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Pareng Yap and Mareng Jade no-show at Asoy's son's baptism

A dance pair from BIT International
 College in Tagbilaran City, Bohol
 is now an internet sensation after their
video becomes viral.  Screenshot 
Scene: Celebrity Chef Boy Logro at Ubay municipal gymnasium for Pilmico food, agri and livelihood expo on Saturday, Aug. 10. As the food subsidiary of the Aboitiz Group, part of Pilmico’s advocacy is to promote sustainable livelihood through backyard farming.  The event was to create a venue that celebrates local businesses and opportunities for aspiring agri-entrepreneurs.

Seen: Maricor "Hearty" Benitez-De Leon, mother of Jane De Leon, the new  Darna, spotted in Barangay Ubujan, Tagbilaran City.

Scene: A video of a dance pair becomes viral on the social media.  Cristorey Vincent Cavalida, 16, and Angelyn Prieto, 17, from BIT International College in Tagbilaran City, Bohol joined the basic education day “DanceSport” competition. In the video, the pair is seen starting their performance with the usual Latin dance steps. A little later, Cavalida starts to go freestyling with some hip-hop moves.  The crowd goes craze on the part when Cavalida’s shoe incidentally goes into the air.  Prieto told VRS that they didn’t have enough time to practice for the competition.   Nevertheless, they enjoyed the event.  The video has 800,000 views.

The Asoy family celebrates the baptism
of Ceff Khydox. Fr. Anecito "Joy-Joy" Polinar
officiated the baptism of Ceff Khydox
at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Church
in Sevilla town. Photo by Helen Darato Del Rosario

These "Things You Should Know" from Googled Facts shared to me by some friends.

1.) When you wake at 3am, without any reasons, there is someone looking or watching you (spirits I think).
2.) In every 200 people we met everyday, two of them are ghost.
3.) When you walk at night, your weight is heavier than in the morning. It's because some spirits are hanging at your shoulder for a free ride.
4.) Ghost has sense of humor and love to hear human's laugh. The more you laugh, the more you attracts ghost.
5.) People who bite straw when drinking are a good kisser.
6.) When someone gives you a nickname, it means you're special to that person.
7.) In the circle of your friend, there is at least one who secretly admiring you.
8.) It takes 15 months and 27 days to forget someone you love with all your heart.
9.) People who are good in Math are the people who always complicated in their relationship.
10.) When you found out that someone like you, a little part of you starting to like them back even when you have no feelings before.
11.) When a woman's ring finger has the same size with the man's little finger, they are meant to be.
12.) Man only fell inlove once and the rest are product of attraction.
13.) Girl who lacks in height will be the prettiest one.
14.) At the age of 16, 80% of people have already met the person they are going to marry.
15.) Everytime you see your crush, your life extended for 4hours.
16.) Tall guys and short girls makes the cutest couple.
17.) In argument, the one who says 'sorry', loves you more.
18.) Having communication with your ex without the consent of your bf/gf is already considered as a 'cheating'.
19.) Heart grows weaker everytime we do something opposite of what we feel.
20.) Kissing is more hygienic and healthier than shaking hands.

Godparents welcome Ceff Khydox to the
 Christian world on Friday, Aug. 9.
Photo by Helen Darato Del Rosario 
My Kumpareng Art and Kumareng Jade didn’t make it to the baptism of Ceff Khydox, son of former youth leaders Doxson Asoy and Marie Karen Joy (nee Digal) Friday afternoon, Aug. 9, at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Church in Sevilla town.

That’s how I call Bohol Gov. Art Yap and provincial board member Jade Acapulco Bautista that we were godparents in the occasion —kumpare and kumare. But I failed to attend the important occasion for health reasons.

Asked if she was disappointed, a smiling Karen said no. “I know Gov. Art Yap has busy schedules for the province and for the people.”

Board Member Jade, she said, had an earlier appointment.

Instead, Gov. Yap and BM Jade congratulated Doxson and Karen earlier.

Some classmates and friends of the young couple stood as ninangs and ninongs.

Fr. Anecito "Joy-Joy" Polinar officiated the baptism.

Doxson, an aviation engineer based in Singapore, went home for his only son's baptism. He was the provincial federated president of Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) and a former town councilor of San Isidro town.

Karen, a former municipal federated president of SK Sevilla, is the daughter of former Sevilla mayors (the late) Ceferino and Ernesita "Nene" Digal.

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