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Rex Alba is a gangster in ‘I Am Wrath’ trailer w/ John Travolta

Scene: The 80th birthday celebration of Juanita Cempron Melicor last Feb. 16.

Scene: Thousands of barangay (village) officials here support the move of Liberal Party vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo to extend the term of barangay officials from three to five years during the 2nd Barangay Officials Day of the Liga ng mga Barangay (League of Barangays)-Bohol chapter, in this province, on Saturday (Feb. 20). Robredo, minus her running mate, Mar Roxas, told at least 6,000 barangay officials present that she believes that her “barangay reform bill” will give more opportunities for the barangays to grow and become more self-sufficient to enable them to serve their constituents. She said a three-year term is too short for barangay officials.

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Saban Films is apparently releasing I Am Wrath, a vigilante thriller starring John Travolta as a gun-wielding engineer, set to release on April 29.

The newly released movie trailer of I Am Wrath looks intense as hell.

The film centers on Travolta who plays a man out for vigilante justice after a group of corrupt cops are unable to catch his wife’s killer.

I Am Wrath, directed by Chuck Russell, also stars Christopher Meloni, Sam Trammell, Amanda Schull and Rebecca De Mornay.

Not that the movie is aesthetically done, but a Boholano actor, Rex Alba, is in the trailer who has a fight with two-time Oscar nominee Travolta near the end of the trailer. That made the movie more intense! 

The production of the film was in Columbus, Ohio last Spring.

 “It was a blessing that I got this role,” said Alba.

He said there were 5,000 who auditioned in the movie for a Korean gangster role, which eventually went to Alba.

“Chuck Russell was hesitant at first because I am not tall and I am not Korean looking,” he said.

Alba took 20 weeks of acting under John Casablancas Model and Talent Management. He also brought a lot of wardrobe choices fitting for the scene. During the shooting scene, there were at least 100 actors that day.

“A lot of them have previous experience in acting and modeling. I tried to stay calm and look professional,” he shared.

Russell asked him if he had previous experience in film, Alba told him he was part of Kapalaran, a soap opera in the Philippines shown 13 years ago (directed by another fellow Boholano director RD Alba), where he played a hired killer.

“That experience probably helped,” explained Alba.

They were sent to the set to audition in front of other assistant directors, stunt, cinematographer and other crew members. Three had remained including Alba.  After the auditioned, he overheard someone was chosen, a taller white guy for the role.

US-BASED Boholano actor Rex Alba
 appears in action-thriller I Am Wrath which stars John Travolta. 
Contributed Photo
But, to his surprise, Russell came out of the room, pointed at him, "You are my gangster!”

“I was shocked,” he recalled.

He was then introduced to Travolta and Chris Meloni.

“He is the best actor I’ve worked with, he interacts with the background actors and very detailed iya pag act, he counts how many sequence needed,” said Alba.

In the trailer, Alba plays his role so natural yet intense.

“I felt good portraying the role, it was the blessing of God that made it happen,” he said.

Alba said it was his childhood dream to become an actor.  A student leader in high school and college days, Alba was known for his dancing prowess.

“Yes, but nobody believed in me. Even my dad told me, ‘I’m not that tall nor that good looking.’ I didn't believe it gonna happen,” he said.

REX ALBA is in the I Am Wrath trailer who has 
a fight with two-time Oscar nominee Travolta. 
Contributed Photo
Rex, a physical therapist by profession, is also a financial advisor and endurance athlete. He is also the NBA Philippines/PhilBoxing correspondent in the US.

He has also a cameo role in Dog Eat Dog, In Search of Fellini, Tiger, My Blind Brother, 478 and The Land.

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Bohol’s oldest man to be buried today

A great great-grand father believed to be Bohol’s oldest man who died at the age of 107 will be interred today (Feb. 21).

Pedro Laquinta Samuya, born in 1908, passed away last Friday (Feb. 12) night. He was seriously ill after an incident last week, his grandchild Katherine Pozon- Laquinta said.

A funeral service for the late Samuya will be held at the St. Isidore Church at 12 noon after which his remains will be interred.

 According to records, Samuya was born on June 17, 1908, the oldest man in Bohol and oldest former government official ever live.

Samuya was a retired Boholano guerrilla warrior, teacher and municipal mayor when he was younger.

Asked about the key to longevity, Samuya was quoted as saying his secret to long life was “simple living, strong faith in God and vegetables.”

Samuya had four children who are still alive: Quirino, 72, a retired elementary teacher; Requillo, 70, a retired teacher and town mayor of San Isidro in Bohol; Liliosa, 67, a retired budget officer; and Cecilia, 66, a retired master teacher.

He had 18 grandchildren, 13 great grand children and 15 great great grand children.

Samuya taught automotive engineering at the Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT) in 1934-1940. He joined the Antequera Bolo movement during the second world war in 1942-1945. He taught elementary at San Isidro Central School in 1946-1966.

RETIRED Boholano guerrilla warrior,
 teacher and municipal mayor 
Pedro Samuya dies at 107.  
File Photo/Leo Udtohan
When barangay Agbun of Antequera (then became barangay of  Catigbian town) was created into San Isidro town in 1969, Samuya was the first appointed mayor. He was also the first elected mayor from 1970-1980. 

In 1977, he was awarded as one of The Outstanding Mayors of the Year from the Philippine Life for “his outstanding local executive who has rendered distinguished and exemplary performance in the New Society.” In 1978, he also received the Defender of Good Government, Outstanding Mayor of the Year and Model Citizen of the New Society from the members of the Executive Development and Research of the Philippines for  his “performance in the field of education, health, peace and  order, social welfare and your effort in bringing up the ideals  of good government closer to the people.”

In 2014, he was conferred with an unusual award as "the centennial man and public official ever live" by the provincial government of Bohol during the 160th Bohol Day.

He also created the San Isidro High School and also founded the senior citizens association in his hometown.

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