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And the winners and losers are...

Martin Slisans Courtesy: Facebook
Scene: Martin Slisans, a Latvian national swims from Bohol to Cebu to promote RP tourism.

"This is a kind of meditation for myself and the most important thing is to promote the Philippines," said Slisans.

Slisans, 36, started swimming at around 1 a.m. from Catagbacan, Loon and reached Argao, Cebu at around 2 p.m. last Saturday, May 18. The long distance swimming was almost 30 kilometers.
Slisans visited the Philippines in 2009 and settled in Moalboal after falling in love with the beautiful countryside town.

In 2010, he swam 22 kilometers from Libertad, Negros Oriental to Moalboal.


Long distance swimming from Bohol to Cebu Photo: Leo Udtohan

From Dr. Abe Lim: I congratulate Kag. Baba Yap, the next mayor of Tagbilaran for a job well done. The election campaign offered me another view of Tagbilaran. I urge my friends and followers to support Mayor Baba's plans and services to the people of Tagbilaran."I fought a good fight. I finished the race. I keep my faith." May God bless us all.

From Atty. Dodong Gonzaga:  The people of Tagbilaran have spoken by casting their votes yesterday. I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to my followers, leaders, slate, supporters and to those who believe in my cause. God may have other plans for me in serving my fellow Tagbilaranons. Congratulations to Vice- mayor Jose Antonio Veloso, Kag Alberta Betty Co Torralba and Atty Aleckoy Lim for the victory.

From 2nd District Congressman-elect Erico Aristotle Aumentado: First of all I thank the Lord for the graces He gave to me and my family. I thank everyone for all of your undying support and for putting your trust by casting your votes on me yesterday. I appreciate all efforts contributed for the success of this new journey I now face. This venture I choose is also my dream to follow my father’s footsteps and continue his legacy. And to Aumentado family, thank you for standing by me all this time, the same way how you stood by Papa Erico. Mabuhi ang Segundo Distrito!

From Tagbilaran City Mayor-elect John Geesnell "Baba" Yap: My profound and heartfelt sense of gratitude to everyone! Your trust and confidence in my leadership will be my undying zeal and commitment to serve Tagbilaran to the best of my ability. Together, we can make our dreams come true! Together, we can make our beloved city great and prosperous! Thank you very much! I am enthusiastic that this triumph will be the catalyst of change in governance that will ensure that all the basic services will be delivered to each and every citizen! Public office is not only of public trust, it is foremost of PUBLIC SERVICE! To all Tagbilaranons, with confidence I can say; "The best has just begun!" Thank you very much and may God bless us all!

From Tagbilaran City Vice-Mayor- elect Jose Antonio Veloso:The elections have ended peacefully and the people made their choices. As a saying goes, "Vox populi, Vox dei". The voice of the people, is the voice of God. I have been so much blessed when i was put back as Vice-Mayor of the City of Tagbilaran. My dear brothers and sisters in Tagbilaran, thank you for the trust you have given me. Kini ang inyong amigo TOTO VELOSO.

Thank heavens that Mrs. Peregrina "Greenie" Cabagnot-Aumentado's 72nd birthday party cum Aris Aumentado's victory party last Thursday, May 16, at the Bohol Tropics, went smoothly and emotionally.
Greenie Aumentado

"With all combined efforts, it was a huge success! Maam felt so happy on her natal day because she never expected to be given attention," revealed Fatima Mapesos, former staff of the late Rep. Erico Aumentado, who emceed the program. " As per her speech, she was truly touched! We all began to feel emotional when she cried. Her birthday was another memorable memory to be treasured in the years to come."

As the guests (a mix of politicians and businessmen) shared a hearty meal, Aris thanked his supporters and well-wishers. Two days after he was officially proclaimed by the provincial board of canvassers (headed by lawyer Lionel Marco Castillano), he had already thanked his supporters on Facebook.

"I dream to follow my father’s footsteps and to continue his legacy," said Aris.

His wife, Maria Vanessa "VanVan" (nee Cadorna), is 2001 Miss Bohol Sandugo. VanVan met Aris when she crowned the 2002 Miss Bohol Sandugo (Cherry Mae Bacarro of Dimiao) with then Gov. Erico Aumentado and First Lady Peregrina Aumentado. Little did she know that Aris would become her hubby the following year.
2nd Congressman-elect Aris Aumentado with PBOC

The made-in-heaven romance led to the altar. Now, Aris and VanVan are parents of two boys, Erico Vann Lawrence and Erico Vann Lance, and more are sure to come…maybe after the elections?
Aris can enlist VanVan as his “secret weapon” like politicians with beautiful wives usually do, but he’d rather not because VanVan is so shy and so private. (She is like the tukbihon or  makahiya plant that slowly closes at the slightest touch.)

Jiselle Rae Aumentado Villamor also posted on Facebook: The victory of Congressman-elect Erico Aris Aumentado is not ours alone, the Aumentado family, but of the people in the second district of Bohol. Our patriarch, the late Cong. Erico Boyles Aumentado, had led an honorable path and had rendered a remarkable service. A new and greater challenge we face: to continue to live the ideals of a humble yet destined to be great Boholano. Congressman-elect Aris shall follow the exemplary trail the father of Bohol had set. Thank you all for the untiring support and prayers. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for the trust. Again, we gain victory, us- the family, and you-Boholano people, our extended family since time immemorial. Daghan kaayong salamat! Basta Aumentado, segundo distrito padayon sa pag umento! Mabuhi ang Bohol!

