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The treasures of Ate Vi

Ate Vi: BEPO is about public service.
People have seen Vilma “Ate Vi” Concon Yorong in many of provincial government’s projects most significantly on being the head of Bohol Employment and Placement Office (BEPO), and almost everyone agree she is among the most down-to-earth of her ilk.
Told about it, Ate Vi reacted, “It’s public service. It’s not about me, it’s about the fame or the glory. Rather, it’s about the people and how our office can be of service to them.
Ate Vi added, “Give without expecting anything in return.
(Note: Ate Vi was working on her birthday on May 16 because her office had conducted mobile services and facilitated job recruitments.) 
She’s the original “Ate Vi” in Bohol---that everybody, close friends and complete strangers alike, call her Ate Vi with affection.
Rising from the ranks, Ate Vi has joined the government in 1997 where she was exposed to public employment service office (PESO) related activities.  She has been consistent with her public persona as a warm and simple personality with a comprehensive, no-nonsense dedication in her job.
She has built a steady following among various sectors like the masa, professionals--people from all walks of life.
“I’d learned to be flexible, respectful and down to earth,” said Ate Vi. “Dili ka mamili og tawo, establish good relations.”
With various tasks on her shoulders, Ate Vi has learned to weigh her commitments according to their significance. She is hands-on manning the office.  She said that she is also prone to strong emotions. However, she tries her best to handle situations with patience and grace.
Ate Vi with her long-time friend actress Roxanne Guinoo-Yap. Contributed Photo
“As human, it happens sometimes,” Ate Vi related. “I am making sure that everything is noted and persons responsible will take their assigned jobs, I empower all my staff so that they will learn.”
Ate Vi went added that to learn to be more tolerant, if less temperamental.
Her easy camaraderie and interest in other people had provided her the opportunity to serve the community. She is an active member of the Lions Club and past president of the JCI Bohol Chocolate Hills and elecom chair of the employees coop of PESO managers association of the Philippines (Pesomap) in Central Visayas.
What other people today don’t know is that, once upon a time before she became BEPO head, Ate Vi was a fans club member-yes, the Star Circle Quest (SCQ) of ABS-CBN. Showbiz na showbiz!
“I am no longer active in joining fans clubs since my job is demanding, but my friendship with the SCQ original questors is still especially with Roxanne Guinoo-Yap. We still have the kamustahan, exchanging of text messages, FB chat and calls.”
Added Ate Vi, “Roxanne is really a good friend until now. Andun pa  yung selosan minsan at yung tampuhan.”
Given all these, Ate Vi keeps her feet on the ground, always mindful of her treasures in life.
BEPO head Vilma Yorong (2nd from left, with her staff) is the
original “Ate Vi” in Bohol that everybody, close friends
and complete strangers alike, call her Ate Vi with affection. 
 Courtesy: Adrian Lim
Treasured person- A lot of people have helped her become better at her job and in a way, shaped her into who she is now. “Many to mention because many people have been there for me and who helped me to become who I am now.”
Treasured pets- Our dogs and cats at home.
Treasured place- Siquijor. My tatay came from Siquijor and usually our clan reunion is held in Siquijor. I love the place kay mingaw pa and best for recollections.
Most treasured moment as BEPO head- Ate Vi shared that she meets different kinds of people. “Implementing office activities nga makatabang jud sa masa  ug sa mga professional.
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