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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Trishia Libres: 'Beauty is what we see, feel and believe.'

Trishia Marie Castulo Libres is on cloud nine. She has won the Miss Silka Bohol 2019.

She said joining pageants isn't an easy task.

"My preparation before the pageant is to come prepared," she said with a smile.

She said her victory is not just for herself but also for her hometown.

"I come by giving full efforts and pride in my hometown," she added.

She will compete in the Miss Silka Philippines 2019 on Nov. 29 in Manila.

Trishia, 19, who hails from Barangay Canhaway, Guindulman town, wants to become a flight attendant someday.

Here's my chat with Trishia:
Describe your self: I am a kind-hearted, family-oriented, and independent person. I am always ready to face any challenges and also to help others in need. I can be quiet at first, but I have unending stories to tell. One aspect that helped me grow is being a leader of the Youth for Christ organization which deepened my faith in God.

What are your preparations for the upcoming Miss Silka Philippines 2019?  To be one of the candidates of Miss Silka Philippines is such an honor.  This pageant may be different from my past experiences because this time, I am bringing the pride of my beloved province, Bohol. Just like any preparation, I will come prepared. I undergo trainings and identify room for improvements and sharpen things up. It will be hard because I am a student and balancing both of these things is essential. But I believe, through the help of G-d, family, and friends, I know I can.

Who are your inspirations? There's no other group of people that inspired me more than my Family, the Youth for Christ organization,  The Art Nouveau, and to everyone who's always been there since day one. I wouldn't be here without these people.

What dreams do you want to achieve? Science experts say that the brain is a goal-seeking organism. Whatever personal goals you give to the subconscious mind, it will work night and day to achieve them. Which is why my dream is to wake up. A dream remains a dream if we don't start working for it. Waking up is at the top of my priority. To face any challenges that come my way. And one day, when that dream becomes a reality, I will have the freedom that comes with intentions. To inspire the youth, and to act as what I say I will do.  Because a queen does not only wear the crown, she wears it with a purpose.

Likes? Hates?  I like being the person who has a privilege to be open-minded, to understand a soul behind any masks that people wear. And I hate people who are hypocrites and don't even make a single attempt on making this world a better place. 

Future Plans? I may have future plans but I believe that God's plan is way better than mine. His will be done.
How were you  discovered by Khim of The Art Nouveau? I was discovered by Ate Khim through my Facebook account way back year 2014. But I wasn't an active member of The Art Nouveau Models since my hometown Guindulman is far from Tagbilaran. Just this July 2019, Ate Khim and I crossed paths once again and that was the time my journey with her begun.

How do you define beauty? People often define beauty according to what a person looks like.
But I define beauty in a way that cannot be seen only by sight but with the heart and soul. Beauty is a combination of what we see, what we feel and what we believe.

How do you define a modern Boholana? I can say that a modern Boholana has found their voice, power, and purpose in life. Many times, we are neglected because we come from a province that is not very popular compared to the major cities in the Philippines. But today, I come as one of those modern Boholanas, and we came here to fight and show the world that we are more than just any probinsyana.

How Miss Silka Bohol 2019 experience is?It was a challenging but worthwhile experience. I situated myself in a place that I know that I can possibly receive both negative and positive comments. But receiving it was a gift, It inspired me to improve more and proving them that I am more than just what meets the eye. With all that being said, I did surpass it all with the guidance of everyone and I am very thankful than ever.

What is your message to those young girls who aspire  to become beauty queens? To the youth who always dreamt of being a beauty queen, don't give up.  Always live up to the dream you want to achieve but do it together with the people who were always there since you started. Be the role model that the future generations will look upon to. Be the positive change.

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Bohol’s Maynard Fullido on GMA’s Starstruck

GMA Network’s original artista search is finally back. ‘Starstruck’ is now on its 7th season and on its pilot episode on Saturday, it has officially revealed the finalists.

Part-time model-performer of The Art Nouveau (TAN) Models Maynard Bungabong Fullido is part of the Top 22 of StarStruck 7.

“I’m fighting for a spot to continue my Starstruck journey.  I am grateful and proud that I came this far andI thank you all who supported me in this journey,” said the 19-year old part-time model from Capitol Valley in Tagbilaran City.

 Maynard tried his luck on GMA’s two-day ‘StarStruck’ audition held at Robinsons Galleria Cebu last Feb. 16.

“My Starstruck experience is unforgettable because I wasn’t expecting that I get passed in audition. There were many young hopefuls like me who auditioned,” he said.

He made the cut and he was told to fly to Manila for the nationwide selection.

“My dream is to become a role model. I want to inspire other people that they can be whatever they want to be in the future,” he told VRS when asked what made him to audition for the  talent search.

He enjoyed the StarStruck audition.

