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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Their New Year’s resolutions

Scene:  The formal installation rites of Bishop Alberto Uy as the new bishop of the Diocese of Tagbilaran on Friday at the St. Joseph Cathedral was officiated by His Excellency Archbishop Bernadito Auza, permanent observer of the Holy See to the United Nations.


They think that it’s important to start 2017 the right way—by having a New Year’s resolution!

Bishop Alberto Uy of the Diocese 
of Tagbilaran Courtesy: Elvie Bongosia
Leah Tirol-Magno
I am not so much of a fan for New Year’s resolution. I would go for a goal instead. The goal this year and for the years to come is to focus more on Jesus and the personal relationship with Him and everything will fall into the right places and let God take charge of my life.

Anthony Aniscal
My new year's resolution is to make sure that time spent for family will be of priority. Being a public servant, it demands time for the constituents and at times the precious time for family are set aside.

Benjie Oliva
My New Year's resolutions: Make time for meditation and more prayer. More  workout for a healthier body. Work harder for the family and for the country.

Imaculada Cleofe Leopardas
My New Year's resolution is to make time to what really matters to me. I want to spend my whole life doing the things that defines me and be with somebody who really cares for me. I would focus on improving myself so that I can totally love, serve and protect my priorities now. I want to become the best for a good cause and for the purity of intention on helping in making this world a better place. I would love to spend my life in spreading the seeds of love.

Ferome Almine
I personally wish that I’ll have more hosting and coordinating events this 2017 since I want to have a blessed and fruitful new year. I wish also for a strong economy, clean government and a total change of the facade of our country.

Adelyn Joy Esclamado
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a chef. I was always curious how delicious foods were prepared and asked my mother about it. When she would start telling me the answers to my questions, I tend to listen eagerly. But then, my curiosity perhaps gone too far, I accidentally put our kitchen on fire while trying to cook the new dish I learned. My mother burnt small portion of her legs trying to save me. It happened too fast that I can’t even remember what exactly happened. On that day, my dream to be a chef turned into ashes. And now, I think it’s the right time to start all over again, I will try my best to face my fears and will open my heart and mind for new experiences. In short, my new year's resolution is to make cooking a hobby.

Mikee Andrei
My New Year's resolution would be for better health---to always prioritize health despite tremendous work. Also, this year, I hope I’ll have more time with my family.... and save up!
Whether it’s by pursuing their dreams or cultivating 
their passions, they have plans to rev up their lives this 2017. 
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Marianne Domivee Chatto
The past year has been a roller coaster ride for me. For this brand new 2017, I envision myself to be a dedicated public servant, an optimistic leader, and a passionate and caring mother. The best thing that happened in my 2016, my baby Dom.

EJ Relampagos
My New Year's resolution is to stop making resolutions to myself. He! He! He! I would rather master more on self discipline, self responsibility and self respect. These are what we need to have in order to live a good life in today's world dominated by diversions! Love to all.

Vilma Yorong
May this year bring more opportunities not only for myself but also to the people I serve.  I hope my dreams will turn into reality and my efforts and hardwork will translate into great achievements. I am praying that the Lord will give me enough strength and faith to face the challenges of 2017.


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