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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Panglao Island has to breathe

Scene: Bohol Province and co-host Tagbilaran City are expecting 6,000 to 7,000 student-athletes from the 19 schools divisions in the Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association (Cviraa) set on Feb. 24 to March 2. Bohol Gov. Edgar Chatto said, “This is not only a DepEd event. This is a province of Bohol event which the entire people of Bohol will be welcoming our visitors and guests.  Ato silang dawaton ug ipakita ang  atong Boholano hospitality.”
Scene: Isabel Iris Garsuta was declared champion during the National Festival of Talents 2018 Jingle Writing and Singing competition.

Mister Supranational-Philippines 2016 AR De La Serna,
Glorivic Yap- De La Serna  and
Man of the World 2017 Mustafa Galal Elezali during an outreach program in Bohol province.
Contributed Photo
Scene: Man of the World 2017 Mustafa Galal Elezali from Egypt was spotted at “Luto-Luto ta, Bai” in Tagbilaran City last Friday night. Elizali was in Bohol for a charity event. He visited elementary schools in Haguilanan Grande in Balilihan and Badiang, Sikatuna for an outreach program organized by prime Event Productions Philippines Foundation, Inc. (Pepps).  He was assisted by Mister Supranational-Philippines 2016 AR De La Serna.  According to Glorivic Yap-De La Serna, some 280 slippers, stand fans, educational and sports items were given to the schools.

SceneEmilia Roslinda, executive director of PROCESS-Bohol on ubi (purple yam) during the Ubi Festival 2018: “Ubi is actually a good substitute for rice and corn especially now that rice is expensive.”


As recent reports of Panglao Island as the next target after Boracay pervaded the news, it disheartened many people who admired the island for its crystal clear water and white sand that put Bohol province on the global map.

But national leaders and environmental experts have said that Panglao, known as Bohol’s tourism jewel, is suffering from environmental problems because of unregulated development, lax enforcement of laws, and continued surge in tourist arrivals.

Tourists enjoy Panglao’s miles of powder sand beaches.
Leo Udtohan
Panglao Councilor Rogelyn Degoma said that the island is teeming with resorts with no septic tanks and proper waste disposal facilities and illegal structures.

“About 80 to 90 percent resorts are without waste water facility and sewerage treatment plant (STP). A
nd 60-70 percent are not compliant on septic tanks regulations,” said Degoma.

Most resort owners and investors were reluctant to build their own sewerage system and wastewater treatment plant because of the cost, she said.

Degoma stressed that even the requirement that septic tanks should have three to five chambers had not been complied with by some resort owners.

Some resorts on Alona Beach empty their sewage and other wastes directly into the cave or holes in the resort which would go directly the ground which then transport into the water surrounding coral reefs and other sensitive marine habitats.

Degoma said that the local government should strictly implement the “no discharge permit, no business permit,” policy and individually inspect the sewerage treatment plants to minimize and prevent the rise of coliform.

Dauis Mayor Marietta Sumaylo says the municipal government
 is closely monitoring the establishments in her town. Leo Udtohan
Panglao has at least 200 business establishments which 33 had only permits from Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), an agency attached to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

On Alona Beach in Barangay Tawala in Panglao town, the EMB reported last January that the levels of fecal coliform bacteria had exceeded DENR standards for recreational water.

The total fecal coliform in the area was 305.70 most probable number (MPN) per 100 milliliters, way above the acceptable level of 100 MPN per 100 ml.

According to the EMB report, the total coliform (including other forms of coliform) level in waters of the village of Tawala in the second quarter of 2017 peaked at 841.69 MPN per 100 ml, still below but near the safe level of 1,000 MPN per 100 ml for water for swimming and other activities.

Bohol Gov. Edgar Chatto said that the resort owners had been properly warned already.

“We have never tolerated any violation,” said Chatto as he stressed that Bohol was the first local government unit in the country to pass an ordinance of an “Environmental Code.”

