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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Village illuminates Mila Lim’s home

Scene: The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG)distributed  47 brand new patrol jeeps to 47 police stations here last Monday. local government units (LGUs) were grateful for the new patrol jeeps which will improve the crime fighting and disaster response capability of their police forces. For Police Inspector Sam Dacullo, chief of Inabanga Police station, the new patrol jeep is necessary for their operations.

Chief of Loboc police station Inspector
 Joseph Lopena (right) with Loboc Mayor Helen Alaba 
(center) during the turned-over of the 47 n
ew patrol jeeps from the DILG. 
Photo by Leo Udtohan/Chronicle
Scene: Police Inspector Joseph Lopena, chief of Loboc police station, will urge authorities to put warning signages and designated photo-stops at the famous man-made forest in this province after a tourist met an accident while taking a “selfie” along the highway. Lopena said that he will suggest the idea to the   municipal peace and order council meeting by the end of this month.

Scene: A paper bag left unattended at Carmen Public Market caused a scare on Friday night. The bomb scare turned out to be a false alarm. The EOD said the bag did not contain an explosive device but two broken cellphones wrapped with electrical tape and tiny wires.  Police said they will review the closed circuit television footage to determine if the case was intentionally or accidentally left at the area.

Wishes will come true for fans of Christmas upon visiting the “Most Christmassy House” of Hermila “Mila” Lim on M. Torralba Street, Tagbilaran City. Her house features a miniature Christmas village and adorns with many Christmas decorations.

Mila started her Christmas Village in 2008. Her creation was so highly appreciated by her family and friends who would come to enjoy the wonderful Christmas display.
Hermila “Mila” Lim has the “Most Christmassy House” in Bohol. 
Photo by Leo Udtohan/ Chronicle

 “This is my hobby and this gives me enjoyment during Christmas time,” says Mila.

Upon entering, a visitor immediately hears the song, “Deck the Halls,” and sees a garden decorated with small snowman figures.

The Christmas village at the main entrance has at least 60 houses and colorful mini-shops. It is filled with trees of green and gold,  miniature skiers up and down the slopes, carnival rides, dancers twirling to a waltz inside a gazebo, skaters in the park, Santa Claus dancing and flying on sleighs, and a Christmas train running in circles.

Christmas Village illuminates the house of Hermila “Mila” Lim 
with magnificent displays and holiday lights every 
year from September  through January.  
Photos by Leo Udtohan/ Chronicle
She has also collected at least 120 Santa-themed items in different sizes and configurations.   Fascinated by St. Nicolas since childhood, Mila  has adorned her house with Santa Claus images of different shades and shapes collected for the past 15 years—at the doorsteps and all over inside the place. These include a drunk Santa, a photographer Santa, a Santa Claus band, Santa in a parachute, playing the violin, singing and dancing Santas with reindeer and even a Tarzan Santa.

Mila has extends her Christmas decorations throughout the house and ornaments her kitchen and dining room for Christmas as well.

The sala is turned into a dazzling winter wonderland set aglow with Christmas lights and decorations.  The fireplace area is a unique setting of a cottage modeled after Santa’s village at the North Pole. The Lim’s grandfather’s clock also reminds visitors that Christmas is only few days.

Even the kitchen is very Christmassy,  too.  Spatulas, muffin tins, dishtowels, and more – Mila incorporates them for a unique look this season. Drinking glasses and place mats bear the Christmas motif, acquired during Mila’s travels with her husband Teofilo to Israel, Australia, Hong Kong and China.

This year, four items were added to the Christmas village. She has introduced many renovations but the family tradition and holiday celebration remains unchanged.

Tubigon lights up, ignites for Christmas

More than 2,000 people turned out to see the big switch-on on Friday night at Tubigon’s Christmas lights at the town plaza, one of the brightest in Bohol as the enormous Christmas lights display attracts visitors from neighboring towns.

Every December, the Tubigon Plaza becomes 
one of the brightest in Bohol province as an enormous 
Christmas lights display attracts visitors from neighboring towns. 
 Photo by Leo Udtohan/Chronicle
It will be illuminated for at least 8 hours a night until January , according to James  “Jingle” Tripoli of the office of Mayor Marlon Amila.

The display has 30,000 light bulbs, twinkling icicles, life-size stables with nativity figures which were made from indigenous and recycled materials.

James Lofranco said: “We started decorating the plaza during the administration of Mayor Marlon Amila, and each year it's got bigger and bigger.”

“The switch-on is a lot of work but it's also really exciting. All our friends and family come along to help and the whole community turns out to see the lights go on,” he said.

