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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Election 2019: Who were the winners and losers?

Ex-youth leader is youngest incoming Bohol board member

It is clear after Monday’s election that the color blue turned out to be the favorite color during the 2019 midterm elections.  

Padayon Bol-anon did gain a clear majority in the towns, added more seats and scored victories in the provincial race. 

Both sides, the Tinuod nga Bol-anon and Padayon Bol-anon,  are claiming the results as a victory. So who really came out on top? 

Add captionvsFormer Sangguniang Kabataan (SK)
leader Frans Garcia (second from left) was
proclaimed as one of the three board members
in the second district of Bohol on Tuesday night,
May 14. She is said to be the
youngest provincial lawmaker elected
for the midterm elections. Photo: Leo Udtohan

Here is a look at the winners and losers from Monday: 

There were two winners who were proclaimed on Tuesday, May 14.  They were Bohol Second District Rep. Erico Aristotle Aumentado and Board Member Alexie Tutor.

Aumentado, who was reelected after winning by a huge margin over his opponent, was accompanied by his wife Vanessa, mother Greenie, and his siblings.

Aumentado thanked his supporters for their unwavering support.

“I promise to continue to help you in whatever way I can,” he told VRS after the proclamation.

Tutor was also proclaimed representative of Bohol’s third district with her husband reelected Candijay Mayor Christopher Tutor and family.

A former youth leader from the Carlos P. Garcia Island, is now an incoming board member of the province. She would occupy one of the three seats in the Provincial Board for the second district of Bohol.

Frans Garcia, a former Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) leader, also was Barangay Captain in Tugas on Carlos P. Garcia Island before running for the board member.

Images during the canvassing and proclamation
of winners at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, New Capitol. Photos: Leo Udtohan
At 26, Garcia is the youngest elected provincial lawmaker for this midterm election.

Outgoing Rep. Arthur Yap of Bohol’s 3rd district is now the new governor of the province after he defeated former Cabinet secretary Leoncio Evasco Jr. by 2,161 votes. He got 326,895 votes, while Evasco received 324,734 votes.

Yap, who was with wife Carol and some supporters, was proclaimed at 3 a.m. on Thursday, May 16,  after the canvassing of the returns from Panglao town, the last municipality to submit the election returns due to defective SD cards.

“I thank the Boholanos for giving me the opportunity to serve them. It’s a big pride for me and my family,” Yap who said in the vernacular.

The star power of President Duterte and his daughter, Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio didn't work magic for their close friend Evasco.

Even before Yap was proclaimed, Evasco announced plans to contest the result and ask the Commission on Election (Comelec) to declare a failure of elections in Bohol due to massive vote buying.

 In a statement on Wednesday, Evasco, 74, said he heard reports of vote-buying employed by the camp of Yap in nearly all towns of the province and in Tagbilaran City.

"The possibility of defeat was therefore no longer a remote possibility. And yet, I did not entertain fear because I was well aware of the enormous task and responsibility that an electoral victory would bring," he said.

Images during the May 13, 2019 midterm elections.
 Everyone, both young and old, of different
 backgrounds and social classes, exercise their
right to vote. Photos: Leo Udtohan
Evasco said he instructed the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC)-Bohol and Hugpong ng Pagbabago (HNP)-Bohol to prepare the filing of a petition to declare a failure of elections in the province. He said it didn't matter to him if the Comelec would grant or deny his request.

"I wish I can say the people have spoken, but that would be a monumental lie. This is not my fight. It has never been. But I will fight it to my last breath because it is a fight of the Boholano people and because they deserve nothing less,” he said.

But Yap, in a separate statement, maintained that there was no failure of elections in Bohol and that the Boholanos merely decided to choose him.

"The people have spoken. I have won this election," he added.

The battle between Yap and Evasco had been likened as the fight between the Biblical story of David and Goliath.

But it was Yap, the official candidate of the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan for governor for Bohol, who was viewed as the Goliath since he had the machinery and the money to fuel his gubernatorial bid.

