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A dream come true

YouTube sensation Mikey Bustos: ‘I’m flying in Bohol!’ Credit: Michael Enriquez of A Different Story Productions

Seen: Filipino YouTube sensation Mikey Bustos, the comedic talent behind a series of wacky Filipino "language tutorials" that have gone viral online attracting millions — and counting, was spotted in Bohol last week.
Doing a viral video on Bohol, he visited the tarsier sanctuary and the Loboc River where he was entertained by Tessie Labunog-Sumampong of Loboc Riverwatch.
“After a sweet buffet on a river cruise today, I danced the Tinikling on a floating raft on a river in the middle of the Bohol jungle to kids and seniors playing little guitars,” posted Mikey on his Facebook fanpage.
“Wow! Bohol is awesome! I can't believe how many fans I have out here. The welcome has been the best part! Everyone loves Mang Juan!  Also hung out with Tarsiers and did a 1 minute long zipline over a thousand foot high canyon and river,” said Mikey.
Mikey also met Prony and Paloma. He visited Panglao beaches “unbelievably a hundred times more gorgeous than any Mexican or Cuban beach I've ever seen.”
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After eight long years of not winning the crown, Jagna comes back big with a win, thanks to Idy Caseñas Cagas who has ended the Jagna curse.
The winning smiles of Miss Bohol Sandugo 2012 Idy Cagas- LPU
The “Beauty Capital of Bohol,” Jagna now has five Miss Bohol Sandugo titlists. They won three in a row back in 1990 (Tiffany Yap), 1991 (Ma. Recelle Adlaon) and 1992 (Celevel Ranoco), two back- to- back first runners- up in 1994 and 1995. Jagna didn’t join in 1996 to 2000. Jagna joined again in 2001 and placed second runner-up before winning again in 2003 (Fatima Liora Lloren Rana) and again this year.
Some have referred to this comeback as the proverbial reign after a drought. As some beauty watchers who watched the coronation said, “When Jagna comes back, they come back big!”
After Idy was crowned at glittering ceremonies at the Bohol Cultural Center last July 20, Bared tried to pick the Jagnaanon’s brains by asking her some questions popped to beauty queens before they bagged the coveted crowns.
It was learned that her grandma, the late Petra Caseñas, told Idy to join Miss Bohol Sandugo. With the help of her friend, Idy said she made the smartest decision in her life.
“I always dreamed to be a beauty queen eversince I was a child, a dream I share with my grandmother. I never expected my dreams would come to reality,” said Idy, “Deciding to join Miss Bohol Sandugo this year when my good friend and make-up artist Janry Cadeliña encouraged me to join. Now I know I made the smartest decision when I said yes to him.”
A Libra (Oct. 21), Idy stands 5’3”, weighs 101 lbs., measures 34-25-35, and wears small-size shirt and size-5 shoes. Idy won Miss CVIRAA 2006, Miss Jagna 2008 and Miss USJR - Caritas 2011 first runner-up).
Why are you taking up tourism?
“Because aside from it is considered as the fastest growing industry, I felt that I belong in this field. Truth be said, at first I didn't want to take up tourism because some people view it as a brainless course. But when I started my first semester I started appreciating and loving the degree program, I was able to see for myself that it is not a brainless course. Thanks to my college professors in USJ-R who opened my eyes of what tourism is all about. It's not just about earning money, not just about showcasing attractions but at the same time protecting them and conserving them for the future generation.” 
Idy has no boyfriend!
How you will convince people here and abroad that it is more fun in Bohol?
“It is more fun here in Bohol because of its rich history and culture. Aside from that it offers wide array of activities that a tourist would enjoy, from white sand beaches of Anda and Panglao, to caves, waterfalls and springs. Its booming eco-tourism sites are also a perfect place for those who want adventure. I must say that Bohol is indeed blessed with various aspects of nature that can undoubtedly equal if not surpass the other places in the archipelago. A prove to that is the world renowned Chocolate Hills that was once nominated to be part of the New 7 Wonders of the World. The delicacies are also a must-taste just like Jagna's very own calamay. All these make Bohol a one stop destination. And of course, it is a home to warm, friendly and hospitable Bol-anons.”
What are your winning traits?
“My confidence and faith. Of course, I did not come unprepared.”
When did you realize that you are a Miss Bohol Sandugo? During the coronation night or the morning after?
“I realized that I won the pageant when the host called my name as the winner. I was very overwhelmed that night. When I wake up in the morning, it was only then that it really sunk to my mind that I am the reigning Miss Bohol Sandugo with many more in store.”