He was also encouraged by his manager and friend Khim Roger Ryan Laway Magtagad of  TAN Models to audition for StarStruck.

Maynard is not a newbie in the entertainment industry.

Maynard Bungabong Fullido of The Art Nouveau (TAN)
Models is a finalist of GMA Network’s
original artista search ‘Starstruck’-7.   Contributed Photo
Aside from being a member of the Bohol Boyband, he was a grand finalist of Mr. BQ Mall 2018 who won the best in talent and production number awards.

Maynard said he is a dreamer, believer and survivor in real life.

Meanwhile, Boholana actress Rich Asuncion posted on Friday her #FlashbackFriday photo  when she joined the Starstruck 4: The Next Level.

On her Facebook status, she narrated her father accompanied her to the Cebu auditions back in 2007.

“We braved through the storm (literally) just to make it there. Luckily, I made the cut and was told to fly to Manila for the nationwide selection,” said Rich.

She said it wasn’t an easy decision to make because she was already enroled for the second semester.

“There was no guarantee that I would even make it to the finals. There were still 100 auditionees and they were cutting it down to only 14 hopefuls through series of eliminations. But I said to myself, this opportunity will only come once. I then took the leap and the rest is history,” she said.
Rich said, “I dreamed, believed and survived!”

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Kurt Gerona: ‘Guwapo’ inside and out

The Pinoy Big Brother (PBB)-Otso episodes were packed with a lot of events. Last week, it showcased the first nomination night, first eviction and the first Star Dreamer who was voted in by the public to become a new housemate.

When Criza left Camp Star Hunt, a new teenager was introduced: Kurt Gerona, an 18-year-old half-Spanish, half-Filipino lad from Bohol.

Kurt Gerona, an 18-year-old half-Spanish, half-Filipino
 lad from Bohol, enters PBB-Otso.
Photo courtesy: The Art Nouveau

Kurt, who earns the moniker, “Pilyo Gwapito ng Bohol,” is now in Camp Star Hunt and will compete with seven other Star Dreamers to become an official teen housemate.

“It was really unexpected. I auditioned for Starhunt then I got a VTR two days after. I had surpassed the 5th levels of auditions,” he told VRS before he went to Bahay ni Kuya.

He was told by the show producers for another level of procedures and interviews again.

“It wasn’t in my mind because who have thought I would have this chance,” he said.

He said he was unprepared when the show producers called him during his birthday. (He turned 18 last Nov. 19. He described himself as "Sweet 18!”)

“I was a bit nervous but still eager to face everything there. I underwent lots of examinations, panel interviews and photo shoots,” Kurt said.

Kurt , who hails from Dauis town, is a Grade 12 student at Holy Name University.  He was Mr. HNU Intramurals 2017 and  4th runner-up in Alturas Campus Icon 2017. He loves taekwando and online games. 

It was Khim (Roger Ryan Laway Magtagad in real life) who discovered him. His classmates- The Art Nouveau (TAN) models Danica Mahumot, Dianne Ingles and Kyla Recio- persuaded him to join the talent agency. His mother Maria Fe Bolotaulo approved his decision.

“I was approached if I was interested to be part of TAN. I gladly accepted it because I want to explore myself,” said Kurt who considered Khim as his guardian.

Khim also persuaded him to audition for ABSCBN’s Starhaunt.

Kurt said he was surprised for the “Pilyo Guwapito” tag.

“I was surprised sa tag name "Pilyo Gwapito Ng Bohol" because in real life sa tinuod ka pagkatawo tahimik ko at mapagmahal. Pero sabi nila they based it daw sa physical appearance ko kaya okey na rin,” he said.

   Kurt Gerona (2nd row, left) with manager Khim
 (center)  and fellow TAN models.
Photo courtesy: The Art Nouveau
He added, “Guwapo for me is not only the physical features of the man. It will also best to say that guwapo ka if you have a good heart.  And you know how to deal with others.”

He confessed that he is a “mama’s boy.”

Khim said Kurt like other TAN “is good, kind and generous.”

“He is a silent type person,” said Khim. “I love his style and fashion taste.”

What is his ultimate dream?

“If given the chance I want to be an actor.  Maging member ng HASHTAGs.  It’s my dream that’s why I joined Starhunt,” he said.

Will it be easy for Kurt to get along with his fellow Star Dreamers? Let’s find out by not missing an episode of PBB Otso, weeknights after Halik on Primetime Bida and weekends at 7:30 pm.

To support Kurt in his PBB-Otso journey, you can like and share his official Facebook page: Andrew Cook; KurtAccOfficial@Twitter; KURTsTROOPOFCL ( for FANsCLUB ) and Kurt Andrew Gerona  on

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Will Bohol teenager win ‘Catwalk Philippines’ model search?

