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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rep. Yap and Mayor Calipusan: Deal or No Deal?

Buboy and Krista Courtesy: Facebook
Rep. Yap and Mayor Calipusan: Deal or No Deal?
No 'under the table' agreement between Rep. Yap and Mayor Calipusan, reports VRS


FLASH REPORT: Did Sunshine Cruz and Cesar "Buboy" Montano really separate? Rumor has it that the couple ended their relationship because of a third-party, a starlet named Krista Miller. Sunshine announced in her Instagram that the reason for her separation with Buboy is another woman, and the third party is a starlet named Krista Miller (who plays Marita Zaragoza in the upcoming film “The Turning Cradle: The Untold Story of Alfredo Lim,” directed and starred in by Buboy). Sunshine announced this: “I’m so sorry dear friends and family. I have been really quiet but when kids are affected unfair na yun. It is actually them who told me about this. They are hurt! I’m moving on. With my children. God bless you both for doing this to us.” According to reports, Sunshine also revealed that the gifts she and her sister-in-law gave Buboy, were then gifted to the girl. Sunshine said an A&F shirt and an iPhone 5 she gave and her sister-in-law’s gift of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, were given to Krista instead. Sunshine also alleged that Krista has sent provocative and sexy pictures and messages to Buboy.

Seen: Spotted in Bohol the other day was Ms. Joy Suarez, president of Rotary Club of Tagbilaran and over-all manager of Astoria. I did an interview with Ms. Joy at the posh Astoria in Baclayon town. But that’s another interesting story. Watch for it.
Members of the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran

Seen: Minerva, Swan Hellenic’s solitary cruise ship, had a stopover in Bohol last Friday. Minerva is a small luxury ship, carrying 320 like-minded guests. Most of the passengers were British with a few Americans and Australians joining. Swan Hellenic has been offering cruises to intriguing destinations for more than 50 years.

Scene: The Ubi Festival 2013 is on Jan. 23-25.  The opening of exhibits on ubi, endemic rootcrops and sustainable agriculture products will be held on Jan. 23 at the Plaza Rizal, which will be followed by the search for pinaka (the best quality ubi harvest and endemic rootcrops), most promising ubi product, most promising ubi cuisine and ubi eating contest at the Plaza Rizal. The literary musical contest (balak, kuradang, rap and jingle, ubi poster making contest and Miss 4-H aka Ubi Queen will be held on the same day at the Island City Mall Activity Center.

Scene: I would like to thank Atty. Julius Gregory Delgado of CVCLAW (The Villaraza Cruz Marcelo and Angangco) for the nice planner he sent last Thursday. Atty. Delgado who attended the hearing on the cybercrime law had the time to mail his post- Three King gift with a (touching) note:  Dear Leo, this is late but as the old adage goes, "better late than never." Merry Christmas and wishing you a Happy New Year. I hope you will like this. I am not sure if you are like me who plans my activities to the detail which entails a planner. Otherwise, you can still use this as sort of a diary. Today, marks an important milestone in history as legal eagles battle it out before the Supreme Court to protect the civil liberties and freedom of expression of journalists. Having the Cybercrime Law annulled will be our ultimate gift to journalists. This is an advance gift. Gracias por todo, Atty. Greg! 

While waiting for the fastcraft bound for Cebu last Friday night, I chanced upon the unimpeachable Very Reliable Source (VRS) at the waiting area, traveling by his lonesome. This VRS is a known political analyst cum businessman.

I turned around and there he was, the VRS. I waved at him. VRS asked me to join him, asking if he could get something for me. I protested, “Seeing you is enough.”

You see, Wednesday last week, Loboc Mayor Leon Calipusan withdrew his candidacy for congressman. I asked VRS if he knew the reasons but VRS simply smiled. What I knew is that Mayor Calipusan withdrew his candidacy for personal, health and family reasons (I saw his affidavit of withdrawal at the Provincial Comelec Office on Jan. 9).

In any case, many people are still asking if the so-called “under the table” is indeed a done deal.

On the two-hour travel, VRS was sharing everything he knew about politics and sundry.

“For a lazy thinker, the easiest theory when a candidate backs out from a political rivalry is that his opponent paid off to sail smoothly to victory,” started VRS. “But why should a candidate payoff his opponent? That is when his opponent is stronger than him and he is desperate to get to the seat.”

Or so we thought.

“Doy Leo, in the case of Calipusan’s backout, does incumbent Rep. Arthur Yap desperately need to buy the mayor’s candidacy out? Obviously, not!”

VRS shared that the supporters of Calipusan were all up with energy combing the barangays of 3rd district as early as June last year, until that deciding point in the latest round in December.
“An insider (codenamed GP) from the Calipusan camp admitted they even met objection when they put up the tarpaulins. That’s why most of them are nailed on trees,” said VRS.

“Doy Leo, after several months of trying to convince the households to support Calipusan’s congressional bid, they failed to get additional supporters. They targeted 10,000 leaders.  But by December, they failed to get even 10 percent,” revealed VRS. He continued, “The hope was dying by then, but there are some close allies of the mayor who tried to sugarcoat the situation in contrast to what Calipusan noticed himself. So, the mayor asked for a survey to also check how effective were his leaders, and at the same time, asked a another close ally to tell him the real score. The survey and the opinion of that second close ally he consulted gave him a sign of losing.”

“When each camp was busy on their own campaign, nobody wants to yield. Nobody wants to meddle as the wound that Calipusan’s radio blocktime created on Yap got more painful yet futile,” added VRS.

 Why should Yap rid of a foe who was self-destroying? According to a VRS from the Calipusan camp, Yap never tried to reach out and even became more aggressive in expanding his HEART program. “In equity of the incumbent, Yap need not pay Calipusan off, because with or without Calipusan on the road, the incumbent congressman has the heart of his constituents,” clarified VRS.

VRS also revealed that it was also geographically impossible for the payoff negotiation to take place.

“Yap was in Taiwan during the Christmas break, while Calipusan was contemplating back home,” announced VRS. “Before the Christmas break, Calipusan’s supporters never showed a sign of melting down. The next scene was Yap coming home after Christmas to give a eulogy for the late Rep. Erico Aumentado and prior to his return, Calipusan already made up his mind. The time and geographical factors showed a negotiation was impossible to take place, aside from the fact that Yap doesn’t need it.”

“Besides, Yap was never known of going the easy way in dealing with things. In fact, he had often been misunderstood for being idealistic,” said VRS.

“If Calipusan was a victim, maybe he was but not of his partymates. He was a victim of some political scalawags who seemed to have assured him that his withdrawal could be invalidated once they would create a scenario. This scalawag in Bohol politics thought Yap would let go of his supporters once the opponent backs out and that could be a good timing to work for the invalidation of Calipusan’s withdrawal. Uh-oh! This is the biggest bluff in Bohol politics,” VRS concluded.

Now you know. Thankfully, VRS said adieu and promised to share more juicy items. Next time.

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