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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Aumentado feels healthy after fresh cell treatment

Scene: Twelve candidates are vying for Miss Jagna 2012 on Sept. 24, 9 p.m. at Jagna gym.
VP Binay with Mayor Che
Scene: Vice President Jejomar Binay was in Bohol last Thursday, Sept. 20, to meet with local officials and swear in new members of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA). Carmen Mayor Che Toribio- Delos Reyes was sworn in as new member of UNA by VP Binay. Mayor Che will run for governor under the UNA in the 2013 elections, according to VP Binay. Also spotted during the oath taking ceremony were: former Bohol Vice-Governor Julius Cesar Herrera, Dauis Mayor Jimmy Jimenez and his complete slate, Getafe Mayor Cary Camacho and his complete slate, Mayor Eutiquio Bernales with his Vice Mayor Constantino Reyes and 43 barangay captains and kagawads, San Isidro Mayor Jacinto Naraga and his complete slate, former Dagohoy Mayor Sofronio Apat and his complete slate, Tagbilaran City Mayor Dan Neri Lim, Tagbilaran City Vice-Mayor Nuevas Tirol-Montes, Danao Mayor Thomas Gonzaga, Aris Aumentado, Madame Greenie Aumentado, Buenavista Mayor Ronald Lowell Tirol, Maribojoc Vice Mayor Fructuoso Fiel Redulla, Jr. , former Panglao Vice Mayor Pedro Fuertes, Panglao Vice-Mayor Evangeline Lazaro, Mark Leo Monton, Rammel Cagulada and businessman Norris Oculam.
Scene: LAUGHTEARS- The OSANG X-perience is on Oct. 13, at the Timeout Grill, La Vista, 5th level of Bohol Quality Mall. Osang who had a spot in X-Factor Philippines will tickle your funny bones. The girls of Bohol’s Top Model 2012 will show their flesh in the lingerie fashion show. Young indie film actor and commercial endorser of Dakki Marcus Cabrera will grace the event. The event is also part of eventologist Mizken's birthday celebration.
Seen: Rockstar Princess Yeng Constantino was at the University of Bohol last Thursday. Her concert was part of the UB Days celebration.
Parking spaces become ‘park’ for a day
Architecture students of Bohol Island State University-Main Campus parked themselves last Friday, Sept. 21, at the Tagbilaran City Square taking up spaces reserved for cars and transforming them into a mini park with sod, potted plants, benches, chessboard and a bike to make Tagbilaran City greener for a day.
Park visitors were offered the chance to have a free picture taking and portrait making. Tweng and his friends also entertained the crowd through fliptop rap battle.
The "Park(ing) Day" movement started as a single installation years ago in San Francisco and has become a worldwide event reaching more than 100 cities on four continents.
Visit for more info.
Stem/fresh cell therapy has become a buzzword these days. Many people claim that the costly but groundbreaking medical procedure can treat various diseases and help slow or reverse the aging process.
Aumentado with Boholanos in Germany...
Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, former President Joseph Estrada, hairstylist Ricky Reyes, talent manager and host Lolit Solis, actress Lorna Tolentino and former First Lady Imelda Marcos are only among the prominent Filipinos who swear by the healing effects of fresh cell therapy.
Marcos still retains her youthful piquancy at age of 83. Estrada, 75, shared that the stem cell therapy made him feel young. On the other hand, Enrile, 88 years old, impressed the public with his sharp mind and memory at the Corona impeachment trial earlier this year.
Encouraged by the positive feedback, Rep. Erico Aumentado, 72, who used to suffer from diabetes (his pancreas don’t normally produce insulin), said in a radio interview, he went to Germany last August for fresh cell therapy.
Aumentado had already inquired about the fees of stem cell procedure at Medical City and he felt it’s exorbitant. And there’s no guarantee it will lead to better result. With the help of Joey Santos, executive consultant for Villa Medica, a clinic in Germany where celebrities go for the procedure, Aumentado opted to undergo the procedure in Germany to keep healthy.
It’s his son Aris accompanied him in Germany during the entire sessions. After a number of sessions, the solon is feeling better. They went to France and stayed for more days where the solon also met some Boholanos there.
“While in Lourdes, he had no difficulty walking and climbing up and down a flight of stairs without an aid,” said globetrotter VRS who saw Aumentado at the grotto. “He took everybody by surprise… he is healthy, strong and fresh, very different from the last time I met him in Bohol.”
After the therapy, Aumentado hopes to feel healthy and renewed, ready to register his certificate of candidacy as congressman of the second district of Bohol.
with son Aris in France
Before Aumentado and other celebrities, several other well-known figures worldwide are said to have tried fresh cell treatments, among them the late English actor Charlie Chaplin.
So how is this procedure done? According to ABS-CBN News, Dr. Robert Janson-Muller, who runs a fresh cell therapy clinic, Villa Ludwigshöhe in Germany, was in Manila last week to talk about the possibilities of fresh cell therapy in the wellness sphere.
Here are some excerpts of the news (still according to ABS-CBN):
Janson-Muller gets his embryonic cells from sheep. He reveals that he is the third generation fresh cell expert in the family, where his grandfather was one of the pioneers of the treatment along with Prof. Paul Niehans, who ministered to many famous names in world history.
Janson-Muller made it clear that fresh cell therapy is different from the now controversial stem cell treatment, which aims to replace damaged organs in the body or create one from scratch.
He stressed that his methods, which do not promise miracles, have been proven effective by his predecessors for the past 60 years.
Janson-Muller proudly said the positive effects of fresh cell therapy on humans. He said the procedure can help patients recover from neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis or paralysis after a stroke, as well as chronic liver and kidney diseases.
The treatment promises firmer skin, muscle mass improvement, alleviation of menopause-related symptoms, enhanced metabolism, stronger immune system, better memory, and even a progressive sex life. To make the anti-aging treatment more effective, Janson-Muller suggests getting it done between the 40s and 50s.
After the treatment, the patient is advised to live a healthy lifestyle (where nicotine and alcohol are discouraged) exercise, good stress management and supplements are also prescribed.  
Janson-Muller stressed, however, that fresh cell therapy is neither a “fountain of youth” nor a treatment that can cure cancer or prolong lives that are already in danger, as claimed by others.
“Is there a fountain of youth?” Muller asked the audience at the press event. He answered his own query by debunking that age-old pursuit as an illusion. “According to Prof. Paul Niehans, it is not about giving more years to live but make the remaining years worth living.”
It is not for everyone, the doctor said, as the procedure is not allowed to be done on pregnant women as well as patients with tuberculosis, malignant tumors in the acute stage, severe psychoses and those displaying strong allergic reactions.
Because of the very specialized procedure, fresh cell therapy is quite expensive, something that Janson-Muller himself admits. The initial treatment, which will involve a four-day stay in his state-of-the-art clinic in Germany, costs 12,000 euros or over P622,000.
The Medical City and other hospitals in the country like St. Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig, and the Kidney and Transplant Institute are providing stem cell therapy. A six-month program for stem cell therapy, in the Medical City at least, is priced at around P2.2-P2.5 million for disease-related services, while for the health and wellness (or aesthetic purposes), the therapy is at around P1.4-P1.6 million.
(Note:The Philippine Medical Association and the Department of Health have advised the public to be careful about choosing where to go for the procedure. Medical experts claimed that there have yet to hear about clinical studies that would prove that the procedure can treat diseases without negative side effects.)
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