Resort owner Dr. Doloreich Dumaluan 
explains to reporters Dave Responte (dyTR) 
and Allen Doydora (dyRD) his wastewater 
treatment facility. Leo Udtohan

He said the provincial government had a design of the wastewater treatment facility to be put up on Alona and the whole Panglao Island. He said he asked the national government to fund it.

The Panglao municipal government also didn't have money to build a wastewater treatment facility, said acting Panglao Mayor Pedro Fuertes.

 To build a common wastewater facility for the resorts would cost millions which the town didn't have, he added.

In Dauis, Mayor Marietta Sumaylo said that the LGU is closely monitoring the town’s beaches.

She said only three of 19 establishments have no sewerage treatment facilities.

However,  she said that the Badjao community had contributed to the pollution of the seas. The Badjao community, with at least 1,000 population, refused relocation.

Resort owner Dr. Doloreich Dumaluan said that he had foreseen the environmental problems on Panglao years ago.

He spent P 9 million to construct his own wastewater treatment facility in his resort in 2005.

“Panglao is growing, Panglao is bigger that of Boracay. I expect this thing to happen because we have no sewerage treatment plant also in Alona,” said Dumaluan.

“So, I tried to build my own treatment. It’s really worth that I spent this much because I am protecting the environment and I am making money out of the beauty of nature, I have to return back what they gave it to me,”  he added.

Beside the wastewater treatment, he also invented machines- glass pulveriser and coconut shredder- to recycle and reuse the bottles, plastics and coconuts found on the seashore.

He said there is still hope for Panglao to protect the environment.

“We should not damage the environment in the name of progress. We have only one Panglao. For me, we have brighter future than Boracay, we could still continue, mitigate, correct what is happening now,” he said.

All is not lost, however, as various government agencies are now cooperating together to protect and save Panglao Island. 

A massive cleanup will be held on March 6 so that Panglao’s sandy white beaches will see brighter days.
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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Just a few more days; power and water crisis still in Bohol

Jenalyn CastaƱo went to bed early on Friday night since the province was plunged into darkness.

As soon as she awoke, she reached from her bed and flicked the nearest light switch.

There was light.

A student is using a rechargeable flashlight 
while studying her lesson. The province of Bohol
 is plunged into darkness after a strong earthquake
 hit Leyte last Thursday. Leo Udtohan
"Nakurat ko kay naa nay kuryente mao gi-charged nako dayun akong cellphon  (I was surprised that there was already electricity that is why I immediately charged my cellular phone)," said CastaƱo, 30, who lives on Lamdagan Street in this city.

"Hopeful ko padayun na unta ni nga musiga na (I am hopeful this will continue)"

Although power had resumed in Bohol last Friday night but it was limited only in the capital city of Tagbilaran and for a limited hours. An average six-hour rotational brownout had been implemented in Tagbilaran due to acute power deficiency throughout Bohol because of the shutdown of a geothermal power plant in Leyte, the province’s main energy source.

Power barge
Local leaders said the power supply in Bohol will be fully restored soon.

Acting provincial administrator lawyer John Mitchell Boiser said Bohol has sought to harness energy from two power barges which came from IloIlo City and General Santos City.

“That is another option to address the power outage since the power lines in Leyte will take weeks to restore,” said Boiser.

He said the power barge from IloIlo City is expected to arrive in Bohol in three to seven days, while the power barge from General Santos City would take about three weeks to reach Bohol.

Boiser said officials of the energy companies last Thursday inspected three proposed docking sites of the power barges in Cortes, Maribojoc, and Loon towns.

Once the barges arrive and are ready to operate, the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) will then have to install lines to transmit power to electric distributors.

Each barge can generate up to 32 megawatts of power.

Bohol has a power demand of 70-80 megawatts, Boiser said.