Evasco opted to run under the NPC since it had been his party ever since. He also ran on the campaign slogan of the “real Boholano” since Yap was not a native of the province but was based here after he married a Boholana.

While he didn't have enough financial resources to run his candidacy, Evasco was banking on the popularity of President Duterte and Mayor Duterte-Carpio who both endorsed the candidacy of Evasco during their rallies here.

During his miting de avance in Hernando-Garcia town, President Duterte took time to fly to Bohol to make a sales pitch for his old friend who had been with him when he was a prosecutor in Davao. Yap, however, chose to have a series of rallies to cap his campaign on May 9. But his attraction in his rallies in the towns of Dauis, Maribojoc and Balilihan and Tagbilaran City was popular actor, Coco Martin.

During the campaign, Evasco refused to do the sing-and-dance route and instead, chose to speak before his audience. But Yap, on the other hand, didn't focus much on speech but sang his way to the hearts of his audience. His favorite repertoire was the Filipino ballad – Remember Me by Renz Verano. During the election day, reports came out that 2 P100 bills were tucked in the sample ballots of Yap who denied these came from his camp.

The canvassing in the province, however, didn't go smoothly. Eight SD cards were found defective and had to be reconfigured at the Comelec office in Cebu City. These SD cards contained the returns from the towns of Sagbayan, Tubigon and Panglao towns.

 While the canvassing resumed on Wednesday night, about 300 supporters of Evasco held a prayer-vigil in front of the Capitol to protect the uncanvassed ballots at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan. Dr. Sharleen Lim, who lost mayoral bid to her nephew, Tagbilaran City Mayor John Geesnell Yap II, said the prayer-vigil was their way to show support to Evasco whom she said was the rightful governor of Bohol.

“We are here to pray. We wished that the truth would come out, the real sentiment of the people would come out. We know for a fact that Evasco is winning. We know for a fact there was massive vote buying. There was even harassment done to our supporters so we were hoping against hope that this last precinct would show the real score,” said Lim.

But the crowd, however, after Yap was proclaimed past 3 a.m

In Loay town, a local dynasty in Bohol has crumbled after three family members lost in last Monday’s polls.

None of the Imboys, who ran for various elective positions, made it last elections.

The patriarch, incumbent Loay Vice Mayor Brigido Imboy, failed to make it in the magic 8 for the municipal council. The Commission on Elections data showed that he was 11th in the ranking.

His wife, Rosemarie Lim-Imboy, lost to a lawyer in the mayoral race in Loay town.  Three hours after the counting, Rosemarie posted a statement on her Facebook account, congratulating Ayuban for his victory.

Imboy’s daughter, incumbent Mayor Rochelle Brigitte Imboy-Abutazil, lost in her reelection bid against , Rodrigo Cubarol Jr.

In Tagbilaran City, voters gave incumbent Mayor John Geesnell “Baba” Yap II a landslide victory.

Yap garnered 43,924 votes against his aunt, Dr. Sharleen Lim who had  5,770 votes.

Lim is married to former Tagbilaran mayor Dan Lim, older brother of Yap’s mother.

“I would like to thank the Tagbilaranons for the opportunity to serve them for 3 more years under the ‘asenso (progress) pa more’ theme,” said Yap. “Rest assured that the consultative and participative style of governance will continue.”

Lim also thanked her supporters. “My slate and I may have lost this battle, but it is with heads up high and big smiles that we can say we fought fair and square because to the end, we did not resort to vote-buying,” she said in a post on Facebook.

Vice Mayor Jose Antonio Veloso got a fresh term after he defeated Barangay Poblacion 1 Captain Arlene Karaan.

Other winners: Also proclaimed as vice governor-elect was outgoing Rep. Rene Relampagos of Bohol’s 1st district; outgoing Gov. Edgar Chatto as first district Representative; Aldner Damalerio, Ricky Masamayor and Lucille Lagunay as first district board members; Dionisio Victor Balite, Jade Bautista, Elpidio Bonita and Elpidio Jala as board members for 3rd district; and Vierna Boniel-Maglasang, Restituto Auxtero were also proclaimed as board members for 2nd district of Bohol. 


