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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bolitas: Pinoy’s secret ‘weapon’

Mature readers only. Reader discretion is advised.

Who said the “secret weapon” called bolitas (penile implant) among Filipino men is a thing of the past?

Three weeks before Valentine’s Day, Marvin (family name not revealed) from Tagbilaran City decided to see Marlon (family name not revealed) to undergo an “operation.”

Penile implant like bolitas is still popular with Filipino 
men who want to increase sexual confidence 
and reinforce masculinity.  Leo Udtohan
At home, Marlon, 34, had already prepared syringe, alcohol, Lidocaine (a local anesthesia), cotton, povidone-iodine (Betadine), bandage and a sharpened used toothbrush he would use for the “operation.” He doused the round object called “bolitas” in alcohol.

Bolitas are round objects inserted under the skin of the penis to add texture to the penis.

Marvin, 23, an office clerk, brought rum and some pulutan (appetizers).  He said the rum would help him relax before the “operation.” He said decided to undergo an “operation” to “surprise” his girlfriend of two years this Valentine's Day. 

After the drinking spree, Marvin was ready for the “operation.” Marlon took the syringe and draw out the local anesthesia, and injected it into Marvin’s ding-a-ling!

After Marvin experienced numbness in his tool, Marlon made an incision under the skin of the penis through the sharpened toothbrush, and inserted the bolitas.

Marlon, also known to friends as “Dr. Bolitas,” is a habal-habal (motorcycle) driver. He has been performing penile insert for 20 years. He said his clients range from students, army, seamen, policemen and some professionals.

“Tanan kung kinsa lang ganahan magpataud og bolitas (Anyone can have bolitas),” said Marlon. He also said that bolitas is a “secret weapon” to increase sexual confidence and reinforce masculinity.

Marvin heard about bolitas from his friends. He said he was “satisfied” with his size. However, he consented to the procedure “out of curiosity” as he wanted more as a man.

“Gusto lang ko malipay pag-ayo akong uyab (I want to make my girlfriend happy),” he said.

For Marlon, he said that his procedure was safe since he had soaked all the materials in antiseptic.  He advised “customers” to take antibiotic after insertion to prevent infection.

So, how’s the tool doing?

“Very well, thank you,” said the proud owner.

But how many bolitas?

"Maayo kung usa, duha or tulo fight nana kaayo (One is good, two or three is better)," he said. Other can have six bolitas.

But how long bolitas can stay in the penis is not known yet. 

Marvin is among the Filipino men who believe that penile implant enhance the sexual pleasure and make them unforgettable to women.

The penile insert or “enhancement” for pleasure has been in Visayan culture for centuries, said Bohol-based psychologist Jerome Magallen, Ph.D.

Bolitas is either made of plastic formed out of melted spoons, ballpens, toothbrushes, chopsticks, deodorant rollers, rosary and necklace beads; metal pellets or steel ball bearing; or mineral-type stones such as titanium, ivory, jade, porcelain or fiberglass and silicone implant. 

Other forms of genital modification are piercing, Prince Albert, humps, split and sub-incision. Some men injected silicone liquid or collagen to their members to increase girth.

Marvin said he got his own bolitas from the small glass stopper of Emperador and The Bar.

“Basta kadtong gusto malipay ilang partner, muguwa ilang pagka-resourceful, maggama ilang kaugalingon bolitas o mangayo libre sa ilang higala (Those who have the desire to make their partners happy, they become resourceful, they make their own bolitas or got them for free from their friends),” said Marlon.

On why men want penile insert, according to Magallen, penis size has been a source of anxiety for men in different cultures throughout history.

“Men want to improve self-esteem and impress their partners,” said Magallen.

He also said that men try penile insert or genital modification because of sexual insecurities, peer pressure and curiosity. 

“Maybe it’s their coping mechanism or maybe they have a bad sexual experience and they feel they were not able to satisfy their partners,” he said. “They feel inadequate and often feel a need to enlarge their penises.”

Magallen also cited some cases that men have bolitas before marriage, but remove them when they settle down with one woman.

“Why remove the bolitas if the purpose is to please a woman? Since they were thinking that their partners become sex addicts because of their bolitas, they worry that they will seek other men for pleasure,” he explained.

The group “Samahang May Bolitas at Humps” (SMBH), a page on Facebook, said that the origin of penile insert or genital beading is unclear.

“Men in some areas of South East Asia, including Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia have a long history of inserting or implanting various objects in their penises. The origin of these practices is unclear, but some researchers say that they were copied from Chinese or Arab traders who visited Southeast Asia, while others argue that it is an indigenous innovation,” it said.

