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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bohol Clashes/A War in Napo

● Jingle writes ‘Gubat sa Napo’ (A War in Napo)
● We will miss you Maam Zen, so long Nestor

We are caught up in the ongoing crackdown of Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) in the province and the unraveling of Supt. Maria Cristina Nobleza’s ties to the extremist group.

The failure of the bandits to establish a base in Bohol should serve a lesson to the bandit group: They are not safe in Bohol. 

As of yesterday, three ASG stragglers are still in Bohol. However, the lack of community support and vigilance of the residents would make it difficult for the bandit group to sow terror here.

The vigilance of ordinary residents prevented the bandits from implementing their plans when they sailed to Bohol from their base in Jolo.

Children reported the presence of armed men with ammunition as “big as corn ears” in Barangay Napo, Inabanga town on April 10 and alerted the government troops who chased them down, killing three members including their leader Abu Rami.

The quick-thinking of a habal-habal driver helped the government troops locate the remaining members in nearby Clarin town and killed four others, including sub-leader and Napo native Joselito Melloria who guided the group to his hometown.

The poem, “Gubat sa Napo” (War in Napo) written by James “Jingle” Lofranco Tripoli, who hails from Tubigon town, resonated with netizens, too, many of whom shared it on their Facebook pages.

Jingle writes poem once a week for station dyLA in Cebu City, also managed by Jhunnex Napallacan, also a Boholano from Maribojoc town.

“I was inspired to make another poem that summarizes the unexpected terror event in a peaceful and calm province of Bohol to remember those people who were directly affected of the war most especially to our brothers who sacrifices their lives just to protect the Bol-anons from the bandits,” said Jingle.

He said he didn’t expect that his poem “Gubat sa Napo” has caught the attention of the netizens especially those living abroad who keep on worrying about the safety of their loved ones.

“I feel happy everytime people appreciate my poem that makes them relax rather than on worrying. In my own little way of writing the poem, I was able to help to ease the pain, worries and sadness they feel, “ said Jingle.

GUBAT SA NAPO (A War in Napo)
By James “Jingle” L. Tripoli

Balita nga nikuyanap sa kapupud-an
Katawhan nakurat og nakalitan
Wa damha nga kami ang hidangatan
Kakuyaw nga perti og hilabihan.

Bandido niabot sa barangay Napo
Nga bisan kinsa wala makatuo
Mga tawong armado mahisalaag didto
Nga gikahadlokan sa tanang tawo.
Gadala og ngilngig nga mga armas
Gamiton kuno sa ilang tahas
Nga magmugna og dakong kakuyaw
Sa among probinsya nga anaa sa kalinaw.
Gikatingad-an sa mga silingan
Bag-ong dagway napadpad sa ilang tugkaran
Matod pa bisita sa ilang kababayan
Apan kadudahan ang ilang sakayan.
Matod sa uban kumpit ang ngalan
Sa sakayan nga ilang nakit-an
Apan napalgan sa kagamhanan
Baruto diay ang ilang gisakyan.
Nakaplagan sa kabataan
Mga bala sa bandido gipainitan
Kay nabasa sa ilang pagpadagan
Paingon sa barangay nga ilang giabtan.

Gisumbong sa mga bata
Ang ilang talagsaon nga nakita
Didto sa ilang pinanggang barangay
Nga unta malinawon man sa kanunay.
Gitiktikan sa kasundalohan
Terorista nga ilang kalaban
Nagpang-abot sila sa kabukiran
Ug didto nagsugod ang ilang bakbakan.
Nikalas sa mga bililhong kinabuhi
Army, pulis og sibilyan way pili
Sa giyera ikaw molikay
Ug sa bala maglihay-lihay.

Terorista nakaikyas og nitago
Didto nagpahipi sa mga buho
Gilibutan sila sa kasundalohan
Ug gibantayan ang ilang lutsanan.