In the meantime, Bohol Light Company Inc., the main power distributor in Bohol, tapped Bohol Diesel Power Plant (BDPP) in Barangay Dampas, Tagbilaran to supply power in the city although its capacity was not enough to meet the demand. The SPC Island Power Corporation which owns the BDPP was given provisional authority to operate by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) last week.

Residents have been hit by the double whammy
 of a power blackout and the subsequent 
water service interruption after the Leyte earthquake. 
Leo Udtohan
The BDPP’s capacity to release power to the province’s capital was granted following an appeal made by the provincial board members, according to Totsie Escobia, provincial information officer.

Escobia said the request was also expedited through the efforts of Gov. Edgar Chatto, who was in Canada for an official function. Bohol has been and still is dependent on its power supply from Malitbog Geothermal Plant in Leyte province being connected with submarine cable from Maasin City to President Carlos P. Garcia island town of Bohol.

Power requirement for Bohol was between 70-80 MW during peak hours, said May Hope Arcenal, BLCI spokesperson.

Bohol has three hydro plants in Hanopol in Balihan town, Loboc town and Sevilla town with a combined capacity of less than 10MW.

 Arcenal said BDPP can generate up to 12 MW which was alternately distributed by the BLCI to its consumers in Tagbilaran City. But it was not enough since Tagbilaran's power demand was 25 MW, she added.

Some areas in Tagbilaran City had power for only an hour due to limited supply and high demand. Arcenal said mall owners and big establishments in the city used generator sets to help maximize the power. Water was also a problem that residents stormed supermarkets and water refilling stations to buy potable water. Arcenal said water is also rationed in some barangays.

Tagbilaran residents are waiting for water until dawn.
Photo by  Leo Udtohan
The Bohol Electric Cooperatives 1 and 2 also started to ration electricity to its consumers.

Double whammy
Residents affected by the power outage also lost flowing potable water.

Many residents on Lamdagan Street in Cogon were carrying their containers as they lined-up to wait for their turn to get water from the water tankers sent by the city government to ration water to the affected areas.

The community is among the 15 barangays (villages) in the city that are affected by the temporary water supply cut-off.

 “We have endure the long line because we don’t have water in the house,” said 15-year-old Jezzrel Taal, 15, about the water service interruption, on Saturday afternoon.

Residents along Graham Avenue in Barangay Booy also queued for their water ration until Saturday night. Others went home when the fire truck didn’t return.

“It doesn’t matter if we don’t have electricity for as long as we have water,” said Bebei Lim, 46.

The Bohol Water Utilities, Inc. (BWUI) in Tagbilaran City used portable generator sets to power one of the water pumping stations along the J.A. Clarin-Dao road for its consumers. But the supply was limited to few areas.

People bought mineral water at P30 to P50 per container instead of the usual P15 to P20 in water refilling stations.

The owners said the increase in prices was due to the added cost since they were using generator sets to operate.

Some residents would go to Caingget Beach and Bulok-Bulok Spring to wash their clothes and take a bath.

But Mia Cadenas, 59, a resident of Barangay Sto. Nino in San Miguel town said many coped with the situation.

“We were getting used to not having any electricity. The big problem was we could no longer watch our favorite telenovelas,” said Cadenas.

The water service interruption was not a big deal for some since they could still get clean water from the deep well and spring.

Stores in Tagbilaran and municipal halls also offered free charging of  cellphones.

In Jagna town, Councilor Anthony Aniscal allowed residents to charge their cellphones for free using his generator set. 

Tourism affected
The tourism industry has been affected by the power outage.

Resort owners and operators in Panglao Island, the province’s tourism jewel, complain that the constant power outage in the province is cutting down the number of tourists visiting the area.

Resort owner Dr. Doloreich Dumaluan says the power crises 
has affected his resort in Panglao town. Leo Udtohan
Dr. Doloreich Dumaluan, owner of Dumaluan Beach Resort 2, said they had several booking cancellations due to the unstable power supply in the province.

