli, being the first child of the couple, the first grandchild of the Araoarao family and the first granddaughter of the Gabin family.
I have had the opportunity of “babysitting” her at home for some hours with her great grandmother, “Lola Pining,” 10 years ago, when her mother had to attend to some office-related activities and beauty pageants.
As the years have nurtured her, she is still very simple and easily contented, after her experiences as a little girl who was at the top of her class (DML Montessori School), as a pupil who has been consistently awarded as “Outstanding in Mathematics” since elementary (Holy Spirit School) up to now as a senior student (Tagbilaran City Science High School).
Her strong inclination in Mathematics - thanks to her father’s genes - has taken her to other parts of country and as far as Beijing and Tianjin, China for the China Primary Mathematics Olympiad in August 2009 and to Nevada, Arizona, California, Texas and New York as part of her stint in the International Regions Mathematics League competition as member of the winning Philippine MTG Teams.
On the other hand, she must’ve inherited her grandmother’s (Wincesa Espejo Araoarao, Bukang Liwayway Dance Troupe founder) terpsichorean prowess as, in recent years, she was member of the Tagbilaran City Science High School group which won in the Tagbilaran City Schools Division “Kuratsa Boholana” competition in March 2011 and in the University of the Philippines-Kadugong Bol-anon – Iloilo Chapter LITMUS modern jazz competition in October 2012 (both dances choreographed by her mother, Fiel Angeli) and  performed in the CVIRAA 2011 welcome program for the Cebu Province delegation and the Alay Lakad 2012 program.
The birth of her little brother, JF Regelbert Johnson “Renji,” after 14 years, became her long-time wish granted. She strongly believes in family values as manifested in having family meals, praying the Angelus and the Rosary and attending Sunday mass together and considers faith in God and the love, care and support of her family – Papa Jerome, Mama Fiel, Grandma Wincie, Mommy Lou, Uncle Ondoy and Aunties Claire, Coeli, Diane, Nhenen and Bebe – her greatest motivating factors in life.
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rep. Yap and Mayor Calipusan: Deal or No Deal?

Buboy and Krista Courtesy: Facebook
Rep. Yap and Mayor Calipusan: Deal or No Deal?
No 'under the table' agreement between Rep. Yap and Mayor Calipusan, reports VRS


FLASH REPORT: Did Sunshine Cruz and Cesar "Buboy" Montano really separate? Rumor has it that the couple ended their relationship because of a third-party, a starlet named Krista Miller. Sunshine announced in her Instagram that the reason for her separation with Buboy is another woman, and the third party is a starlet named Krista Miller (who plays Marita Zaragoza in the upcoming film “The Turning Cradle: The Untold Story of Alfredo Lim,” directed and starred in by Buboy). Sunshine announced this: “I’m so sorry dear friends and family. I have been really quiet but when kids are affected unfair na yun. It is actually them who told me about this. They are hurt! I’m moving on. With my children. God bless you both for doing this to us.” According to reports, Sunshine also revealed that the gifts she and her sister-in-law gave Buboy, were then gifted to the girl. Sunshine said an A&F shirt and an iPhone 5 she gave and her sister-in-law’s gift of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, were given to Krista instead. Sunshine also alleged that Krista has sent provocative and sexy pictures and messages to Buboy.

Seen: Spotted in Bohol the other day was Ms. Joy Suarez, president of Rotary Club of Tagbilaran and over-all manager of Astoria. I did an interview with Ms. Joy at the posh Astoria in Baclayon town. But that’s another interesting story. Watch for it.
Members of the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran

Seen: Minerva, Swan Hellenic’s solitary cruise ship, had a stopover in Bohol last Friday. Minerva is a small luxury ship, carrying 320 like-minded guests. Most of the passengers were British with a few Americans and Australians joining. Swan Hellenic has been offering cruises to intriguing destinations for more than 50 years.

Scene: The Ubi Festival 2013 is on Jan. 23-25.  The opening of exhibits on ubi, endemic rootcrops and sustainable agriculture products will be held on Jan. 23 at the Plaza Rizal, which will be followed by the search for pinaka (the best quality ubi harvest and endemic rootcrops), most promising ubi product, most promising ubi cuisine and ubi eating contest at the Plaza Rizal. The literary musical contest (balak, kuradang, rap and jingle, ubi poster making contest and Miss 4-H aka Ubi Queen will be held on the same day at the Island City Mall Activity Center.

Scene: I would like to thank Atty. Julius Gregory Delgado of CVCLAW (The Villaraza Cruz Marcelo and Angangco) for the nice planner he sent last Thursday. Atty. Delgado who attended the hearing on the cybercrime law had the time to mail his post- Three King gift with a (touching) note:  Dear Leo, this is late but as the old adage goes, "better late than never." Merry Christmas and wishing you a Happy New Year. I hope you will like this. I am not sure if you are like me who plans my activities to the detail which entails a planner. Otherwise, you can still use this as sort of a diary. Today, marks an important milestone in history as legal eagles battle it out before the Supreme Court to protect the civil liberties and freedom of expression of journalists. Having the Cybercrime Law annulled will be our ultimate gift to journalists. This is an advance gift. Gracias por todo, Atty. Greg! 

