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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Their #2018Goals

A new year, a new you.

As we start another year, it’s always good to strive for certain goals for better, healthier and more fulfilled lives—physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Here are some notable (my favorite!) Boholanos who shared their #2018goals:

Idy CaseƱas Cagas — PERSONAL: Learn something new. Move more! Create a workout routine, find time to exercise. Eat healthy and increase water intake. Be more grateful. RELATIONSHIP: Visit my parents more often and call them more often. Be in better touch with my closest friends. Have regular date nights with the fiance. WORK: Learn the difference between important and urgent. Keep on learning. Drive my own development. Celebrate successess, big or small, reward myself and stay motivated. Stress less. Understand others better.

Leah Tirol-Magno — To continue innovating, be a blessing to someone each day and also to be a doctor.

Some Boholanos think that it’s important 
to start 2018 the right way—by having a New Year’s goals!
Doris Dinorog-Obena — To visit one or two countries like Brunei and Bali  (Indonesia) and visit Coron (Palawan) then study and explore an online business. I would also want to develop more grounded participatory planning processes inclined towards gender equality...anything that will make use of my previous governance experience.

Benjie Oliva — My 2018 goals are: 1) To lose weight through regular exercise and proper diet; 2) a short-term  scholarship  abroad; and 3) with God’s blessings  another baby in the family.

Jeryl Lacang-Fuentes — This year I intend to be bolder and better. Also, I intend to unapologetically spend more time putting myself first, say NO to others and spend time on myself and my girls.

Imaculada Cleofe Leopardas — My 2018 goals seem like my most genuine decisions. I want to be really mindful, be more passionate wherever I go and I want to change for the better. I will no longer dwell on negativities and insecurities but rather, I will practice positive thinking and be more focused. I want to be closer to God, I want to still make time to some people who matters to me. I will have a healthy lifestyle and take care of myself. Lastly, I want to be a woman who's selfless and she knows her purpose and lives with it. And I will live a meaningful life.

Tessie Labunog-Sumampong —I want to  travel more around the world with my family, to be physically fit because I am not getting any younger and to expand my catering business and to have a home my own na jud

Charina Aumentado-Jones:  To lose weight.  Ha!Ha!Ha!

AR De La Serna— Achieve more. Continue working hard. Travel to places I've never been before.

Mikey Gatal — I need a break before I get crazy in America! My plan is to apply for a dual citizenship to be able to stay longer in the Philippines especially in Bohol for a well deserve vacation and not rushing to go back and work. I am considering a job over there at The Panglao International Airport if there is an opportunity and be closer to my family again, I will also consider a work in Congress for that’s where I started and hopefully I will have a happier and peaceful mind this 2018!

Lourdes Brunidor Cempron — Maintain a healthy lifestyle, success for my loved ones and most of all to be more prayerful.

Gisela Mae Apalisok-Leggington—My goals in 2018: track my calories intake and diet, exercise regularly, be a minimalist at home and whichever, spend on things necessary and finish food n the fridge or pantry before buying, not a hoarder, to travel anywhere, time management.  Another goal: go to the gym regularly, go to bed early to get a real good eight hours of sleep

Ingemar Macarine— To conquer the English Channel!

Today is the best time to relate to VRS readers some inspiring stories sent to me by travel specialist Jocelyn Pilayre and beauty queen Fiel Angeli Araoarao-Gabin who must have gotten them from their other friends or other sources.

Anyway, “A Shoe Seller Walks in the Shoes of Kindness” is worth retelling, from which we can all learn a lesson or two.

I am sharing you this to make you smile and inspire you this 2018.

A Shoe Seller Walks in the Shoes of Kindness

Today, I felt terrible. My head was full of problems and confusion.  I decided to take a walk even though I didn't know where I would go. The most extraordinary thing happened when I was out on this walk.

I saw an old man sitting on a chair. He was a seller of second-hand shoes. I thought he looked at least 70 years old. He seemed so tired and nobody was buying his shoes. I wanted to give him something but I had not brought anything with me.

Then, a little girl came toward him. I heard the child say, "Grandfather, may I polish your shoes?" That old man took pity on her, smiled and he gave her a  shoe to polish.

The girl said, "I polish the shoe because I need money to buy my brother a new school uniform."

SubmitI heard this and tears came to my eyes. The old man answered, "Oh, little girl. Just stop doing this. Come with me and I will buy you a uniform." Then they walked to a market (I followed behind) and he bought her a uniform.

The girl was so happy.  She said, "Thank you so much for doing this. May God bless you." Then she left, leaving the old man smiling.

He walked away from the market, but I stopped him. I whispered in his ear, "You are a hero! Thank you for your kindness!"  As I walked away, I glanced back and I could see him still smiling.

I was blown away by the kindness I had just seen.  Someone who had so little themselves, was able to show such incredible generosity! Amazing! My own sadness had completely disappeared, chased way by the light of this kind act.

I began realizing that I have a lot to be thankful for. I hope, some day, I can show my appreciation of what I have by following the example of the old man who only had a little, but shared it so beautifully with someone who had nothing.


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