Dumaluan Beach Resort 2 is a six-hectare property in Barangay Bolod in Panglao which was established in 1998. “Definitely, we are affected by the power interruption.

Although it is business as usual here, our tourist arrival declined due to power and water issues,” said Dumaluan. Dumaluan said that the decline started during the Abu Sayyaf infiltration last April.

The military forces killed all the Abu Sayyaf members in Inabanga town on the northern tip of Bohol, about 81 km from Panglao where tourists would usually go. Dumaluan said they had been relying mainly on three generator sets which were very costly to operate for his 107 rooms.

They are spending P30,000 to P50,000 daily for fuel to run the generators.

“We have no other choice since we need to cater the needs of our guests who are staying in our resort,” said Dumaluan. Most of the guests are Europeans.

Dumaluan is calling on the government to help address the power situation in the province.

In case for Panglao, Boheco 1 is distributing power in Panglao town with at least 6 megawatts. Dumaluan is urging for a power plant to be centrally located in Bohol as the province is only relying on power plants based in Eastern Visayas.

“Now that Leyte is affected, Bohol is also affected. They have to not only listen now, they have to learn not only to learn but to work now because this happened thrice already,” he said.

The first was on Oct. 15, 2013 when the province was hit by a magnitude 7.2 tremor that brought Bohol to its knees. The next month, Supertyphoon “Yolanda” hit most parts of the Visayas and affected the power suply on Nov. 8, 2013.

More than three years later, another strong earthquake hit Leyte province on July 6 but still affected Bohol. Smarting from the Bohol earthquake and Yolanda, Dumaluan purchased three generator sets for his resorts. He also put up his own wastewater treatment facility and a seven-meter long and four-meter wide water tank. “But it is still not enough,” he said.

But the effect on smaller beach resorts was worse. A resort owner (who asked for anonymity) said her guests left the resort due to the brownout and inability of water.

“It is hurting us because this is causing financial setback on our part,” she said.

Davon (family name withheld upon his request), a Russian guest, said he had to cut short his three-day Bohol trip.

“I have no choice here,” he said, because he could not sleep well with the noise coming from the generator set.

But Josephine Remolador-Cabarrus, head of the Bohol Tourism Office, assured that the power crisis in Panglao was just temporary since the provincial government was closely coordinating with the Department of Energy to speed up the restoration of power in Bohol.

She said that Bohol was able to respond the power outage in 2013 that lasted for a month. The province's tourism industry then bounced back in 2015 and 2016.

“Considering that tourism is very resilient industry, it would somehow bounce back. We always have to hope even they said that hope is the greatest sin, but hope is the thing that will get us going. I know the industry will bounce back,” she said.


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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Duterte-Cayetano political rally in Bohol ‘phenomenal’


That’s how the local chapter of the Partido ng Demokratikong Pilipino-Laban (PDP-Laban) described the political rally of presidentiable candidate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and his running-mate Sen. Alan Cayetano, in Bohol province last Sunday, April 3.

Duterte and Cayetano were warmly welcomed by Boholanos as if they were Bohol’s favorite sons.

Supporters called the visit “redemption,” “Duterte festival,” and “Duterte phenomenon.”

In Ubay town, where Duterte and Cayetano arrived at past 3 p.m. on Sunday, a crowd of 10,000 greeted them at the town’s gymnasium.

A sea of people at the Duterte-Cayetano rally in Tagbilaran City, in Bohol province, last Sunday (April 3).  Presidentiable candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has drawn remarkable seas of humanity to many of his high-energy rallies in Ubay, Tagbilaran and Panglao towns. Leo Udtohan/Chronicle

Ubay, about 113 km from the capital city of Tagbilaran, has a voting population of 40, 803 and is the largest in Bohol’s second district.

At past 6 p.m., the tandem arrived at Tagbilaran City, about 113 km from Ubay, where their supporters waited for them.

Residents lined up the streets chanting “Duterte, Duterte,” as the mayor peeped through his car window waving and greeting the people.

