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3 Miss Universe 2017 beauties enjoy ‘brief’ stay in Bohol

Scene:  Sikatuna town is among Bohol’s most charming tourist attractions. It turned 100 last Dec. 5. “We’ve celebrated well as a community, our 100th year celebration was a great success,” said Mayor Jose Ellorimo. A strong working relationship with his fellow public servants, an effective strategic plan for the municipality and the close connections made with residents highlighted the three terms of Mayor Ellorimo.  He said he felt one of the most rewarding parts of being mayor was being able to look back at what’s been accomplished.

The girls get a warm welcome at Bohol Beach Club.
Photo by Helen Castaño
Scene:  The “Lovely Place” is Bohol's newest tourist attraction!  Found in Barangay Sua, Inabanga town, it offers a breathtaking view of the world famous Chocolate Hills, Sea of Clouds and Cebu! And there’s more... the “30,000 magical and lighted anthurium” are “planted” here.  More about “Lovely Place” next week.

Is tarsier a monkey?

Miss Universe 2017 candidates- Miss Philippines Rachel Peters, Miss Russia Kseniya Alexandrova and Miss Malaysia Samantha James- were asked by tour guide Cristopher Boncales of the Bohol Tourism Office (BTO) when they visited a tarsier and wildlife sanctuary in Bohol province last Friday, Dec. 8.

Bohol is perhaps most famous for the tiny tarsiers, one of the smallest primates in the world.

The tarsier (Tarsius syrichtais already a tourist symbol. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists the Philippine tarsier as a near threatened species
The crystal clear water and white sand on 
Panglao Beach leave Miss Universe 2017 candidates--- 
Miss Philippines Rachel Peters, Miss Russia Kseniya Alexandrova
 and Miss Malaysia Samantha James--- spell-bound 
as they visited Bohol province on Friday, Dec. 8. Leo Udtohan

Although tarsier is mistaken as a monkey because of its features, Boncales said tarsier is not a monkey but actually a primate.

“Wow, it’s so cute,” they said when they saw the timid tarsier hiding in one of the trees inside the 8.4 hectare of the Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary in Barangay (village) Canapnapan in Corella town.

James shared they had a tarsier in Malaysia.

The Philippine tarsier is commonly found on Samar, Leyte, Bohol, and Mindanao.

“What happened if I will touch a tarsier?” asked Peters.

Boncales said the Miss Universe beauties were so “inquisitive” that they wanted to more about Bohol.

Peters, Alexandrova and James arrived in Bohol at 10:40 a.m. on Friday.  They were met my local officials, BTO and Department of Tourism (DOT)- Central Visayas and fans at the Tagbilaran Airport. They proceeded to People’s Mansion where they met acting Bohol vice-governor Benjie Arcamo, Bohol first lady and Balilihan Mayor Pureza Chatto, provincial administrator Ae Damalerio and provincial legal officer lawyer Mitchell John Boiser.
Miss Russia Kseniya Alexandrova and 
Miss Malaysia Samantha James hit the beach! 
Photo by Helen Castaño

They were given a raffia, a native product of Bohol and a copy of the book “The Bohol We Love”.

After brunch, the Miss U beauties did not waste any time taking in the beauty of the place.

They went to the tarsier sanctuary in Corella town. They just stayed there for half an hour and proceeded to Bohol Beach Club on Panglao Island, known for its pristine and white-sandy beaches.

Alexandrova and James were spell-bound as they swam in the crystal waters of Panglao. They also took a banana boat ride, another fun and popular activity in the island.

Although they stayed only for five hours before their 3:30 p.m. private flight to Manila, they said they enjoyed their stay.

“I love it. Really. It’s my first time in Asia and I am so happy that I started in Philippines,” said Alexandrova.

She said she fell in love with the beauty of the Philippines.

“It’s so beautiful, it’s so different in my country. I really enjoyed, I really loved it. It’s so beautiful. People here (are) too kind,” she added.

“It’s pretty amazing,” Samantha told the girls while having her mango shake on the beach.
Miss Russia Kseniya Alexandrova  (with your VRS) 
on Bohol: ‘I’m falling in love with this fabulous paradise. ‘ 
Photo courtesy: Mike Ligalig 

Peters, who visited Bohol twice, agreed, “The best part after Vegas.”

Boncales said the beauties wanted to see more of Bohol.

“Unfortunately because of the time element kinapus ng oras. Kaya naghihinayang kasi they wanted to see more of the island especially the beaches and of course the Chocolate Hills,” said Boncales.

But for Alexandrova, she said she had a good reason to come back.

“I will definitely come back,” she said.

“And I will bring my friends,” she quipped.


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