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Sunday, August 4, 2019

300 moms simultaneously breastfeed babies in Bohol

Scene: Police Colonel Jonathan Cabal formally took over as Bohol Provincial Police Office director on Aug. 1, replacing Col. Julius Cesar Gornez, who was BPPO chief for six months. Cabal vowed to be more liberal and a result-oriented police director. “I will lead by example and I will always be fair,” he said.

Scene: The 10th birthday of Bohol Balita Daily News.

Scene: The alarming increase of suicide cases in Bohol has prompted the public discussion of the level of awareness on mental health issues in the province.  


The second Global Big Latch On in Bohol. Photos:  Leo Udtohan

"Breastmilk is still best for babies," a statement we usually see and hear at the end of formula milk commercials, still holds true until today. 

Invited guests. 

More than 300 mothers from Bohol gathered at the BQ Mall on Saturday, Aug. 3, to breast-feed their babies simultaneously for one minute to join the Global Big Latch On.

The event, a second time in the province, was spearheaded by the Gov. Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital for
the World Breast Feeding Month.

After the simultaneous latch-on, lactation experts, peer counselors, and breastfeeding advocacy supporters shared the benefits and importance of breastfeeding to the mothers.

There were invited guests like former beauty queen Ebone Cimafranca-Ong and Tagbilaran City Mayor Baba Yap and wife Jane.

“Kilay Doctor” Karla Tirol Magno, proprietor of The Brow Clinic and Beauty Lounge also shared her breastfeeding journey.

Participant Hannah Balite shared that each latch is an intimate moment “which keeps my heart falling in love with motherhood and the wonders a mother’s body can do.” She said she feels so blessed to exclusively direct breastfeed her little one since day one with a relatively smooth experience.

Police Colonel Jonathan Cabal. Photo:  Leo Udtohan
For Angelica Omus-Trigo, breastfeeding isn’t easy.  “Sometimes, I doubt about having enough mil for lil one because my breasts aren’t that engorged,” said Trigo, a mother of one-month-old Clian Gideon. “Nevertheless, I continue to exclusively breastfeed my son.”

Photo and glam mom/baby fashion show contests were also held to enliven the event.

According to a UNICEF global database, 34% of Filipino children were fed only breast milk, with no additional foods or liquids, before the age of 6 months. The organization cited data from 2008, the most recent available.

Many of the mothers are having difficulty with breastfeeding, and they don't really appreciate the benefits of breastfeeding because the media promotes formula milk.

"We need to really advocate breastfeeding," said Karla.

The World Health Assembly calls for an increase in the rate of global exclusive breast-feeding to at least 50% by 2025.

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

How to have a happy life

In this topsyturvy world, one should expect the unexpected. This was what this young businessman learned when he and his partners decide to expand their business. The (globetrotter) VRS said that after doing some pencil-pushing, this businessman totalled his losses to millions.

“Sheer talent is not enough to “stay alive” in business,” shared VRS.

VRS also said that this businessman is very lonely now inside his house.

“A big house or a new car won't actually make you happier; it's the simple joys in life that bring true happiness,” said VRS.

Bohol’s “Kilay Doctor” Karla Tirol Magno shares the 10 simple
ways to start living a happier life.  Contributed Photos
How do we find more joy in our life? Like anything else, it takes practice to cultivate ongoing happiness.

Incidentally, someone shared to me “How to have a happy life” which I learned was originally posted by Bohol’s “Kilay Doctor” Karla Tirol Magno, founder and CEO of Brow Clinic & Beauty Lounge, located at The Alley along J.A. Clarin Street in this city.   

Karla’s mom, the former Internet Princess Leah Tirol (who is running for board member for Bohol’s first district), also shared that by appreciating the things that we already have we will begin to feel happier in our lives.

“Always be thankful,” said Leah.

She also said that sometimes after we've achieved our own personal goals, we still feel empty inside because we haven't made a meaningful contribution to someone else's life.

“When we help others, it feels good to just be of service to someone else. The impact we make feels fulfilling and is a big potential source for our own happiness,” Leah added.

Being happy won't happen overnight. But here are the top 10 things you can do every day to discover the secrets of being happier.

1. Care less about what people say. No matter what you do , people have something to say. Whether you do good or bad, they will have opinions about you. Ignore whatever negativity that they are trying to inject on you.

2. Choose your battles. Not all battles are worth your attention. Not everything is worth your time. If you know the better truth, you have nothing to explain.

3. Think positively. Look at the brighter side of everything. Everything will fall in its perfect places.

4. Believe in yourself. Believe in your capabilities. Believe that you can do great things in life.

5. Never compare your progress with anyone. You have your own journey to take. You have different struggles. You will have your time soon.

6. Do not pressure yourself too much. Success takes time. It takes efforts. It takes hard work and commitment.

7. Do not forget to smile. No matter how tough the journey gets, keep on smiling. You do not own all of the problems in the world.

8. Embrace your flaws and imperfections. Accept your past. Correct your mistakes and learn from them.

9. Love yourself. One of the best kinds of love is self-love. You will never go wrong with it. It takes maturity to be on that level. It takes acceptance. It takes being strong.

10. Do good to other people and good karma will happen. Spread kindness. Forgive people. Life is too short to dwell on hatred. Be a catalyst for change.