Nideklara si Presidente
Nga mohatag og ganti
Sa makatoltol og makasulti
Sa impormasyon nga importante.
Habal-habal driver ang unang nitug-an
Sa lugar nga iyang nahibaw-an
Terorista didto nasigpatan
Nagpangayog tabang sa kabalayan.

Pulis og army maoy niresponde
Nagkaengkwentro sa Brgy. Bacani
Ginukdanay hangtod sa Brgy. Nahawan
Terorista niresulta sa ilang pagtaliwan.
Panid-an ang nahabilin
Nga anaa sa lungsod sa Clarin
Aron kalinaw atong mapupo
Ang gubat nga nagsugod sa Brgy. Napo.

We will miss you Maam Zen, Nestor

Our media colleague, Nestor B. Daarol was laid to rest in Dauis town yesterday.  Family, friends and fans gathered to say their final goodbyes to one of Bohol’s prominent broadcasters, after a short but brave fight with cancer.

We have more recollections of happy days with Nestor by friends who will forever miss him and cherish him deep in their hearts. As I’ve been saying, Nestor was a good man, loved by everybody who has said everything that could be said about him.

He was very straightforward, very sure of himself and once you’ve asked for a help—he’s there. When I asked Nestor if he could share his video and photos of news I’d missed, he sent the files right away with no “if’s and but’s.”

He told me once that word of honor was more important to him.

“Dili ta mag-unay og away sa media kay kita raman magtinabangay,” he told me.

And that was how it has been with him all these years.

So long, bai Nestor.

On a sad note, environmental activist, health advocate and visionary-leader Zenaida Darunday passed away on April 9.

Maam Zen paved the way to countless earthkeeping advocacies in Bohol.

Her friends celebrated perhaps less with tears but more with recollection of beautiful memories and anecdotes about this woman about whom nobody could say anything negative.

“You have done your share to advance the cause for a better world in your lifetime,” said community developer Nestor Maniebo Pestelos. “In your passing, we lost a close friend and a committed development worker.”

Another environmental activist Pat Ruiz, “She is an inspiration and a role model. Her legacy is now ours to continue”

Maam Zen was all that — and more.

Several years ago, I told her that I need to interview her about ubi (purple yam) for my story in Inquirer. She told me all about ubi, a healthy energy source with important nutritional benefits- that to my surprise I didn’t have enough space left in my notebook.

When I told her I need to go home to write my story, she told me to use her computer.

“Use it,” she said, while preparing a healthy lunch for me to stay for an hour. Before I went home, she shared to me about homeopathy, an alternative medicine, which I suggested to my friends of Magandang Gabi, Bayan (MGB) on ABS-CBN to feature it. 

She also lent me her camera and taught me the basics of photography. Well, it was an honor since Maam Zen was a photojournalist to several magazines in the United States of America. She spent 20 years of her life in New York where she earned her position as a senior environmental technologist of Shel Oil Company in New York and associate editor of Research Institute of America in New York City.

Maam Zen strongly opposed the controversial "water and power deal.” She also prevented the entry of GMOs here in Bohol, and Bohol is now GMO-free because of her heroic efforts. She played a key role in drafting “The Bohol Environment Code of 1998,” the first of its kind in the Philippines and now being adapted by other provinces; also authored The Bohol Climate Change Primer.

There was a time when I went to see her at Cedar’s to ask why our watery rose apple tree (tambis) was not growing healthy. She told me, “Talk to the tree” for which I did. Miraculously, the tree grew forth and bore fruit.

That was Maam Zen. With her, it was always fresh knowledge and never, never hesitated to share her expertise.  She was that generous, very giving in every way, whether with her time, materials things and friendship.

Two years ago, Maam Zen lent me her book, Alex Loyd’s The Healing Code, a good source of information on how to heal the source of any health and success or relationship issue.

“If you’re done reading it, you can return the book,” she told me. Until now, I still have the book.

Last December, I met Gabby (his driver before). He told me about her failing condition and he asked me to visit her. It didn’t happen.

You will be sorely missed, Maam Zen.


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