The tandem paid a courtesy call to Bishop Leonardo Medroso of the Diocese of Tagbilaran. They also met priests and seminarians at the Priests Home in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary (IHMS) compound.  Duterte also visited lawyer Victor dela Serna, his mentor at San Beda College.

Roads around the Tagbilaran City Square were closed to traffic starting 2 p.m. An estimated crowd of 30,000 were already at the venue at around 3 p.m.  

Traffic flow was moderate and manageable, according to the Tagbilaran City Police Station. At least 20 policemen secured the premises, along with SWAT members.

At 6 p.m., the crowd swelled to 60,000, an event really unexpected since Bohol is touted as bailiwick of the Liberal Party (LP).

During the rally, actor Cesar Montano sang his own composition to show support for Duterte. The supporters were singing along with him for the last few lines.

Cayetano told the crowd that the Department of Tourism will be transferred to Cebu and a department of Fisheries will be created in Visayas. He also rallied to create more and better jobs and raise incomes to enjoy the benefits of a growing country.
In his speech, Duterte reiterated his vow to stop crime, illegal drugs and corruption in government within six months of his administration.

He cited illegal drugs as the root of all evil and warned druglords and their runners to watch out.

“Pagbantay mo kay pusilon mo nako (Be careful, I might shoot you),” Duterte said.  The crowd cheered.

Illegal drugs continue to hound the province despite numerous operations and significant accomplishments from law enforcement agencies.

He also pushed for federalism, not only to end the decades-long secession in Mindanao but to bring progress across the Philippines.

“What Duterte did, he just shook Bohol,” said Lito Alagadmo, 38. He said he attended the rally to support Duterte.

"He's a breeze of hope totally different from traditional politicians. He is focusing on solving the problems of our country that I think many Filipinos want to hear," said Hazel Panlita, 35, who attended the rally with her friends.

"I've been to several political rallies through the years and never I have seen enthusiasm as displayed here tonight," added Panlita.

Not everyone was a Duterte fan.

Lilia Yorong, 46, from barangay Bool, Tagbilaran City attended the rally.

“I’m not a Duterte fan. I support Liberal Party but I eventually like to hear more specifics on how Duterte would achieve his goals,” she said.

Often drawing laughs, loud applause and sustained cheers from the crowd, Duterte hasn't shied away from attacking his rivals, and he kept the heat on Sunday, criticizing Roxas, Poe and Binay, saying they had no specific plans of action on how to solve criminality, poverty and illegal drugs.

“I can talk about stopping corruption, I can talk about suppressing criminality. I can even kill the drug lords,” the tough-talking mayor said.

Duterte also proclaimed the official PDP-Laban provincial bets (Senior board member Dionisio Balite for vice governor, Donald Sevilla for board member of the first district of Bohol, et al) and local bets­ (Arlene Karaan and her slate in Tagbilaran City, et al).

The rally in Tagbilaran ended at 9:30 p.m. but Duterte and Cayetano proceeded to nearby Panglao town for another rally where at least 20,000 people were waiting for them.

Dr. Doloreich Dumaluan, PDP-Laban Deputy Secretary General for Visayas and PDP-Laban provincial chair, expressed confidence that Duterte and Cayetano will gather victory in the province in the May 9 presidential elections.

“We will promise 65 t0 70 per cent Boholano votes for Duterte and Cayetano,”  said Dumaluan, who is also running for mayor in Panglao town.

Bohol, touted to be a bailiwick of the ruling Liberal Party (LP), has a total number of 798, 768 registered voters.

"The enthusiasm is spreading like wildfire. People are supporting Duterte of their own volition because they believed he is the catalyst for real change,” he said.

He said the people find Duterte’s platform relevant.

“People are tired of our corrupt system. Besides the corrupt system, we see problems on poverty, drugs and criminality. And we don’t like anymore that our lives are being controlled by the Imperial Manila. If Poe, Roxas and Binay will win, it’s still the same. But Duterte is offering federalism, "he said.

