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Apec hotties and World Aids Run in Tagbi

Mexican President Enrique Nieto
and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
From the Internet
Thank God! The Apec has ended. 

Complaints of heavy traffic in Manila were suddenly replaced by excitement and swooning when Mexican President Enrique Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau were in the country for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit last week.

Netizens came up with an online survey to lighten up the mood amid the busy Apec week.

Using the hash tags #APEChottie andf #APECbae, netizens shared their two cents on who between Nieto and Trudeau should be named Mr. Apec 2015. The hash tags immediately became an instant hot topic in the social media. 

The barong tagalog worn by world leaders during the Apec was handwoven  using the finest pina fiber from Aklan.  Mayad ayad gid ja!

Beauty queen and model Imaculada Cleofe Leopardas shared on Facebook:“It is truly amazing how the leaders from all over the world unite for an urgent  cooperation in  the fight against terrorism. Mabuhay kayo. P.S. And I love the Canadian Bae. He’s so hot! Please marry me. (Just kidding. Or not) He’s too good to be true. Hoooo.”

Police officer Melinda Mendez-Basalo of the Tagbilaran Airport  posted on Facebook: “They look more gorgeous and oozing with sex appeal! Hope we could have a more appealing and gorgeous President next year whether a Man or a Woman.”

The World Aids Day Run in Tagbilaran City is on Dec. 5.

Bon Ryan Bongato, RN, the organizer of the event has to say:

The World Aids Day Run Bohol on Dec. 5 (Saturday) is for HIV awareness, a run for a cause big event happening here in Tagbilaran City. Organized by Cebu Plus and ABS-CBN Cebu, it will be simultaneously held in the cities of Cagayan de Oro, Cebu and Dumaguete. The assembly time is 4 a.m. at Island City Mall (infront of Bo’s Coffee – facing Dao terminal). 

This year’s theme is “Getting to zero, Zero new HIV infections, Zero stigma and discriminations, Zero AIDS related deaths.”

Different categories to choose from: 3k (P300.00), 6k (P350.00), 12k (P400.00) and P250.00 for all students who can present their valid school ID upon registering. Each category also separated from male and female runners. Singlets for all runners are available with different colors such as blue, green, orange and pink in neon colors with different sizes to choose. With the prints: Awareness is power, know your status, and zero stigma and discrimination” which you can also choose from.  

You can register at the Island City Mall (ICM) lower floor entrance near the activity area, the City Health Office near the City Hall in Dao, Tagbilaran City and also at Gov. Celestino Gallares Regional Memorial Hospital. 

The event includes continuous Zumba while the run is being held and HIV testing and counseling booth is always available for individuals who want to know their status. Prizes are awarded after the event. 

World Aids Day, a celebration every December 1 is for HIV awareness and proper education. It was first encountered in Congo in the early 1950s, and has spread from country to country and people with HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus) numbers have grown multiple of times over the years. 

The Philippines is one of the top countries who have an alarming increase of people who have acquired it. Individuals who have this virus doesn’t have any symptoms (asymptomatic) and becomes the carriers unsuspectingly after acquiring it. HIV attacks our body by entering the white blood cells (our natural body defenses against diseases) making it unable to function as a defender of the body and immune system. The virus can take over the entire immune system about 7 to 10 years becoming into AIDS (Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome) a series of diseases that the immune system is defending us from. It cannot be acquired through sweat, saliva, urine, hand contact, or even blood droppings from a person with the virus; these are all myths. It needs an open wound from the receiver to be able to enter without being exposed to air to survive. Stop the Stigma and discrimination.

Western Blot Test is the initial laboratory examination of the blood to detect the virus and then confirmed by the ELISA test to be able to determine if you have acquired the virus, more tests are developed to be able to get the results within seconds. The virus would be undetectable by other tests making you unaware of being the carrier and for those years you may spread it unknowingly. Blood transfusion, mother with virus to child (through child birth or by being breastfed), sharing of syringe (injection), and sexual (penetrative) intercourse are the only ways of spreading the virus or the mode of transmission. Getting an HIV test doesn’t mean you acquired it; it means that you valued your health. We encourage you to get tested and know your status. 

This event is supported by the Department of Health (DOH), Provincial Health Office (PHO), City Health Office (CHO), Tagbilaran Mayor John Geesnel “Baba” Yap II and Gov. Edgar Chatto. Initial main sponsors are Island City Mall, Fairfield Diagnostic and Urgent Care, Heritage Crab House Seafood Restaurant and Drink Me Liquors.  Interested companies and associations who would like to become sponsors are still welcome. We also accept volunteers for the event. 

For questions and inquiries, you may contact the coordinators: Dr. Wilnilia R. Causing, MD; Eduardo G. Gabud Jr. or Bon Ryan A. Bongato at 09287958201.

You can also join our group for updates and may post with the #WADBoholRun on Facebook. 

Run for a cause. Awareness is power.

Thanks for your letters, all be answered. E-mail, follow leoudtohan at Twitter/Facebook. 

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