SMBH also cited that ancient Filipinos were known to wear embedded ornaments on their penis. He said that Ferdinand Magellan’s chronicler Antonio Pigafetta noted that “both young and old males pierce their penises with a gold or tin rod the size of a goose quill, its ends shaped like the head of a nail.”

Before bolitas became popular among Filipino sailors in 1980s, men in late 50’s and early 60’s used “goat’s eye” (pilok sa kanding or pilik mata) from the part of the eyelash of a goat as tool to enhance sexual pleasure of a woman which makes her crave for the sexual act.

“The bolitas is a much improved invention of Filipino’s resourcefulness and ingenuity,” it said.

Now, humps (with the use of silicone rod or string) is becoming popular, the group added. 

Dr. April “Doc April” Lumuthang-Froilan, who runs the Touch of April General and Cosmetic SurgiCenter (4th Floor, Lim Hong Medical Arts and Wellness Center beside Ramiro Hospital, Contact No: 09283687041/09424911018),  in Tagbilaran City, said that in many cultures men think “The bigger the better” and being “too small” is still regarded very humiliating in many cultures.

“Is bigger really better?” asked Doc April.  She said the answer varies from person to person.

“Is penile insert (bolitas) safe?” she asked. “It is safe as long as it is sterile and done with a medical practitioner.”

Doc April, who finished her cosmetic surgery at Pan Pacific Aesthetic Institute, said there are  bolitas operations being performed by a friend or neighbor using a sharpened toothbrush or ballpen cap to make an incision for the bolitas which could not be safe. 

Doc April said that penile inserts have medical complications including throbbing pain, inflammation and infections.

She also said that not all sexual partners enjoy the feeling of genital beads.  She said that there are reports of women who have complained of pain during intercourse and implants have been known to cause bleeding and damage to their vagina.

Some reports said that there are some women feel no difference between a normal penis and a penis studded with bolitas, she added.

She also said that those men who are not “gifted” can have penile enlargement by a cosmetic surgeon.  

“One procedure adds thickness, the other adds length,” she said.

“It is still the performance that counts,” said Doc April, "There are many ways on how to enjoy sex in safest ways."

With many sex products in the market today to enhance sexual pleasure, the small thing called bolitas is still popular among Filipino men.  

Days of slight pain and inconvenience, and then, enjoy.

(Note:  Jerome Magallen, Ph.D. offers counselling or life coaching services. Visit him at University of Bohol- Guidance Center. Dr. April Lumuthang-Froilan’s Touch of April offers noselift (rhinoplasty), nosetrim (alarplasty), eyebag removal (lower blepharoplasty),  slit eye ( upper blepharoplasty), cleft chin creation, dimple creation, buttocks augmentation, vaginal repair (vaginoplasty), virginity restoration (hymenoplasty), penile enlargement/lengthening, ear reconstruction (otoplasty), breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck,  lip reduction, chin augmentation, warts/mole, keloid removal, botox injection and glutathione injection.)


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Sunday, February 14, 2016

#VRSHugotPaMore on Valentine's Day

Seen: Spotted in Bohol last week was veteran broadcast journalist Jessica Soho.

Scene: The 60th birthday celebration of Junibe Froilan, Sr.

Scene: Tagbilaran City Comelec Officer lawyer Ariel Selma attended the weeklong Executive Training for Trainors for the Vote Count Machines (VCM) in preparation for the May 2016 elections.  Selma was with provincial election supervisor lawyer Eliseo Labaria, Dauis election officer Oliver Chatto Glovasa and Comelec Bohol CVL Technician Rojene Tabanera.

* * *

Do you dread Valentine's Day? Chill out. Here are 10 things to do this February 14th.

1. Hit the beach for sun, sea and sand! Bohol just abounds with gorgeous beaches from north to south, east to west. So, your heart has many choices to wanderlust. 

2. Fill up some of your community service hours. Do some charity works. Spend time with the less fortunate, give love during summer. Share your blessings. (Check the Gov. Celestino Gallares Regional Hospital, Sunshine Home  and Holy Trinity Orphanage Home in Albur town). Visit the Philippine National Red Cross-Bohol chapter if you want to give the safest blood possible to save life.)

3. Play (again and again!) your CDs of old, familiar love songs like Taylor Swift's "Love Story," The Supreme's "Baby Love," Minnie Riperton's "Lovin' You," The Righteous Brother's "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'," Madonna's "Justify My Love," Celine Dion's "The Power of Love," Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All," and Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is."

