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Jun Gutierrez is always alerto, Miss Silka Bohol 2012 and other juicy items

Jun Gutierrez is always alerto
Salamat po, doctor and other juicy items
Scene: The much-awaited fight between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley Jr. will be shown live and for free in some places in Bohol today, June 10. The Pacquiao-Bradley fight will be held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, with 14-year-old Filipina and New Jersey-based Kirby Asunto rendering the Philippine national anthem and AI first runner-up Jessica Sanchez singing the American national anthem. Where to watch for free? For the nth time, Geresonic (along Ma. Clara Street) and Diccion Electronics (along CPG Avenue fronting the Bohol Cultural Center) will have free showings for their parokyano. If you want to witness the fight on a wide screen, go to Island City Mall Screenville Cinema and BQ Mall Cinema.
Seen: At 63, Virgilio Ganade Penticase of Catarman, Dauis, is the oldest student in Bohol. He is a Grade 7 student at Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School (DCPNHS).  Nong Viriglio is one of the 1, 183 Grade 7 students of DCPNHS. Nong Virgilio said: "Para makamao ko. Guwapo gud makamao ta gamay. Mao nga nakahukom ko moeskwela karung tuiga para naay hibal-an gamay. Sagaran tuntuhon sa mga tawo karun mao ang mga ignorante." Also DCPNHS Head Teacher III Mrs. Concepcion Bagotchay confirmed the increase of students this school year.
dyRD field reporter Alerto Jun Gutierrez with Virgilio Ganade Penticase, a Grade 7 student of Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School.
Scene:  Thirty-five elementary students of Totolan Elem. School in Dauis were hospitalized for food poisoning after eating the fruit of 'tuba-tuba' last Friday, June 8. According to the victims, a classmate gave them the nuts to eat, not knowing they were poisonous.  School principal Saturnina Arcamo said they gave first aid to the kids before bringing them to the hospital.  In July 2007, 21 pupils were downed for eating tuba-tuba nuts. In 2005, more than 100 schoolkids were hospitalized and 22 died in Mabini Food Poisoning. Tuba-tuba or jatropha, is considered as one of the country's most promising source of bio-fuel today because its nuts contained oil that can be processed into biodiesel fuel.
Some of the victims of the mass poisoning
Scene:  Women want the perfect thighs and butt. Beauty watchers said that nothing is sexier than the thighs and gluteus maximus built to perfection. Case in point: These two women from “the other side of the Choco Hills” who want to increase the size of their booty. They sought help from a cosmetic doctor in Cebu City only to find out that the doctor is fake and their buttocks got infected following injections of collagen. The two complainants, aged 34 and 37, sought the help of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group in Central Visayas (CIDG-7) to trap the fake doctor. The suspect, Gloria Rabor, allegedly performed buttock augmentation procedures on without a license and charged them P60,000 each. Health authorities have also issued a warning against using the services of unlicensed cosmetic surgeons or practitioners, saying consequences could be fatal.
Babam turns 4
The birthday girl Princess Jasmine Babam with her birthday cake.
Athalia Jezka  Karielle, known by everyone as Babam, turned 4 last June 3  with  a children’s play party celebration. Babam and her friends and loved ones had a great time playing at the Playhaus at ICM Mall, which was made exclusive for her group at that time. After the fun at the Playhauz, everybody proceeded to The Prawn Farm, also at ICM Mall, for another sumptuous treat.
Babam looked so cute in her Princess Jasmine costume which was prepared by her dotting grandma Leah Tirol-Magno. The very pretty fondant cake was specially made by Charmaine “Cheng” Dumadag-Usares following the design that Babam herself chose. 
Babam is the daughter of Tsino Y. Lim and Karla “Am-Am” Tirol Magno.
15 candidates vie for Miss Silka Bohol 2012
Some of the candidates
Fifteen candidates are vying for the Miss Silka Bohol 2012 title.
The contestants aged 15-21 years old were presented to the public last Friday at the Island City Mall Activity Center. They are Christine Mae Cuarto, Maeveen  Marie Durban, Marie Joy Pabon, Gladys Mae Sinconiegue, Marie Gigi Galacio, Michelle Juguan, Candy Cumayas, Erica Jane Mejos, Marylle Paloso, Mitch Ara Acebu, Dina Tangub, Jeza Bucog, Lara Ann Lumayag, Karen Montreux and Irish Mae Cleunar.
The talent competition on June 23 at the BQ Mall at 4 p.m. Coronation night will be on July 19 at the Holy Name University gym at 8:30 p.m. And the winner will represent Bohol in the annual search for Miss Silka Philippines in Manila.
