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Tips on how to pass the US tourist visa interview

From Hollywood sign,  Statue of Liberty, Empire State, Golden Gate, Las Vegas neon, and the White House to Apple computers and Levi’s to Coca-Cola and hot dogs—these are the images of the United States of America that are familiar everywhere.
For EJ  Relampagos no trip 
to New York City is complete 
without a visit to the Statue
 of Liberty—or a ride on the
 Staten Island Ferry or Circle
 Line to ogle the "lady in the
 harbor" from a distance.
Fiel Angeli Araoarao-Gabin
steps into style and
sophistication at the
birthplace of New York City.
But before you can see the spacious skies, the shining seas and the gorgeous cities in the beautiful America, you need a visa.
For many Filipinos, going to the US even just to pay a visit is the realization of a lifelong dream. Sadly, many Filipino applicants have experienced frustrations and disappointments when trying to obtain a US tourist visa.  
If you really want to go to US, then here are some tips on how to pass the US visa.
“I have only three tips,” says fashion icon EJ Relampagos, “you must have complete requirements, relax during the interview and smile.”
Beauty queen Fiel Angeli Araoarao-Gabin says, “When your turn comes, stay focused, walk towards the assigned window quietly with all documents in hand, greet the consul, listen intently to what he is saying and give personal information and answer questions only when asked.”
Leah Tirol-Magno
at San Francisco’s
Lombard Street:
 "The crookedest street in
the world."
Vera Villocido with Eireen
 Ruth Tungol-Navarro at
the Hollywood Walk of Fame
in California.
The Consul will ask basic questions like: ‘What will you do in the US’? ‘How many days you will intend to stay?’ and ‘Where you will be staying  in the US?’
Be confident. Nervousness will bring you nowhere so you must act cool and poised.  
UB Registrar and accountant Leah Tirol-Magno shares: 1) Fill-out visa application firm properly, clearly, neatly and honestly. Be sure to provide an itinerary of your visit to the US, including the contact person's info, 2) Do not volunteer any information or documents if not asked for, 3) Answer questions honestly and confidently; 4) Be sure all the documents needed are in original or authenticated forms.
“Be prepared with proofs,” says Vera Villocido, a documentation specialist.  “Though there are some consuls who would not even take a look at the supporting documents of an applicant, but it is still recommend that you bring documents that will prove you have strong ties in the Philippines to be back.”
Your VRS at the Hollywood Sign (formerly the Hollywoodland Sign)
on Mount Lee, a world famous sign and American cultural icon in
Los Angeles, California. 
Here are the US visa application tips from Dustin Bradshaw, Foreign Service officer of the US Embassy in Manila courtesy of GMA News:
1.Be honest.
2.Have a good purpose for visiting the US.
3.Have a strong reason to return home to the Philippines.
4.Do not join visa seminars.
5.Visit the US Embassy’s official website.
6.You don’t have to bring your bank documents and land titles.
7.The embassy does not discriminate in choosing applicants.
8.There is no quota per day for number of applicants.
9.It’s easier to be approved for a US visa if you have been to other countries.
10.There is no dress code but applicants should wear decent attire.
11.Be at the embassy 15 minutes before your interview.
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