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Send some love this Feb and Aris Aumentado files COC

Courtesy: Smart
Scene: February 10, 2013 marks the Chinese New Year and a day of celebrations to herald the beginning of the Year of the Snake. To enjoy prosperity, longevity, and happiness, my Chinese friends told me to wear black, blue (light-blue), and green to charm the snake. Have these foods during the Chinese New Year to ensure a prosperous and happy year to come : tikoy (it represents the togetherness of the family and stronger bonds), prawn (symbolizes liveliness), dumplings (when boiled in water, represent a family’s being able to recover a long lost wish), pomelo (for abundance and prosperity), tangerines, oranges and kiat-kiat (for wealth and luck, these fruits are believed to bring abundance and happiness), peanuts (for longevity), long noodles (if noodles are served, then “keep them as long as possible long for long life), nian gao (for achieving new heights in the coming year) and jai (a vegetarian dish for longevity). Add sea moss for prosperity, lotus seeds for children/birth of sons, lily buds to “send 100 years of harmonious union”, Chinese black mushrooms to “fulfill wishes from east to west”, long leafy greens and long beans to wish a long life for parents, whole fish for abundance and to ensure a good start and finish and to avoid bad luck throughout the year, and sweets and desserts to bring a sweet life in the new year.

Scene: Smart's Fiber Power is featuring Ely Buendia at the Chocolate Hills in Carmen town. Also in the video are Rico Blanco, Raimund Marasigan and Barbie Almalbis. Smart's Fiber optics is what powers a modern network. Optic fibers use light as a medium for telecommunication & broadband data. Theoretically, it is able to reach speeds of more than 1 Terabits per second (Tbps).

Scene:  Actor Mikael Daez shared his Bohol experience in the Feb. 4, 2013 issue of the Philippine Star: Bohol was such a peaceful experience. It allowed me to recharge and completely get my mind off things.  I think it’s a place where people can really “get away from it all.... It feels completely untouched in Bohol and I get jealous over their way of life because there doesn’t seem to be any stress in their lives. I admit I may not be able to live there for long periods of time but I will definitely go back if I need a place to recharge.

It's final: Erico Aristotle “Aris” Aumentado has replaced his father, the late Bohol 2nd district Rep. Erico Aumentado, in the congressional race this May 2013 elections.

"I can make it, kaya nako ang mualagad sa katawhan sa segundo distrito," said Aris, debunking rumors that he could not serve the people like his father,’ “ang akong kandidatura walay kausaban sa akong amahan diin nag-una ang tinuoray nga serbisyo."

Erico Aris Aumentado (center) files his COC for congressman of the second district of Bohol last Monday at the provincial Comelec Office. With Aris are (l-r) Dra. Sharleen Lim, Carmen Mayor Che Toribio- delos Reyes and Mayor Thomas Gonzaga and supporters.
Aris was talking to reporters last Monday after he filed his certificate of candidacy (COC) at the provincial Comelec Office. He was accompanied by gubernatorial bet Carmen Mayor Che Toribio-delos Reyes, vice-gubernatorial bet Dra. Sharleen Lim, big personalities like Ma. Fe Camacho-Lejos, Tommy Abapo, lawyer Handel Lagunay, Azon Galbreath, Danao Mayor Thomas Gonzaga, Bie Unido Mayor Rey Niño Boniel and other mayors and barangay captains, family members and supporters, who according to Fr. Joseum Sumampong in his homily, “mga nagmahal nimo mao naa sila karun aron musuporta kanimo.” (I like the homily of Fr. Sumampong who challenged Aris and those supporters “Don't give up. Adunay purpose ang Ginoo sa matag-usa kanato.")

In 2004, Aris wanted to run as vice mayor in Ubay town but his father disapproved his plan. Again, he wanted to run for board member in 2010 but his father didn’t like the idea of having two Aumentados in public service.

"I've thought hard about it," Aris added. "Wala pa ko sa akong hunahuna adto dawaton nako iyang hangyo to continue serve the people."

They say that Aris inherited much more than looks, political savvy and business acumen from his father.

Teased about it, Aris smiled and conceded that he might never equal, much more surpass his father’s record.

