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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Anna Maris Igpit engaged to Aussie football player

Boholana beauty queen Anna Maris Arcay Igpit is ready to walk down the aisle.

Anna Maris Igpit and Tommy Taylor. 
(Photo taken from Anna Maris Igpit’s Instagram account)
Maris is now engaged to Aussie football player Thomas “Tommy” Luke Taylor.

Maris shared the happy news on her Instagram page, posting a photo of her showing off her new bling. 

"On a romantic night in the beautiful island of Panglao...i said YES!!!," Maris captioned the photo. She and Taylor have been dating for years.

Taylor also posted on Facebook, “The love of my life Anna Maris Igpit .. She said Yess!!! #happiestmanalive#loveyoububz.”

Taylor is the midfielder of the Kaya Futbol Club, a Filipino association football club based in Makati City. They are currently playing in the first division of the United Football League.

Maris was crowned Miss Bohol Sandugo 2005 and Bb. Pilipinas-World 2006. She was behind the Oplan Bangon Bohol campaign to help the victims of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Bohol in 2013.  

As soon as Maris announced the engagement, her Facebook was flooded with congratulations and wishes.

Anna Maris Igpit shares 
a glimpse of her engagement 
ring. (Photo taken from Anna Maris Igpit’s Instagram account)
During the AYBM's 17th anniversary last Aug. 17, Maris and Taylor attended the event together.

“Engaged...congrats to my daughter Anna Maris Igpit! I’m happy for you...,” said Maricor Igpit, Maris mom.

No wedding date has been set.

Another yummy place in Panglao

Binalot Panglao is one of Bohol’s hidden culinary gems that offers Filipino dishes wrapped in banana leaves.

In Filipino, binalot means “wrapped.”  The owner of Binalot Rommel Juan had been inspired by his memories from childhood, when food used to be served in banana leaves during family picnics. The re-discovery of an age-old but very clever Filipino dining practice much better than styrofoam lunch packs – banana leaves! The “banana leaves” are a welcome, refreshing substitute to the non-biodegradable styrofoam box.

“I like the way the taste stays even after you ate them,” shares Bon Ryan Bongato. “It's affordable and great to eat during the mountain side and island hopping tours, beach party and any other types of party, family gathering and even just eating within our homes.” 

Binalot Panglao feels so Filipino with their Filipino
 foods wrapped in banana leaf.
Ian Grupo says, “I love the taste... Good and cheap food in the area. I want to go back here.”

Bestsellers at Binalot Panglao restaurant are their Tapa rap sarap (P99), Vivo Tocino (P85), Sinigang with a bang (P85), Pork bongga longganisa ( P85), Its dat you pork BBQ (P85), Bistek Walasyik (P99), No bones daing nab angus (P99), Anytime Inihaw na baboy (P109),   Sisig na makisig (P80), Pride Tilapia (P99) and Fiesta Adobo (All pork for P104, All chicken for P124, and chicken and pork for P114).

They have also their Ulam sa Bilao for parties, family picnic, school blowout and barkada gimmick.

To end your meal, make sure to order the halo halo and mais con yelo.

Visit Binalot Panglao at #2, Tawala, Panglao.  For
Binalot Panglao offers affordable and yummy Filipino foods.
inquiries and deliveries, call Binalot Panglao at (038) 502-4946 or 0925-5004627.


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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Queenie Fullante: ‘My personality makes me a winner!’

Miss Dauis Queenie Melody Fullante has won the title of Miss Bohol: The Quintessential Boholana 2014, in a glittering ceremony on Saturday night.

Queenie, 21 (Pisces, March 10, 1993), beat out 17 other fellow beauty queens to claim the title. She received P50,000 cash prize, trophy, sash, bouquet of flowers and other special prizes.

Her night started to take a turn for the fabulously possible when she was named one of Top 5 shortly after the show got underway.

Queenie (center) and her court
Other runner-ups, judged on interviews, evening gowns and swimsuits were: Mary Rose Butalid of Panglao as first runner-up; Geraldine Topsnik of Tagbilaran City as second runner-up; Jaya Lozano from Tubigon as third runner-up and Imaculada Cleofe Leopardas of Barbra Pearls Cosmetics as fourth runner-up.

Many people compared Queenie as Venus Raj deadringer. She even had encounters with people who mistake her for Venus but she is not riding on the wave of being Venus Raj’s look-alike during the pageant.

“I think to have Venus Raj’s aura is just a factor for me to be noticed onstage,” said Queenie. “What I consider my edge for winning the crown is my commitment to serve Bohol with all my heart, which was exuded by the sincerity I have shown while performing on stage.”

