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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tubigon beauties shine in Miss BACS 2011

Betty Veloso-Garcia

Scene:     From Atty. Julius Gregory B. Delgado: The Boholano Association in Metro Manila, Inc. (BAMMI), the umbrella organization of all Boholano town and sectoral associations in Metro Manila, will host its 2nd Charity Golf Tournament on October 14, 2011 from 6 a.m. to 12 noon at the Villamor Air Base Golf Course, Pasay City. BAMMI, led by its president, Mr. Geronimo Ambe of Ubay, VP for Comptrollership of the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC), aims to raise funds for its outreach projects and social initiatives in Bohol. The golf tournament will culminate with a Fellowship Dinner and an Awarding Ceremony at the Golf Course Club House with the participants getting the chance to win exciting raffle prizes. Ticket is at P2,500.00 which includes free registration, fairways fee, caddy fee, snacks and dinner and a chance to win and drive home a KIA PICANTO CAR as Hole-in-One Prize. For more details please contact Mr. Ronnie Ambe (09178065193) or Ms. Snooky Paras (09178139452).

Seen: TBTK President Betty Veloso-Garcia is in Tagbilaran City!  Before going to Bohol, she graced the 6th anniversary and induction ceremony of the Bohol Federation-HK & Visayas Alliance in Hongkong held on Sept. 18 together with Gov. Edgar Chatto and wife Pureza and Rep. Rene Relampagos and wife Imee. Betty is also reminding Boholanos around the world for the 5th Tigum Bol-anon sa Tibuok Kalibutan (TBTK) International Homecoming in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines is on May 8-20, 2012. Visit for info.
Aldrin Palaca

Seen: “Mr Beatbox” Aldrin Palaca will be in Manila this week for ABS-CBN’s Showtime. Aldrin got the nod from the judges in the audition held at the Island City Mall last Sept. 10. Beatboxing, which is connected with hip-hop culture, is a form of vocal percussion primarily involving the art of producing drum beats, rhythm, and musical sounds using one's mouth, lips, tongue and voice.

Scene: Kent Chester Ochea and Mian Antonette Carnice Simporios were crowned Mr. and Miss UB Personality 2011 on a rainy Thursday night, Sept. 22.

Seen: The staff and employees of Alona Tropical in Siquijor for their annual “bonding.”  Accompanied by Panglao councilor Ondo Montero and wife Nila Paredes-Montero, they’d visited the beaches and other tourist attractions of Siquijor.

SeenBukang Liwayway Dance Troupe founder Wincesa Espejo-Araoarao will celebrate her 72nd birthday on Sept. 28.

SeenBared’s VRS, who likes to party, has a tsika about this businessman who has bad behavior when in public and treating his people like dogs. “The wheel of karma is really true,” confirms VRS. “Because he lost his aircon and other valuables, and ((with emphasis), he lost his people. When he was richie rich, the foods in the fridge spoiled because there was plenty to waste.  Gone are the days when he bought sacks of rice because he is now buying kilos of rice for the day’s meal.” VRS continued that he even made ‘lungkab the kaha de hero’ o safe without the knowledge of his kasusyo.” The lesson? Remember to thank the Lord for all the blessings. Be kind, share it to others, reminded VRS.

• Complete Name: Clarlaine Falcon Radoc
• Height: 5'5”
• Weight: 54 lbs.
• Vital statistics: 32-27-33
• Color of eyes: Black
• Color of hair: Black
• Parents: Armando and Maricris F. Radoc
• Birthday: November 8 (Libra)
• Birthplace: Bohol
• Education: Secondary, Holy Family of Nazareth School, Tubigon
• Religion: Roman Catholic
• Title: Miss BACS Personality 2011
Photo Courtesy: Exquisite Photography-(038)5010575

• Complete Name: Rochelle Cabilla
• Height: 5’
• Color of eyes: Dark brown
• Color of hair: Dark brown
• Parents: Alan C. Cabilla and Rosila G. Cabilla
• Birthday: September 11, 1995 (Virgo)
• Birthplace: Tagbilaran City
• Education: High School at Holy Cross Academy, Tubigon
• Religion: Roman Catholic
• Title: Miss BACS Academics 2011
Photo Courtesy: Exquisite Photography-(038)5010575

The glittering ceremonies of the Miss Bohol Association of Catholic Schools (BACS) -1 held on September 15, at Garcia-Hernandez Cultural Complex, has produced Angela Rose Afable (of Sacred Heart Academy from Loon) as Miss BACS Athletics 2011, Rochelle Cabilla (of Holy Cross Academy from Tubigon) as Miss BACS Academics 2011, and Clarlaine Radoc (of Holy Family of Nazareth School also from Tubigon) as Miss BACS Personality 2011.