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Reveal – The Grand Fashion Gala

The Rotary Club of Tagbilaran is set to stage one of their most significant projects for 2013.  The fashion show is living up to its title as a lot of revelations will happen on Saturday, March 2, 8 p.m. at the Bohol Cultural Center. For the first time ever, Bohol Fashion Designers’ Circle is created and organized with six Bohol-based fashion designers initiating the group.  Talented fashion experts and couturiers Henry Baron, Maximiel Tallo, Jong Magallano, Omie Auza, Rhigel Dulfo and EJ Relampagos will showcase their design prowess on more than 90 collections to grace the ramp.
Fashion designers, models, beauty queens, celebrities, socialites and dignitaries are expected to bring more glitz and glamour.
Power of 6

“Rrrreveaaaallll!!!” says Bohol’s premier designer Henry.

“This is a very good come back for me because it’s not gonna be only me but six of us!” shares Bohol’s mega designer Maximiel.

Bohol’s emerging designer Jong Magallano is also excited at the same time tensed since according to him, this will be his launching fashion show and it’s this big.  He never expected to make a debut as grand as “Reveal”.

Omie who is based in Talibon is also very excited to make a grand splash in the city of Tagbilaran.  He is expecting friends from other parts of the province to come and support the show.

Rhigel feels so happy to be a part of “Reveal”.  “This will surely be very significant since all the designers will be helping and supporting each other.”

Fashion icon EJ is also very supportive of this project.  “This is what I have been wanting to do and waiting for quite a time already. I am very happy that with the help of Rotary, we are now one organization.  Expect Bohol Fashion Designers’ Circle to make a difference and we want to make that difference obvious.”

The show will be directed by LJ Lumayag and lights and sounds will be provided by Disco Record Center.

Rotary Club of Tagbilaran President Joy Suarez is very optimistic about this project.  Meanwhile the chairwoman for the project “Reveal”, PAG Loella Bantol is also very supportive of the designers’ circle. This project is a fund raising activity of the Rotary to help support different humanitarian services of the chapter.

Tickets are available at Php 1,000, Php500 and Php 200.  For inquiries, please contact Alex at 09088910937.

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Flashback: Yearbook photos of the who’s who