Before winning the title, Queenie was first runner-up in Miss Dauis 2011, Ms. UB-College of Business and Accountancy 2012 and Ms. UB Personality 2012.

Queenie is a half-Bengali half-Filipina who works as an NGO worker that provides shelter to disaster hit areas.  She grew up under the care of her aunt while her mother is working in Manila. She finished Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at University of Bohol. She hopes to be a merchant to be able to travel and meet people from all walks of life.

She describes herself as just an average person but for the next 365 days, she’ll be anything but as she is now Miss Bohol: The Quintessential Boholana 2014.

Queenie Melody Fullante on winning the crown: ‘It defines the purity of my intention for what is in the crown.’
Let’s go straight to the crucial Q&A.

When did you realize that you are Miss Bohol? During the coronation night or the morning after? It was such a pleasure to be crowned Miss Bohol on July 19, 2014. Such was, if I may say a public recognition of the many beautiful gifts and talents God has given me. Thus, this crown is a symbol of the God-given beauty and talents that I have and at the same time of the responsibilities to take good care, uphold and use all these to inspire all the Boholanos to appreciate what they have received from God and use them well.

What are your winning traits? My personality makes me a winner. Basing from the feedbacks I garnered from Miss Bohol pageant, I exude a strong personality. It sums up my physical, mental, emotional, and social characteristic as an individual. My being comfortable with my skin, with my skills and with everything that I have, is reflected in my personality and that’s what makes me come out and be of service to my community with enough confidence.

Do you have secrets sustaining your poise, your grace under pressure, especially during the crucial points in any contest? I’ll take Miss Anna Maris Igpit’s words that practice makes permanent. Indeed, it’s true enough. In the early part of our Miss Bohol journey, I don’t have that poise. I don’t know how to handle pressure with such grace. But with my team’s help, I was able to achieve that poise and grace under pressure through constant practice until such time that my system got used to it. Aside from practice, is focus. Don’t compare your performance with the other candidates, focus on yourself. Focus on the points that you need to improve and work on it one at a time. Above all, pray, pray, and pray. Praying is my greatest secret and the most effective among others.

What is your best asset and why? My best asset is my winning trait. It’s my personality. I am not the prettiest nor the smartest in our batch but I have a well-honed personality. It defines the purity of my intention for what is in the crown. It reflects the commitment I have to the advocacies of Miss Bohol. And it’s what makes me who I really am.

Would you rather be smart but not too beautiful, or beautiful but not too smart? God has given me everything. We are all equipped by God, it’s just a matter of how we use it. Therefore, life is not a matter of choosing whether one has to be beautiful or smart but instead it is how one appreciates these gifts and use them well to make life even more beautiful.

What do you think is the biggest decision that you’ve made in your life?  College is a crucial stage for students because it is here where we are starting our journey to the real world. And a lot of my big decisions were made during my college years. The biggest is taking up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy when in reality I just want to take up Tourism or Psychology. I took up Accountancy because I was thinking of the job opportunities that await. And because it’s not really my passion, I had a struggle during my college years. Nevertheless, I have no regrets for taking up BSA. I believe it was my fate to take that path, because it is the place where I really developed holistically. I was intellectually challenged, I met my true friends (the Eksangels), and I have unwrapped my skills and unleashed my potentials.

How relevant are beauty contests today? Beauty contests reveal what constitutes true beauty. It is one of the avenues for women to share their thoughts and open up their stand on matters in the society, where they can be heard and their opinions could be considered. It is where we can foray our advocacies for the enrichment of our society.

Do you think that women today are on equal footing with men? Woman was created from a man’s ribs. Not from his head to be above him or from his foot to be stepped upon, but from his side to complement each other. Men and women from the very beginning has always been equal and will always be.

What is your stand on PDAF scam? The people are already annoyed and so stressed of the many enumerable issues on corruption of government officials at all levels, national and local. Very disgusting, discouraging, exhausting and etc. but, there is always hope and a future so bright that awaits us. Recovery of our dying moral values is what we need to focus now. This may be difficult for those who have been in the system for quite a long time but so much hope is given to the younger generations.

Who’s your role model?  Tyra Lynne Banks. I look up to her not just because we have the same skin complexion but because I admire her ideals. Along her way to stardom she met rejection and discrimination. However, she conquered her dreams and became a pioneer in her undertakings. Most of all, she is active in social and charitable causes. She has a foundation aimed at developing teenage girl’s independence and self-esteem. For me, she shows not what a role model is but HOW a role model should be.

Any other woman whom you admire? St. Theresa of Calcutta. I admire how she used her fragile self to alleviate the sufferings of many. She inspires me to use my title in giving my selfless service without reservations to my fellow Boholanoswho are in dire need of care.