"We want change. Duterte is a man of word. He will walk his talk. We saw him in Davao, we saw he is a principled man," he added.

He added another factor is that the Duterte’s grandmother from Saligumba clan was from Bohol.

Dumaluan said that PDP-Laban didn’t worry about Bohol as Liberal Party country with incumbent Gov. Edgar Chatto as the ruling party’s head.

Unperturbed, he said “No, the governor can’t control the people. It will be problem if they will be carried away by the people. The Boholanos know Duterte is a Boholano because his grandmother was from the Saligumba clan. The Boholanos would feel for fellow Boholano,” he said.

Dumaluan also urged his party mates all over the province to consolidate and solidify its forces behind Duterte and Cayetano.

He said there were candidates who obtained their certificates of nomination and acceptance (Cona) from PDP-Laban including Loay Mayor Rosemarie Lim-Imboy who is running for Bohol governor against Chatto and former Carmen Mayor Conchita Toribio-delos Reyes who is running for representative in third district of Bohol against Rep. Art Yap, dumped Duterte in favor of United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) standard bearer Vice-President Jejomar Binay.

At least 20,000 supporters, wearing blue and red shirts with Duterte’s face and name on it, have gathered at the Panglao gymnasium as early as 4 p.m.

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dolce Amore in Bohol: ‘Kilig pa’ more!

Scene: The Department of Education (DepEd), in cooperation with the provincial government  of Bohol,  Australian Embassy and  Asia Foundation Partnership in the Philippines conducted the "Eskwela Agrikultura" Agri Senior High School Summit last March 9. It brought together agriculture and tourism industry stakeholders to discuss the development goals of the province senior high school opportunities in tourism.

Scene: Fans remembered the 6th anniversary of Rebecca del Rio’s death last Friday. Rebecca Del Rio (Ma. Lourdes Buslon in real life) was the 1st Filipina to win Asia's Best Supporting Actress in the 1958 Asian Film Festival. A native of Sierra-Bullones town, Del Rio hit her peak in the ’50s and she made numerous movies under Sampaguita Pictures. She was touted as the “most glamorous kontrabida” of her time. Rebecca del Rio may be a darling to baby boomers but perhaps a bit of a "stranger" to the new generation of movie lovers.

ABS-CBN’s Dolce Amore has been keeping Filipinos glued to their TV sets. Last week, many Boholano followers could not get over to the kilig serye’s episode on Bohol, trending on social media and unwittingly disrupting the diurnal of Boholanos.

‘KILIG PA’ MORE. Dolce Amore which shows the beauty of Bohol last week has been keeping televiewers glued to their TV sets with so much ‘kilig’Courtesy: Star Creatives

“I did watch the episode. It was not only kilig but it showed the beauty of our province,” said Karen Digal-Asoy who personally met LizQuen during their taping in Sevilla town.

“I can’t get over the much love and kilig,” said Anita Dacaldacal.

The Bohol episode shows Tenten (Enrique Gil) finally agreed to join Serena (Liza Soberano) in her trip to Bohol.

They immediately headed to Nanay Melds (Frenchie Dy)'s community with a friendly guide (Buboy Villar) who helped them find the way. They crossed two streams (unverified locations) and Sipatan hanging bridges in Sevilla town, and had a long walk on a forest road of Loboc and Bilar.

When they reached the community, they were greeted by a marching band and a group of residents who made them feel like VIPs. Serena finally got the chance to hug her Nanay Melds once more.

DR. DOLOREICH DUMALUAN and his wife Malou 
meet LizQueen at Dumaluan Beach Resort in Panglao town 
where the breathtaking beach scene of Dolce Amore’s Bohol 
episode is shot here. Contributed Photo/Roldan Cuevas
Serena and Tenten excitedly explored the beauty of Bohol with Nanay Melds and Tatay Cardo (Rommel Padilla). Nany Melds told them that she was working at the floating restaurants.