When “Catwalk Philippines Modelling Competition 2018” unveiled the finalists, you might notice that one of the contestants is a Boholana — and, indeed, she is! She’s none other than Danica Joy Galon Mahumot, 17, daughter of Juliano Mahumot and Claudia Galon, who was discovered accidentally while swimming in a beach.

Danica is now in Manila where other contestants are undergoing training programs focused on the physical, mental and emotional strength needed to create a successful brand as a model. The girls are facing tough competition which is, according to her manager, “more rigid and vigorous.”

And what are her preparations for the contest which will culminate in July?

 At 17, Danica Joy Mahumot is the first and only Boholana who will compete in the “Catwalk Philippines Modelling Competition 2018.”  Contributed Photo

At 17, Danica Joy Mahumot is the first and only Boholana who will compete in the “Catwalk Philippines Modelling Competition 2018.”  Contributed Photo

“Actually, I'm not the type of a girl that is always conscious about appearance. But since I am now one of the candidates in this large competition, I am starting to observe my food intake and doing some workouts to have a fit body,” shared Danica who hails from Barangay Booy in Tagbilaran City.

“I am also starting to watch modeling related videos to increase my knowledge about it and get some tips about posture and walking as well,” she added.

Does Danica make other girls jealous or insecure because she happens to be the first and only (Top 15 out of 100 aspirants) Boholana in the contest?
 Danica Joy Galon Mahumot (2nd from right)
 is one of the finalists of the “Catwalk Philippines
Modelling Competition 2018.” 
Contributed Photo/Catwalk Philippines
"Why," asked Danica, "They have no reason to be."

Discovered by Khim Roger Ryan Magtagad Amora last year while swimming in Caingget Beach (the home of koja and other fresh seafoods) in Tagbilaran City, Danica is proving her mettle as a model in the local events.

 “At first look, she has a towering height. She is a Supermodel waiting to happen," said Khim who invited Danica to become part of her growing The Art Nouveau (Tan) Models.

Khim said Danica is “disciplined and determined.”

An Aquarian (January 30, 2001), Danica stands 5’9”; weighs 119 lbs.; measures 34-25-34, and wears small-sized T-shirts, and size-10 shoes.

Have you always wanted to join modeling since you were small?   Back then, I really don't know what modeling is and I didn't even expect that I will be a model because I don't have any interest with it. It just happened when Ate Khim approached and told me if I am willing and interest to be a member of The Art Nouveau or TAN Models. At first, I am hesitant and doubtful  yet I tried myself and here I am.

Would you rather be smart but not too beautiful, or beautiful but not too smart? I would rather be smart but not too beautiful because I believe in the popular saying "What is beauty if the brain is empty." For me, it would be a shame if you are that pretty but you don't have any knowledge about something because nowadays, people will make fun of you if you are in that situation. Nothing can compare to a girl of not having that perfect appearance but has the intelligence, talents, and skills.

What do you think is the smartest thing that you’ve done so far?  Joining  the “Catwalk Philippines Modelling Competition 2018”. I believe if one doors closes another door will open. I was shock when I got eliminated in the Modelling I had joined. I know the fact that I gave all my best that I can do. But I guess that wasn’t meant for me. So when Ate Khim informed me that there’s a screening for modeling competition in Manila I asked the Permission of my family and convinced them that I want to explore and prove My Worth. I went to Manila without any assurance if I'll be chosen. But everything is God’s planned. I was chosen as one of the finalists. An answered prayer and this is a big break for me and another opportunity for my modeling career.

What are your winning traits?  I have confidence, I don't give up easily. My family is my source of my strength, and most of all, I put God  first above all.

What winning tips you get from your trainor/handler considering your Ate Khim is a “kontesera” in gay beauty pageants? I am  so much proud and thankful having Ate Khim as my manager and being part of The Art Nouveau Model. He/She is so strict when it comes to serious matter. He/She told us to always in ourselves and always put our feet in the ground.

 Danica Joy Mahumot with her manager
Khim Roger Ryan Magtagad Amora who
discovered her last year while swimming
 in Caingget Beach in Tagbilaran City.
Contributed Photo
Do you have secrets sustaining your poise, your grace under pressure, especially during the crucial points in any contest?  I always ignore the presence of the audience as if I'm the only person on the place.

Who’s your role model?  Ever since my sister (Dolly Jean) has been my role model. She always keep saying to chase my dreams and never give up.

Young people today are liberated and adventurous, willing to try everything. What's your stand on pre-marital sex?  Honestly, I'm against on pre-marital sex because they still don't have blessings from God. But I respect every individual’s decisions. They have their own story too and nobody is perfect.

