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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Super blue blood moon, a time for cleansing & renewal of powers

Forty-seven year old Edward Guyano was waiting for the rare celestial event that graced the skies on Wednesday night (Jan. 31)called the “super blue blood moon.”

The “super blue blood moon” was the first time that a blue moon (two moons within the same month), a super moon (a full moon that comes as close to the earth as it can in its orbit), and a lunar eclipse (also known as a blood moon) happened simultaneously after 150 years.

It was not only stargazers who witnessed the rare triple moon phenomenon but including occultists and Wicca followers in many parts of the country. Most of them performed rituals in private though.

Occultists and believers of the ancient knowledge
have considered Jan. 31’s astrological phenomenon rare
 and powerful. Some gathered their crystal stones for
cleansing and recharging its power, while others performed
 rituals for abundance and celebration of life. Leo Udtohan
Guyano, a Christian Wiccan, gathered his crystals and other gems for cleansing, blessing and renewal of power since many occultists considered the phenomenon a night of compounded lunar activity.

 “The super blue blood moon is both extremely rare and extremely potent,” he said.

At 6:15 p.m. on Wednesday, Guyano, a radio personality in Bohol, went outside his house in Barangay Poblacion in Lila town, to thank and appreciate Mother Nature.

While he was performing a ritual in solitude, his friend who identified as Master Owl was also performing a ritual with other five believers in Tagbilaran City.

Master Owl said his group had gathered for some serious introspection. They also performed a ritual during the super blue blood moon rituals in private.

In Siquijor, some occultists also gathered for a secret ritual. Madamme Luz was reciting oracion to make it powerful. She said this year’s phenomenon was powerful to make their herbs and gayumas (love potions) potent.

After offering a prayer, Guyano left their crystals and other gemstones outside to allow the moonlight to shine on the stones.

 He said the light of the moon of would cleanse the stones of the negative energy it absorbed from people and environment.

 “The stones were recharged,” Guyano said after he collected the stones at past 10 p.m.

He  said it was also an opportunity to pray for healing after he suffered a stroke last year. He also said that since eclipse was an extra special event, there was a special energy.

 “It has a special energy especially when it's a rare Blood Moon eclipse. This rare event is used for honoring and celebrating life,” said Master Owl.

Guyano although didn’t elaborate said that there would be many “break-ups” are expected after the super blue blood moon.

The moon is ruled by the goddess Artemis who never married, he added.

In Tagbilaran City, some residents gathered to watch the skies. Others used telescope to see the moon closer.

Some students took time to gaze the skies since the phenomenon was discussed in their Science subject.

Classmates Keith Batutay and Jerwin Jala, both grade six pupils at Booy South Elem. School, said they learned about the moon and eclipse from the school but watching it was totally different from the textbook.

“It was amazing,” said Batutay.

“The full moon appeared larger and brighter than usual and there was a total lunar eclipse,” said Jala.