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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Best things to do in summer in Bohol

Ah, sweet summer, you’ve arrived! With summer already breathing warmth and excitement throughout the country, VRS pooled together our most feel-good summer pastimes— it's time to do something new and possibly productive this summer the next time you are bored!

1.Do one touristy thing in your city/town that you’ve never done before.

2.Turn off your phone and go read in a park.

The Can-uba Marble Beach in Jagna town
 is a public beach and blessed with a long stretch 
of pebbles and cool blue waters. Leo Udtohan

3.Ice cream No. 1 after lunch at The Bohol Bee Farm/The Buzzz.

4.Ice cream No. 2 after dinner at Cresencia Cafe.

5.Take photographs in nature.

6.Stargaze after all there’s a whole universe out there.

7. Learn to cook new recipes for family and friends.

8.Go fishing. Go camping.

9. Take your dog for a walk.

10. Fly a kite.

11.Collect seashells.

12. Eat a slice of watermelon. Sweet melons can be found in Lila and Dimiao towns this summer.  Make sure you get of these tropical fruits sineguelas (Spanish plum), bayabas (guava), lomboy (black/java plum), avocado and kaimito (star apple)-abundant this season and find out that indulging in these fresh and delicious treats will bring you good health.

13.  Pack a picnic.

14. Visit the library. Read wonderful books and learn about the world around you. Library time is active, not passive.

15. Visit the museum. There is no doubt that a primary role of museums is to engage and educate the community. The Bohol Museum will make you smarter!

16. Learn how to drive. Obey traffic rules and drive safely.

The Malingin Falls in the village of Patrocinio in 
Cortes town is one place to explore as the province 
gains a boundless energy this summer. Leo Udtohan
17. Take a road trip to the nearest beaches, springs and waterfalls.  Enjoy the captivating beaches of Jagna, Loon, Calape and Anda. We have many cold springs and cascades in Antequera, Cortes, Dimiao, Lila, Bilar and Sierra-Bullones.

18. Look for old family and high school photos and share them on Facebook.

19. Plant a tree in your community. Do some charity works. Check the Gov. Celestino Gallares Regional Hospital  or visit the Philippine National Red Cross-Bohol chapter if you want to volunteer.

20. Sound trip! Listen to your parents favorite songs—Born Free, My WayDowntown and Tennessee Waltz. Nice to go down memory lane every now and then!

21. Clean your room!

22. Be healthy! Stop smoking, sleep on time, observe a no-fat diet, go for a walk or jog or a run, take vitamins and drink at least eight glasses of water per day.

23. Always remember two things in life: Don't take any decisions when you are angry and don't make any promises when you are happy.

24. Pay your debts!

25. Make it a Sunday habit to read VRS.


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