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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Fashion highlights from Bohol’s inauguration

Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte from Davao City took his oath of office last Thursday as the 16th president of the Philippines at Malacañan Palace in Manila.
Gov. Edgar Chatto recites his
third-term official oath as daughter
 Trisha holds a Christian Bible and
first lady Balilihan Mayor Pureza Chatto
 looks on during swearing-in ceremony
at the Bohol Cultural Center on Thursday morning. 
Contributed Photo
He told the Filipinos that “I am ready to start my work for the nation.”
In his inaugural address, Duterte listed what he considers the ills of society: Corruption, criminality, rampant sale of illegal drugs and the breakdown of law and order.
He also said the erosion of trust in government, tainted with corruption, has to be restored.
Duterte’s speech was fluent---stringent in words and magnanimous in essence.
Lawyer Dionisio Balite surrounded by his
 family swearing in as Bohol Vice Governor. 
Contributed Photo
“His Excellency President Rody Duterte delivered a very sincere and heartfelt presidential speech,” said youth awardee Clement Lofranco.  
“Moreover, he resonated the themes and clarified the mandate and itemized the programs and framing the fundamental problems of governance like the erosion of trust from the people to the government and the message of real change that must start from each one of us,” he added.
In Bohol, Edgar Chatto officially began his third and last term as Bohol’s governor  last Thursday, taking the oath of office in a low-key ceremony at the Bohol Cultural Center and preparing to provide the province of his vision for the next three years on Monday.
Bien Unido Mayor Gisela
 Bendong-Boniel and board
member Niño  Rey Boniel. 
Courtesy: Nestor Daarol
It was a crisp and flawless event that Chatto and other public officials--- Vice Gov. Dionisio Balite, Reps. Rene Relampagos, Erico Aristotle Aumentado and Art Yap--- recited the constitutionally mandated avowal, word for word.  With their spouses and families, the public officials quickly repeated the words from their administering officers.
After the swearing-in, Relampagos, Aumentado, Yap, Balite and Chatto delivered their inaugural addresses.
The biggest sidelight of this year’s inaugural and oathtaking ceremonies was the red carpet where the province’s government officials and then some have come to make a statement.  We’re paying to all the pretty outfits!
Dazzling ternos and dashing barongs worn by the officials and their spouses make the ceremonies solemn, dignified and formal.
The men decided to stick with the traditional plain barong Tagalog.
The traditional Filipina formal wear that is the terno was in the limelight.
Provincial board members Jade
Acapulco Bautista and Alexi Tutor
Courtesy: Nestor Daarol
Board member Kristine Alexis Tutor made a big statement during the event with her simple yet sleek figure-hugging gown that emphasized her curves. She instantly became a hot topic with audience complementing her.   She has a keen eye for style, right?
New lawmaker Jade Acapulco Bautista had a dazzling look on her Filipiniana. Her entire look was totally sustainable that she had us all talking.
The audience were also quick to notice how confidently beautiful Balilihan Mayor Pureza Chatto and her daughter Trisha in their purple-colored terno. They wore them with dignity and pride.
Bohol's Queen of All Media Ardy
Contributed Photo
Bien Unido Mayor Gisela Bendong-Boniel left the audience open-mouthed after showing her stunning figure in a sleek deep-blue gown.  The lady aviator did not need an interview nor a red carpet to turn heads at the event. She was there to support her husband board member Niño Rey Boniel. 
The Balite ladies (and girls) were wearing shade of pink-colored cocktail dresses making a big statement during the event. Color pink is unconditional love and nurture.
Another real highlight was Ardy Araneta-Batoy (who was the event’s emcee. Take a bow, Ma’am Ardy!) who wore  a dazzling lemongrass gown.  Bohol’s Queen of All Media understood special occasion dressing.
Aside from gushing about their looks, the usherettes (mostly from the Capitol) were wearing ternos.
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