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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Famous graves in Bohol

When famous people such as educators, writers, lawmakers and musicians die, it seems like a part of us dies with them, especially when they “leave” too early. The list of those who shined, and then were gone too soon is long.

The public honors well known people they may never have met by visiting their grave sites after they have passed. Four of the best places for “seeing Bohol’s who’s who” in spirit are located in Tagbilaran City, as you might guess.

Thousands of people of various ages flock to the cemeteries 
as early as Oct. 31 for the traditional yearly visit to tombs, in loving 
remembrance of the dearly departed during Kalag-Kalag. -LPU
The Victoria Memorial Park is renowned for the many who’s who buried there since 1975. Notable interred here include Doña Basing, Obdulio Caturza Sr. and his wife Juana, businessman Antonio Ong Guat, Dr. Prisco and Socorro Tallo, Rep. and Governor Erico Aumentado, Peanut Kisses matriarch Carolina Alvarez, Grace Christian Church founder Dr. Nelson Rio Sr., educator- lawyer Victoriano Will Tirol Jr.,  et al.

(Note: Finding a ‘who’s who’ grave is rarely a simple task at any park, and because Victoria is so large, look for Ondoy Kalag who is ready to assist your needs.)

The Dampas Catholic Cemetery in Tagbilaran City features the final resting places of many industry professionals and leaders from across eras. Dean of Boholano journalist lawyer Zoilo “Jun” Dejaresco and his wife Rosario, Miguel Parras, Bernardino Inting, UB treasurer Asuncion Mira, composer and soldier Alberto Caingglet, former city councilor Dr. Margarito Lim and Alona’s entertainer Uly Dolojol are among the most recognizable of the interred.

Only a few meters away from Dampas Catholic Cemetery is the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) cemetery (for members only). And it is also the final resting place of Dr. James Alexander Graham and his wife Merne. Graham was a native of Scotland, the first medical missionary in Bohol. The Graham Avenue named after him.

Displaced tombs and coffins in Calape town during
 last year's quake remains scattered until now.-LPU

The Masonic Cemetery of the Dagohoy Lodge No. 84 also hosts the some of the most prominent deceased in all of history.  First University of Bohol president Victoriano D. Tirol Sr. and his wife Illuminada, educator Pio Castro, Catalino Castillo and Angelita Tormis are among the diverse famous buried here.  

PRAYERS AND FLOWERS – To all those who’ve gone ahead, our prayers and flowers. No more tears at this point.

As they come to mind: Francisco Dagohoy, Tamblot, Datu Si Katuna, Anoy Datahan,  Pres. Carlos P. Garcia, Vicente T. Cubero a.k.a. Captain Francisco Salazar,  Jose Clarin, Fermin Torralba, Dr. Cecilio Putong, Tomas Cloma, Vicente Nunag, Celestino Gallares, Macario Sarmiento, Fernando Rocha, Eutiquio Boyles, Filomeno Caseñas, Agapito Hontanosas, Conrado Marapao, Perfecto Balili, Jacinto Borja, Juan Pajo, Esteban Bernido, Lino Chatto, Esteban Bernido, Rep. Venice Borja-Agana, Dr. Pio Castro, Simeon Toribio, Nino Ramirez, Honorio Grupo, Don Aniceto Clarin, Simplicio Apalisok, Venancio Inting, Pedro Belderol, Genaro Visarra, Alfonso Uy, Salustiano Borja, Anecito Clarin, Olegario Clarin, Jacinto Borja, Claudio Gallares, Juan Torralba, Atty. Donato Galia, Miguel Parras, Jacinto Remolador, Gregorio Peñaflor, Timoteo Butalid, Andres Torralba, Mariano Capayas, Tagbilaran City Mayor Jose Ma. Rocha, Osang (Bohol’s broa queen), Philippine King of Novelty Songs Yoyoy Villame, Asia’s best actress Rebecca del Rio,  Inday Potenciana, Justino Romea, Oscar Real, Segundo Lim, Marecor Recio-Boligao, fashion artist Linoi Almirol, hymnist and composer Onie Oclarit, topnotch lawyer Oscar Glovasa, et al.

Demons and evils at ICM for this year's scariest Halloween costume.  -LPU
From the press: Palanca winner and Bohol Sunday Post columnist Cloviz Nazareno, radio reporter Fil “Hitman” Layao, Bohol Balita Daily News publisher Tony  Silagon, Bohol Sunday Post columnist-lawyer Isabelo Sales, dyTR’s Showbiz Chikka anchor Anzing Poquita, radio reporter Ben Pingkian, Bohol Sunday Post publisher Boy Guingguing and Bohol Standard publisher and Tagbilaran councilor- lawyer Aleckoy Lim.  

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