While waiting for the fastcraft bound for Cebu last Friday night, I chanced upon the unimpeachable Very Reliable Source (VRS) at the waiting area, traveling by his lonesome. This VRS is a known political analyst cum businessman.

I turned around and there he was, the VRS. I waved at him. VRS asked me to join him, asking if he could get something for me. I protested, “Seeing you is enough.”

You see, Wednesday last week, Loboc Mayor Leon Calipusan withdrew his candidacy for congressman. I asked VRS if he knew the reasons but VRS simply smiled. What I knew is that Mayor Calipusan withdrew his candidacy for personal, health and family reasons (I saw his affidavit of withdrawal at the Provincial Comelec Office on Jan. 9).

In any case, many people are still asking if the so-called “under the table” is indeed a done deal.

On the two-hour travel, VRS was sharing everything he knew about politics and sundry.

“For a lazy thinker, the easiest theory when a candidate backs out from a political rivalry is that his opponent paid off to sail smoothly to victory,” started VRS. “But why should a candidate payoff his opponent? That is when his opponent is stronger than him and he is desperate to get to the seat.”

Or so we thought.

“Doy Leo, in the case of Calipusan’s backout, does incumbent Rep. Arthur Yap desperately need to buy the mayor’s candidacy out? Obviously, not!”

VRS shared that the supporters of Calipusan were all up with energy combing the barangays of 3rd district as early as June last year, until that deciding point in the latest round in December.
“An insider (codenamed GP) from the Calipusan camp admitted they even met objection when they put up the tarpaulins. That’s why most of them are nailed on trees,” said VRS.

“Doy Leo, after several months of trying to convince the households to support Calipusan’s congressional bid, they failed to get additional supporters. They targeted 10,000 leaders.  But by December, they failed to get even 10 percent,” revealed VRS. He continued, “The hope was dying by then, but there are some close allies of the mayor who tried to sugarcoat the situation in contrast to what Calipusan noticed himself. So, the mayor asked for a survey to also check how effective were his leaders, and at the same time, asked a another close ally to tell him the real score. The survey and the opinion of that second close ally he consulted gave him a sign of losing.”

“When each camp was busy on their own campaign, nobody wants to yield. Nobody wants to meddle as the wound that Calipusan’s radio blocktime created on Yap got more painful yet futile,” added VRS.

 Why should Yap rid of a foe who was self-destroying? According to a VRS from the Calipusan camp, Yap never tried to reach out and even became more aggressive in expanding his HEART program. “In equity of the incumbent, Yap need not pay Calipusan off, because with or without Calipusan on the road, the incumbent congressman has the heart of his constituents,” clarified VRS.

VRS also revealed that it was also geographically impossible for the payoff negotiation to take place.

“Yap was in Taiwan during the Christmas break, while Calipusan was contemplating back home,” announced VRS. “Before the Christmas break, Calipusan’s supporters never showed a sign of melting down. The next scene was Yap coming home after Christmas to give a eulogy for the late Rep. Erico Aumentado and prior to his return, Calipusan already made up his mind. The time and geographical factors showed a negotiation was impossible to take place, aside from the fact that Yap doesn’t need it.”

“Besides, Yap was never known of going the easy way in dealing with things. In fact, he had often been misunderstood for being idealistic,” said VRS.

“If Calipusan was a victim, maybe he was but not of his partymates. He was a victim of some political scalawags who seemed to have assured him that his withdrawal could be invalidated once they would create a scenario. This scalawag in Bohol politics thought Yap would let go of his supporters once the opponent backs out and that could be a good timing to work for the invalidation of Calipusan’s withdrawal. Uh-oh! This is the biggest bluff in Bohol politics,” VRS concluded.

Now you know. Thankfully, VRS said adieu and promised to share more juicy items. Next time.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Grace Poe and her Bohol connection; Louie Digal’s Facebook account hacked

