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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Meet Caloi: The Gentleman of Bohol

You blink and when you look again, there’s Carlo Roy Gorospe Roslinda  all grown up, who is one of the candidates of the Gentlemen of the Philippines 2016, so totally different from the Mr UB Personality 2008 winner (he was adjudged Best in Talent and Best in Interview).

So who’s driving Caloi “crazy” these days?

Caloi, 27, has been preparing for the Gentlemen of the Philippines for months and has undergone rigorous physical trainings as well as Q&A training under the supervision of his manager James Obedencio and some friends.

Caloi says he has always been in shape but admits he has to work extremely hard to achieve his impressive physique for the competition.

The Gentleman of Bohol: Carlo Roy Gorospe Roslinda 
Courtesy: TJ Medrana/TJ Medrana Photography
“I started to hit the gym and workout six days a week to cope with the right body I need for the competition,” says Caloi, who is also an orator.  (He was Mr STEP 2003 Gold awardee in Oration 2005 of the Boy Scout of the Philippines Regional Timpalakan, Orator of the Year 2006 at Tagbilaran City Science High School  and Gold Tirol awardee for Oration-Declamation 2010 at University of Bohol) .

But in the run-up to the competition he has to stick to a strict diet of protein and vegetables only.  “I love eating and I eat a lot. I eat almost anything with at least two cups of rice in the morning and no rice for dinner and more and more and more protein. Ha! Ha! Ha! It’s been a long time that I refuse junkfood, alcohol and soda,” he admits.

He is also using holistic approach.  “Aside keeping my body fit with enough sleep and right diet, I also study on social issues and my Elderly Health and Wellness Advocacy, surround myself with positive people and most importantly always make time to go to church and pray. I have to balance all those to my time with family and work too,” he says.

Caloi was born in Loon town. One of the four siblings, he finished his elementary at Victoriano D. Tirol Advanced Learning Center and high school at Tagbilaran City Science High School. He is a registered nurse. He graduated magna cum laude from University of Bohol where he also finished his Masters of Arts in Nursing major in Medical-Surgical Nursing. At present, he is finishing his Doctor of Science in Nursing major in Gerontology at Cebu Normal University.

An Aquarian (Jan. 30), Caloi (son of Artemio and Glory Roslinda), stands 5’10 1/2”, weights 155 lbs.; and wears medium-size shirt and size-10 shoes.

So what is sexy to Caloi who is making women — and other creatures besides — swoon?

Sexiness is a matter of perspective. It is just all in the mindset. We are sexy if we believe we are,” says Caloi. “It must start from within (heart and mind) and let it radiate into the outside.

And when he feels sexy? “Every second of everyday!”

What part of a woman’s body does he consider sexiest? “The lips and the hands.”

"Being sexy is simply looking good inside and out,” say Carlo Roy Gorospe Roslinda, Bohol’s official candidate to the Gentleman of the Philippines.   Courtesy: Alfredo Bascones Jr/ ABJr Photography

His love life? He’s single…and available? Caloi says he likes girls who are simply beautiful, smart and with sense of humor. “I like her to make me smile every day.”

To know more about Caloi, VRS asked him to complete some questions:

I hate people... who are arrogant and fussy.

I avoid people... who I think will cause so much trouble and are uninspiring.

My greatest pleasure is ...making people happy… and event hosting.

My worst moment is...procrastinating. I always do that.

My biggest fear is... death and isolation.

I pray for... the elderly people in the community that they may find happiness in aging.

The most important persons in my life are... my parents. They made me experience love beginning in my childhood and until now in order for me to give out love to others too.

If I would reincarnate as an animal, I would be... a dog. I will be everybody’s best friend.

 My most traumatic experience was...I almost lost my left leg to a traffic accident. • I deal with gossip by- taking a deep breath and refocusing on making myself better.

Am I afraid of growing old? ...No. Growing old means experiencing new things and learning more.

My philosophy in life is... “Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny.

 My most memorable miracle was... being able to join and represent the province of Bohol for Gentlemen of the Philippines 2016. Among all who dreamed of joining, I was so blessed that I made it to the shortlist after a rigid background check and screenings. Unfolding everyday blessings is a miracle.

I lose my temper when... My points are not being heard.

I am happiest when... I am surrounded with the people that matters most to me- my Family and true friends.

I am saddest when... my efforts are not recognized.

My ultimate goal is... to be a better individual each and every day.

 What I like about myself... my humility… and my height.

What I don’t like about myself... I am asthmatic and it attacks when I am too pressured.

Face-to-face with God, I’d tell him... Lord God, I hope I am making you proud and happy. You really do a good job for all of us. Thank you for all the blessings you share to us and please keep my family and my love ones protected from harm.


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