Queenie Melody Fullante describes herself as just an average person but for the next 365 days, she’ll be anything but as she is now Miss Bohol: The Quintessential Boholana 2014.   

Do you have a boyfriend? Not applicable. I never had one since birth. (Laughs)

What qualities do you want in a man? These seven (7) qualities that I found in the net capsulizes my ideal man.  (1)The Romantic Guy. He believes in classic romance. He is constantly bringing me flowers and chocolate and lighting candles during dinner. He calls me often to let me know he is thinking about me and looks into my eyes and tells me how he feels; (2) The Confident Guy. He is totally secure and sure of himself. He is assertive in public and gives off an aura of power and control (within reason of course, as the "cocky guy" is not on this list). In a relationship, he doesn't get jealous of other men; he doesn't feel threatened by my male friends or coworkers; (3) The Artistic Guy. The artistic guy is spontaneous and lives for the moment. Often, he will use his creativity to woo me, such as with a song he has written about me or a painting he has made for me; (4) The Foreign Guy. Note that you don't have to actually be foreign to fit into this category. If you are well-traveled or speak many languages, you might be able to pull off the charm as well as any sweet-talking foreigner. He might have a cute accent or a unique way of seeing the world. His social customs and everyday behavior can be a little quirky, but he always manages to come off as uniquely charming; (5) The Free Spirit Guy (aka the Bad Boy). The free spirit guy goes where the wind takes him — and the wind usually takes him on some kind of wacky adventure. He might ride a motorcycle, or he might skip work to take me on a last-minute road trip, but this guy doesn't worry too much about the consequences; he just sees where his own devices take him; (6) The Intelligent/Witty Guy. He instigates conversations that are intellectually stimulating and listens to what I have to say in response. He makes me laugh with his clever sense of humor and has an uncanny ability to make politics interesting. He can shoot the breeze with me for hours and it will never get boring; and (7) The Considerate Guy. He holds open my car door and pulls out my chair. He foots the bill for dinner and makes sure to offer me dessert. He always asks me out with reasonable notice and picks me up at my door. He is generally sensitive to how I am feeling and when I am ready to go home.

What advocacy experience do you have? Maybe you have an important message to share ... and Miss Bohol would be the venue or forum to start your advocacies. One of my advocacies is strengthening the Boholano Christian Values in the context of family. And as a member of the Diocesan Community of Evangelizers, I have been very active in the formation of Christian values in our parish. The identity of a Boholano is always anchored in the family. It is therefore but necessary to strengthen the Boholano culture and family values should we want Bohol to become even more beautiful and livable. 

How would you lure tourists to Bohol after the killer quake? The killer quake had shaken our land and had fallen some of our beautiful structures, but did not in any way destroy our people. Bohol can always attract tourists with the kind of people it has. We never failed to treat our visitors with due hospitality. Despite the different instances that we are in, we are still able to smile and make others feel comfortable in their stay in Bohol. It is here where tourists can find comfort and fun, especially now that we are rising from last year’s devastation and is becoming an even better Bohol.

Young people today are liberated and adventurous, willing to try everything. What's your stand on pre-marital sex? Pleasure is always coupled with responsibility. Sex for the mere experience of it or for pleasure is a big NO. It must always be within the context of marriage. Only in marriage is the fullness of sex experienced.

If you were to change something in yourself, what would it be? I am very much comfortable with myself that I don’t have to think of any qualities that I have that needed to be changed. In fact, I have been crowned Miss Bohol for what I am and what I have. Everything in me is a blessing and my challenge is to use these blessings to inspire others and embrace themselves.

What is your favorite quote? “Do your best and God will do the rest”. This has been my mantra in all my endeavors and it really works. By saying this, I am enlightened and empowered to give out my best no matter what the result maybe because I am confident that God is always there to back me up.

Describe yourself in three (3) words: Quintessential. Magnanimous. Fabulous.

What is the essence of Miss Bohol? Miss Bohol is a prestigious pageant where we, young women are able to express our opinions on matters not just concerning ourselves but the society as a whole. It is an avenue for us to showcase our God-given Boholana beauties and skills. It enables us to influence positively the community through the ideals that we show off. And it molds our personalities helping us to become better individuals.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Miss Bohol Sandugo: Idy Cagas of Jagna wins 2012 crown

