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Media walk out on TOSP’s presscon and Candijay’s spring, falls & rice terraces

Media walk out on TOSP’s presscon
Candijay’s spring, falls & rice terraces

Seen: Spotted in Bohol last Holy Week was Miss Universe 2006 Miss Photogenic Lia Andrea Ramos.

Seen:  GMA star Rich Asuncion also spent her Holy Week in Bohol with her family. Also spotted in Bohol was Direk Maryo delos Reyes who will direct GMA’s new teleserye Niño.

Scene: After years of absence, Alona Beach has a party place! U Lounge Bar (formerly Opps Bar)’s opening on Alona Beach brought just about everyone out it the block.  It’s the night life you want, U Lounge Bar offers drinks, dancing and music with a perfect Alona beach ambiance. There’s a big selection of beers, wines, cocktails and shooters.

Quir Nicole Maghuyop
Seen: Quir Nicole Maghuyop is joining ‪‎Miss Teen Philippines 2014. Visit or Miss Teen Philippines on Facebook page for updates.

Scene: Cuisina Ni Tisay, the home of traditional Boholano cuisine is in Carmen town.  It can be found inside the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (Chap) before the Chocolate Hills Complex. Owner Tessie Labunog-Sumampong posted on Facebook: “New beginning, New hope, New adventure!!! GOD will always provide!”

Scene: The 15 candidates of Mutya sa Tagbilaran 2014. The organizers aim to make this year’s Mutya an affair to remember.

Scene:  From Jammy Ungab, this message she posted on Facebook:  Lesson learned thus far today.... You need to pack a lot of patience in your backpack when you take a bus... in Bohol... like... seriously. I'm reaching out to all municipal mayors or to the honorable governor of Bohol. I have an idea for you. It would be sweet, really sweet to put 4 or 5 BUS STOP in every municipality. You probably don't know how it feels because you have your own transportation, but it is super annoying when the bus stops each and every time to drop off and pick up passengers. And by every time, I meant, almost every farking minute, almost every 20 meters. And do you know what's worse? When the bus stops to drop off a passenger, and a passenger from 4 meters away who wants to get in, waits for the bus to stop in front of her. Seriousfarkingly???!!!! People are lazy to walk 4 or 5 meters towards the bus. I almost went crazy, and definitely reached my quota of saying "Jeeeeeeeez" and "faaaaaaaark" for the day. The less than two hour trip became almost 4 hours because of the bus stopping for like vagigazimillion times. So I guess our travel lives will be better with a BUS STOP. This is my cry. Hear me. Please don't despise me. Thank you! But on lighter side of things, pretty farking amazing scenery on the east side, ya dig! All good! Whoooop!

I still have my hangover of last week’s Holy Week. I had my visita iglesia-- covering news of the church activities--- especially the Easter Sunday celebration when I heard the Loboc Children’s Choir singing Alleluia! and saw the non-liturgical ritual of burning Judas in Baclayon’s hugos. You see, even in Holy Week, your favorite news reporters, anchors and writers need to work to give you the latest news.

The good thing about journalist Mike Ligalig is he knows how to share info. He doesn’t forget to “text blast” if there are press conferences and other news events.

We come to attend the media/presscon whenever there is an event an organization wants to inform the community about or breaking news.

It was surprising to learn that last week’s presscon of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP) turned ugly. I just found out that my media colleagues didn’t like the presscon and walked-away.

It was Rey Anthony Chiu of PIA who tagged me on Facebook to cover the event. One hour after, I got the same invitation from Mike. (Thank heavens! I had a busy day so I wasn’t able to attend the presscon or else I’d have a heart attack.)

“It was a horrible press conference,” said EG, a radio reporter. “Everything was unprepared to think it was a national event or something.”

The media colleagues “lectured” the organizers about press and media conferences.  That a great press conference can mean blanket coverage in newspapers, radio, TV and blogs -- but a horrible press conference can haunt the organizer.

Reporters want to hear a little about the news, then ask questions and get quotable answers.  We hate sitting for almost one hour before opening up for questions. 

Reporters want documents. Make sure there are enough copies to go around -- and post those documents online for reporters and bloggers who are interested in the press conference but couldn't make the trip.

It was not the first media walk out. Last April 12, media people had to wait for couple of hours for a presscon organized by Edcom only to find out the resource person was not able to make it.

“For those who invite media people to cover your events,” said EG. “Please have a heart. We are also human beings. We have busy schedules. We have families.”

As you are reading this page, please excuse me, ehem, I need to visit my friends this week for the fiestas. May 1 marks the beginning of merriment in Bohol as almost everyday fiesta celebrations are held where people are rotating here and there to partake lavish preparations.

Ang humba, lechon, imbutido ug bahalina, ayaw kalimti! Cheers!

If you’re looking for another summer adventure, try the enchanting Canawa Spring and Can-umantad Falls in Candijay.

The cold Canawa Spring
Canawa Spring is located in barangay Canawa. Its shaped like a pan or cawa. Its refreshing cold aquamarine water meanders into the streams irrigating rice fields on the plains near the idyllic pastoral town of Canawa.

According to residents, Canawa has unfathomable depth. Years ago, divers tried to solve the mystery but they could not reach the bottom of the spring.

“ Even its source remains a mystery,” said our guide-driver.

Four or five kilometers from Canawa Spring is the Can-umantad Falls, the tallest waterfalls in Bohol.  To see the falls, go to barangay Cadapdapan (not barangay Can-umantad) to also marvel the lustrous rice terraces before reaching the falls.

Can-umantad’s natural crystal clear pools are good for swimming while its cool and green surroundings are ideal for picnic.

Can-umantad Falls
Believe me, a trip to this place is a very worthwhile experience for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike.

Oopps, here are some tips:

* Barangay Lungsud-daan, Candijay, is a good landmark for meet-up. It is situated along the highway.

* It’s advisable to take habal-habal or 4-wheel vehicles to access the bumpy section of the road. The road directions are easy to follow. Look for the signs. Caution: Taking the habal-habal is costly.

* Free and plentiful parking is available.

* Entrance fee is Php 10 (adults) and Php 5 each for kids in Canawa Spring, while it is free in Can-umantad Falls.

* Bring change of clothes and towel.

* There is a small restroom in Canawa Spring and Can-umantad Falls.

* Bring your own food and water. Refreshments are sold at the parking area in Canawa Spring but not in Can-umantad Falls.

Selfie at Can-umantad Falls
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