What is your stand on divorce in the Philippines?   I'm against about it. Marriage is a symbol of love and unity , then why do you even dare to marry the person if in just a simple misunderstanding leads to divorce. Do you think being married is just a game? What's the use of the vows if you can't even stand for it.

How about the war on drugs? Sadly, the effects of drug addiction are felt on many levels as it destroys the lives and future of our countrymen. Drugs should be eradicated. We should punish those pushers and save the users.  I strongly support the move of our President Rodrigo Duterte to reduce and possibly eliminate drug addiction in their country.

What’s your take on the transgender issue (should transgender be allowed to compete in beauty contests for women)?  I think transgender shouldn't be allowed to compete in any beauty contest for women because they are not born as women. They are all giving the right spot to exist and shine. And I believe transgenders are gifted and special. We have to respect and accept them in our society for equality and diversity.

If you were to change something in yourself, what would it be?  It would be my sleeping habit because I sleep late and wake up late.

What is your favorite quote?  Everything happens for a reason.

Describe yourself in three (3) words:  Happy go lucky.

How's your love life?  I don't have a lovelife!  (She told VRS later that her studies, a senior high at Holy Name University and modelling career are her priorities.)

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Art Yap not (yet?) keen on running for Bohol guv

Some of the models under The Art Nouveau
Models management. Contributed Photos
Scene:  Talent manager and performer Nicole Kim Gonzales (Roger Ryan Magtagad in real life) berated and declared an event coordinator a “big liar” whose modus operandi was slashing the budget for her models. Kim, the founder of The Art Nouveau Models, posted on her Facebook that their relationships go sour due to issues of finances. According to VRS, because of its unpleasant encounter with the event coordinator, Kim has decided to blacklist her. Clue: Hello, Billy? Buking na siya!
Scene: A young socialite cried a river (nay, an ocean!) when her high-profile parents vehemently opposed her budding romance with a hunky classmate. Reason: the parents confirmed that the hunky classmate comes from a poor family background.  Langit ka,  lupa ako,  hanggang tanaw lang ba tayo....
Scene:  President Rodrigo Duterte has appointed former Bohol OIC governor Victor dela Serna as one of the 18 members of the consultative committee that will conduct consultations and review the provisions of the 1987 Constitution.
Bohol 3rd district Representative Arthur Yap’s daily schedule might be full due to his public service commitments, but he’s never too busy to meet the members of the Bohol media.
It looks like it but Bohol 3rd district Rep. Art Yap
 has yet to decide if he will run for Bohol governor in 2019.
 Leo Udtohan
In fact, last Friday’s meet and greet, Yap answered questions and issues intelligently and satisfactorily from the case filed against him on the P15.8-M car plan, to 2019 Election political plans, Charter Change, Train Law and his PDP-Laban affiliation.
He lamented that the graft case against him by the Sandiganbayan over a car plan for employees of the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) was unfair and unjust.
“We found it very unfair. And we will really fight the case very aggressively,” Yap said.
He stressed that he was not present when the rules on the car plan was drafted and approved by the PhilRice Board of Trustees.
He also said it was hard to believe if the case was politically motivated.
“On politics behind the PhilRice case, I hope not. I hope not. But sometimes I should be honest to you in my moments in despair and loneliness, sometimes my thoughts really there. I pray not,” he said.
Is he running for Bohol governor?
Because he’s often seen these days in the barangays, Yap may have unwittingly set off speculations that he is running for Bohol governor with outgoing Bohol 1st district Rep. Rene Relampagos as his running-mate in the 2019 elections against the tandem of Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco, Jr and Vice Governor Dionisio Balite.
Rep. Art Yap with the Bohol reporters. 
Courtesy: Angie Valencia
To set the record straight, Yap told reporters that he is not yet running.
 “I have not decided to run,” he said.
But he maintained it is one of his options.
“Whatever it is, I know it is a raging issue. I think it is one of my options. Thankful ko sa mga tawo that they are talking about it. That means they are seriously considering that I am material for governor. Daghang salamat for considering me. Until I made up the final decision, I stick to my answer before that I have not decided,” he said. 
As he has been saying in interviews, Yap’s mindset is very much in the third district of Bohol, known for its richness in cultural and natural tourism landmarks especially the Loboc River, the Chocolate Hills and the pristine beaches and diving spots in Jagna and Anda.
Asked by reporters to name at least one leader who fit to replace him, Yap played it safe.
“It’s very difficult to say if who is the best person who will succeed me. He or she has to be somebody who is willing to sacrifice for the district,” he said.
Nonetheless, he stressed that only the people can change the course of the district’s direction by installing the right and deserving leader.
“With all humility, I will end my third term and I have visited all the barangays in my district more than once. I was able to give projects to fulfil my promise during the campaign and I was able to fulfil it,” he said.
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