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Kim Gonzales: Happiness comes first for his talents

ScenePinturang Bol-anon Art Exhibit at the Island City Mall featuring the works of Goy Fullido, Glenn Lumantao, Moying Ramos, Rhants Annunciado, Cruz Salgados, Lalan Paloso and Nicole Galero. “Art is everything,” said Goy Fullido.
Pinturang Bol-anon Art Exhibit -LPU
Scene:  The first Calamay Festival in Jagna in April 2015.
Scene: Boholano Catholics and music lovers who would like to give their Lenten observance a Medieval, didn’t miss the chance to witness the performance of the Gregorian Choir of Paris which performed last Friday in the Latin Mass celebrated by Tagbilaran Bishop Leonardo Medroso at the St. Joseph Cathedral. The tour brings a spiritual and sacred message that the “world needs a form of silence that resembles a Gregorian chant”. The Gregorian Choir of Paris also conducted a three-hour chorale workshop with the members of the Loboc Children’s Choir.  “It was a very big opportunity and chance to be with world-class people especially Gregorian chant.. it’s not easy,” said Alma Taldo, trainor of the  Loboc Children’s Choir. Vera Gesite applauded the choir’s performance: “The Gregorian Choir of Paris transported me to a different dimension. Very exhilarating, very awesome performance.  My art, my everything has been moved with their enchanting voice.”
Scene: The Ewican family headed by the couple Norma and Genaro of barangay Alegria, Carmen, Bohol did not only made it in the Huwarang Pantawid Pamilya National Search 2014 after winning second runner-up but also captured the interest of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), which is among the funding institutions of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program being implemented by the Department of  Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).
Gregorian Choir of Paris performs at the St. Joseph Cathedral
"to echo through actual Gregorian chanting
 the resilience of the Filipino spirit.”-LPU
Scene: Oscars 2015: Joan Rivers and Lizabeth Scott were omitted from In Memoriam segment, no black nominees in the acting categories, but plenty among the presenters, I was sad for Meryl Streep who lost 16 -- count 'em, 16 -- Oscar races now, Lady Gaga didn’t wear a dress made of meat during the Oscars. Her performance was good, Patricia Arquette wants equality. 'It's time for us, it's time for women. Equal means equal.” And Neil Patrick Harris had a great gag to start the Oscars 2015 saying: "Tonight we honour film's whitest, I mean brightest..." He bared (almost) all during his Birdman tribute! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Two weeks ago, I bumped into talent manager and performer Nicole Kim Gonzales at The Buzz at Luisa Galleria in Tagbilaran. He was full of life, just like make-up artist Shandy Mission who was with him.
I would learn from Shandy that Kim was busy managing his talents, including Aurelio Dinorog, Michael John Pagobo, Arneil Kadusale, Mac Asia, Tom, Dressner, Gladys Mae Sinconiegue, Petche Ann Vale, Andrea Laniba, Dawn Dospueblos and Sweet Aceron, for the past years now.
How does one become part of your The Art Nouveau talent agency?  “First, the physical appearance (that includes good body posture and healthy). Of course, he or she must be fit, possesses the good quality for modelings and pageants. Attitude is also important to be my anak-anakan. If I can feel the willingness, interest and determination, he or she can be my anak-anakan.”
What kind of arrangement do you make with the talent? “I don’t let them sign any contracts, for as long as their trust, loyalty, dedication, sincerity, willingness and whole heart is on me. They are all free to make or have “rakets” but they should ask permission to me so that I’m also aware of their activities.”
Nicole Kim Gonzales to his anak-anakan: ‘I told them
 to keep your head on the cloud and your feet on the ground.’
Kim said he has learned that there is no standard way of dealing with controversies when talents get involved in difficult issues.
“I only have these requirements: balance of time, dedication, commitment, professionalism, willingness and a good heart for us to stay longer,” said Kim.
Usual problems he encountered are boyfriend-girlfriend issues and attitude problems.
“Feeling sikat or  daku nag ulo, I told them to keep your head on the cloud and your feet on the ground,” advised Kim.
Finding the balance between being a friend and being a manager is “tricky”, but if it is the happiness of his anak-anakan that is at stake, Kim has one hard-and-fast rule: he will always remain a friend and will go for what makes his anak-anakan happy.
Do you also interfere with affairs of the heart? “Of course no! As long as their work is not affected, I don’t interfere but I give advices.”
Believe it or not, I still like to see Kim for what he is now — still invincible, performing in gay pageants and surprisingly caring on one hand and still brutally honest about people he didn’t care about.
There is no way you can avoid Kim in Bohol’s entertainment kingdom.
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