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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Meet Clement, mild & gentle

Scene: Anti-epal Congresswoman, stage actress and political/social activist Mae Paner aka Juana Change was reacting on the tarpaulins of Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Bohol federation president Jethro Nathaniel Lim Imboy sprawling along the city’s main thoroughfares. The original tarps had the faces of Juana Change and other two speakers with Bamboo as the event entertainer for SK Convention on Sept. 15-16. Juana Change, who is known for her anti-epal campaign, ordered the organizers to remove the “epal” tarps. In a statement sent to Bared, the organizers said, “The purpose of the SKPF in posting the welcome tarpaulins was to promote the Convention as local-partner and where 500 SK leaders from Bohol have committed to participate.” They had replaced the tarps and removed Juana Change as one of the speakers. The incensed Juana Change mentioned the incident on Morning at ANC last Friday.
Scene: The “maindie” (part “mainstream” and part “indie”) film Biktima (starring Cesar Montano and Angel Aquino) will hit theaters on September 19. The suspense drama is directed and produced by RD Alba.
Seen: Christopher Roxas was spotted in Panglao. He went firefly kayaking with Kayakasia and Plan International’s program coordinator John Diviva. Roxas and Diviva joined others for Because I Am A Girl Campaign last Saturday.
Scene: The 13th annual tourism quiz initiated by the Bohol Island Tour Guides Association of the Philippines, Inc. (BITGAP Inc.) for the tourism month celebration. The first level was held on Sept. 7 in Balilihan and the 2nd district level was held in Talibon last Sept. 14. The 3rd district level is on Sept. 21 in Lila. The district and city finals will be on Sept. 28 at BQ Mall. The quiz covered various topics ranging from tourist attractions and events to history and current events. The contest is part of the ongoing celebration of Tourism Month.
Scene: South Korean rapper Psy‘s song “Gangnam Style” became a huge hit around the world. It was uploaded last month, and even Ellen De Generes tried it out the latest dance craze. Aside from the video of a 60 year old woman who seriously dancing ” Oppa Gangnam Style,” there are hilarious versions and other parodies of random people dancing to the very catchy K-Pop song which have proliferated in YouTube including Bogart the Explorer, Showtime’s Eric “Eruption” Tai and MoymoyPalaboy. In the video, Moymoy Palaboy had a scene portraying Legazpi and Datu Si Katuna at the Blood Compact Shrine in Bool.
Mark the name Clement Paulinel Lofranco Ingking. His name rings a bell and you will hear more ringing from him very soon.
Clement, which means “mild” and “gentle”, is not a stranger to the limelight. When he was 12, he wowed the audience ramping and singing (with hundreds of auditionees from the province who competed for five consecutive monthly finals until the grand final), Clement won ICM’s Kiddie Idol Champion in 2006.
He won ICM’s Model Quest 2007 (male category champion), Mr. Alturas 2011, Mr. Bohol Island State University (BISU) FreshFace 2011, Lakandula ng BISU 2011, Mr. Sophie Paris 2012 and Mr. BISU-Main Campus 2012 first runner-up.
At present, he is taking up Bachelor of Hotel and Restaurant Service Technology at BISU-Main Campus and chairman of Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) of barangay Booy, this city.
And more: He is an active talent of Cebu Models Society, Bravura Models and Talents, Options and Concepts and formerly a member of Doors Models and Talents.
Whew!!! How does Clement find time for all that?
I have a simple technique; when I am at the university, I manage to study and focus well and coping up immediately all the lessons,” said Clement. “And all my vacant hours will be spent at my SK office for all the paper works such as communications, resolutions, activity designs and for brainstorming more efficient and effective activities for my constituents.”
“What do I find sexy?” he asked. “Real, genuine, sense of humor, sexuality, a little bit of nerdy-ness, sometimes a little attitude, someone cute doesn't hurt either, but it's really the personality that grabs my attention and drags me in.”
Asked what’s the sexiest thing he has ever done so far, Clement laughed aloud and said, “Putting body oil during fashion shows and exposure shows.
Clement stands 5’8’’, weighs 152 lbs., and wears medium-size shirt, size-30 brief and size-8 shoes. He’s a Scorpion (born November 21, 1994).
Find out as Clement completes the following sentences:
I am happiest when… my parents are proud of me all the time.

I’m saddest when…a part of our family passed away.

What I like about myself is…staying my feet on the ground, touching other lives, and following God’s wisdom.

What I hate about myself is…being a risk-taker.

I hate people who are…very judgmental and hypocrite, they’re the ones who complicates and put malicious meaning in everything.

I avoid people who are not…sociable and open-minded, they’ll just ruin my day!

My worst moment… was hearing those insecure and hypocrite people backstabbing and telling rumors about me.

My biggest fear…is to lose my parents; I can’t live without them as of now.

The most important person/s in my life is/are… my parents because without them I will not become who and what I am now. They are my inspirations and motivators.

If I were to be reincarnated as an animal I would be…an owl. Because I’m nocturnal, I’m a night person. I became more active at night and always lacking hours of sleep.

My most traumatic experience was…being bitten by a dog while riding my mountain bike way back 2007.

I deal with gossip by…ignoring and laughing with those nonsense stuffs.

Am I afraid of growing old?... not really, growing old means being mature and well-rounded person.

I lose my temper when…there are lots of paper works and reports to comply in last minute time.

If I were somebody else I’d be… Abraham Lincoln, for all we know was the 16th president of the United States. He preserved the Union during the U.S. Civil War and brought about the emancipation of slaves. I want to try living in the world and having his capabilities, responsibilities and power.

Face-to-face with God, I would tell Him… I praise and worship you Father, thank you for the precious life you bestowed on me. You are my God and I will always follow your will.  Help me to grow a better ambassador of peace and guide me upon rendering my full-pledge service to you and my fellowmen.
The type of girls that turns me on... are those with appealing physical attributes and good sense of humor.

The type of girls that turn me off…are those “pasikat” or shall I say “feeler type”!

My philosophy in life is…We are who we choose to be.
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