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Monday, January 7, 2019

Change in lifestyle tops their #2019Goals

Along with the New Year come new beginnings, a new hope and, for others, a fresh start. 

For me, the best way to greet 2019 is to start its first day on a healthy and a fabulously positive note.

VRS asked some Boholanos what are their #2019Goals.

Atty. Ingemar “Pinoy Aquaman” Macarine- Only one - conquer the English Channel!

Cristopher Boncales- To travel more places in the Philippines and to discover more Asian countries being me tagged as #theAsianSweeper.

Benjie Oliva- I want to more productive and exercise more. I want to travel to Europe with my wife, Atty. Joan.

Jhoel Lim- Ticking off more travel bucketlists.

Daisy Gultiano- I need to be more fit, healthier and eat what’s good for my body.

Roger Ryan Laway Magtagad- My #2019Goals?  Continue to explore and discover aspiring models to be part of The Art Nouveau or TAN Models.   I will focus more on my career, work harder and take better care of myself. I want to search for my true love forever Errrrrrrr
Ariel Llanos- To have a healthy lifestyle.

Fiel Angeli Araoarao-Gabin- My goals for 2019: Hopefully, to shed off the extra pounds of flesh and start a healthy lifestyle, to spend more quality time with family, to look at the brighter side of life, even with all the negativity in the world, and to always be grateful to God for both blessings and challenges that continue to define my personhood.

Melinda Mendez-Basalo- My goals are just simple: Intense family bonding by travelling together, more success in our Aviation Security at Bohol- Panglao International Airport and unity among all government and private agencies working at the said airport to make every civil aviation client arrive to his/her destination happy, secure and safe most especially to our Boholano travellers.

Lourdes "Malou" Brunidor- I want to start a healthy living by religiously doing my morning exercise. I want to eat more fruits and veggies.  And, most of all to be more prayerful.

Vilma Yorong- I want to welcome the New Year with a fresh start. I hope more people  can avail the best services that our office has to offer.

Atty. Ted Lagang- I want to maintain a simple lifestyle while spending quality time with my family and real friends.

 Glorivic Yap-Dela Serna- This 2019, I want to manage my time better and more prayerful.

Additional “reminders” to welcome your most awesome year yet.

1. Lose Weight
2. Getting Organized
3. Spend Less, Save More
4. Enjoy Life to the Fullest
5. Staying Fit and Healthy
6. Learn Something Exciting
7. Quit Smoking
8. Help Others in Their Dreams
9. Fall in Love
10. Spend More Time with Family

And some inspiring words from Pope Francis:

1. Don't gossip.
2. Finish your meals.
3. Make time for others.
4. Choose the "more humble" purchase.
5. Meet the poor "in the flesh."
6. Stop judging others.
7. Befriend those who disagree.
8. Make commitments, such as marriage.
9. Make it a habit to "ask the Lord."
10.Be happy. This joy should translate to love of neighbor.

Thanks for your letters, all will be answered. Comments welcome at, follow leoudtohanINQ at Twitter /Facebook.