“Holy Cross Academy (HCA) and Holy Family of Nazareth School (HFNS), both schools from Tubigon, already tie (6 times) in the most numbered of Miss BACS Personality. A total of 12 crowns for Tubigon! Maanyag nga Tubigonon dalaygon!” shared Raymond Delgado, Tubigon information officer aka Tubigon‘s Queen of All Media.

According to Dennis Balbero, Tubigon tourism and cultural officer, other notable Miss BACS winners from Holy Family Nazareth are Vanessa Kaschier (2004), Alekzandra Lanoy (2006), Clarice Elaine Falcon Radoc (2008), Farrah Faye Mian (2009),and Dianne Mascariñas (2010), while Holy Cross Academy has Ruselle Aileen Dolatau (Miss BACS Personality 1995 and 1997 2nd Runner-up ABS-CBN Calendar Girl), Charmaine Batausa (Miss BACS Personality 1996), Christine Ires Simbajon-Lopez (Miss BACS Athletics 1997), Marecor Recio-Boligao (Miss BACS Personality 1999), Annie Joan Yumo- Miss BACS Personality 2001), Joanna Faye Obdulia Balaga  Boligao (Miss BACS Athletics 2002), Claudette Christine Ranara (Miss BACS Personality 2005), Rajevie Patpat Ravindrakumar (Miss BACS Athletics 2006), Kimberly Pacatang Lara (Miss BACS Personality 2007), Ma. Ruffa Boligao Baliore (Miss BACS Academics 2009); and Alyssa Quiñones (Miss BACS Athletics 2010).

Tubigon, as we have come to know, has produced the province’s beauty queens like Amir Sol (Miss Bohol Sandugo 2010) and Farrah Faye Mian (Miss Bohol Sandugo 2011). Anyag sa Tubigon and Miss BACS have been Tubigon’s way of not only honoring its local gems but also reinforcing its claim as the land of beautiful women with or without a title.

Bared tried to pick the two winners from Tubigon for another grueling Q&A portion to give us a clearer idea of their well-being.

 “I feel humbled, elated and proud to be adjudged and crowned as the Miss BACS Personality 2011,” said Clarlaine who bested 19 other candidates from different Catholics schools in Bohol.

“I'm so happy and proud. Though I did not get the top spot (the Miss BACS Personality) but it's the experience that makes me feel proud about. Knowing that there are lot of people supporting me, my family who's been there since the start, my mentors who spend their time during summer-school for my training, my friends and my school. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank them,” said Rochelle.

Clarlaine revealed that Miss BACS helps her to become a better person. “I experienced to develop more self-confidence and my level of academic and physical talent competency was more enhanced during the total BACS Athletic Activities most especially in the Ms. BACS Personality contest.”

“This experience helped me grow, it boost my morale because before, I was so aloof. I consider Miss BACS as an opportunity...opportunity to know what's in me and what I can proudly show,” said Rochelle.

Will they join Anyag sa Tubigon or Miss Bohol Sandugo in the near future?
From left: Miss BACS Academics 2011 Rochelle Cabilla, Miss BACS Personality 2011 Clarlaine Falcon Radoc and Miss BACS Athletics 2011 Angela Rose Afable.

“Actually, it's not really a plan, I would say, I am encouraged. It was after my coronation as Holy Cross Academy Dalagang Filipina 2010 (winner will represent HCA for Miss BACS), that there were these friends of Mr. Alindao (one of my mentors) from Tourism who approached my parents and asked to let me join Anyag. Since then, I really make the best of it, because I thought there are those people who trusted me that I can do it. So, why not try it? Who knows . And for Miss Bohol Sandugo, if I‘ll be given the chance, why not? It's my dream,” confessed Rochelle.  