They went to Loboc River cruise.  There was Lobocanon singer Sam Varquez who was singing “Welcome to Bohol...” while they were enjoying the ambiance of the river. They also joined the local folks to dance tinikling.

After the cruise, the group headed to Chocolate Hills. The place was a perfect setting to discuss love and destiny.

Quote and unquote: "Ang pag-ibig nila ay hindi dahil bumagal ang ikot ng mundo o kumanta ang mga ibon o biglang lumiwanag ang madilim na paligid. Ang pag-ibig nila ay nagsimula sa gutom lamang. Isipin mo yun... Ang happily ever after, hindi ibig sabihin na happy-happy ka lang lagiAng ibig sabihin ng happily ever after ay dahil pinili mong maging happy sa taong kasama mo at mahal mo at kahit ano'ng mangyari, paninindigan mo yun dahil mahal mo yun eBumagal man ang ikot ng mundo, umawit man ang ibon o hindi, magliwanag o dumilim man ang mundo, magmamahal ka dahil pinili mong magmahal."

There was a scene at Dumaluan Beach Resort where Tenten enjoyed his morning swim and Serena defended him from the three women who made fun of him because of his lisp problem.

Dolce Amore’s Bohol episode, according to data from Kantar Media, registered a national TV rating of 37.5 percent.

Kilig much!

Willy Ramasola’s post on Grace Poe goes viral

JP Maslog is rubbing elbows with LizQueen during
 the loveteam’s recent visit to Bohol. Contributed Photo
Willy Ramasola’s Facebook post on presidential candidate Sen. Grace Poe goes viral.

His post in full read: "To my FB friends who support Grace Poe, please explain to me why people should vote for her.

"Her own husband is a natural born American and he cannot even vote for his own wife this coming May. Her children according to her will remain American citizens. As senator, the number of bills she filed which became law is none. Big fat zero. Her other public service experience was at MTRCB which consisted of watching movies and classifying them as PG or GP or R.

"So tell me why people should vote for Grace? Give me a very good reason aside from her being the adopted daughter of FPJ. Thanks."

Well, Willy has a point.

Unexpectedly, his post caught the attention of many personalities, including singer Gab Valenciano, son of Gary V.

Valenciano said, "Dear Willy Ramasola, I do not know who you are so I cannot comment based on your character and personality, instead, I will comment based on your post."

Gab also reminded everyone that dual citizenship exists and that her family’s own American citizenship should not be taken against her.

“Sen. Grace is my friend above anything. And I defend my friends. So what if her husband is an American citizen. So what if her kids are keeping their American citizenship. Get with the times. There is something called dual citizenship. People who are well travelled and have spent time away from their hometown could have gained more insight, could have gained an understanding of what it means to advance any kind of system beyond the ‘Filipino way,’” he said.

Valenciano also blasted the existing double standards in the Filipino political system which have served as hindrances to someone like Poe who just wants to serve her country.

“Our political system is rotten to its core, and the whole world knows this. A true Filipino is Filipino by blood, not by paper. People move countries to expand their way of life, not relinquish their homeland. She purely and sincerely wants what’s best for our country and will do anything and everything to serve with the best of her ability, no strings or bs attached. That’s what I admire most about her. We Filipinos are so freaking fickle. We lambast and rebuke her yet have the balls to support someone who goes against a Filipino’s moral code. It’s an outrageous double standard that is so hypocritical, it’s sickening. Let’s disqualify the “inexperienced” candidate who doesn’t meet the requirements of residency and continue glorifying the corrupt, unscrupulous and indecent,” he said; adding he wasn’t paid to endorse but would just like to defend his friend from the hate he believes she doesn’t deserve.

“My issue here isn’t about who you want to vote for. Vote for who YOU personally believe in. That’s fine. But do not use these technicalities to question someone’s ability or inability to lead,” he said.

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