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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Their real names will surprise you

Scene:  The Shark Conservation Week and the 3rd Shark Summit was held in Bohol. Highlights of the three-day event were the Baby Shark Dance Challenge, mural painting and fora.   

Scene: Erik Karcher of (Ramp Model Association of Bohol (RMAB) was crowned Mister Continental International Tourism 2018.

Mural artist and eco-lifestyle advocate Anina Rubio 
(wearing white shirt) with Liza Macalandag of Baji Arts Collective
 of Bohol during the community painting mural in Tagbilaran City
 for the 3rd Shark Summit 2018.  Photo by Leo Udtohan 
Scene: Secretary Fortunato T. de la Peña of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) opened the Central Visayas Regional Science and Technology Week 2018 held at the Island City Mall. Various science and technology booths and exhibits also highlighted the event.   The main exhibit area was divided into different sections, which showcased present and upcoming science and technology innovations at home, at school, in the workplace, and in agriculture, as well as opportunities for scholarships and financial assistance from DOST and its partner agencies. Some of the highlights of the exhibit were 1:1 scale models of the Diwata-2 microsatellite and the Maya-1 cube satellite, a flight simulator with Filipino-developed components, and the OneSTore hub, which featured products from local small and medium enterprises.

Scene: A socialite VRS shared that a (young) lawmaker was in a hurry to return to Tagbilaran. However, the fastcraft already left, 15 minutes before he arrived at Cebu port.  “Do you who I am? I am a (name of place) Councilor,” the demanding lawmaker told staff. Other passengers were amused because he demanded the boat to return to the pier.  VRS said the staff who were snarky didn’t pay attention to address his concern since the lawmaker was “wael” (not known) in Cebu. “Don’t be late,” advised VRS.  “Now I know that being in the position is an entitlement,” laughed VRS.

A VRS reader suggested that a little story should be told about (screen-) naming people for a (refreshing) change.  Good idea, isn’t it?

When Hollywood system started, people commonly took simplified version of their names to make them easier for people to say or remember.

Giving pet names to our significant others, we take it to a whole new level. The (pet name/screen name) name has to be unique, short and cinematic, easy to recall and possibly with a rhythmic ring to it.

Their real names: Not many people know that
AR dela Serna is Alberto Rodulfo dela Serna,
Scarlet’s real name is Leah Scarnet and Rich
Asuncion is Richelle Angalot. Contributed Photos

Here are names of famous Boholanos whose real names might surprise you.

• Tagbilaran Mayor Baba Yap was born John Geesnell Yap II.  He was known as “Baba” for short, and just kept it.

• Manila-based fashion designer Mikee Andrei (as she is affectionately called) was born as Michael Tejano.

• Actress and performer Scarlet/Laiilette was born Leah Scarnet but goes by her screen name Scarlet.  This clearly seems to have worked in her favor, considering her teleserye and film career.

 • Actress-beauty queen Rich Asuncion became a household name through GMA’s Starstruck, was not born Rich. Her real name is Richelle Angalot. Two months after they got married, actress Rich Asuncion and her husband Benjamin Mudie are expecting their first child.

• Nobody knew why former CabSec  Leoncio Evasco, Jr.  was nicknamed “Toloy.”

• The gorgeous Dauis Mayor Miriam Sumaylo should be Marietta Tocmo-Sumaylo. But people called her “Miriam” with endearment.

• It was his father that gave him the name (Bohol 2nd district Rep.) Erico Aristotle Aumentado to distinguish one Erico (Erico Jr and Erico Angelo) from the other. But people called him “Aris” for short, just a cool name.

• Board Member Benjie Arcamo (Venzencio Arcamo), provincial legal  officer  Boloy Boiser (Mitchell John Boiser) , provincial administrator Ae Damalerio (Alfonso Damalerio II),  Inabanga Mayor Roygie Jumamoy (Josephine Socorro Jumamoy),  Batuan Mayor Dodo Jumawid (Antonino Jumawid) and Panglao councilor Aya Montero (Amira Alia).

• BQ Mall’s magnate RG Ong is Reginald Ong in real life.

• Eventologist Mizken was born Kenneth Tirol Andan. However, she took the name “Mizken” to match her personality after using “Kenneth” during her ABS-CBN years.

• Model and the first Mister Supranational-Philippines 2016 AR dela Serna was born Alberto Rodulfo dela Serna.  

• Famous designer and the pillar of the Fashion Institute of the Philippines Shanon Pamaong was baptized Luciano Pamaong, Jr.

• Event planner and organizer LJ Lumayag was born Gibyrlou Ma. Lumayag. His friends and wife called him “LJ.”

• Media personalities in Bohol: Willie Maestrado (Manolito Maestrado), Jun Gutierrez  (Alfredo Gutierrez), Fred Araneta (Teofredo Araneta), BJ Alba (Pacita Torralba), Bohol’s Queen of All Media Ardy Batoy (Gerarda Batoy) and Loay Councilor Tibbs Bullecer (Tiburcio Bullecer, Jr).  

Other famous names in Bohol are EJ Relampagos and Tracy Remolador Torres whose real names remained a mystery.

New doctors named

Four years of pre-medical course, four years of medical education, and one year of post-graduate internship condensed into two gruelling months of review. The fruitful years of medical practice commence as we welcome yet again the new batch of young Boholano doctors into the medical community.

Governor Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital, the sole training institution in the entire province of Bohol, is home to these 16 new doctors where they served their 1 year of PGIship.

The new doctors are:

The new 16 doctors who served their internship
 at Governor Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital
in Tagbilaran City. Contributed Photo 
Dr. Rovi Valerie Baguhin from Tagbilaran City, a graduate of Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine
Dr. Janelyn Daguro-Cero from Sikatuna, Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine
Dr. Hannah Maryse Cespon from Lila, Southwestern University
Dr. Lemuel Garsuta from Tagbilaran City,  Silliman University Medical School
Dr. Katrina Logarta from Tagbilaran City, Silliman University Medical School
Dr. Kristin Monte de Ramos - Managaytay, from Tagbilaran City, Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine
Dr. Ralph Edmund Recamadas of Municipality of Loon, Silliman University Medical School
Dr. Luvimae M. Tambis of Baclayon, a graduate of Gullas College of Medicine
Dr. Roy Benzon from Naga, Cebu, a graduate of Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine
Dr. Leo Val Adalla from Dumaguete City, Silliman University Medical School
Dr. Christian Keane Aguilar from Zamboanga , Silliman University Medical School
Dr. Kim Arvin Chan from Siquijor, Silliman University Medical School
Dr. Janus June Madrid from Bukidnon, Silliman University Medical School
Dr. Ruzz Jeremy Montejo from Dumaguete City, Silliman University Medical School
Dr. Carlene Nerez from Cebu City, Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine
Dr. Raiza Reina Ulangkaya from Aklan, Iloilo Doctors Universty

16 out of the 16 examinees from GCGMH passed.

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