The search for Miss Silka is an annual endeavor of Cosmetique Asia Corporation, makers of Miss Silka beauty products which have been growing each year in terms of prices and grandeur. 
Jun Gutierrez is always alerto
Alerto Jun Gutierrez reports the news as it is.
Last Friday, while we were attending a presscon, some schoolkids were brought to the hospital for food poisoning. Our media colleague, Jun Gutierrez, had to leave the venue in the name of news. I’d noticed it many times that if there’s big or breaking news, Jun would report it right away. Very alerto!
So what’s the stuff that Jun Gutierrez is made of? How far would he go in pursuit of a hot lead?
Jun Gutierrez (Alfredo Gutierrez, Jr. in real life) enjoys a unique place in Bohol broadcasting. His forte isn't limited to hospital beats but expands to interesting news stories.
Alerto Jun, as the broadcaster with that trademark name is better known, dishes out fresh news stories Monday to Saturday, morning (as early as 5 a.m.) and evening (11 p.m.) on dyRD’s toprating programs such as Radyo Balita (hosted by Cil Remolador), Patrol Balita (hosted by Atoy Cosap), Inyong Alagad (hosted by Fred Araneta, Chito Visarra and Jerry Pabe), Balita sa Udtong Tutok (hosted by Atoy Cosap), Aksyon Line (hosted by Fred Araneta), DYRD-DYZD Patrol Balita and Luyo sa Balita (hosted by Richard Bompat).
In the evening, Jun is the on-call field reporter of the toprating Tagbilaran By Nite (hosted by Jerry Pabe and Tonton Aniscal), where his beats are among the most listened news stories.
Since he took his bow as a field reporter five years ago, Jun has been, as the dyRD blurb says, travelling every nook and corner of Tagbilaran City and towns, unlocking sealed lips and going beyond the limits in search of a good story, sigh, putting his family his "second" priority? (“Not at all, I still have time for them.”)
Jun joined the radio despite his commitments as federated president of Hatod-Bohol Private Motors Service Association, president of Tagbilaran Private Motor Association, board of director of the PTA of Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School and chair of the credit committee of the Bohol Tri- Media Association.
In so short a time, Jun has established an image of credibility and affinity with his listeners. He is aware that he has giving information. “I have to double check the facts before reporting it. I see to it that is fair and square,” he says.
 A self-confessed workaholic, Jun vows to look for a lot more good stories to share to the Boholano listeners worldwide.
“I will always be a broadcaster at heart,” Jun says.
Did Jun ever suffer from burnout? He is covering the same hospital beats such gory and violent incidents. “No. I try to inject a fresh perspective in every story.”
Jun cites a bank security guard who was killed years ago and land fissures in Sierra-Bullones as one of his most memorable breaking news stories.
For the third time, Jun is awarded as “best reporter for special events” by the Association of Writers and Radio Announcers (Awra).
Maintaining many reports can only mean a punishing schedule. Jun researches, writes the stories, and reports live as possible while the news is happening.
A father of four, Jun says love for his work is what drives him, next, of course, to his family.
Unknown to many, Jun has helped hundreds of people as a reporter. He doesn’t adapt a "stone heart" when he reports the news, especially the poor fellowmen in the hospital (those who have no money to pay the excess hospital bills, no food to eat, no money to buy a medicine) who ask for help. “I am also affected. It’s always good to be human.”
Jun has always aimed to make a difference.  In some instances, while we were covering a dengue story at the Dr. Celestino Gallares Regional Memorial Hospital, an old woman approached Jun. She’s asking for help to buy medicines for her apo. Why Jun? She said: “Among nakit-an nga makatabang siya namo sa among kahimtang karun diri sa hospital (We see that he can help us in our needs).”
“It’s out of my job as a reporter pero as human being we need to help other people. I look for resources as possible to help them. I told them to go to dyRD’s Inyong Alagad for help or find help from our leaders,” he says.
When Jun was somewhere in Bilar for a coverage, an old woman came to hug him. Surprised, the woman told him, “ako to imong gitabangan Sir nga makagawas sa hospital kay walay ikabayad. Dako akong pasalamat nimo (It’s me whom you have helped when I was not able to pay my hospital bills. I am forever grateful to you).”
“It’s personal, walay labot sa akong job pero malipay ko makatabang basin ginagmay (It’s not part of my job, I am happy I can help)” he says.
That is how Jun put his heart on his news.


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