Back to Maam Greenie, she doesn’t look 72. Nobody revealed what the secret behind her youthful look. (Fatima spilled the secret that Maam Greenie shuns worries! She refuses to be weighed down by problems. Instead, she keeps a pleasant disposition.)

The 2013 elections again validated Aumentado's power and might in the second district of Bohol.
As they said, the people have spoken. We pray that there's no more time for bitterness.

Here’s the (official) list of winners and losers ("showbiz"-connected and lovers of the arts and culture):

Congressmen: Rene Relampagos (first district), Aris Aumentado (second district) and Art Yap (uncontested, third district)
Governor: Edgar Chatto
Vice Governor: Conching Lim
Reelected Gov. Edgar Chatto

Board Members: Yul Lopez, Benjie Arcamo, Abel Damaerio (first disrict), Jaja Jumamoy, Gerry Garcia and Tommy Abapo (second district), Dioning Balite, Elpidio Jala, Godofreda Tirol, Boy Imboy (third district).

Mayors: Marlon Amila (Tubigon), Nila Montero (Panglao), Sample Tirol (Buenavista), Baba Yap (Tagbilaran City), NiÑo Rey Boniel (Bien Unido), Marnilou Ayuban (uncontested, Alicia), Sulpicio Yu, Jr (Calape), Moloy Apat (Dagohoy), Tita Gallentes (Garcia Hernandez), Roygie Jumamoy (Inabanga), Fortunato Abrenilla (Jagna), Casoy Camacho (Jetafe), Rina Salazar (uncontested, Lila), May Imboy (Loay), Lloyd Peter Lopez (Loon), Leoncio Evasco, Jr. (Maribojoc), Tessie Boyboy (Pres. Carlos P. Garcia Island) and Judith Cajes (Trinidad).
Balilihan Vice-Mayor-elect Pureza Chatto hugs her hubby re-elected Gov. Chatto

Vice-Mayors: Pureza Chatto (Balilihan), Pedro Budiongan, Jr (Carmen), Iven Lim (Cortes), Lulu Bongalos (Dauis), Wilson Pajo (Pilar) and Pedro Fuertes (Panglao).

Councilors: Ondo Montero (Panglao), Ariel Lungay (Catigbian), Jono Jumamoy (Inabanga), Rochelle Brigitte Imboy (Loay), Crispina Vergara (Mabini), Allan Tinaja (San Isidro) and Adam Jala, Oscar Glovasa, Jojo Bompat and Aleckoy Lim (Tagbilaran City).

Congratulations to our media friends who won: Sendoy Guinguing (dyTR, Baclayon councilor) and Gerry Pabe (dyRD, Tagbilaran City councilor). Better luck next time to our media friends: Tibbs Bullecer (for Loay Mayor, dyRD), Dodong Libatona (for Balilihan councilor, dyTR), Danny Reyes (for Panglao councilor, dyRD), Peddie Bolanio (for Tagbilaran City councilor, dyRD) and Frony Narisma (for Baclayon councilor, Bohol Sunday Post).

See you next time, losers:  Egen Salibay (for Albur councilor), Carmen Gatal (for Baclayon councilor), Jojo Baritua (for Baclayon councilor),  Azon Galbreath (Bilar Mayor), Jimmy Jimenez and Victor Migrino( for Dauis Mayor),  Dominic Villafuerte (for Candijay councilor),  Arlene Palgan (for Carmen Vice Mayor), Boy Ancog (for Carmen councilor), Vito Rapal (for Corella Mayor), Apolinaria Balistoy (for Cortes Vice Mayor), Dan  Montero (for Cortes Mayor), Eksam LLoren (for Jagna Mayor), Hilario Ayuban (for Loay councilor), Luisito Digal (for Loboc Mayor), Nilo Sarigumba (for Loboc Vice Mayor), Malou Sombrio (for Loon councilor), Sancho Bernales (for Mabini Mayor), Dodong Veloso (for Maribojoc Mayor), Benedicto Alcala and Vangie Lazaro (for Panglao Mayor), Walter Sultan (for Panglao Vice Mayor), Bebeth Dinorog (for San Isidro councilor),Kit Oppus and Nuevas Tirol-Montes (for Tagbilaran City Vice Mayor), Bryan Gaviola, Johnny Enerio and Gibyrlu Lumayag (for Tagbilaran City councilor), Rammel Cagulada and Romy Sales (for Valencia councilor), Che Toribio delos Reyes and Amay Bisaya (for Bohol Governor),Sharleen Lim and Joseph Sevilla (for Bohol Vice Governor), Dan Lim (for Congressman, first district),  Ondoy Cajes (for Congressman, second district), Handel Lagunay and Arlene Karaan (for first district board members);  and Mafe Camacho and  Molex Cepedoza (for second district board members).

Take a bow, Lionel Marco Castillano, Macario Delusa, Annie Maglahus, Malou Cempron, Juvenal Beniga, Priming Ontong, et al (who were getting five hours of sleep during election), our teachers, police and army men...and to Nang Besing Rulona, the ever San Pedro at the SP Session Hall! Clap! Clap! Clap!

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