Scene:  If you Love To Dance, join the Valentine event at FoodMix Plaza Marcela on February 14. For more info, please call or text 09075436669.
Scene: A socialite VRS shared the rumors circulating in the river town. The “King of the Jungle” sent a messenger to ask “Yes, Yes” to reimburse all that he had spent in advancing himself as the challenger for a higher position.  However, “Yes, Yes” camp reportedly junked it with the response, 'If you think you can win it, go ahead'.  “Yes, Yes” also allegedly said. 'Why should I do it? I'm a candidate. That is not honorable. Maybe after the elections, let's see how we can be partners for development. But paying off a political opponent? That's untoward.”
“Take note,” added VRS, “it's the King of the Jungle’s camp that made the offer. True or not, one thing is certain. It is “Yes, Yes” who has the edge, because he anchors his campaign on hard work and performance.”
VRS also said that “Yes, Yes” has been instructed by his mother-in-law to stay quiet, because that is what his constituents like in him--silently working without bragging every inch of an accomplishment. "So, don't change," as he was advised. Maybe, he can report from time to time to update the people how he is doing just for transparency, not for other reasons--worst, undue media mileage.
VRS shared this lesson: Campaign is not like a commercial of a paint product that says you can suddenly become as white as the wall behind you when the paint roller runs on you.
Recognize any of those faces?
Let us hunt down famous faces before they were famous.
Case No. 1: Luke Mejares was known as the Gary Valenciano of Bohol, singing and moving like the famous singer, although he still maintains Michael Jackson is his most influential artist.
When he was in high school, Luke sang as front act for Joey Albert at a concert in Bohol.
His musical journey brought him to Manila in 1997 and he became a session singer for several bands until he finally joined the South Border which he later left and decided to go solo. Luke is married to Inger with whom he has a child.
Luke’s favorite motto: Don't trouble troubles, till trouble troubles you.
Case No. 2: (Councilor to-be) Joseph “Jojo” Bompat was a high school varsity player. The Heights Highlights ’03 says: His height as well as his skills granted him the privilege to be a Captain Barbell of the school’s Basketball Varsity Team. A big, naughty guy may seem but responsibility is something he could handle very well.
Bompat was the president of the Columbian Squires and member of the Baby Falcons.
Although now happily, if quietly, settled with his high school classmate Joanne Rochelle Aumentado Villamor, Jojo is taking the challenge to serve the people of Tagbilaran, following in his father’s footsteps.
Case No. 3:  Rotarian Alex Bongawan was a popular campus leader. He was known as “siga” (very brave) that all the students were very scared of his thundering voice. Pillars ’98, the University of Bohol High School yearbook says: Alex has a good sense of leadership. His strictness scares many but if you look at the good effect- it saves you from doing spooky stuffs. He’s a leader who brings his followers to a brighter end. He is a symbol of leadership and humility. He might be serious at times but behind the façade of this serious looking man hides a man with a very big smile and a truckload of jokes.
Alex, who runs a travel agency, is presently the secretary of the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran.
Case No. 4: Janice Aurora Tirol, Ph.D. was a popular campus figure. Pillars ‘97 says: She’s not just a girl- she’s a nice girl with an attitude. When she wants something- she usually gets it.
Dr. Nicey was one of the Philippines finest youth leaders who participated in the 34th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP) in 2007.
An active member of the Rainbow for Girls, she is the head of the Student Personnel Services of the University of Bohol.
Case No. 5:  As I am typing this story, my sis Arlene, told me that her batch had famous personalities. True enough, her 1992 high school yearbook of Bohol National High School (BNHS) had prominent faces like Kit Bagaipo and Dr. Janice Michelle Evardone-Sarigumba.
Janice Michelle Evardone-- called Wowie by those close to her-- aimed high literally. She graduated salutatorian at Manga Elementary School and BNHS and was also awarded as “Mathematician of the Year.”
She wanted to be a nightingale but fate took her to study physical therapy as an academic scholar at Southwestern University (SWU) and passed the 1997 licensure exams for Physical Therapists.
She ranked #3 in the Civil Service Professional Exams for the entire Region VII. She was a university scholar in the College of Medicine at SWU, where she graduated in 2003 as Top 1 in her class, a recipient of the Matias H. Aznar Academic Excellence Award (with highest GPA) and Southwestern University Scholarship Award.
Wowie was Mutya sa Tagbilaran 2nd Runner-up in 1997 and Ms. Negros Navigation-Sea Angel.
Cielo, Sweet 16
Born on January 14, 1997, a day before the feast of Senor Santo Nino de Cebu of whom her father is a pious devotee, AJ Wincielou Johanna “Cielo” Araoarao Gabin was to be the “apple of the eyes” of her parents, Jerome John (of Siquijor) and Fiel Angeli, being the first child of the couple, the first grandchild of the Araoarao family and the first granddaughter of the Gabin family.
I have had the opportunity of “babysitting” her at home for some hours with her great grandmother, “Lola Pining,” 10 years ago, when her mother had to attend to some office-related activities and beauty pageants.
As the years have nurtured her, she is still very simple and easily contented, after her experiences as a little girl who was at the top of her class (DML Montessori School), as a pupil who has been consistently awarded as “Outstanding in Mathematics” since elementary (Holy Spirit School) up to now as a senior student (Tagbilaran City Science High School).
Her strong inclination in Mathematics - thanks to her father’s genes - has taken her to other parts of country and as far as Beijing and Tianjin, China for the China Primary Mathematics Olympiad in August 2009 and to Nevada, Arizona, California, Texas and New York as part of her stint in the International Regions Mathematics League competition as member of the winning Philippine MTG Teams.
On the other hand, she must’ve inherited her grandmother’s (Wincesa Espejo Araoarao, Bukang Liwayway Dance Troupe founder) terpsichorean prowess as, in recent years, she was member of the Tagbilaran City Science High School group which won in the Tagbilaran City Schools Division “Kuratsa Boholana” competition in March 2011 and in the University of the Philippines-Kadugong Bol-anon – Iloilo Chapter LITMUS modern jazz competition in October 2012 (both dances choreographed by her mother, Fiel Angeli) and  performed in the CVIRAA 2011 welcome program for the Cebu Province delegation and the Alay Lakad 2012 program.
The birth of her little brother, JF Regelbert Johnson “Renji,” after 14 years, became her long-time wish granted. She strongly believes in family values as manifested in having family meals, praying the Angelus and the Rosary and attending Sunday mass together and considers faith in God and the love, care and support of her family – Papa Jerome, Mama Fiel, Grandma Wincie, Mommy Lou, Uncle Ondoy and Aunties Claire, Coeli, Diane, Nhenen and Bebe – her greatest motivating factors in life.
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