Meanwhile, the town plaza of Calape is also truly a visual in the eyes as it is decked with numerous Christmas lights and symbols.  


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Thursday, December 18, 2014

The most Christmassy places on Bohol

Christmas is the gentlest, loveliest and most exciting festival of the year when presents are wrapped, foods are prepared and decorations are hung.
But where would you find the most Christmas spirit in Bohol? It's hard to say for certain, here are my top picks for the most Christmassy places around Bohol.
CHRISTMAS VILLAGE – Hermila “Mila” Lim loves Christmas time so much she starts decorating as early as October to enjoy her own personal village that is set up inside her house.
Each holiday season the village fills Mila Lim’s home.
From the middle of October until the middle of January
 the room is covered with glistening lights,
small buildings, snow and tiny people. 
Mila began her Christmas Village project in 2008 for her own family at her house on M. Torralba Street. Her collection of miniature Christmas houses and objects has grown since.
Mila greets visitors to her home, the start of the fun. Upon entering, a visitor immediately hears the song, “Deck the Halls with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la, la la la la... ‘Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la, la la la la...” and sees a garden decorated with small snowman figures.
Once inside, however, visitors are magically transported to an elegant festival filled with all the symbols of Christmas.
The Christmas village at the main entrance is filled with trees of green and gold, colorful mini-shops, miniature skiers up and down the slopes, carnival rides, dancers twirling to a waltz inside a gazebo, skaters in the park, Santa Claus dancing and flying on sleighs, and a Christmas train running in circles.
As you continue through the house and see Santa's kitchen and dining room where the table is festively decorated for a Christmas mealDrinking glasses and place mats bear the Christmas motif, acquired during Mila’s travels with her husband to Israel, Australia, Hong Kong and China.
If meeting Santa is on your Christmas to-do-list
 then a trip to Sierra-Bullones is a must.
The town has the tallest
and biggest Santa Claus in the country. 
Fascinated by St. Nicolas since childhood, Mila’s home has an array of Santa likenesses, in a variety of shapes and sizes collected for the past 14 years—at the doorsteps and all over inside the place. These include a drunk Santa, a photographer Santa, a Santa Claus band, Santa in a parachute, singing and dancing Santas with reindeer and even a Tarzan Santa. Another hallmark of the home is an animated fireplace.
“It's fixed up like a little city. It gives me joy," she said with a laugh.
Mila and her husband, Teofilo, own one of the biggest liquified petroleum gas (LPG) dealership firms in Tagbilaran City.
Note: A must-see. Christmas lights adorn the houses of Allan Lumanao in Tomas Cloma Avenue cor Graham Avenue, Booy District, Tagbilaran City and Rosalinda Paredes in Dauis.
Thousands of twinkle lights bring holiday cheer
 to people at the Tagbilaran City Hall Compound. – 
The Tagbilaran City Hall turns into one of the country's most magical capitals this year’s Christmas, thanks to the thousands of festive lights and decorations. The silver and white motif provided a wonderful ambience in the midst of the on-going city hall rebuilding.
The Christmas tree at Plaza Rizal. -LPU
Sparkling Christmas lights have been placed in the trees inside the FCB Main Building Compound in Taloto District, this city. They have the biggest belen, too.
The light displays at the Plaza Rizal regularly dazzle residents.  This year, a giant Christmas tree adorned with Christmas gifts attracts visitors.
Christmas would obviously not be Christmas without Santa Claus, Pere Noel or Father Christmas. Whatever the name, his popularity among children (and many adults) is perennial.
That’s why the municipality of Sierra-Bullones has the 25-feet Santa Claus, probably the tallest in the country and in the world. It took one month to finish the foundation of the Santa Claus; and two weeks to dress the Santa Claus. According to Mayor’s Office, it should be ready before the town's fiesta on Dec. 8. Their Santa Claus is a white-bearded man wearing a red coat with white collar and cuffs, white-cuffed red trousers, and black leather belt and boots. It has eyeglasses, too. His other hand is carrying a bag and the other hand is making a high-five sign.
The giant Santa Claus inside
 the Island City Mall. 
An animated moving Santa is sure to attract attention inside the Island City Mall. Santa has no elves but he has reindeers to help him.
Why do we love Christmas trees? To help spread the holiday cheer, the Alturas Mall has the oh-so-bright evergreens for your viewing pleasure.  The Christmas tree of the Metro Centre Hotel has the lanky conifers with long, graceful branches seem particularly enchanting to all.
Above all, the home is the most Christmassy place because it is engulfed with love, peace and unity as the season of Christmas should be.

