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Duterte sings ‘Ikaw’ with Loboc Children’s Choir

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Over the years, our province of Bohol has had its share of presidential visits.

Last week, President Rodrigo Duterte was invited as a special guest during the inauguration of the new Bohol Panglao International Airport.

President Rodrigo Duterte listened to the Loboc 
Children’s Choir during the inauguration of the Bohol Panglao
 International Airport. Photo by  Leo Udtohan

When the Mr. Duterte arrived at the airport from Carmen town, the word-class Loboc Children’s Choir headed by  their conductress Alma Taldo sang “Ikaw.”

Mr. Duterte stopped.  He was seen smiling while hearing the music but eventually came closer and joined the children in singing the song.

This was not the first time Duterte was seen singing “Ikaw” in public. Duterte also sang the same song  during the gala dinner for the guests at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit front of regional and world leaders and during his visit abroad particularly during his meeting with the Filipino community in other countries.

My friends forwarded these tips traveler should do at the airport:

1) Arrive early at the airport. It is advised that you arrive at least 3-4 hours before your flight unlike before at the small Tagbilaran Airport that you could come 45 minutes before the flight.
2) Make sure you have all your travel documents with you.
3) Always check airport security guidelines to avoid hassle.

And, some friends forwarded these tips and reminders (they culled from Facebook) for passengers while at the new airport (for the meantime):

1.) Before leaving home, please bring your own food and drinks or you may buy those in Tagbilaran City as food stalls are scarce. (Drinking water are provided but bring your own empty bottles to refill)
2.) Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)  and money changer are not yet available so please bring cash before going to the airport.
Former provincial board member and AirAsia Capt. Jaja Jumamoy 
 (with Helen Castano) was the first female pilot to fly
 a jet to the new airport.  Photo by Leo Udtohan
3.) Accessibility is very limited to public utility vehicles. A private bus company is providing a ride to/from the airport terminal via Integrated Bus Terminal in Dao, Tagbilaran City near Island City Mall (ICM) for a cost: Regular pax: Php50.00 / Senior Citizen and Student Privilege discount: Php40.00. 

First trip: 4:00AM 6:00AM
Last trip: 5:00PM 6:00PM
Interval: EVERY 30 MINS.
Travel time: 30-45 minutes

4.) No evening flights were added and flights schedules were retained from old TAG Airport.
5.) Public Wi-Fi is good for 30 mins only. (#SmartWifi@PIIA)
6.) Please be in the airport at least 3 hours before the SCHEDULED TIME OF DEPARTURE (STD) to avoid missing your flight.

*Online check-in (at least 4 hours before STD) is highly suggested.*

7.) Triple check the items inside your baggage if its allowed for check-in and hand carry inside the cabin. Please refer to the Office for Transportation Security (OTS) and your airline for
baggage policies.

Mr. Duterte joined the Loboc Children’s Choir 
in singing the song “Ikaw.” Photo by  Leo Udtohan
8.) TERMINAL FEE :DOMESTIC FLIGHTS - included in tickets
INT'L FLIGHTS - Php500.00
TRAVEL TAX - pax with international flights only. Please refer to Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) counter or website.
PASSENGER RIGHTS COMPLAINTS - please refer to Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) desk or website.

Enjoy your new experience in the first eco-airport in the Philippines. Bon voyage!

Thanks for your letters, all will be answered. Comments welcome at, follow leoudtohanINQ at Twitter /Facebook.

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