• Grace Poe and her Bohol connection
• Louie Digal’s Facebook account hacked
Scene: The statue of St. Pedro Calungsod, the second Filipino saint, will arrive today, Nov. 25, at 10 a.m. at the Carlos P. Garcia Sports Complex.  A short motorcade will bring the statue to St. Joseph Cathedral passing through CPG Ave. where a liturgical ceremony will be held before the start of a Holy Mass. The Cathedral will be opened 24 hours for the veneration on Sunday. The statue will be brought to the Diocese of Talibon in a motorcade the following day.
Seen: Cory Quirino, owner of Miss World-Philippines franchise, was spotted in Bohol last Nov. 12. She dined at Gerarda’s (30 J.S Torralba Street, Tagbilaran City; Tel No. 038- 412 3044).  
Scene: The clan members of the Udtohan/Pajota will gather today, Nov. 25, to reconnect with family members and to celebrate the foundation of who they are. The 7th grand reunion and election officers will be held at Libaong, Panglao. Assembly time is 7 the residence of businessman Benjamin Udtohan, Sr along Airport Road, Tagbilaran City. The Udtohans from Tagbilaran City, Batuan, Bilar, Carmen, Sevilla, Danao and Sierra Bullones are expected to attend. Special guests are Gov. Edgar Chatto and 3rd district Rep. Art Yap. Benjamin Udtohan, Sr. is this year’s over-all chair.
Seen:  Senatorial aspirant Rep. JV Ejercito of San Juan, Metro Manila was in Bohol recently. “I have my commitment to Bohol especially on tourism,” he said. He was all praises to the P-Noy’s administration in the government’s commitment of “daang matuwid” and “kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” campaign.
Grace Poe and her Bohol connection
Did you know that besides senatoriables Zambales Rep. Milagros “Mitos” Magsaysay (whose relatives are the Pernias in Panglao. She told Bared in May 2012: “Dami kong mga kamag-anak dito na mga Pernia ng Panglao.”) and San Juan Rep. JV Ejercito (with JCI friends  including Gov. Edgar Chatto and Rep. Rene Relampagos. He said, “Pabalik-balik na ako ng Bohol.”), former Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) chair Grace Poe -Llamanzares has strong Bohol connections? Grace Poe is running for senator in next year’s elections, an independent candidate, and FPJ die-hard supporters in Bohol are all-out behind her, even hosting a presscon among local reporters for her recently.
Da King's daughter
So what’s Grace Poe's other Bohol connection?

Although her Bohol visit was her first time, she has an attachment to Bohol because her father, the late Fernando Poe, Jr. (FPJ) or Da King,  told her many stories about Bohol. In fact, when she was a kid, Grace Poe was thinking the chocolate hills of Bohol were really made of chocolate.

“Akala ko totoong chocolate ang Chocolate Hills,” she told members of the press.
FPJ did shoot Esteban in 1972. The famous Alona Beach is named after FPJ's leading lady Alona Alegre.

"Malapit ito sa puso ng tatay ko sapagkat dito siya nagshooting ng pelikulang Esteban noong 1972," she said.

FPJ saw the beauty of Bohol when it was not yet a popular destination.

"Pero noon pa man hindi pa masyadong sikat ang Bohol sa mga turista, nakita na ni FPJ ang kagandahan ng lugar ninyo. Kaya kahit papaano ay merun po tayong attachment dito sa lugar na ito," said Grace Poe, "kaya kung ano ang aking magagawa para sa ikauunlad ng Bohol ay para na rin sa alaala ni FPJ."

She jested, "sana may FPJ beach din kayo."

Wife to Neil Llamanzares and mother of three (Bryan, Hannah and Nika), she is also planning to hold a film festival in Bohol to showcase FPJ films.
Grace Poe as a young girl with her parents, the Queen of Philippine Movies Susan Roces and the late FPJ. Courtesy: TeamGracePoe on Facebook/Twitter
From the time she was a little girl, Grace Poe was fascinated by politics and social issues. Grace Poe sees the need to focus poverty alleviation efforts on the family as a basic social institution. She wants government to take a more active role in helping children of poor families. She believes that the future of Philippines depends on the kind of citizens these children will become.
Last Friday, I (and other media friends, too), ehem,  got a text message from Grace Poe: “Maraming salamat po sa mainit ninyong pagtanggap sa akin. Mahalaga at makabuluhang karanasan po ang ating pagtatagpo. Inaasahan  ko pong simula lamang ito ng ating bukas, malaya at malalim na ugnayan. Maraming salamat poe! Karangalan ko pong makapiling kayo. Magkita-kita poe ulit tayo!”
See you next time Poe!

Vice Mayor Louie Digal’s Facebook account hacked
Loboc Vice Mayor Louie Digal fell victim to internet pranksters on Wednesday, Nov. 21, when his Facebook account was hacked.
A message promoting “political and venomous announcements” popped up on the mayoralty candidate’s page, and Digal was unimpressed that his account had been illegally accessed.
“Someone hacked into my account.Please ignore all the rubbish being posted,” texted Digal.
Digal's Facebook friends reacted with a mixture of confusion and dismay, with Tessie Labunog-Sumampong  saying: "Louya sad ni vice gibinuangan! "

Another suggested the messages may not have come from Digal himself, while Cirilo Matildo Rule
said: "dili unta mag binuang! kay ang mga taga loboc nakahibalo na ug kinsa ang angayan para sa position nga ilang gi ilogan. be fair lang gud!”

Digal scored his political enemies are behind the hacking.
He has regained control of his FB last Friday. He hired a technician to help him recover the password.
"Finally, after days of investigating and waiting, the account is back to its rightful owner," said Digal.
Last August, Facebook had revamped its privacy settings, making it easier for users to secure their photos, status updates and personal data.
It can be noted that Digal, who is running for Mayor in Loboc against Mayor Leon Calipusan, has been vocal of saying Calipusan’s administration is full of corruption. Lately, he filed string of cases against Calipusan before the office of the Ombudsman-Visayas for the malicious mischief and grave threats and for backhoe overprice.
A screenshot of the hacked Facebook page of Loboc Vice Mayor Louie Digal. Courtesy: Tessie Labunog-Sumampong
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