“By this time, I'm not yet entertaining that kind of idea in joining that kind of activities. As of now, my focus is on my secondary study especially that I am now on the graduating year. I'll just say it in this way that ‘I'll just cross the bridge whenever I reach the river’,” said Clarlaine.

I hate people…
Clarlaine: “who oppress others especially those who are less fortunate in life.”
Rochelle: “who are insecure because they are those who tend to pull you down.”

My greatest pleasure is…
Clarlaine: “having a constant feeling of satisfaction on my study, on myself and all my activities in life.”
Rochelle: “chocolate.”

My worst moment is…
Clarlaine:  “when I see somebody who gets fun of destroying beautiful things and all that beautiful things refer to God's creation.”
Rochelle: “the day of the final rehearsal for Miss BACS when my family hasn't arrived yet...I cried...I just missed them.” 

My biggest fear is…
Clarlaine: “when I commit infractions or violations of the Commandments of the Lord God.”
Rochelle:  “death because I'm still young.”

My role model is…
Clarlaine: “basically my parents and all those people who have shown exemplary acts of modesty and righteousness.”
Rochelle:  “the late Pres. Cory Aquino.”

The most important person in my life is…
Clarlaine: “My parents because they provide the strong foundation of my personality development.”
Rochelle: “God.”

If I were to be reincarnated as an animal, I would be…
Clarlaine: “nobody because reincarnation is a divine act and I will just submit to His will.”
Rochelle:  “a bird.”

My most traumatic experience was…
Clarlaine: “when I tried to develop unknown fear in myself because of listening unfounded haunted stories.”
Rochelle:  “when I got scolded by my mother and my father didn't utter a word because he's angry too during that night. Well, I admit it was really a wrong thing. I felt very bad of myself then and I promised to them that I will not do it again.”

I deal with gossip by…
Clarlaine: “investigation to screen or filter the lies away from the truth.”
Rochelle:  “not paying attention to it really. I may have heard it but that's just it.”

I lose my temper when…
Clarlaine : “I am oppressed, insulted and abused.”
Rochelle: “I'm hungry.”

The one thing I can’t live without is…
Clarlaine: “I couldn't name a one specific thing that I couldn't live without. However, I should say that without God's gift of creation, it would be very impossible for me to live.”
Rochelle: “always been my family.”

Am I afraid of growing old?...
Clarlaine: “Of course not. I always pray to have a good health and long life but never entertaining an idea of having fear of getting old.”
Rochelle:  “Not at all. Growing old for me means progress in life.”

The type of guys who turns me on…
Clarlaine: “are those who are responsible, honest and truthful.”
Rochelle:  “is like my father. Simple guy with morals and principles. Silent but deep. Strong yet caring.”

The type of guys that turns me off…
Clarlaine: “are those who cannot provide a good contribution to our conventional society, instead, mislead the way and the truth.”
Rochelle:  “pervert, air-head and being too much of his good looks.”

My philosophy in life is…
Clarlaine : “to be always of service to the people and to God.”
Rochelle: "If you serve others as fully as you can, what you do will be a source of inner joy. It’s from the Dalai Lama.”

When I’m alone in my room, I fantasize about…
Clarlaine: “that someday, I will be recognized as the queen of justice system.”
Rochelle: “being a beauty queen in a flowy red gown, wearing a crown and carrying a bouquet of flowers and waving.” 

If I were somebody else I’d be…
Clarlaine: “president of our republic, I will be a champion in the fight of corruption.”
Rochelle : “Shamcey Supsup.”

I am happiest when…
Clarlaine: “I enjoyed and interested of what I am doing.”
Rochelle: “everybody around me is happy too because of what I do and when I succeed.”

I am saddest when…
Clarlaine : “I irresponsibly offend somebody.”
Rochelle:  “I make my parents upset.”

I want to become a…
Clarlaine: “good and brilliant legal luminary someday.”
Rochelle:  “doctor and a beauty queen.”

I pray for…
Clarlaine: “the general peace and order of our society.”
Rochelle: “good health of my family and world peace (cliché but true).”

Face to face with God, I'd tell him…
Clarlaine: “thank you Lord for giving me life and allowing me to serve you.”
Rochelle: “to bless my family and keep them away from harm. I love them so much.”
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