Various parols and belens are displayed at Tubigon town plaza to bring more cheer to this year’s Christmas celebration. The holiday ambience that Tubigon affords its visitors is making the place as one of the Most Christmassy Places on Bohol. 
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Miss Bohol Sandugo book on its 60th


Scene: Gheleo Rey Caslib, a seaman, and Dhess Escleto, a supervisor of La Vista BQ Mall, exchanged marriage vows last Nov. 30 at the UCCP Dr. Graham Memorial Church, Inc. The wedding was officiated by Rev. George Lungay and Rev. Leon Maniwan.

Scene: The Ubayanus Kru from San Pascual, Ubay, Bohol made it to the weekly finals rounds on ABS-CBN late-morning show Showtime last Nov. 26. However, they didn’t make it to the monthly finals rounds. Ubayanus Kru weekly finals performance, according to the judges, was kumpletos rekados, a complete meal. They have dancers, a beatboxer (Aldrin Palaca), a soloist and a harper. All the judges and madlang people were really impressed about their revealed performance that they garnered a perfect 10 scores from madlang pipol. “Yung nagbebeatbox (referring to Aldrin Palaca) pare, ang galing mo bro, yung naguitar, nag-harp. Tapos yung bata may matandang tao sa katawan niya. Ang pinaka-best sa inyo makayaban, Pinoy na Pinoy kayo. Mahal kayo ng tao, yung charisma at dating ninyo ng mga tao malayo mararating ninyo,” said Jericho Rosales.Meantime, showbiz beckons. Showtime has taught Ubayanus Kru to hone their craft.

Seen: 2011 Miss Universe 3rd runner-up Shamcey Supsup will lead the Bluewater family in lighting up the entire resort with festive parols, handcrafted lanterns made from indigenous materials tonight, Dec. 4.  Possibly Shamcey will sing with CenterStage band as they will be playing the best of Christmas songs during the parol lighting. To book a table for the dinner-for-a-cause with Shamcey Supsup, call 0922 8779059 and look for Alma Mondigo or visit

Seen: The unprecedented 19th straight overall championship of Cebu City athletes of the 2011 Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association (CVIRAA) Meet held in Tagbilaran City. Around 7,000 athletes from all over the region (Bais, Bayawan, Bogo, Bohol, Carcar, Cebu, Cebu Province, Danao, Dumaguete, Guihulngan, Lapu-Lapu, Mandaue, Naga, Negros Oriental, Siquijor, Tagbilaran, Talisay, Tanjay and Toledo) plunged into action in archery, arnis, athletics, badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, chess, football, gymnastics, lawn tennis, sipa, sepak takraw, softball, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo and volleyball. This year’s edition had no dancesport competition but had a cultural presentation such as balitaw, vocal solo, folk dance and kundiman ni Dr. Jose Rizal.

Miniature Christmas village attracts visitors

Edward Guyano aka Inday Charity (left) and your columnist at the Christmas village of Mila Lim (center). Photo by Liza Macalandag
Now on its third year, the miniature Christmas Village of Mila Lim has fascinated visitors and friends who visit it during the holidays.

The Christmas Village is a decorative, miniature village occupying the main entrance of her house. It’s literally filled with trees of green and gold, colorful mini-shops, miniature skiers up and down the slopes, carnival rides, dancers twirling to a waltz inside a gazebo, skaters in the park, Santa Clauses dancing and flying on sleighs and a choo-choo train running in circles. 
"My Christmas village has 53 houses and I have 118 Santa Claus collections," shared Mila.

Mila started the project in 2008 and has since increased her collection of miniature Christmas houses and objects. Some of the items were bought during her travels abroad, while others were gifts from her friends.

When she was a child, Mila said she was fascinated by Santa Claus so she decided to collect Santa Claus for a decade now. To date, she has 115 Santa Claus.
Scattered throughout are Santa Claus in all shades and shapes. There are singing and dancing santas, and ala Tarzan santa. Even her glasses and place mats are in Christmas motif.

Importantly, Christmas music coming from the village and the sala boosts the festive atmosphere.

The Christmas Village will run until Jan. 8, 2012, the Feast of the Three Kings (Epiphany of the Lord) at the House of Mila Lim along M. Torralba Street (at the back of the Gov. Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital).

(Thanks Liza Macalandag for the pictures! Edward Guyano is all smiles.)


Four years from now, the province’s oldest beauty pageant, the Miss Bohol Sandugo, will celebrate its 60th year.

The memory of those lovely and enchanting ladies who made their mark in the Miss Bohol pageant arena would always linger in the minds of pageant aficionados.

“Don’t you wish we will write a book about the Miss Bohol winners?” asked Bohol’s seasoned host and personality guru Raul Gatal. Yes, why not?