TURN YOURSELF confidently beautiful with a heart 
at the Touch of April by Bohol’s first cosmetic surgeon 
Dr. April Lumuthang-Froilan. Leo Udtohan/Chronicle
4. Set a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter day to look for old friends and classmates. Send them personal messages.

5. See Bohol's cosmetic surgeon Dr. April Lumuthang-Froilan of Touch of April General and Cosmetic SurgiCenter (Bohol Medical Center Institute, Dao District, Tagbilaran City; Contact numbers: 09324146871/09283687041) and face the world confidently with a beautiful heart! Doc April’s Touch of April surgicenter offers noselift (rhinoplasty), nosetrim (alarplasty), eyebag removal (lower blepharoplasty),  slit eye ( upper blepharoplasty), cleft chin creation, dimple creation, buttocks augmentation, vaginal repair (vaginoplasty), virginity restoration (hymenoplasty), penile enlargement/lengthening, ear reconstruction (otoplasty), breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, lip reduction, chin augmentation, warts/mole and keloid removal, botox injection and glutathione injection.

6. Have a food trip at Gustus Reto (M. Torralba Street, Tagbilaran City), Dong Juan (M. Parras cor G. Visarra Street, Tagbilaran City),  Mosia Cupcakes and Cookie Shop (V. Inting Avenue,  Tagbilaran City), Peacock Garden (Baclayon), Swiss Garden Restaurant (Alona Beach, Panglao), Miravilla Resort (Booy, Tagbilaran City), Time Out Resto Bar (BQ Mall), Walk Express (BQ Mall), Gerry's Grill (BQ Mall), Mang Inasal (Gallares, Street, Tagbilaran City), STK (Graham Avenue, Tagbilaran City), Prawn Farm (ICM), Chicken Ati-Atihan (Putong Street, Tagbilaran City), Bohol Bee Farm (Dao, Dauis),  The Buzzz Cafe (Island City Mall, Luisa Galleria and Alona Beach), Rai-Rai Ken (ICM), Payag (CPG Avenue, Tagbilaran City), Cuisina ni Tisay (Chap Complex in Carmen), Linaw Beach Resort Pearl Restaurant (Panglao), Lohob – Tagbilaran Bohol Bar and Restaurant (V.P. Inting St. formerly Burgos in front of Tire Queen Servitek near the Tagbilaran Cathedral), Giuseppe Pizzeria and Sicilian Roast Italian Restaurant (Alona Beach, Panglao), Oops Bar (Alona Beach, Panglao), JJ's Seafood Village (Tagbilaran City),Cion Virge Café and Restaurant (Airport Road, Tagbilaran City), Trudis Place (Alona Beach, Panglao), Garden Café (Tagbilaran City near St. Joseph Cathedral), Persona Mesa  (J.A. Clarin Street, Tagbilaran City), Tarsier Botanika (Tawala, Panglao), Black Forest Hut Restaurant (V.P. Inting Avenue, Tagbilaran City),  Aioli Cafe and Restaurant (717 CG Avenue,  Booy District, Tagbilaran City),  Shiang Ma Nou (j. Borja Street cor C. Gallares Street, Tagbilaran City),  Heritage Crab House Seafood Restaurant (V.P. Inting Street, Mansasa Seaside, Tagbilaran City), Chocoreich (H. Grupo Street, Tagbilaran City) and Frankies (UGF, Island City Mall and Rajah Sikatuna Ave, Dao, Tagbilaran City)

...and have a fill of Boholano bread and pastries at Central Bakery for pan de sal and binangkal, Jojie's Bakeshop's sliced bread, torta, cay-cay, otap; BQ Bread Basket's farmers bread, French bread and bahug-bahug (colored bread); Alturas/Island City Mall Bread Cottage's Spanish bread; Ramirez Cakes and Pastries' cakes; Shopper's Mart's torta; Jojie's Painitang Bol-anon, Pasonangka's special siopao, Empanada Alma's empanada, Park 'n Go's caramel bread, Sunny Angel's Peanut Nuggets, Osang's broa, Tessie Pagdato's broa; and Bohol Bee Farm's camote bread, squash and carrot muffins.

LOVEBIRDS at the K of C Promenade in Tagbilaran City.
 As they watch the romantic sunset, they are reminded that the
 first stab of love is like a sunset, a blaze of color -- oranges, 
pearly pinks, vibrant purples. Leo Udtohan/Chronicle
7. Go on a nature hike, backpacking/camping trip. Don't forget to bring a camera. Have a date at Plaza Rizal, it’s free. If you want to see a romantic sunset, visit K of C and just pay P2 for the entrance!

