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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fireflies & Ati tribe highlight Boboy Labunog’s birthday party

Scene: The State of the Province Address (Sopa) of Bohol Gov. Edgar Chatto last Friday. He said, “We reassure every Boholano that we will always remain true, against all odds, to our commitment, to our dear Bohol and her people.”

Vera Villocido Gesite finds time to pose with
 Bohol Gov. Edgar Chatto and Vice Gov. Conching Lim 
after the State of the Province Address (Sopa).  
Contributed Photo
Scene: Police clamped a security blanket at the Tagbilaran Airport last week after a crying mother (CM) was screaming that her son who was a victim of nightmare addiction (SWAVNA) would be taken to Manila for rehab. Since CM objected the idea, a powerful woman (PW) arrived at the airport and ordered her bodyguards to handcuff SWAVNA. The airport drama delayed the flight. According to VRS, PW felt deep empathy towards SWAVNA to end CM’s terrible journey because of her SWAVNA. “Life will not be the same,” added VRS. But VRS heard PW said, “I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

Scene:  Could it be true that a politician was sulking and left the group?  According to a Very Reliable Source (VRS), he was treated as a “second class citizen” by the Tie the Yellow Ribbon people that he has to shift loyalty. 

Seen: As the election campaign is on, VRS has noticed that this newbie who is running for a higher position is very close to a high official with the power of three (HOWPT)..”I’d noticed that they are very close and it seems the newbie is head over heels for HOWPT,” says VRS. 

*  *  *
Last week, Edward Guyano aka Inday Charity, Jessa Agua-Ylanan (a former senior writer of The Freeman who is now based in Bohol) and I were like gatecrashers when we went to Loay town. 

of Rio Verde Floating Restaurant turns a year wiser.
Leo Udtohan/Chronicle
Loboc-councilor-to be Tessie Labunog-Sumampong invited us for a firefly watching organized by Rio Verde Floating Restaurant (038-538-9196) on Poblacion Ubos in Loay. Rio Verde is owned by her brother Engr. Boboy Labunog. 

Little did we know that we’re joining the group for the birthday celebration of Engr. Boboy. 

Tessie told us that Boboy thought he could get away with letting him 53rd birthday last week (Feb. 21) slip by unnoticed. But his wife Lilian believed he deserved to celebrate it – with a bang.

When the guests arrived at Rio Verde, the three floating restaurants were festooned with foods and music. And when Boboy entered the place, he was greeted by a throng of well-wishers who sang “Happy Birthday” as Lilian brought out the birthday cake.

“Thank you for coming,” he said, touched by the show of affection.

If the secret to a good marriage could be bottled then couple Boboy and Lilia would surely have the recipe. 

Onlookers were left in no doubt about the enduring affection between the charismatic duo as they shared a giggle at his “53rd” birthday party.

Lilia looked fabulous in a Grecian-style dress. 

Their children-Maeleeze, Guada Mae and Rhoodjie described their dad as “perfect, guwapo and generous.” Everyone knows it. 

Among the guests (a mix of politicians and businessmen)  I spotted were close friends, immediate family members, and members of the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP) including  Dr. Gerry Egos, Mayette Gasatan, Fr. Joe Sumampong, Steven Lim,  Tagbilaran city administrator Edi Borja, et al.

FIREFLY WATCHING is one of the exciting experiences
 in Bohol as Rio Verde Floating Restaurant’s new offer.  
And a visit to the Ati village is also a cultural
 learning experience. Leo Udtohan/Chronicle
As the guests shared a hearty dinner, they were treated to Rio Verde’s firefly watching and Ati village tour.

There is a one thing to do at night on Loay, go firefly watching.

Firefly watching is one of the exciting experiences you’d surely enjoy when in Bohol. 

“It is a new adventure in Loay that allows you to get closer to Mother Nature and watch flickering lights,” said Tessie. 

And like magic you see, the wonder of the firefly beetles lighting up the branches like a Christmas tree. They live in colonies so you will come upon several during your round trip on the river.

Along the way, the guide explains the importance of the fireflies and the mangrove forest in our environment. The guide also points out stars and egrets resting on the trees. This is a nice added bonus.

Upon seeing thousands of fireflies, Edward and I were singing, “Kumukutikutitap, bumubusibusilak, ganyan and indak ng mga bumbilya..kikindat-kindat, kukurap-kurap, pinaglalaruan ng inyong mga mata....”

The Ati village is also a learning opportunity to experience their culture and tradition. Boboy has employed some Atis to give entertainment to the guests rather than begging in the streets. The firedance was superb! Music was fantastic!

“The firefly watching is welcoming, heart warming. It’s really nature and wonder about the creation of God,” said Edi Borja. 

“It’s worth visiting; it’s something unique for Bohol. Thank you Boboy and Lilia for the concept,” said Edi’s wife Joey.

Renowned musician Gerry Jumawan and his band set the energy that rose until midnight with flowing wine and beautiful country music.

As the host of the party said in jest, “Happy 23rd birthday!”

Well, Boboy doesn’t look 53 (He’s 23!).

Nobody revealed what the secret is behind his youthful look.

*  *  *
The beauty of Loboc and the tycoon meet in Makati

Speaking of Tessie, she was in Manila together with Bohol Rep. Art Yap to meet tycoon Carlos Chan of Liwayway. 

LOBOC COUNCILOR-to be Tessie Labunog-Sumampong
 (extreme left) meets tycoon Carlos Chan 
of Liwayway together with Bohol Rep. Art Yap (extreme right).  
Contributed Photo
Chan is the chairman emeritus of Liwayway Marketing Corp., maker of the famous snack food brand Oishi. 

From repacking starch – the famous Liwayway gawgaw in the 1946 – Liwayway (meaning “dawn” in Filipino) has grown into an international Filipino brand with 29 factories all over Asia.

Chan started the Oishi brand in 1973 through the shrimp and prawn cracker products Oishi and Kirei. Both are Japanese products (“Oishi” literally means delicious, while “Kirei” means beautiful).

As we all know, Chan has always been a supporter of Bohol. 

After their meeting, Tessie, a Miss Bohol beauty queen, gushed, “Oishi” (with emphasis)!

I asked Tessie what happened after their tete a tete with Chan, and she said, “Secret! Basta for the good of Loboc and Bohol.”

*   *   *

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