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Mikey Gatal creates buzz in Bohol; Mizken Andan is new Belo endorser

• Mikey Gatal creates buzz in Bohol
• Mizken Andan is new Belo endorser

WHIRLWIND VISIT. US-based socialite 
Mikey Gatal (center) meets the OMG models (l) 
Rodulfo Malto, Jr., Adelyn Joy Esclamado and
 Imaculada Cleofe Leopardas during 
the outreach program in Tagbilaran City. 
Contributed Photo
Here for a three-day visit was US-based socialite and beauty pageant watcher Mikey Gatal. Mikey, who owns the popular website and, got the “royal treatment” from his family and friends.

Mikey met his siblings and friends. He also spearheaded an outreach program at Karaw-an Day Care Center in Tagbilaran City last Tuesday, June 21. At least 29 pupils received apples and school supplies.

“Yes, part of my visit was to give back and as much as I can, prioritize this endeavor of mine which is very close to my heart,” he said.

Of course, OMG models--- Adelyn Joy Esclamado, Imaculada Cleofe Leopardas and new image Rodulfo Malto, Jr.-- were there. Neil Namuag, Gayle Suzette Yu and Pham Marzon didn’t make it to the event since they are working outside the province.

“My OMG models are very supportive and they possess the kind of people I envision to be giving, loving and always give their support to good causes,” Mikey said.

“Seeing the OMG models in action gave me chills, they did not disappoint me and I am happy that they also loved to support my causes,” he added.

Speaking of Malto, popularly known as Junior, Mikey has chosen him because he perfectly embodies OMG---confident, secure and knowing exactly what he wants.
NEW FACE.  Part-time model 
and college student
 Rodulfo Malto, Jr. 
is the new face of OMG. 
Contributed Photo

 Malto, who is taking up Criminology at University of Bohol (UB), was Mr UB Personality 2015 third runner-up. A part-time model, Malto was part of the Hanford model last week at the Island City Mall attended by Mikael Daez.

He is also included in the top 8 official candidates of the Alturas Festival King 2016.

Before flying back to the US with his mother Fely (who is now an immigrant), Mikey also met his high school classmates of HNU  Batch 1987.

Mikey said he will attend the 30 years reunion on July 14-17, 2017.

“See you, all!” he said.

Mizken’s new Belo endorser

“Wow, bongga!!!”

So who’s the new model on the Belo billboard at the top of Tagbilaran City Square on B. Inting Street, that gets everyone excited every time we pass by that area?

I guess you, too, must be wondering who that baby is, with a smile so endearing that you want to pinch her. Yes, the new endorser of Zo Skin Health (by world-renowned board certified dermatologist for 30 years Dr. Zein Obagi, M.D.) of the Belo Medical Group is eventologist Mizken Tirol Andan.

The worth of most celebrities now is measured through billboards. The more your face pollutes the highways, the more popular you are.

NEW ENDORSER. The billboard of Mizken Tirol Andan 
as the new Belo endorser.  Contributed Photo
Then, it has to be on the much-coveted prime spot just like Mizken’s.

It will be exciting to see how Mizken will bloom and transform in the coming days under the care of Belo.

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