Mortreux Credit: Tracy Torres
Scene: Blessed with silky fine white complexion and a face that could launch a thousand ships, Karen Mortreux won the title Miss Silka Bohol 2012 last July 19. Mortreux is the reigning ICM Miss Teen Earth. Other finalists were: Marie Gigi Galacio (ICM Calendar Girl 2011 first runner up), first runner-up; Irish May Clenuar (ICM Ms Teen Earth 1st runner-up), second runner-up; and Candy Cumayas, third runner-up. Mortreux will represent Bohol to the Miss Silka 2012. The annual search is presented by Cosmetique Asia makers of Silka beauty products and Juicy Cologne.
Scene: Bohol third district Rep. Arthur Yap has made to good use his diplomatic experience in seeking donations from abroad in his effort to continuously provide assistance for the needs and development of the towns in his district.
Recently, Rep. Yap has secured five firetrucks and three ambulances from Japan, which will be donated to some towns in the third district to enhance the capability of the towns in responding to emergencies by utilizing these vehicles. 
Last Monday, Rep. Yap turned-over one fire truck he secured from Ibaraki Prefectural Assembly of Shimotsuma City to LGU Loay attended by the officials of Shimotsuma City.
“We are very thankful to Rep. Arthur Yap and our Japanese friends for donating the fire truck. This will be a big help to our firemen,” said Mayor Rosemarie Imboy.
Rep. Arthur Yap (first row, 3rd from left) with provincial board member Brigido Imboy, Loay Mayor Rosemarie Imboy and Japanese donors during the turn-over ceremony. -LPU
Rep. Yap in his speech said that “with this firetruck, I believe that the local authorities will be able to attend to emergencies more effectively, save more lives and better prevent the destruction of properties and livelihoods, and thus enhance the human security of the local people.”
Said Masuda Seigo, chairman of Shimotsuma City Council: “The city of Shimotsuma has been active in keeping the population safe from fire and this truck has been used in doing so... we would like the Loay municipality to receive the truck because this truck has been of service to Shimotsuma." 
Scene: Thousands of job seekers have been provided job referrals and employment placement assistance to different job sites locally and overseas, thanks to the Bohol Employment and Placement Office (BEPO).
Last week, BEPO had facilitated the mobile services of national agencies as part of their regular programs.  National agencies which do not have full service offices in Bohol like PRC, NSO, LTFRB and DFA are invited to conduct mobile services in the province on a regular basis.  Over the years, thousands of clients mostly job seekers, public school teachers and other professionals have benefited the Mobile Services with the convenience of transacting with those agencies right here in the province. 
“It’s bringing government services closer to the people," says  Romy Tagaan, head of BEPO. He is also supported by Ma. Vilma Yorong, PESO manager,  Erlie Heramis, mobile services coordinator, Gay Manolong and Villa Lopena, admin officers, Reinerio Augusto Real, consultant on OFW matters, Robert Cister, STARS project coordinator and a team of job order workers. 
The Miss Bohol Sandugo beauty pageant crowned a new titleholder on Friday, July 20: Idy Caseñas Cagas of Pundok Jagnaanon.

The 22-year-old beat out Mariecris Evardo of Tubigon to win the title and will take over from reigning Miss Bohol Sandugo Farrah Faye Mian of Tubigon.  The other finalist was Grace Sansen Mae Abong (Miss Biasong Loon, second runner-up).
Cagas also won best in production number, while Evardo was declared Best in Talent. 
Jagnaanon beauty Idy Cagas wins the title of 2012 Miss Bohol Sandugo on Friday. -LPU
The pageant was divided into three categories - swimsuit, evening gown and interview - and Cagas wowed the judges.
Miss Bohol Sandugo 2008 first-runner-up Chandrina Elluiska Schreurs and Miss Bohol Sandugo 2008 2nd runner-up Joana Pilayre, served as co-hosts for the pageant, while Glenn Manigque emceed this year's pageant.

Cagas, who said that men and women are created equal during the final interview, shared that winning the crown is her dream. “Yes, I have always dreamed to be a beauty queen, a dream I share with my grandmother,” Cagas told Bared after the pageant.
From left: Mariecris Evardo of Tubigon (first runner-up), Idy Cagas (Miss Bohol Sandugo 2012), and Grace Sansen Mae Abong of Biasong, Loon (second runner-up). -LPU
It was her grandma, the late Petra Caseñas, who told her to join Miss Bohol Sandugo.
“My secret in sustaining my poise and grace under pressure especially during Q and A is never failing to ask God’s enlightenment and guidance,” said Cagas.
Cagas is the fifth Jagnaanon to win the Miss Bohol Sandugo title. The town's entries successively triumphed from 1990 to 1992: Tiffany Yap (1990), Ma. Recelle Adlaon (1991) and Celevel Ranoco (1992). Also in 2003, Fatima Liora Lloren Rana was crowned Miss Bohol Sandugo.
Jagna is the only town in Bohol that has the most number of Miss Bohol Sandugo winners.
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