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Miss UB's Isabel turns 18

“When I was born into this world, I was like an unlit candle
Whose wick is time’s fickle friend in itself.
As I grew up, I learned to treasure beautiful moments in life
My family, loved ones and most of all, God are my sources of light
 and because of them, the fire inside me continues to burn bright
This is my 18th lap around the sun.”
Isabel Iris Tirol Garsuta

 “Is this the little girl I carried?
I don't remember growing older,
When did she?
When did she get to be a beauty?
Wasn't it yesterday when she was small?
Sunrise sunset, sunrise, sunset,
Swiftly flow the days,
Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers,
Blossoming even as they gaze...
Sunrise sunset…”
Marissa Tirol-Garsuta

A lady of talent and lustre, and she's just 18.

Growing up in an amazing household, like what one of her friends called it, Isabel Iris Tirol Garsuta is someone who is young, eloquent, lovely and admirable. Not surprising for the young lady who was obviously raised well by her parents- Lt.  Col. Lino and Marissa Garsuta.

Isa, short for Isabel Iris, had a coming-out party when she turned 18 recently. Gold was the theme of the night.

Isabel Iris Tirol Garsuta, who started in the singing industry at four years old, 
now turns 18 and hopes for the best things that life can offer. Courtesy: TJ Medrana Photography
Isabel’s mother was hands-on in the preparation of “Isa at 18” — from the theme, invitation, giveaways to other details — to ensure that it will create special moments and unforgettable memories for her and the people who will be part it.

The party went well as planned.

Isabel sauntered into the ballroom of the Metro Centre Hotel without any tinge of stress or tension typical of most debutantes. She was radiant in her gown which fit her image and status as a teen queen creation by Kim Villamor.

Isabel is apparently a well-loved friend, relative 
and family member. She was the star that night 
and her parents  Lino and Marissa, brother 
Dr. Lemuel and sister Sofia— simply took
 the sidelines, allowing  Isabel to shine more.
   Courtesy: TJ Medrana Photography
Instead of table hopping for the posterity shots, Isabel got to sit on centerstage and the guests in every table were requested to pose with her. Prior to that, she also got to enjoy dinner unhurriedly with her close friends in one table, where she had a spotlight to herself.

Isabel waltzed with her dad Lino and her good-looking brother Dr. Lemuel Lino Garsuta.

Her 18 roses were Johnmar Yap, Kheim Dexter Garay, Rei Christian Sepe, Christian Butlig, Jomel Campaña, Adrian Blanco, Rogelio Lomotos Jr, Jake Kinno Ursos, Vince Cabagnot, Juvan Angelo Garsuta, Geovil Graphy Garsuta, Van Vincent Garsuta, Sean Rey Tupaz, Daryl Fadri, Floyd Gillian Salomon, William Erick Karcher, John Franklin Gallares and Marcus Andrei Villas.

Isabel’s 18 candles were Niña Janielle Sumeguin, Giesil Grace Garsuta, Zyra Zamora, Norden Debby Bual, Marian Daphny Tare, Bea Rosari Supanga, Dennissa Lorelle Owen, Regine Mae Mondelo, Vanessa Marie Grandeza, Mikhaela Anne Alagon, Angeli Tirol, Alicia Nicole Bomediano, Jasmine Shania Tasker, Hannah Logarta, Erika Sofia Karcher, Adrianna Kyla Sevilla, Shyra Reyna Tupaz and Shekinah Sofia Garsuta.

Her 18 books were Eunice Mae Limbaga, Herma Darien Pamplona, Julia Faith Joaquin, Elmare Samocino, Nicolett Lapay, Donabel Faye Igagamao, Irgel Jude Enriquez, Keanna Inferido, Zedneli Paulet Alas, Angelica Ayco, Jacobe Joaquin Sevilla, Danielle Mae Floresca, Vanessa Achacoso, Carlos Rey Garcia, Maruen Sevilla, Dacylle Lou Alaba, Ralph Jacob Medina and Celine Alveona Marcos.

Her 18 treasures were Dr. Katrina Logarta, Maricel Tirol, Angelica Garsuta, Thea Garsuta-Hontanosas, Ruffa Sumeguin. Dr. Janice Aurora Tirol, Jenny Estoquia, Rosemarie Nini, Dr. Vida May Tirol-De Juan, Christian Jane Tiu, Roy Mondragon, Daryl Paredes, Atty Gee Galon, Pretty Anifel Edulan, Shannon Ray Tupaz, Mehulbhai Dabhi, Lina Alaba and Jocelyn Omas-as.

Isabel, who is Miss University of Bohol (UB) Personality 2017, undoubtedly, she also has the talent to boot. She is a singer, composer and a black belt beauty queen.

In her 18th birthday party, she delighted the guests were her song number and playing the violin.  The event was an evening of heartstrings and violins.

She started singing at the age of four and she joined local contest like Little Big/Star, The Voice Kids Philippines and Tawag ng Tanghalan.

In 2013, Isabel topped the BEAT100 Music Video Chart with her original track, Glad You Came. Her entry received a Bronze Video award.

After dinner, an audio-visual presentation with Isabel’s beautiful photos kicked off the night’s program. Her family and close friends only had nice words and praises for her.

Marissa said, “I consider myself blessed to have you in my life and it’s always a privilege to be your driver, personal assistant, mentor, manager, producer and a stage mom. Keep in mind that God has great plans for you and no matter what problems or obstacles come your way take those as a challenge. I love you Ate.  Enjoy your special day and welcome to legality.”

Her dad said, “I'm so blessed to have a daughter like you. Count your blessings, be grateful and keep the Faith. Surely you can move mountains. Happy 18th Birthday Anak!”

Meanwhile, just like that of a typical debutante, her mind is whirling with thoughts of her formal "coming out". Let's "dissect" that mind a bit.

Do you have any birthday wish?
“My birthday wish is for God to continue being the Light and Guidance in my life so I may walk in His path. I also wish good health and happiness unto the Lord for the people who I love.”

Now that you're 18, what are the things that you'll be deciding on by yourself?
“Now that I’m 18, I challenge myself to take initiative and be more responsible when it comes to making decisions in life.”

 What are your most cherished memories as a child?
“My most cherished memories as a child were trips and spending quality time with the family. I also treasure my achievements during the past years.”

What's the best lesson that you learned from your parents?
“The best lesson that I learned from my parents is that in everything I do and whatever I have in life, I should give thanks to the Lord because He is the source of It all.”

Which song means so much to you?
“The song which means so much to me is One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey because it is also the title of the band that my siblings and I formed. It means that One Sweet Day, we would all be reunited with our brother Jake who is in heaven.”


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