Do you have secrets sustaining your poise, your grace under pressure, especially during the crucial points in any contest?
“My secret is always asking for God's enlightenment and guidance. And reminding myself to just enjoy.”
What is your best asset and why?
“My brains, I have always considered it as my best asset because it is what I use in every decision that I make. Yes, I may have made a lot of wrong decisions but I make sure I always learn from it. Besides, I believe that my brains is the reason why my dream to be a beauty queen is no longer a dream but a reality.”  
Would you rather be smart but not too beautiful, or beautiful but not too smart?
“I'd rather be smart but not too beautiful because if you are smart you will know how to carry yourself well. Brains will get you. Besides I believe that beauty lies in the holder and physical beauty will fade.”
What do you think is the biggest decision that you’ve made in your life?
“As of this time, it would be when I decided to study in UP-Iloilo. Biggest decision because that was that was the first time that I'd be away from my family. I was very dependent that time. I really hard a hard time adjusting, but that was a learning experience for me.” 
Who’s your role model?
“My role model is my mother. She never fail to give me good advices, one that I will never forget is, "best lessons in life are learned the hard way" she taught me to respect other people so that I will also gain their respect. My mother is a strong woman who faces each challenge with grace and with a smile on her face. She knows how to properly steer her life back to its proper course.” 
Any other woman whom you admire?
“Miss Fiel Angeli Arao-arao-Gabin. I really admire her since I got to know her way back 2006, Miss CVIRAA days. She has always been there for me. She's one of my inspirations; she inspires me to be the best that I can be. There was a time when I felt so down during Ms. USJR pageant, she told me to take it as a challenge and prove to myself and not to anybody else what I am capable of doing. I wish someday I'd be able to inspire others the same way she has inspired me.”
Do you have a boyfriend?
“I don't have a boyfriend.  It's not in my list of priorities as of this time.”
If, that is a big if, you have a boyfriend now… you were to choose between your boyfriend and Miss Bohol Sandugo title, which would you choose?
“If I have a boyfriend, I’d choose Miss Bohol Sandugo title because it is a one-time deal. An opportunity that will knock only once. Being Miss Bohol Sandugo is a chance to be an ambassadress of good will, to be a role model, showing what is good, right, moral and just, traits that should be possessed in these contemporary times. Who knows, being Miss Bohol Sandugo, I might be able to inspire others also. Besides, I believe that if the guy loves me, he won't let me choose between him and the crown, he won't stop me from realizing my dreams.” 
What advocacy experience do you have? Maybe you have an important message to share ... and Miss Bohol Sandugo would be the venue or forum to start your advocacies.
“My advocacy has always been on protecting mother earth. We have already seen nature's response to man's abuse to nature. And I believe that it’s time for us to make a move and start painting the world green again. I’m so glad the last June my town Jagna has started its Growing of Trees Project. Many participated in the tree planting activities.” 
Young people today are liberated and adventurous, willing to try everything. What's your stand on pre-marital sex?
“As a Catholic, I believe that it is against the will of God. Sex is a sacred union that should only be done after receiving God's grace through the sacrament of marriage.” 
What’s your take on the transgender issue (should transgender be allowed to compete in beauty contests for women)?
“I do not agree on transgenders competing with natural-born women in beauty pageants. This is not about gender discrimination; I am in fact into gender equality. But pageants are created to empower women, while transgenders have other issues to address that can best be responded in their own circle. I believe the essence of being a woman is to bring new life, there are just certain aspects that can never be changed even if they have already undergone sex-change.”
If you were to change something in yourself, what would it be?
“I would not change anything in myself, I am happy and contented with everything in me. What i have makes me unique from the rest.”
What is your favorite quote?
“Go and reach for the stars but always keep you feet on the ground. My parents (Rudy Mariano and Zosima Caseñas Cagas of Jagna-LPU) always tell me to keep on achieving my goals and to always be humble.”
Describe yourself in three (3) words:
“God-fearing, loving, appreciative.”
What do you find sexy in a man?
“His eyes and smile and talks with sense.”
And what turns you off?
“Rude guys and somebody who can't carry a good conversation.”
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What is the essence of Miss Bohol Sandugo?
“The essence of being Miss Bohol Sandugo is to be an ambassadress, to be able to represent Bohol, being able to show the quality of a true Boholana who is strong and can handle challenges and pressure with grace and confidence, a Boholana with dignity and pride.”
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