8. Have a make-over! Change your hair and make-up. Find the perfect dress! Call Tracy Torres Remolador, Jojo and Bebei Tagoctoc, Charlow Arbasto, Jonathan Ucat, Ramil Dolauta, Donna Vitos, Rolly Ingking and Ryan Sines. For the latest collections, see EJ Relampagos, Henry Baron, Omie Auza and Maximiel.

9. Go outside and find different kinds of flowers. Look for the red rose if you can.

10.  Watch the sunrise and sunset.  The sun coming up every day is a love story, while the first stab of love is like a sunset, a blaze of color -- oranges, pearly pinks, vibrant purples.

And while we are it, VRS is celebrating Valentine’s Day with #VRSHugotPaMore, the busiest word online.

“Hugot” is a Filipino word that means “to draw or pull out.” #Hugotlines are sentiments drawn from both the sweet and bitter experiences of love.

Add sugar (or spice) to your feelings with these witty and lovely #Hugotlines:

1. Alam mo ba ang mapait sa pag-ibig? Iyon eh, AMPALAYAin ka.
2.Kung mahal ka talaga niya, dapat hindi ka nya balikan..dahil simula pa lang, dapat hindi ka na niya iniwan.
3.Masakit isipin na yung taong mahal mo may ibang nagpapasaya.
4.Ang pag-ibig natin parang Facebook. Pwedeng i-like, pwede ring magcomment, pero hindi dapat i-share.

5.May taong mabilis mahulog ang loob mo, pero bigla ka nalang iiwan at kung saan nakalimot kana, saka nagpaparadam.
6. Hindi tanga yung taong sobrang nagmahal. Mas tanga yung taong mnahal ng sobra pero naghanap pa ng iba.
7.  Buti pa ang ballpen…  Nahahawakan ang kamay mo.
8. Buti pa ang camera, lagi mong nginingitian.
9. Buti pa ang Leron Leron… May sinta.
10. Kung paglalaruan mo lang pala ako. Sana sinabi mo agad para nakapag P.E. Uniform pa ako.
11 Yung piniga piga mo yung toothpaste tapos mahuhulog lang sa lababo. Tangina pati ba naman toothpaste sa iba na-fall.
12. Ano ba talaga? Hindi ako Yoyo na pag gusto mong ibitaw gagawin mo tapos pag nahila na bibitawan mo ulit. Pinapaikot mo lang ako.

Did we miss anything? Feel free to share  your valetine’s day #HugotPaMore moments thru email:,  FB/Twitter: leoudtohan. 

* * *
Bohol Catholics observe Ash Wednesday

Anacorita Fullido, 71, woke up early to attend the 6:15 a.m. mass at St. Joseph Cathedral in Tagbilaran City in Bohol province last Wednesday.

She was one of the hundreds of Boholano Roman Catholics who flocked to churches to have their foreheads marked with ashes, reminding them that life on earth is ephemeral.

“It is to remind me that I came from dust and from dust I will return,” said Fullido, who said she didn’t miss a single Ash Wednesday.

Ash Wednesday is the start of the 40-day season of Lent.

The priest or a lay minister imposed ashes in the form of a cross on the forehead of each churchgoer, saying, “Repent and believe in the Gospel,” or, “Remember, man, that you are dust and unto dust you shall return.”

FR. CRISOLITO GEANGAN marks the foreheads
 of devotees in the observance of Ash Wednesday
 using the blessed ashes from burned palm leaves.
Leo Udtohan/Chronicle

In his homily, Fr. Crisolito Geangan, of the Diocese of Tagbilaran, reminded the people about their origin and destiny.   He also told the faithful to observe the Lenten Season meaningfully.

“It’s a reflection of our spiritual journey; we must check ourselves that perhaps we have spiritual hemorrhage. If we do, it’s time to embrace the Lord,” Geangan said in local dialect. 

He also said that ashes also symbolize the call for repentance and desire to follow Christ.

The ashes used on Wednesday were the ashes of burnt palms blessed during last year’s Palm Sunday. The ashes were sprinkled with holy water or olive oil and smoked with incense.

Fullido said she missed the old times when Holy Week was observed with utmost reverence.

“When I was small, we observed Holy Week with sobriety.  No music, no work on Thursday and Friday. We stayed at home, very quiet. Now, its’ different,” she said.

“Nostalgic, pero go with the tide. Anyway, it’s the same God,” she said.

She also said she will do visita iglesia in Bohol churches which were damaged by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in 2013. 

*   *   *

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