1977 beauties. The Top Three were all from the then Divine Word College now Holy Name University From L-R: 1st RU Antoniette Biloy, Miss DWCT, 1977 Most Beautiful Boholana Ellen "Jick Jick" Campbell, Miss Tagbilaran City, 2nd RU Angie Pepito, Miss Rotary Club of Tagbilaran City
Churning out a book recording the history of Miss Bohol is a history in itself. I was approached by Raul in the latter part of 2004 about his initial plan to make a book.  He got a nod from Prof. Marianito Jose Luspo. Raul wanted a coffee -table book to commemorate the pageant.  As Raul soldiered on, however, the project didn’t materialize.

Winners come and go. It is a high time that the Miss Bohol Sandugo deserves a book on its 60th.

Here’s a fond lookback (some interesting trivia) at the Miss Bohol Sandugo winners, courtesy of Raul :

• The 1956 Miss Bohol Paula Raagas Valles became a mayor of her town Maribojoc.

Olivia Solis, the 1957 winner, became famous for the Visayan serial radio drama song "Dawata na Olivia" which was composed especially for her. It was a sentimental journey home when she graced the 2000 Miss Calape pageant where her ageless beauty and charm were admired by one and all.

• The 1962 Miss Bohol, the very regal and elegant Delia Canda- de la Serna represented Bohol in the 1962 Miss Philippines Pageant which selected the country's bet for the 1963 Miss Universe Pageant. Delia was selected as Miss Visayas or 3rd runner up to Lalaine Benett who became the 1963 Miss Universe 3rd runner up. 

•The 1968 Miss Bohol that was organized by the Bohol Jaycees selected the province's bets to the 1968 Binibining Pilipinas Pageant.  Theoprolia Clarin Parras and Emma Mumar were Bohol's bets to the country's most prestigious pageant. Miss Mumar was declared one of the 15 semi- finalists in the 1968 edition of Bb Pilipinas.

 • In 1976, the pageant was relaunched as The Search for the Most Beautiful Boholana. It was won by Divine Word College's bet, Lou Minoza.

Ellen Campbell
 • The 1977 pageant attracted 34 candidates who represented towns, the city, schools, civic and business clubs. The winner was the vivacious Ellen Jick Jick" Campbell who represented Tagbilaran City. Her 1st RU was Miss DWCT'S Antoniette Biloy. 2nd RU was Angie Pepito, Miss Rotary Club of Tagbilaran. Rounding out the Top Seven were the candidates from Garcia Hernandez, Tubigon, Jagna and Loon.  Ellen "Jick Jick" Campbell passed away in Feb 2001 after losing the battle with the big C. She would always be remembered as one of the loveliest Miss Bohol winners.

• In 1978, the pageant was won by the well- bred Geraldine Galang of Carmen who represented DWCT. She officially became Miss Divine Word College in 1979.

 • The 1983 edition that was organized by the then Kabataang Barangay Prov'l Chair Hon. Edgar Chatto was aptly named Miss Young Bohol. It holds the record of having the most number of candidates with a total of 37 girls from around Bohol. It was won by Marcelina Marcel Orimaco Gatal of Tagbilaran City who was also adjudged Best in Gown for her unforgettable red and white serpentina evening gown which she carried with elan and poise. Her runners up included Josephine Joy Tago Miss Dimiao. She is now Dr. Joy Yap, a very successful dentist. Another runner up was Miss Loboc, Tessie Labunog now Mrs. Tessie Sumampong of Loboc Riverwatch fame. A year before the 1983 Miss Young Bohol, Ms Gatal was also chosen Hiyas ng Silangan- Bohol and represented the province in the National Finals of Hiyas ng Silangan- Philippines held at the Ramada Hotel in Manila where she was adjudged Miss Talent and later chosen as one of the Top Ten Finalists. 

 • 1986 was a transition period for the Philippines for it was the year that Pres. Marcos was deposed and the Yellow Fever had swept the country- side. Then Bohol OIC Governor Victor de las Serna approved the holding of a Miss Bohol pageant that would start from the barangay level to really pick the most beautiful Boholana for that year. The statuesque and very sophisticated Gemma Manding of Tagbilaran City won in a province- wide beauty search that was participated in by all municipalities and the city in a pageant that had weekly elimination rounds prior to the grand coronation night. Miss Manding stood out and outshone all the other girls during the pageant night and swept almost all the special titles and corporate awards. The Philippine Airlines International F.A. and wife to City Councilor Hon. Beben Inting has maintained her regal bearing and retained the gorgeous looks and whistle- bait figure that won for her the Miss Bohol crown in 1986.


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