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Jesseth Pasagad: 18 lessons in life

Scene: This piece of good news from Elizabeth Lamdagan-Haroun: Rev. Fr. Elpidio “Boy” Biliran Jr is the newly appointed superintendent of all Manila Archdiocesan and Parochial Schools. He was appointed by his Eminence Luis Cardinal Antonio Tagle.

Scene: From eventologist Mizken: Runway Icons’ Bohol’s Top Model 2014 (Season 2) is looking for a female model. She must be at least 5’4” and above, model built structure and 14-24 years old. Audition dates are on June 7 and 14, 2014 at Door 1, JJ’s Seafood Village, K of C, Tagbilaran City. Bring two (2) pieces of close up studio shot and bring all black lingerie with stiletto heels. For more info, text/call 0919-913-2119.

Scene: From Charles Ceasar Edulan, CPA: Please help Georgia Jauslin, a Filipino from Panglao Island, Bohol, realize her ultimate dream of becoming the next SWISS Explorer (writer and traveller around the world through Swiss Airlines/Lufthansa). To vote, visit http://www.theswissexplorer.com. Folks, today is the deadline!

Seen: Spotted in Jandayan Island, Getafe town last week was the famous Filipino-Japanese sumo wrestler Akira Takayasu. “It was Akira’s first visit to Bohol,” said VRS. Akira’s mom, Bebelita Reblingca Bernadas-Takayasu, hails from Bohol.

Scene: Former Catigbian Mayor and now CEO of Bet 'n Choy Farms Roberto “Bertsal” Salinas turned 63 last May 29.

Scene: Mutya sa Tagbilaran 2014 second runner-up Karen Rossana Jumawid Llorente was crowned as Miss Boholympics 2014 besting nine other candidates from other local government units (municipalities) in Bohol. Llorente, a graduate of Tagbilaran City Science High School last March 2014, won the Miss Cabawan 2014 title on March 14 which qualified her for the Mutya sa Tagbilaran 2014 pageant. She succeeded Tagbilaran City's Rizalee Rose Cempron Razo as Miss Boholympics 2013 who was Miss Poblacion 2 2014 and became first runner-up in the Mutya sa Tagbilaran 2014.

Seen: Spotted at Habhaban sa Baluarte last Friday were Palanca winner Marjorie Evasco, poet and community development consultant Nestor Pestelos, Dean Carrie Tharan of Miriam College and Rose Sabijon Rara of Holy Name University.

Her answer came quick and easy, and she didn’t stammer nor hesitate at all, showing her presence of mind and grace under pressure during the one–on-one interview of the candidates of the Mr and Miss Teen Bohol 2012.

Unruffled, Jesseth Nez Sendrijas Pasagad answered all my questions (She was smart, articulate and you could feel she speaks from the heart and she thinks as well. Her answers are unconventional for pageants, er, patty pageant answers), including those from my co-interviewer Jeycelle Espejo-Inting, and we gave her the highest score.

Jesseth Nez Sendrijas Pasagad
“She’s confident not to mention beautiful,” said Jeycelle on Jesseth. Eventually, she was declared 1st runner-up and Miss Talent during the final night.

“From those years at Science High School that I’ve trained her, Cielo and their friends, I can say that she has enhanced her leadership, grace and terpsichorean skills, having coached her for Miss Teen Bohol 2012,” said the 1987 Miss Tagbilaran Fiel Angeli Araoarao-Gabin. “A descendant of Francisco Dagohoy Sendrijas, she is an impersonation of courage, beauty, grace, talent and leadership rolled into one. I hope she will continue to depict beauty with a purpose.”

Jesseth, the daughter of Zosimo and Aileen Pasagad of Bilar, Bohol, finished her high school at Tagbilaran City Science High School (TCSHS) with high honors. She is now a sophomore at the Palawan State University where she is taking up BS Petroleum Engineering and a President's Lister.

Why she is taking-up petroleum engineering?

“Actually, I was supposed to study Political Science in Ateneo de Manila University  because I somehow feel that fighting for true justice is innate in me (trivia: from my mother who belongs to the Sendrijas clan, we trace back our blood lineage  to the great Boholano hero Francisco Dagohoy who led the longest revolt  in Philippine history). I never really knew about petroleum engineering until the mother of my friend mentioned it to me. I did some research about the said course and it immediately caught my interest,” shares Jesseth. “I decided to take petroleum engineering initially out of curiosity because it is not the usual degree that students take. Practically speaking, I took this course because it deals with the energy industry which I believe will continue to prosper through the years since we all need energy resources in our daily lives, especially oil and petroleum. I also think it has a huge impact in today’s society.”

Jesseth is all grown-up. Her parents are her greatest inspirations in life.

“I am deeply thankful to my parents for their love and support that paved the way to my success in life,” she shares, smiling. “They are the epitome of selfless love. I would trade my life for their welfare and security.”

Jesseth will turn 18 on June 5 yet but a birthday celebration will be held tonight.

What we shall expect tonight? Butch Bernas, the production and cotillion choreographer shares,“The theme is enchantment. The production is somewhat like a continuation of her video from the forest scene and bring it to the real venue… with ballet and jazz.” I won’t spoil the rest.

“I chose enchantment as the theme of my debut because I’ve always been enchanted of people who exude that indefinable aura and down to earth attitude that captivates the rest of us long before we’ve set our eyes on them,” says Jesseth. “I can also relate this transition from being a shy insecure girl to a brave and smart woman as a spell that seems to bind my carefree youth to my upcoming life as an adult.”

VRS asks her to make a list of the 18 lessons she has learned in life. 

1. The road to success has a series of speed bumps called failures. You just have to drive well so you won’t crash.
2. You have a voice in everything.  Life will always give you options.
3. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
4. Think twice before you say or do something. Otherwise, regrets will rain on you.
5. Promises are sacred. Always keep your word.
6. Everybody has their own story, everybody has a problem so stop being rude and be kind. You don’t always know that what’s going on in another man’s life.
7. Your attitude will be tested when you are at your peak. Be humble.
8. Change is not always bad. Change for the better. Change for what is right.
9. Follow your heart but bring your mind with you.
10. Life is a give and take process. Don’t expect to receive something you haven’t given.
11. You have two ears and one mouth. Listen twice as much as you speak.
12. Falling in love is easy, staying in love is not.
13. Develop your personality, let yourself bloom. Nothing will happen if you choose to live in the shadows.
14. Be the change you want to see.
15. Never give up. If you fail, learn from it.
16. Family is forever. Treasure your loved ones.
17. You are beautiful. Don’t let others bring you down.
18. Pray, pray, pray.

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