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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bryan Gaviola: I want to marry the right woman

Amanda Arles
Seen: Miss Panglao 2011 first runner-up Amanda Arles was spotted at SM Mall of Asia  last June 1 to audition for Miss Philippines World 2012. Miss World Philippines has already moved to TV5, the media partner of the pageant.
Seen: The Queen of Talk Show Kris Aquino visited Bohol for the second time. Kris was in Bohol last week to shoot an episode for Kris TV show on ABS-CBN. Her show says, “Tuloy-tuloy ang paglalakbay ni Kris para patunayang "Its more FUN in the Philippines"…
Scene: The 2nd Bohol Dolphin Festival was held last May 31 at CPG Sports Complex to raise awareness on protecting marine mammals and the environment. Spearheaded by Bohol Rescue Unit for Marine Mammals (BRUMM), a non-government organization engaged in research on large marine vertebrates (LAMAVE) project in Bohol, the festival included a parade, educational displays and activities and dolphin mural painting. Dolphins love freedom!
Seen: Aspiring musical sensation Sherwin “Paeng” Cabilan Rosco of Tubigon town has made it to the X-Factor Philippines. A franchise of the hit UK reality singing contest created by renowned judge Simon Cowell, the X-Factor Philippines will air on June 23 on ABS-CBN. Rosco was selected from the pre-screening done last year. There will be 80 hopefuls who will face the judges Pilita Corales, Martin Nievera, Gary Valenciano and Charice Pempengco. X-Factor host is KC Concepcion.
Did you know that Atty. Bryan Olaso Gaviola, one of the gorgeous young lawyers in the province, wanted to become a Navy SEAL (Sea, Air, Land, and the SEALs are the U.S. Navy's most acclaimed special ops unit) and he, sigh, failed?
“I really wanted to become a soldier, but...”
Atty. Bryan Gaviola: ‘I’m single by choice.’
He ended up a lawyer, educated at Mindanao State University (AB Philosophy) and a teacher at University of Bohol.  
“I wanna help the oppressed, the persecuted, and the underdog, and the community in general in order to make the world a better place to live and make a living for myself at the same time,” said the young lawyer.
We see him all the time in Junior Chamber International (JCI)- Bohol Sandugo activities but we don’t really know much about Bryan. Just recently, Bryan spearheaded the 60th Year Anniversary of JCI-Bohol, a leading global network of young active citizens whose mission is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. 
At 29 (an Aries, born on March 30), Bryan is still single and available. Asked if he’s choosy, Bryan said, “No.” But he is searching. “I’m single by choice,” he added, “I want to marry the right woman, at the right time, and for the right reason. And it’s sad to belong to someone else when the right one comes along.”
Bryan stands 5’9”; and wears extra-large-size shirt, extra-large-size briefs and size-11 shoes.
More of Atty. Bryan Gaviola in this “He can’t invoke his right against self-incrimination":
Do you also get death threats like other lawyers?
“I haven’t had any death threats yet and I hope I never will (Laughs).”
Your daily schedule must be hectic. Describe a day in your life.
“In the morning I usually attend court hearings and in the afternoon I’m busy with clients and papers at the office, after office hours I deal with appointments, meetings, and teaching. Only then can I spend the rest of my day with friends.”
Atty. Bryan Gaviola finds time to travel (this time in France) for adventurous exploration, cultural musings, and wanderlust.
How long you have been practicing your profession?
“A little over two year but it feels like more because I was fortunate enough to be offered partnership with Atty. Jaime Jimenez shortly after passing the bar exam.”
How long you have been teaching at University of Bohol?
“Six years since 2005.” (The same school he graduated high school.-LPU)
How do you manage it, practicing your profession as a lawyer and at the same time teaching?
“I have requested our dean to schedule my subject after office house so there is no conflict. But it’s easier said than done. (Laughs)”
Don’t tell me that you bring work at home.
“I rarely bring work at home. But there are time when call of duty at the office requires it.” 
What makes you busy nowadays?  Probably with Junior Chamber International (JCI)- Bohol Sandugo?
“Yes. JCI takes up most of my free time.” 
As president, what are your plans for JCI-Bohol?
“Many. But the most ambitious is to finally set up our headquarters after so many years. Thanks to the Gallares family for graciously giving us a little space in one of their properties.”
What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
“Drink Coffee.”
And the last thing you do before you go to sleep?
“Turn off the lights.”
How do you cope up with stress?
“I make it a point to catch up on sleep every weekend.”
How much water do you take per day?
“A lot. Because I sweat a lot.”
Do you drink wine or other hard drinks?  
“Only beer.”
Do you go to gym?
“No. But I play basketball a lot.”
What part of your body is your best asset?
“My ab or my nose. (Laughs)”
..with JCI-Bohol family
What’s your favorite attire in bed?
How do you deal with your temper?
“I make it a point not to lose my temper when things get out of control. It just worsens the situation.”
What is your favorite hideaway?
“My room. I just watch DVDs all night.”
What part of a woman’s body do you notice first?
“The face..specifically the eyes.”
What kind of women turns you on?
“Independent women.”
What kind of women turns you off?
“Flirty girls turn me off. And women who wear a lot of make-up.”
How’s your love life?
“Hmmmm it’s complicated.”
Sex life?
“Orgasmic! (Laughs)”
How do you deal with temptation?
“I just think ahead where it would lead me if I give in.”
How do you deal with, uhm, indecent proposals?
Using only body language, how would you make a woman know that you admire her?
“I would stare at her a lot.”
Kris Aquino will feature Bohol on her KrisTV show next week. Credit: KrisTV
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