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Rich Asuncion ties the knot

Scene:  Tarsier 117, Bohol's response team, bagged the Quality Award on Gold Category during the Business Initiative Directions  (BID) International Quality Convention in New York. The award was personally received  by provincial administrator Ae Damalerio and Mark Sydney Galia, team leader of Tarsier 117.

Mr and Mrs. Mudie 
Scene:  Speaking of brewing battles…Members of the LGBT community have openly declared war against an event organizer of a mall in Tagbilaran City. Talent managers, handlers and make-up artists criticized the event organizer  for his “modus operandi”-- negotiating the models without their knowledge. 
Scene:  Erika Limbago was crowned in the revived Miss Loboc 2018.  Erika’s mother, Cynthia, was crowned Miss Loboc many years ago.

Rich Asuncion, Benj Mudie marry in Hong Kong

Actress Rich Asuncion and her longtime boyfriend, Filipino-Australian rugby player Benjamin Mudie, tied the knot in Hong Kong last Monday, May 28.

Her family and a few close friends -- Gerry Lugod, former beauty queen and reporter Mayumi Lugod-Ortiz, actress Cathy Remperas, April Recio, Vanessa Ramirez-McLaughlin and Kikoi Busalla –have flown to Hong Kong to witness the union, which took place at the Hong Kong Marriage Registry.  Hong Kong- based Shirmie Cuadra Biloy and Timmy Pacaldo Lorete also witnessed the union.

Kapuso actress Rich Asuncion ties
the knot with Filipino-Aussie rugby
 player Benjamin Mudie, in Hong Kong, May 28.  Contributed Photo
Making the occasion more special was the presence of her few celebrity friends, including Sheena Halili, Glaiza de Castro, Renz Fernandez and Sunshine Dizon, also attended the special moment.

“It was an intimate, beautiful wedding and Rich looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress,” said Gerry.

After getting married, the couple had a celebration on a yacht.

Rich got engaged during GMA’s “Ika-6 Na Utos” 7 taping last April 2017. Benj popped the question at the set of the show.

Buenavista, Bohol residents in fear
after Mayor Sample Tirol’s killing

Buenavista residents are in fear after the killing of Buenavista Mayor Ronald Lowell “Sample” Tirol last Sunday.
Police are considering politics, business, and personal conflict as possible motives behind the killing of Tirol, 38, a bachelor, and a scion of a political family in Bohol.

Gerry Lugod with Mr and Mrs. Mudie in Hong Kong.
Contributed Photo
“I feel I am no longer safe here,” said Gina, a resident who asked to withhold her family name.

Another resident, Victoria, said she plans to transfer to another residence due to the killings in Buenavista, a fourth class town with a population of 27,261.

“I hope there will be no more killing here. It is still scary,” she said.

Tirol was the third high-profile shooting victim in Buenavista. The two others were a policeman and a militiaman.
Chief Insp. Rully Lauron, Buenavista police chief, Station, admitted that there was a sense of unease among the residents following the killing of the mayor.

“I notice that the people were scared since their mayor himself was killed. They found that alarming,” he said.

“I hope that the residents would not be cowered by fear. We have disseminated our contact information for people who may have known the whereabouts of the gunmen who killed the mayor,” he added.

However, it was still business as usual at the municipal hall, said Vice Mayor Dave Duallo who assumed the post of acting mayor following the death of Tirol.

The newlyweds with their family friends (l-r) Vanessa Ramirez,
 Mayumi Lugod-Ortiz, Cathy Remperas, April Recio,
Shirmie Cuadra Biloy, Gerry Lugod, Kikoi Busalla
and Cathy’s fiancé.  Contributed Photo
Number one Councilor Ma. Christine Cabarrubias-Torregosa also took over as acting vice mayor based on the law of succession.

Duallo said it was understandable that the people were shocked by the mayor’s killing. “But life goes on. Our service to the people will not stop,” he said.

The police have filed murder complaints against two men who were suspected to be behind the killing of Tirol.

Elmer Melencion was identified by witnesses as the one who allegedly shot Tirol while playing a card game inside the cockpit arena that he owned in Buenavista past 3 p.m. on Sunday.

At that time, the mayor’s bodyguards were running an errand for Tirol.

Melencion, an alleged gun-for-hire, had a separate murder charge but was able to post bail. Also charged was Emedio Aparece Jr. who allegedly served as look-out.

 Loboc Councilor Tessie Labunog-Sumampong
with the candidates and winners of Miss Loboc 2018.
\Leo Udtohan
Senior Supt. Angeles Geñorga, police Bohol director, said the suspected gunman likely carried out the attack on orders of a still unidentified “mastermind.”

“Although we have identified the gunman, the work is not complete since we still don’t have the mastermind,” said Geñorga.

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