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5 ways you can’t get HIV

Scene: The OMG’s outreach program was held in Lila town last Jan. 12 organized by US-based socialite Mikey Gatal. It was supported by US-based topnotch lawyer Sandy Roxas. The charity event was also a homecoming of balikbayan couple Alot and Babat Bagotchay of Los Angeles California.

Scene: Jagna Mayor Fortunato Abrenilla died of cardiac arrest on Jan. 14. He was 69. Abrenilla, known to many as “Bic-Bic”, was a former legal staff director of National Economic Development Authority (NEDA). He was elected mayor of Jagna in 2010, 2013, and 2016. Abrenilla used what he learned about NEDA’s internal control system to effectively manage Jagna town’s limited resources. “Your loss has left all of us deeply saddened,” nurse Oliver Acebes posted on Facebook.  Resident Dexter Ranis also said, “We lost a great Mayor in our town but his memory will remain.” Municipal government employees were also mournful upon learning their mayor had died.


The OMG charity event organized
 by US-based socialite Mikey Gatal
 and supported by topnotch lawyer
 Sandy Roxas was held in Lila last week.
Various posts are circulating in social media that eating fish caught in Bohol and on the Mactan Channel can cause HIV infection.

The Department of Health 7 said persons can’t be infected with HIV by eating fish caught at the Mactan Channel.

The Commission on Population (Popcom) in Central Visayas said that there’s no truth about the text circulating.  It said that the virus (HIV) will die when exposed to air, heat, moisture and acid.

HIV can only be passed on from person to person if infected body fluids (such as blood, semen, vaginal or anal secretions and breast milk) get into your bloodstream  through unprotected sex, from mother to child during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding, injecting drugs with a needle that has infected blood in it and infected blood donations or organ transplant.

The latest fake news circulating on the HIV rumour mill means that many are misinformed. In fact, the fake news just keep reinforcing HIV-related stigma and have had a long-lasting and damaging impact on many people’s perceptions about how the virus is spread.

Remember, you cannot get HIV from…
1-You can’t get HIV from kissing. Yes, even torrid kissing!

2- You can’t get HIV from shaking hands or hugging.

3- You can’t get HIV from being bitten or scratched.

4- You can’t get HIV from sharing food, water utensils and other household items.  HIV can’t survive in water, so you won’t get HIV from swimming pools, baths, shower areas, washing clothes or from drinking water.

5- You can’t get HIV from animals such as fish, mosquitoes and other insects. The virus cannot survive to insects and animals.

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